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Writing Workshop Articles

The Art of Visual Writing in Film, Television, and The News
Anne Phyllis Pinzow

Each article has appropriate homework assignments at the end.

In Film
and Television

Handling Controversial Topics

Breadth and Depth of Skills a Reporter Must Master

  Parole Laws

Read an article published in a newspaper, then read about what was involved in constructing the article. 

The Homework Assignment may be posted as comments to the following blog post:

.  Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Property Taxes. 

Taxpayers pockets picked against future property tax overpayments

This and the following article on Water Pollution should be contrasted with the 3 Editorial examples that follow.  The homework is found at the end of the Cablevision Editorial.

Water Pollution and Politics

Anne Pinzow demonstrates the breadth and depth of research and fact checking needed by a local reporter when politics meets science interpreted by the general public.  Contrast this article with the editorial lessons to follow.

. Situational Bigotry Comes In Many Forms

Fearless Editorial
See also Nine/Eleven Editorial and Cablevision Editorial


Nine/Eleven Editorial by Anne Phyllis Pinzow taken together with the Cablevision Editorial exercise the ability to distinguish opinion from reporting and provide homework challenges. 
Cablevision claims federal okay to rob Orangetown blind
An exercise in writing the fearless editorial.

Homework Assignment

 Town residents tell Jewish organization they have no room for their inn

An article so difficult to write that Anne gives us a very special insight into how to develop the skills of objectivity a journalist needs. 

 Hear O Israel, Jews Are Going Home  - reporting from Israel. 

A personal eye witness account with tips and tricks for doing this type of assignment. 

Movies and
Televsion Shows as Textbooks

Learn the art of visual writing

The Holocaust

4 Previously Published Articles showing how a professional reporter deals with a hot topic --  and a homework assignment. 

 Read Chat arranged by Margaret I. Carr Editor of T-Zero 
Rules of Good Reporting + a homework assignment
Why should a fiction writer master the craft of journalism?  .
 Hollywood, Passover, and Who's Cooking Dinner --

a personal piece on Passover 5765, which was finished just as the new Pope was announced.  

 Playing With the Big Boys -- Slush Pile Reading For Publishers' Row  -- 

Find out why your manuscript is summarily rejected time afte time.  

Writing The News - the easy way to earn a living so you can write fiction.. For the Sanctity of the Torah Is In The Little Things --

example of a magazine style article complete with photos.

 Professional Journalistic Editing
The best training for visual writing is, oddly enough, Journalism -- newspaper and magazine writing. 
Why? Deadlines, lean prose, clean, straight sentences, and -- a professional attitude toward having your words morphed and presented over your own name. 
. Rally of Biblical Proportions in Washington D. C. April 15, 2002 

An example of magazine feature writing as opposed to news article writing, which also using the Visual style needed for mastering script writing.  

 Journalistic Editing Part Two -

More about the art of editing

. The Consequences of a Job Well Done

Or, How I Had To Stand Up and Defend My Work- Giving A Deposition.  

This article details the reasons a reporter must do meticulous research and keep their background notes.  (Posted May 2004)

Finding the Left Angle and Making It Right -

Or - How to come from a cold start and end with greatness or at the very least, a page one headline.

. The humorous editorial about a dead-serious subject.  

The Mikado, Smokey and the Bandit and Southwood - Where the law is the law, unless something better can be arranged. 
And the homework assignment for this is just as serious. 

The craft of writing an obituary. 

"The Day This Reporter Met Christopher Reeve" is posted here with links to other examples of well constructed obituaries.  You will also find Anne's Rules for obituary writing, and a homework assignment at the end