An e-newsletter for the fans of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime~Gen Universe. Issue #4

Last Updated: 2/1/99



The 1999 New Years Chat went very well again this year, with a fair turnout, including some new people. The logs of the chat are at.

Quotes overheard from Virtual Selyn, the Sime~Gen mailing list

"Gens! Can't take 'em anywhere - unless it's a kill room!" (speaker unknown, overheard in a Shiltpron parlor)

Being Gen means never having to say you're sorry (Eliza ambrov Halwyn)
Being Sime means always having to say you're sorry (Zoe Farris)
Being a junct means never *bothering* to say you're sorry (John Cowan)

Little Sime, I'm the gen your mother warned you about. (Nova the wild Gen)

"Do not meddle in the affairs of wild gens, for they are quick to anger, and you may be injured." (Nova, the wild Gen)

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay low field!!!! (The Sectuib in Halwyn on hearing that Nova the wild Gen was coming to visit)

Sime~Gen Clip Art available!

There is now a site for free clip art with a Sime~Gen flavor to spruce up your website. Artistically inclined? Want to donate some images? Or just see what's there so you can use them on your own site. Details for donating images and downloading images are on the site.

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