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Householding Clarassa

In the very beginning, when the group decides to go off and make their own Householding, they expect to use the channeling staff of a nearby Householding. Chanel had been trying to add disaster work to its repotoire, but Aran didn't have the organizational skills required. So a few of his renSimes, while not eactly challenging him, recognized the need for an organization independant of Chanel. Aran comes to agree and lets them go, offering parent house support, if not recognition.

It is unlikely that a group of Channels would be able to square it with their nerves to try to live in a Householding where the Head of House is a renSime. RenSimes can't zlin worth beans and so they NEVER know what to do about field-abberation problems.

And no renSime would want that responsibility over Channels and Donors anyway.

But it's perfectly plausible that a group of renSimes would see this job that has to be done and just go and start doing it, and everyone ELSE decides to call them a Householding which is fine by them since most of them were Householders pledged to begin with.

But they go to a nearby House for the Channeling services they themsevles require and to borrow channels for emergencies.

Then, gradually, as their mission is established and they've succeeded in helping people, and pulled off a miracle or two of their own, and the Head of House has proven ability to do the job -- and displays the underlying PERSONALITY of a Sectuib if not the overwhelming nageric PRESENCE of a Sectuib -- THEN maybe a few Channels might venture to take up residence at Clarassa.

Ok, so then you have this small cadre of Channels and Compaions "seconded" from this and/or that Householding but becoming loyal to this renSime Head of Householding and drifting away from their roots.

Eventually, they hammer out a way of dividing the responsibilities so that the channeling staff maintains its own area of responsibility over channeling matters and takes care of the renSimes -- and the injured.

THEN other channels would drift in attracted by the opportunity to do a lot of good with their lives.

This process would probably take about 3-5 years.

Eventually when Zeor and maybe Keon recognize that there is a self-sufficient group that can supply all its own critical life-support systems, there Aran will vest Householding Clarassa.

At that point, they might move the entire Clarassa Householding into a more convenient location where they'd be too far from any House to call on staff when required. At that time, they'd have to have a channeling staff larger than a Householding of that size would ordinarily require, because the main part of their WORK is emergency-medical-services (Have Channel Will Travel, reads the card of a renSime!).

And, of course, this is all Chanel based because Clarassa will be sending back a constant stream of traumatized people who really REQUIRE Chanel's aid and expertise in pasting their shattered minds back together.

Householding Astreon

The House was started in Digen Farris's time, to help those Simes and Gens that had become disabled, such as the Sectuib in Zeor.

It's purpose is to help the disabled in all ways. To make them useful citizens of both in-territory and out-territory. To help them utilize what talents that each member has to offer. To help the surrounding communities in goods and trade which are created by the disabled members of the house, or those seeking services from the house.

The Householding is also known for Rehabilitiation services as well as a Life Skills Centre. The Head of the house is a Sime (Sectuib).

Submitted by Karen MacLeod for William Long

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