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Song Moments

Bonzo's drumming on Achilles Last Stand. The best druming on any song by any band of all time--how did the drums survive this all out attack?

The way Achilles Last Stand concludes with its beginning. The whole song is controlled chaos to begin with. The time changes, the dualing leads best described as 'conjuring,' Bonzo dictating the tempo by breaking rules with off-beat snare blasts, and the resolution being a return to measure one where I always wish the whole thing will start again. For me,their greatest moment.

Robert's vocal track on All My Love. He's hardly a guy who got his job based on looks and stage presence alone. JPJ's solo fit the song nicely, as well.

At 1:41 into Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, that line where Robert sings "I can hear it calling me" (acci-(in)tentional-ly buried deep in the mix), and those genuinely authentic Spanish guitar fills, and all the other little things that Page "hides" in so many Zeppelin songs to keep them contemporarily viable forever. Not that you don't hear them the first time through necessarily, just that anything that sweet would usually demand all of your attention right off and dominate your perception if it were another band's creation.

In Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You, the moment's hush just after "You made me happy every single day," before it charges into the last cresdendo before the quiet ending. Each crescendo has built upon the last, until the anticipation for the final one is almost unendurable.

That part in Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, where Plant goes "We're gonna go walkin' through the park every day!" That shouting-scream there just rips me up.

At the end of Black Dog, where Page has about 7 overdubs swirling around, Jones is chugging along on the best base line to be caught on studio tape, IMO, Bonzo is literally attacking his set, and Plant lets out this unearthly wail that fills the speakers with noise. WOW!!!!!!

The electric intro in Bring It On Home.

"I couldn't stand it for a-nother day-eee..." from Carouselambra.

Celebration Day has the best solo...very uplifting.

The solo in Communication Breakdown. I mean that is probably the most blistering solo known to mankind, and then two seconds after it's over, Robert just wails one of the best Plant screams on record.

The "high" note at the climax of Jimmy's solo in the studio version of Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused, "Lots of people talking, few of them know...Soul of a woman was created below."

Although the bass at the beginning of Dazed and Confused is haunting and all, the bass during the guitar solo is truly menacing coupled with those great Page chords that both stab and bludgeon you. (And what the heck does Plant scream at 4:49 before he says 'oh don't leave me so confused'?)

The drums in Fool in the Rain after the whistle blow. I don't know why that gets to me so much. I play (well try to at least) the guitar, but that rhythm in the fills there is just so cool.

The guitar solo in For Your Life.

The way Plant sings "For your liiiiieeeeeefffff..." at the end of, well, you probably figured that out....

The beginning of Good Times Bad Times.

My top Zepp moment is the part towards the end in Hots on For Nowhere when Robert is saying "Hey babe, hey babe, I lost my reindeer." It's addictive as hell!

How Many More Times, the part where Robert sings, "I've got you in the sights of my...gun!" then storms back into the main riff. Oh, magnifique.

The solo in I'm Gonna Crawl. Jimmy's best blues solo--nothin' like saving the best for last. Also best Plant scream ever.

In My Time of Dying (Robert says, "Bye Bye." I love it.)

The sound of Jimmy's guitar at the start of In the Evening's solo.

The last two songs on In Through The Out Door. Those two songs, coupled with the thought that those are the last two tracks from Bonzo, just leave me whimpering.

It would have to be during Kashmir...when Plant says, "...when I feel...." There is a lot of feeling here both in the Zep and P/P versions. Very powerful.

The bass in the middle part of The Lemon Song. As a bassist, I've tried to sound that good, but can never get it to sound as good as JPJ.

Plant's "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe" scream in The Lemon Song.

Jimmy starting that guitar riff in No Quarter just after Jonesy's intro.

The outro to Out on the Tiles. Just listen to Jones and Bonham in synch.

Final notes of Over the Hills and Far Away (really a surprising final).

That solo (or interplay) in Ramble On, you know, those few tones of infinite and unceasing longing....

Jonesy's bass notes at 3:27 of The Rain Song. Don't know why, just think they're great. I love the way he puts a close to the string phrase.

When Robert Sings "Ahhh" in The Rain Song when the really mellow section ends. For some reason, he didn't do this in any live versions of the song.

The drum solo ending Rock & Roll. I mean how many other drum solos could you actually sing from memory if your life depended on it?

The beginning of The Rover: when I think of badass, this is the guitar sound that goes along with it.

The outro guitar on The Rover--just slightly phased, I think.

Intro to The Song Remains the Same.

Jimmy playing Since I've Been Loving You. Every second of it is really a mountain peak (maybe top of the world).

The majestic chords right before the solo in Stairway to Heaven. Never fails to give me goosebumps.

In Ten Years Gone, the solo leading up to "Did you ever really need somebody?" and all the way through till "Ya knew you would." That always gives me the willies, no matter how many times I listen.

The bass line in What Is And What Should Never Be.

Robert's opening harmonica salvo on When the Levee Breaks

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