100 Top Led Zeppelin Moments
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100 Top Led Zeppelin Moments

The Led Zeppelin mailing list on the Internet is definitely one of my favorite recreational activities. I have met some great people, made friends, traded opinions, made arrangements to attend a Page/Plant concert, and generally had a good time. In April, 1996, we had a thread on the list that excited all of us. It began like this:

Vinod Shankar, a regular contributor, wrote, "I was surfing the internet and came across this Chicago rock critic's story on the Top 100 Rock Moments. The guy's name is Bill Wyman, which is strange unto itself. The only mention of Zep on it was #59--the utterly dry guitar recordings on 'Trampled Underfoot.' I have no idea what that means. But, at the end of the article, there was a link to some other guy's reply to each and every moment. His reply to this was 'Zep should have their own Top 100 Moments!' This was of remarkable similarity to a question I was planning on asking, as soon as I felt like it, which I'll do now.

"What's your favorite Zep moment? I recognize that it probably changes every day, but still.... Mine, right now, has got to be in 'In the Evening.' You know how Plant sings, 'I got to have...' at the end of each chorus part? For some reason, I just love the time near the end of the song when he finally finishes the line and sings, 'Baby, I got to have your love.' Of course, I have many other favorite moments...but there's something about this one that I can't get over. Anybody agree/disagree/wanna share?"

As a member of this list, I have visited many other members' incredible websites, and felt that I had nothing to contribute...until I read Vinod's post. When the top moments poured in, I volunteered to organize them and put them here on my site, for everyone to enjoy.

The moments fans deem "top" appear to fall into four categories: Song Moments (inherent in the song itself, whether studio or live version); Performance Moments (exclusive to one particular performance); Personal Moments (one person's subjective experience of a Zep moment); and, inevitably, Defies Classification (the moments that don't fall into the other three categories but which don't have enough in common to form a category of their own).

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Special thanks to Regina and the Brazilian fanzine Zepelliano for the photos of Robert and Jimmy,
and to Corinna Homer for the spinning Zoso and Feather emblem.

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