Tony Zbaraschuk:


Sime Supremacists, indeed. (That's one reason I liked A Shift of Means so much: the main character is Gen. Most of the books are written from the Sime POV.)

Mary Lou Mendum:

This whole "Gens can't master Simelan" thing happens because Jacqueline only talks to Farris channels, who just don't know what they're talking about on this issue. Not that they're lying to her; they just sincerely believe that the only way to get meaningful information about the world in general, much less the field gradients, is to zlin.

Den knows better, and so does Tallin. And both of them use their Gen advantage mercilessly to make Simes behave themselves as necessary.

Tony Zbaraschuk:

And yet it's Hugh Valleroy, a Gen with no experience (well, virtually none) of Simes, who has all the key psychological insights in House of Zeor :) Getting the brothers to donate, figuring out what the Raider leader's real motivation is, et cetera. Simes get all this information free, and never develop the skills to extract it from the rest of the scenery. Hugh, never being able to zlin, had to actually Use His Brain.

Tony Zbaraschuk:

I'm afraid I don't see how this works. Surely renSimes can use their nagers?


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