The 15th issue of Companion In Zeor is being built before your eyes during 2001.  First contributions posted February 2001.  

Our first posting is the Tribblets Collection from Linda Whitten who did a stint as Sime~Gen Welcommittee head some years ago, as off and on Karen MacLeod has headed the Wel.  

Linda, being the multitalented person she is, would draw little cartoons on her envelopes -- yes this was back in the days when mail came on paper with stamps on the outside!  People would write P. O. B. 290, Monsey, NY 10952 asking about Sime~Gen, and JL would answer quickly with some flyers then snail the queries to Linda.  

Often JL would send several fan queries in one envelope.  Linda saw to it that each person got a personal reply from someone in the Welcommittee We all looked forward to getting her little messages with pithy commentary on the outside.  Eric Berlin has retrieved some of them for posting to share here.  

From time to time, fans have created "filk" songs (folk songs about fictional universes often based on well-known music, but sometimes with original music) one of which has been lauded privately by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  We have a collection of them published on paper with music so you can learn them yourself.  We haven't yet found out how to present this booklet on the web -- with the sheet music -- other than as huge jpg files.  There may be a few copies left and you'll find it on the Ambrov Zeor order form.

We feature a variety of alternate-S~G Universe creations by fans who delight in elaborating on the S~G vocabulary.  You might want to read thumbnail definitions of the vocabulary in the published works.  

Comments, suggestions, bug reports on these pages, volunteering to help with this publication, fiction or art (oh, we could use some more art) contributions should be sent to the Editor, Karen MacLeod, at CZ@simegen.com 

Be sure to check out the other fiction posted in Rimon's Library, our Professional Writers section, our Student Showcase, our Sime Center, and the extensive and growing Reviews Columns.  


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