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School of Business
Tips and Hints for New Writers
NEW: The Business Of Writing

A live workshop to be held on Wednesday, July 2, 2003 at the WesterCon Science Fiction Convention in Seattle, Washington.

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Here we will treat all aspects of the business of being a writer.  A writer is a professional who must, like a Dentist or MD, operate a small business of their own.  You have an office, and consequent tax-deductable expenses, and you have accounting, outsourcing, contractors, advertising, and a variety of sources of revenue not limited to selling your words.  

You also have advertising to devise, distribute and monitor.  You'll need a personal website and probably a domain name of your own.  And you'll have a personal appearance tour schedule.

Here we will be presenting those aspects of the life of a writer and how to cope with them.  Preparation before you sell your first novel is vital to the success of the entire writing career.

One important skill is the managing of all your independent contractors you use to get all this work done.  Here are some tips from a well known manager.

Here is a glimpse of how a working editor chooses cover illustrations for novels -- and the chosen covers are displayed online for your examination.  One of the novels is available for free reading, the others are described in detail so you can assess the relationship between content and sales-pitch for yourself.  Notice how this one writing lesson is spread throughout the simegen.com domain.  This entire domain is focused tightly on the needs and interests of writers and readers.  There is something to be learned about the business of writing on each page - however entertaining.

The costs of a typist or html-er are prohibitive for the freelance writer, and always have been.  One of your income streams will always be your secretarial skills.

One important business skill for the independent writer is a purely secretarial skill -- manuscript preparation.

Our teachers recommend the following book on manuscript preparation.  It comes highly recommended by top Editors and publishers.

Every Page Perfect : A Full-Size Writer's Manual for Manuscript Format and Submission Protocol
by Mary Lynn
List Price: $14.95
Our Price: $11.96
You Save: $2.99 (20%)
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Paperback - 185 pages (January 1997)
Toad Hall Inc; ISBN: 096374982X ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.55 x 11.01 x 8.55

You will find other books on writing and marketing in our Reviews Section.

Because we are an internet based operation, and we strongly believe the future of storytelling lies on the web, we strongly recommend that you learn at least the basics of HTML -- a tool every writer of the modern age must have at their fingertips.

We expect to present courses in beginning, intermediate, and advanced web page building, but meanwhile you can find basic tutorials, tips, and hints here.

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