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Year 2007 Titles Well Worth Re-Reading

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Books Reviewed

January 2007

"The Soul-Time Hypothesis: The Art of Time and Soul"




















Save The Cat! The Last Book On Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need by Blake Snyder,  Michael Wiese Productions, 2005








Cinematic Storytelling by Jennifer Van Sijll, Michael Wiese Productions, 2005








Screenplay by Syd Field, Delta, Dell Trade PB 2005








The Conversion of Chaplain Cohen by Herbert Tarr, Avon 1963







Ushpizin award winning film English subtitles.  DVD on Amazon. 








The Gold Falcon by Katharine Kerr, DAW HC July 2006








The Blood Books, Volume One by Tanya Huff, DAW July 2006







Roman Dusk by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Tor HC, Sept 2006.







Strange Candy by Laurell K. Hamilton, Berkley HC, Oct. 2006

February 2007   The Soul-Time Hypothesis: Bending Time's Arrow











The Mirror Prince by Violette Milan, DAW Fantasy, July 2006








Hounding The Moon by P. R. Frost, DAW HC Sept. 2006








Fall of Knight by Peter David, Ace HC June 2006







Son of the Sword by J. Ardian Lee, Ace pb, Feb. 2003







Knight Tenebrae by Julianne Lee, Ace Hist. Fantasy Sept. 2006

March 2007   The Soul-Time Hypothesis: Eternal Love




















Dragon Champion, by E. E. Knight, RoC TP, Dec. 2005







Dragon Avenger by E. E. Knight, RoC TP, Dec. 2006







Journey Between Worlds by Sylvia Louise Engdahl, Putnam, 2006








The Blood Books, Volume Two, by Tanya Huff, DAW Aug. 2006

Omnibus Reprint of Blood Lines and Blood Pact.







Smoke and Ashes by Tanya Huff, DAW HC, June 2006








War For The Oaks by Emma Bull, Ace Fantasy Special 1987







Forbidden The Claim by Samantha Sommersby, e-book, and paperback -- Linden Bay Romance 2006







The Butterfly Effect I







and II – direct to DVD films --



April 2007

The Soul-Time Hypothesis: The Music Of The Spheres












Save The Cat! by Blake Snyder, Michael Wiese Prod. 2005

Save The Cat!  is discussed in further depth in this column.







The Decoy Princess by Dawn Cook, ACE pb, Dec. 2005







Princess at Sea by Dawn Cook, ACE pb, Aug. 2006








Resenting the Hero by Moira J. Moore, ACE pb, March 2006







WebMage by Kelly McCullough, ACE pb, Aug. 2006



May 2007   "The Soul-Time Hypothesis: So What of Astrology?"














Valentine’s Exile by E. E. Knight, RoC HC, June 2006








Inda by Sherwood Smith, DAW HC, Aug. 2006






Childe Morgan by Katherine Kurtz, Ace Fantsasy, Dec 2006










Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair, Bantam Spectra pb, Nov 2005




Accidental Goddess by Linnea Sinclair, Bantam Spectra Jan 2006







Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair, Bantam Spectra pb May 2005

I’ve been talking about the Kabalah of Time in this column since the July 2006 entry, archived on Since January, I’ve focused closely on Time and the Soul.  Throughout, I’ve made casual references to Astrology. 

You may want to read the July 2006 column plus Jan, Feb, March, and April 2007 leading into this column. 

June 2007

"The Soul-Time Hypothesis: The Incredible Edible Human"









The King Imperiled by Deborah Dorchester, ACE Fantasy, 2005








Bloodstone by Barbara Campbell, DAW Fantasy PB, Aug 2006








Forbidden: The Claim by Samantha Somersby, Linden Bay Romance, e-book







Hammerfall by C. J. Cherryh, EOS, pb. Aug. 2002

July 2007

2008 Preview  posted below.

  The Soul's Journey: Art, Magic and Reality





Storm Front (Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher, RoC pb Apr 2000








White Night (Dresden Files #9) by Jim Butcher, RoC HC April 07

The Dresden Files, Sci Fi channel Series based on Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files novels.

Exclusive Interview with Jim Butcher – his natal chart info.


August 2007   The Soul's Journey: Power, Justice and Responsibility





Smoke and Shadows

Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Ashes

















The Dresden Files Sci Fi channel

The Blood Books Omnibus Reprints by Tanya Huff, DAW 2006

Bloodties – Lifetime network Vampire series.  See new shows FALL 2007




















Blood and Rust by S. A. Swiniarski, DAW pb 2007







Memory in Death, J. D. Robb, Berkley Romantic Suspense, 2006







Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper, Bantam pb, Sept. 2000

Hiding in the Shadows by Kay Hooper, Bantam pb, Oct 2000






The Covenant by Naomi Ragen,, St. Martin’s Griffin, 2004

September 2007   The Soul's Journey: Discovering Power












The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, RoC and Sci Fi channel








Anime – in general as an artform.


The King’s Own by Lorna Freeman, RoC Fantasy pb Feb. 2006






Trading Places by Fern Michaels, Pocket Star Romance June 2003


The Future Scrolls, Fern Michaels, Zebra Fiction pb, Sept. 2003






The Rebel Fay, Barb & J. C. Hendee, RoC hc Jan. 2007

October 2007   The Soul's Journey: Blood, Sweat and Tears




House of the Rose is an e-book series from -- you can get these novels directly on  ( or at  for $4.24). 





Blood Ties TV Series on Lifetime cable network based on The Blood Books by Tanya Huff.

Sebastian by Anne Bishop, RoC HC Feb 2006

Belladonna by Anne Bishop, RoC HC March 2007

Watch for this series in paperback




House of the Rose Book III Broken Gods by Michaela August,



Marked, A House of Night Novel by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast, St. Martin’s May 07.






The Old Power Returns by Morven Westfield, Harvest Shadows Publications, 2007.

November 2007

The Soul's Journey: Test To Destruction























Forbidden: The Awakening by Samantha Sommersby, Linden Bay Romance, 2007






The Viking Funeral by Stephen J. Cannell, St. Martin’s pb 2002.







Deliverer by C. J. Cherryh, DAW HC Feb 2007








Kris Longknife: Resolute by Mike Sheperd, Ace Nov. 2006







Plague of Memory by S. L. Viehl, RoC pb Jan 2007






Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds, Ace HC June 2006(not up to my usual technical standards but an absorbing read for the undauntable human spirit and pride of craftsmanship "We push ice.  That's who we are.)






Janus is a Two Faced Moon by Susan Marie Knight, (not up to awe-struck's usually technical brilliance, but worth reading.)


My Favorite Earthling by Susan Grant, Harlequinn Paranormal Romance, 2007 (a silly situation made real - and a serious study in psychology)






Stargate SG-1 & SG: Atlantis, Sci Fi channel series
(don't miss these 2 series on the Sci-Fi channel -- worth buying in DVD for both series)











Hinterland by James Clemens, Book Two of the Godslayer Chronicles RoC HC Nov. 2006
(technically flawed, but with a substance worth thinking about -- borrow this from the library)

December 2007 The Magical Gift As usual in December, I'm not reviewing books, so as not to contribute to the commercialization of the holidays.  Instead I'm capping the discussion topics of this past year with some connecting threads.

There's also one additional item from Jim Butcher on his character, Harry Dresden of The Dresden Files. 

Preview 2008 Pending Theatrical Release, I had the honor of screening the new film, Lady Magdalene's starring Nichelle Nichols, and produced by J. Neil Schulman.  Website  check that out.

This is billed as an action-comedy, but it's really action-humor reminiscent of a  Bob Hope movie.  No slapstick, but a send up of the secret-agent movie. 

I watched it with a pile of rather urgent sewing in my lap, and not a stitch got sewed. 

The casting is outstanding. This group of people look more "real life" to me than most any other cast I've seen lately.  They're not pasteboard cutouts of ideal people -- not Asimov Robots -- but "real life" actual people in various shapes and sizes.  I liked that.  Made the whole thing more believable. 

The script had all the twists in the right places, the escalating stakes, the sendups of the basic genre, the pacing was just right, and the dialogue works. 

Memorable moments: When Nichelle first appears -- ooooo, she is soooo good! That was just the BEST. She's perfect for the part of a Las Vegas legal brothel owner, too.

When the woman sets off the airport detector with her hairpins. Oh, that's ME -- happens every time.

I loved the James Bond sendup -- saw the license plate. The casting of the lead actor was perfect for it.

I loved the dramatic irony of the former IRS auditor of the brothel now under cover as one of the girls, shadowing a foreign agent pretending to be another of the girls.  Later, when our Hero falls for her without knowing who she really is or what she's doing, it all makes perfect sense.

Our Hero's character is validated by his taste in women -- so powerful and so subtly written. 

I loved the hapless clowns of Al Queda operatives playing at being a Cell -- then getting the job of protecting a High Value Asset.  I loved the workaround to naming "him" out loud. But I especially loved the CASTING -- the actor who played the head of the Cell was PERFECT!  The High Value Asset was cast perfectly too - he really looks the part! 

Loved the use of foreign language. This story makes so many thematic points our world needs to hear! The twist of humor makes it all work.

This is a low budget film where the Producer strictly controlled costs and made some hard decisions about where to invest.  Those were well made decisions as the total effect is to tell the story, not dazzle. 

A few moments after watching the credits with the marvelous out-takes running on the side of the screen,  it suddenly occurred to me what had grabbed me.


Nichelle is SUCH a Character here! (Monk Move Over!) Our multi-Agency Agents are SUCH "Characters!" (HART TO HART move over) The brothel has SUCH Character!

This is really a USA TV series, not just a film. It is purely character driven -- and that's what I loved about it. Definitely one that will etch itself into memory. I like it a lot better than FIREFLY.

It grows on you after you finish seeing it. I was still thinking about it a week later.  And you can't forget the title! 

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Note that earlier this year I reviewed Blake Snyder's SAVE THE CAT! twice -- an important book on screenwriting that reveals something very difficult to see with the naked eye.

Snyder's book set me off on an entire 6 months of columns on The Soul-Time Hypothesis. 

Recently, I've been invited to speak on the Soul-Time Hypothesis at a convention in Maryland next March. 

This film, Lady Magdalene's,  is also a springboard into a group of issues about decision making that I expect to cover throughout 2008. 

I'm hoping this film will be available to you by then.



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