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Defies Classification

Jimmy playing Babe I'm Gonna Leave You in his home for Percy to persuade him to join Led Zeppelin.

Seeing Bonzo and Robert (but not having any idea who they were) at a hotel close to where I grew up in Chicago. My friends and I used to hang out there and rip off the pinball machines (juvenile delinquents).

Before Going to California in LA 6/25/77 where some chick yells out, "Did you know that is against the law to ___ rock n'roll music in the United States of America?" Seconds later some guy yells "We love you Robert!" said chick then says "It is against the law to dance!" A few minutes later Robert sings "hard, hard haarrdddd as it seeeeeems whoooaahh... but Californyer it's hard... oh, sometiimmmes it's terribly, terrribly, terribly, terribly...hard...lot's an lot's of flowers...." If you have this show pay close attention to Plant's ad-lib about last night's companion and Jimmy's response to it--just great--even gets a guffaw from Plant.

Spending hours and hours listening to Led Zeppelin II when I was 12 years old (1977). I would put on headphones, stare at the album cover and dream. I had no idea who played what instrument or anything like that, but, for some reason, this was the first music that really captured my complete attention.

That song that Jimmy plays just before the usual San Francisco/Woodstock interlude in the famous 1975 Seattle show. He's just struming on the guitar and all of a sudden he breaks into this song followed by the rest of the band. It only lasts 20-30 seconds, but it's really incredible.

In My Time of Dying was what caused my partial hearing loss, AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN IN A MINUTE!!!

Don't you just love playing with the revolving disc in the cover of LZ III? Perhaps that's just a bizarre favourite moment from Led Zeppelin!

Jimmy's swirling emerald pyramid and orange-lit bow? The bow solos just ain't right without the lasers.

When Plant is teaching the crowd at Zurich '80 how to say 'eye thank ewe.' "Your right hand. No, your right hand. Your right hand, you fool!"

The uncontrollable excitement when I heard Led Zeppelin was going to tour the U.S. in the Fall of 1980. I was a sophmore in High School and lived for nothing but Led Zeppelin (life is strange at 15 years old).

I just love, in The Song Remains the Same movie, at the end of the first section of Whole Lotta Love where Jimmy first takes out his Cherry Les Paul and cuts in at a weird time and does that heavy riff (it only lasts about ten seconds, then they go on to do that theremin thing). But that little riff is soooo good! It's very, very powerful and coupled with Plant's little dance (the camera is behind him)--I'd define that little ten-second glory as the ultimate heavy metal. And the fact that the band stayed with Page right from the beginning to the end is great also. Bonham had a perfect choice of beats for that one. It comes in on the fourth beat if the end of Whole Lotta Love where Plant goes, "Wanna whole lotta love, AY AY! N'Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! All right! All right! All right!" I always like how Zeppeling started on the fourth beat (i.e. instead of going 1-2-3-4-Start, they went 1-2-3-Start).

Zep's induction into the Rock'nRoll Hall of Fame, including the jam w/Tyler and Perry and the jam w/Neil Young.

Robert explaining to LA (5/17/95) how they didn't steal Gallows Pole....they coulda, but in that particular instance they didn't.

Hearing the opening to Heartbreaker as the second song in Buffalo, 1995. When I heard this Jimmy wasn't the only one drooling (Ahh, H-E-A-R-T-B-R-E-A-K-E-R). Also being in the first row in front of Jimmy made this moment extra special! Truly a great surprise and a moment I'll always remember.

Another surprise was hearing Dancing Days live for the 1st time in my life in Toronto. This was the song of the night for me. One of my all time favs. "CAN YOU DANCE? DANCE!"

In Detroit the song of the night for me was Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (right CHOW!). Hearing the opening cords by Jimmy sent chills up my spine. The power and emotion that everyone put into this song was truly amazing! The Stairway tease was also a nice touch, but next time play the whole song guys. Maybe they will with JPJ? One can only hope!

From Chicago 10/13/95, Plant saying, "What you'll see tonight is the finest contemporary music on the circuit today...and it's not Boston."

The final night at MSG, right before they go into Rock n' Roll, Plant saying "I guess that we have time for one more little tune before we have to go back to the Geritol."

In the Rio video, the whole crowd is chanting "Rock 'n' Roll," and Robert saying, "Say what?" while holding his hand up to his ear.

This quote: "I'd like to thank my friends for finally remembering my phone number."

Special thanks to Regina and the Brazilian fanzine Zepelliano for the photos of Robert and Jimmy.

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