Sime~Gen(tm) Perspectives Newsletter #3

December 1998

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ONE AND ALL!! From Karen Litman, Editor for this issue.

COME TO THE Third Annual Traditional New Year's Chat with Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg. There, together, we will review the year's accomplishments and present awards listed on the SMOF Boards. The hard working people who have made the Virtual Tecton a reality deserve Virtual Recognition, so come vote for the providers of your favorite S~G activity. If you are receiving this newsletter you are eligible to vote. The SMOF Boards are located at:

The New Year's Chat will be held from 2 to 6 pm, (United States, Easten Standard Time) Sunday Jan 3 on #sgtalk on the Undernet which can be reached through mIRC or PIRCH the "Internet Relay Chat" system. Directions for obtaining the software to participate, can be found on a website created by Kaas Baichtal The IRC information can by found by following the "Instructions for Joining Play" link.

In the case of the New Year's Chat, all participants should sign on to #sgtalk using their real identities, rather than a "character" name.

As for the New Year's chat--when you log on, you might want to use:


We're having a lot of trouble with NewBrunswick NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, be on that server unless you want to be mega lagged. This cryptic information will become clear once you join us and we'll teach you how to do it.

We will attempt to log the CHAT and post it to the web for those who can't make it that day and time. Non-RPG players won't know the characters each person plays, so use a nickname that reflects how you are known on the Listserv or to others online.

After Awards and any "new business" anyone can think of, comes announcements and discussions regarding Sime~Gen Inc., a new business venture project of Jacqueline and Jean's, as well as discussion about where is headed.'s server idea was born during the 1998 New Year's Chat. A Writer's Workshop is one of the future plans being developed for And there will be a Q&A opportunity.

Come help shape the future of S~G Online. If you've never done IRC before, come early and we'll show you how. Don't be shy or bashful about net-ignorance. We all started there once upon a three or four years ago.

ADDITIONAL FAN FICTION will shortly be available on the "A Companion in Zeor" website. Two wonderful stories by Mary Lou Mendum have being prepared for posting to with the assistance of John Cowan, site Webmaster. Also new to the CZ site is the "Channel's Life Expectancy Chart" created by Jacqueline.

FUTURE PLANS include the re-release of each of the Sime~Gen novels both on the web, and as new book issues. Work on this is in progress with release dates to be announced when known.

FOUNDING 400 If you haven't joined the Founding 400 and are interested, just visit the Founding 400 sign-up page at

What does it entail? First, an interest in seeing a new Sime~Gen novel published, and second, a willingness to pay $25.00 for the hardcover edition.

If just four hundred people are willing to put their names and addresses on the Founding 400 mailing list - which will not be sold to junk mail advertisers - this new novel will be published.

Furthermore, if you become one of the Founding 400, you'll earn a place in Zeor history! Just send Jacqueline the name by which you'd like to be known, and you'll be included in a list of the Founders of Zeor in the new book! A few lucky Founders will even have "walk-on" character roles in the novel!

To reserve your copy of The Farris Channel today and become a member of "The Founding Four Hundred" all you have to do is fill in the form located at the website or send your name and address with a note saying that you want to reserve a copy of the book and join the Founding 400 and snail-mail it to:

Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Box 290
Monsey, NY 10952

Send no money. This is strictly a survey. Information will only be used to mail you an order form for the next Sime~Gen novel.

SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION for Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter Use the following commands to add yourself, or remove yourself from the Newsletter ---

You are subscribed to the NEWSLETTER-L list.
To unsubscribe from this list, send an email to
LISTSERV@SIMEGEN.COM with no subject and the text
"unsubscribe NEWSLETTER-L".

NOW FOR A LITTLE HUMOR submitted by Seanara, a long-time reader of Sime~Gen, but a new participant in our fandom. Thank you Seanara!

You know you're a Sime-Gen fan when...

-- You catch yourself yelling "Shen!" instead of a common Ancient swear word that begins with the same two letters.

-- At the singles' gathering, you try to zlin the room and pick out who would give you a good transfer.

-- When you open your Web browser, it immediately takes you to the Virtual Tecton home page.

-- You look at people's arms and wonder why nobody has tentacles.

-- You take on a Sime persona because you really are allergic to strawberries.

-- Either you stop wearing black entirely, or else you *always* wear something black and insist that your doctor put a black stripe on your medical chart.

-- Your business letters begin: "Naztehr," instead of "Dear Sir or Madam."

-- You pester Starbucks to put trin tea on the menu.

-- You make all the auto dealers crazy by insisting that you want to buy a car that runs on selyn.

-- You look at all your friends and mentally assess which ones are Sime and which are Gen.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editorial and Technical Staff

Karen Litman
Rebekah Oberin
Jenn Vesperman
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jean Lorrah
Eliza ambrov Halwyn

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