Sime~Gen Awards  

The World Controllers Hall of Fame.
This site is devoted to the display of the many awards won by the authors and fans of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime/Gen universe.

The Golden yo-yo Award  

The GoldenYo-Yo Awards were presented by the fanzine  Ambrov Zeor over the years.

The following people won the Golden yo-yo Awards in 2000:

Marge Robbins and Patric Michael for "persistence in the face of repeated failures or strange occurrences!"

The following people won the Golden Yo-Yo awards in 1997:

Captain Button for creation and distribution of the flyers for WorldCon, and for bringing the tee shirts.
Kaas Baichtal for producing the Sime~Gen tee shirts and the Awards Shelf web site.

Somebody won at least one Golden Yo-Yo in 1996:
if anybody remembers who this was, and for what, please write.

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Are you a Sime/Gen fan who has won an award or might be about to?
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