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Performance Moments

Jimmy's solo before Achilles' Last Stand in Dallas, '77.

About the drumming in Achilles Last Stand...I would have to agree that Bonzo is amazing in that song. Lsten to Wearing and Tearing, Good Times Bad Times, oh hell, any live show (I only have 3 and the drumming blows me away).

Seven minutes into the As Long As I Have You medley from 4/27/69: first everything quiets down, then a minute later--the jam is on. The boys are just totally kicking ass when it really hits the fan: everyone draws back for an instant, Bonzo strikes it up and right around minute seven comes what I can only describe as the multi-megaton Zep explosion. This is what its all about....

How about Jimmy's incorporation of Stairway to Heaven in Babe I'm Gonna Leave You at the end on the P/P tour? Perfect fit or what?

Black Dog from 3/25/71. Robert's voice is just like a big rubber band!

Communication Breakdown intro on Blueberry Hill (wow!)

That cool stuttering replacement riff Jimmy played during live versions of Communication Breakdown. Coulda' built a killer tune with only that riff.

Any John Paul Jones bass solo during the early 70s Communications Breakdowns.

The Crunge section of Whole Lotta Love from The Song Remains The Same. JPJ and Bonzo make any of James Brown's bands look like rank amateurs.

The Crunge/Licking Stick section of Whole Lotta Love: Seattle 1975. Robert first asking, then calling, then howling, "Oh, Jimmy? Oh, Jimmy. Oh, Jimmy!" during Nobody's Fault But Mine on 6/25/77.

The Walter's Walk break in Dazed and Confused, 6/25/72

The guitar/vocal interplay in Dazed and Confused in The Song Remains the Same.

Definitely the soundtrack from The Song Remains the Sams and particularly Dazed and Confused after the part when Robby goes, "If your goooing to San Fransisco--and soon--" and then, "Everywhere everywhere everywhere oohhhhuuuooh--" and then the guitar riff after that just blows my mind every time!!!

Jimmy's blistering Heartbreaker solo and Bonzo's drumming from 3/25/71 BBC Paris

Heartbreaker 5/14/73: after the solo, when Robert Plant goes, "Oooh yeah! It's all right!" through the Whole Lotta Love drum intro. John Paul's finest hour.... Jimmy ain't too shabby either.

The solo in Heartbreaker, 6/29/80 show

Dallas, 8/31/69 (Plays Pure Blues), during How Many More Times, the interplay between Plant's singing and Page's guitar playing, especially the section where Plant sings, "Rings, pearls, rings, pearls" and Page imitates it with his guitar--never heard anything like it before or since. Sends shivers up my spine!

Jimmy torturing his wammy bar on the solo from In The Evening. I've never heard one used to that effect before... and the effect was flooring.

The opening chords to Kashmir (particularly in the 3/4/75 show)

The end of Kashmir from Unledded. I was concerned when I heard the new beginning, but after the smoke cleared and it was over ("and I was shaking so much with a yearning"), well I just never realized how good it could be.

John Paul Jones's piano stylings from classical rock to blues during No Quarter, almost any show in 1977

Just about any live No Quarter. The way John Paul Jones can hold a solo with no rhythm section is amazing, and then when Bonzo wades in to complement various JPJ runs, phew! Not to mention the transition from JPJ to Jimmy as the lead player... the way they could do that is always a highlight for me.

Bonzo's drumming during Over the Hills and Far Away from Earl's Court 05/23/75, especially during Jimmy's solo.

Plant's dedication of Over the Hills and Far Away to the "freak" and then Page's beautiful intro in Long Beach '72.

The Outro of The Rain Song in The Song Remains The Same. (Btw, how many rock groups do you know that use a similar progress of chords for an outro and not for a whole song or album ? But Mr. Page has enough creativity to afford that cerebral expense, I think.)

Los Angeles, 6/23/77 (For Badge Holder's Only), Page's solo in the middle section of Over the Hills and Far Away--it just blows my mind.

Shake My Tree, May 20, 1995, San Jose, California...a real rebirth for Jimmy as far as I'm concerned. Probably my favourite part of any P/P show.

The little guitar riff that Jimmy used to play right before Since I've Been Loving You. I think he only did it during the '73 tour as that's the only times I recall hearing it. He does do it in The Song Remains The Same.

My favorite moment in Zep history is from The Song Remains the Same movie, during Since I've Been Loving You, just when the giant balloon is rolling on the audience. Jimmy hits one of the sharpest notes I have ever heard. The background is very quiet except for John Paul Jones...Ah!

The solo in Since I've Been Loving You from Chicago 10/13/95.

Segue between The Song Remains the Same and The Rain Song on The Song Remains the Same.

I live in Sydney, and of course I went to P/P. I went to the 24/2/96 show with a friend. The show was going great---then Robert went up to the mike and said, "I think this is a song of hope." Me and my friend just looked at each other, and we were thinking: What?! They wouldn't!! And they didn't. It was The Song Remains The Same. Nevertheless, it was great! It sounded just like in the movie. To top it off, they played Rain Song after TSRTS.

Stairway to Heaven performed on the ARMS tour. Until the crowd's reaction/participation on the first night it was played, I don't think Jimmy (or anyone else) knew for certain just how important LZ was. The secret [society] (HOTG reference) was out, and it was written all over Jimmy's face. Also, the first few notes, the last few notes, ah hell, all the notes to any STH guitar solo.

The guitar in Stand By Me October 10th 1972, Osaka, Japan Festival Hall.

Robert's most poignant version of Thank You, Raleigh 4/70

That's the Way on 3/25/71, BBC Paris Studios

Plant's screams at the end of Trampled Underfoot, Zurich 80.

Definitely my favorite from the Page/Plant concert I went to (Sydney 24/2/96), is when everything was quiet and the lights where down, the suddenly, all the lights go on and, Immigrant Song/Wanton Song!!! What a Blast!!! They were ultra-tight and at that moment it really occured to me just what a good drummer Michael Lee is.

Whole Lotta Love from The Song Remains The Same. Brilliant use of delay to build the suspense.

The Japan show from 2/15/96 was my favorite show as far as boots go, an incredible set list!

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