Householding Chanel was created by Marge Robbins about 10 years ago to serve a vehicle for fan writing. When Marge left fandom for a time, membership was closed and the House held in trust by Karen MacLeod until Marge's return. Now it is being reactivated.

Specialty: Psychology with embroidery and beadwork being a secondary means of support.

Virtue: Service

Motto: he rises highest who helps others up

Colors: red, gold, brown

Symbol: Our logo is a gold lamp inside a red letter C. The C stands for Chanel, a Simelan word for born to serve. The lamp inside is an ancient symbol for learning. In the days of the early householdings (circa HoZ and ZD) it has come to stand for light and truth, the advancement of knowledge and progression of the human race.


Unto the House of Chanel I peldge my life, my hopes and dreams, my substance and my children. And unto the Sectuib in Chanel, I pledge my love, my trust, my undying loyalty, as I serve the house by serving others. Unto Chanel, forever.

Sectuib's response:

Unto (name) ambrov Chanel, I pledge my trust, my substance, and the love of our House as from darkness to light we walk together. Unto Chanel, forever.


In the Ancient world Chanel is a loosely knit group of fans dedicated to serving the Sime~Gen unverse in any way they can. Membership is open with restrictions. Fans may pledge if they are interested either in roleplaying, writing, or working on You must also be willing to accept what has been established for Chanel background for any stories set in or around Chanel.


The fictional Chanel has its beginings in the days of House of Zeor and Zelerod's Doom. The stories you will find on this page chronicle the founding and developement of the House. They are listed in chronological order.

SHINING STAR   begins the story of Chanel with the arrival of Jimin VanDyke at Householding Zeor.

STEP AFTER STEP  covers the arrival of Kareen Alldean in Householding Zeor. Both of these stories occur 1 to 2 years before the events in House Of Zeor. In this story Kareen has a terrible time learning what it means to be ambrov Zeor.

THE LIGHT OF ZEOR Takes place between House of Zeor and Zelerod's Doom and covers Kareen's decision to leave Zeor and found her own house.

BE NOT AFRAID  takes place several years after unity. A young disjunct channel learns the hard way what it means to be ambrov Chanel.

WORST WAY TO DIE   takes place 8 or 9 years after Unity. Aran, Jimin and Kareen's son, now Sectuib in Chanel goes out Territory to establish a Sime Center in a town that would just as soon shoot a Sime as look at him.

CONTROLLER'S DILEMMA   takes place 12 years after Unity. Aran, Sectuib in Chanel, has to chose between obeying Tecton rules and honoring his pledge to Chanel.

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