The Legend of Lady Mairose

This story was first published in Companion in Zeor #5, senior editor Karen Litman. This online version was scanned and OCRd from the typewritten original and then reformatted for the web. Scanned by Ronnie Bob Whitaker, converted to HTML by Mike Giroux


The Sime~Gen universe was created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. This story or its setting may not be reused without her explicit permission. This story copyright 1980, 1997 by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. All rights reserved.

The following
is the legendary account of the first non-fatal transfer between Sime and Gen on
an island which has become know in later times as 'The Distect Isle.'  However,
it is a Legend, and as such has had many of its details altered.  In the next
issue of this publication, we will bring you the true story of this event, an
account written by Jean Airey, an historian of great accuracy and wisdom

And it was in the Age of Chaos that the Lady Mariose, wife of the Lord Lothair of the family of Cornwallis saw her last born and only surviving son brought to the bed of leather and chains to die in changeover. And she did arm herself with a sword and drove all others from the room and barred the door that none might enter. And Lord Lothair said, "Let it be as she wills, for if she dies then my son dies also." But it was she who unbarred the door and they were both alive. And she said to all of those assembled that it had been proved that Sime and Gen could live together without fear. And she called upon her husband and the family of the Cornwallis to lead all the others of the land to make it so. And they took up the charge that she laid upon them and carried it throughout the land. And so it came to pass that on this island Sime and Gen lived in harmony, holding the borders and coasts of their lands closed to all others, for outside the island there was still unrest.

as told by Jean Airey

From Companion in Zeor #5

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