Keon's White Painted Chain Symbol

explained by

Jean Lorrah

creator of

Householding Keon

author of

Ambrov Keon

and co-author of

Zelerod's Doom


The white chain is the symbol of Householding Keon, whose virtue is freedom. Keon recognizes that in our human lives, "The only true freedom is the freedom to choose one's chains." Householders pledge only by choice.

The chain is worn in memory of all the Pen Gens who died without a choice. For them, the white-painted chain was a true restraint. Until the time of Risa Tigue, the Keon pledge ceremony included the wearing of the white chain tightly about the neck. When Risa became Sectuib, she changed it to a loose loop that could be slipped easily over the head--indicating that there is no restraint except the wearer's free choice.

The white enamel chain is edged in gray or silver, as the old white-painted Gen chains always had chipped edges where the metal showed through. Now, when it is silver, it may represent the shine of a Gen's nager. The chain is set against Keon red--this is not orange red or fire-engine red, not representing danger or anger. It is blood red, the red of passion, love, loyalty, devotion.

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