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The Sime~Gen(tm) list is in a period of transition. Many of you may not realize it, but the S~G list has been made possible in no small measure through the efforts of Leigh Kimmel, who was a student at SIU. Leigh is moving on from university and the need has arisen for the list to move on also. Soon, the S~G e-mail list will be migrating to: If the SIU.EDU List suddenly disappears, and YOU DO NOT GET A POST from the new List at, then you should go to and look for the new subscription information.

If you're new and lurking, or sometimes have your subscription set to NOMAIL you may have to resubscribe.

When the list moves we will be running on Listserv Light -- a free but pared-down version of the Listserv software -- so we won't have all our customary bells and whistles, but it won't cost thousands of dollars to buy the software either.


We're having a few hardware problems at and the overworked and indispensable Jenn has asked that no new addresses be requested until they have the new-machine-thing finalized or at least have a rough date for it. Eventually Jenn will be able to make it a relatively automatic process but it is currently HIGHLY manual... So be kind to our resident miracle worker.


During the last month, there has been a great deal of furious activity on the publishing end of Sime~Gen in addition to the migration of the List to and the sudden and marvelous creation of a gorgeous entry website at for the Virtual Tecton.

There are no contracts signed yet, but it really looks like 1999 may see the 8 novels back into print years sooner than I had expected. They would be available in stores, possibly available for free reading on the web, and there has been additional activity with regard to the feature film.

With absolutely nothing that can be announced yet, we can only say that a lot of money is being spent on phone/fax charges -- lots of words being spoken, but nothing yet written. Until it's in writing, it doesn't exist.


Some of the "words being spoken" were summarized in a post to the list by JL which is excerpted below. (If you are not subscribed to the list and would like to respond, you can send your replies to me at the address listed at the end of the e-mail and I'll forward them to her - Maureen)

>The publisher, The Bradford Press, seems to be aiming this reprint into a
>direction that my books have never been aimed in before -- we are breaking
>new ground here. So they don't want the standard SF-look covers this time.
>Also, a question has been raised that perhaps you on the List might
>contribute answers to. The editors there have asked me to add material to
>the novels that would make it worth YOUR while to buy new copies of the
>books -- at least those of you who wouldn't be buying them anyway to
>replace the crumbling old copies you have.
>So what would you -- who have access to the websites and fanzine materials
>-- think would add value to a reprint of these novels?
>Do you want additional interior artwork? If so, by which artists?
>Articles about the Tarot and Astrological background underlying the
>novels? Additional short stories set before or after the events in the
>novel -- or perhaps elsewhere during the novel's events?
>How much would you be willing to pay for a Trade Paperback on good,
>long-lasting paper -- for such additional material? And how much would
>you be willing to pay for an ordinary fast-deteriorating regular
>paperback? (give prices as a range)
>And considering that adding such material will DELAY the reprint, how long
>are you willing to wait for minor additions? We could have reprints
>within 18-24 months with nothing added. With additions, we're talking 3
>years and more to complete the whole reprint program.
>Additionally, there are negotiations in progress that will result in all
>these novels being made available on the web for FREE READING. No
>telling how LONG they would continue to be posted to the Web, but they'd
>be there for free. They'd be hard to download and print, but not
>impossible. Given that the material would be there for free, would you
>STILL buy the book?
>Those who don't want to buy new copies of these novels -- how would you
>feel about there being additional material added to the novel reprints
>that you would have to pay TOO MUCH to get, but can't have any other way.
>Artwork, additional short-stories, whatever -- you'd be paying too much if
>you didn't want the novels themselves but just the added material.
>Personally, I lean toward a simple, straight reprint, perhaps with some
>interior art as the budget might allow, but get the books out there as
>quickly and cheaply as possible. But I don't have the final say on this
>-- so let's hear your opinions.


Cheryl Wolverton is listed as a bestseller at under religious titles. A Matter of Trust is listed at number 6 and A Father's Love is listed at 23. She also just signed a new multi-book contract! On top of this she is the featured author for the month of August at the website of Harlequin/Silhouette. Visit.

After checking that out, visit her website at: .

Margaret Carter announced to the list that she has sold her first novel, to be published by Design Image. It's a werewolf novel and we'll keep you up to date on its publication progress!

Sylvia Engdahl announced that she's just signed a contract for a new edition of her "Star" trilogy -- THIS STAR SHALL ABIDE (aka HERITAGE OF THE STAR), BEYOND THE TOMORROW MOUNTAINS and THE DOORS OF THE UNIVERSE -- with Meisha Merlin Publishing (, a new small press specializing in high-quality reprints of science fiction and fantasy. It will be a softcover omnibus volume and will be issued as adult SF. Because Meisha Merlin's 1999 list is full, the book can't appear until 2000. In the meantime, she's building a list of people who want to be notified as soon as she starts accepting advance orders. If you're not already on the list and would like to be added, please e-mail Sylvia ( or submit the form now at her website (


We now have an official 199 members of the Founding 400!

If you haven't joined the Founding 400 and are interested, just visit the Founding 400 sign-up page at

What does it entail? First, an interest in seeing a new Sime~Gen novel published, and second, a willingness to pay $25.00 for the hardcover edition.

If just four hundred people are willing to put their names and addresses on the Founding 400 mailing list - which will not be sold to junk mail advertisers - this new novel will be published.

Furthermore, if you become one of the Founding 400, you'll earn a place in Zeor history! Just send Jacqueline the name by which you'd like to be known, and you'll be included in a list of the Founders of Zeor in the new book! A few lucky Founders will even have "walk-on" character roles in the novel!

To reserve your copy of The Farris Channel today and become a member of "The Founding Four Hundred" all you have to do is fill in the form located at the website or send your name and address with a note saying that you want to reserve a copy of the book and join the Founding 400 and snail-mail it to:

Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Box 290
Monsey, NY 10952

Send no money. This is strictly a survey. Information will only be used to mail you an order form for the next Sime~Gen novel.

Editorial and Technical Staff:

Karen Litman
Maureen Gibbins
Rebekah Oberin
Joanne Schechter
Sandy Steiner
Jenn Vesperman

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