Sime~Gen™ Inc. Annual Meeting - 2007

This is a record of the formal meeting of Sime~Gen participants for purpose of voting the Awards due for tasks accomplished during 2006, and for awarding Preferred, non-voting shares of stock in Sime~Gen Inc.

Below is the formal log of the business meeting. Informal discussion was in a separate chatroom.

The meeting was called to order by Jacqueline Lichtenberg <JL>  & Jean Lorrah <jean>

irc_name -- 'real' name
<JL`> -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg
<jean> - Jean Lorrah
<Karen> - Karen MacLeod
<Patric> - Patric Michael
<Jaye> - Jaye n'ha Naomi
<Laurraine> - Laurraine Tutihasi
<Kaires> - Kaires Tevesu
<Sosu_Su> - Susan Ross Moore
<MTZ> - Margaret Carr
<Seanara> - Seanara Coyote
<Kip1> - Kip Grimes
<Torun> - Torun Almer
<Shelly> - Rochelle Campbell
<Midge> - Midge Baker

Session Start: ___, Jan 01, 2007

* Karen changes topic to ' Business Meeting - join #sgtalk for "side talk."
<jean> Shall we open the official chat?
<JL`> Pound the gavel, Jean! Here we go - how many years now?
<Karen> First awards I think were given 6 years ago, January 2000
<jean> At least since 2000--did we start the chats earlier? So this is our 8th New Year's Chat.
<JL`> I actually don't remember -- I think we were doing them when we had sites scattered all over the 'net.
<Karen> Domain was incorporated in 1999, so the chats started the year after.
<JL`> At least 8th, then! wow.
<jean> 2006 was a pretty good year for The domain paid all its own expenses again, from advertising and domain hosting revenue. We also made a little extra money in royalties. So, if you have any of our stock, it's worth approximately half again what it was a year ago. On the book front we have good news and bad news. The good news is that our books, both Jacqueline and mine, are almost all coming back into print within the next year. The bad news is that the Sime~Gen books are stalled, and right now we cannot tell you when the next one will be published. We have had to withdraw the S~G books from Meisha Merlin, because they missed the twice-postponed deadline for publication of TO KISS OR TO KILL. They never told us--just let the time pass. So we are now in the process of trying to find another publisher for the series. In the meantime, Jacqueline and I are working on other projects. So, if you have missed any of our non-S~G books, do a search for each of us on Amazon, and as the weeks of 2007 pass, each time you should fine an addition or two. Jacqueline, do you want to update on the vampire anthology?
<JL`> Yes, I'll update on our anthology project. Meanwhile, Laurraine and Torun have arrived. Laurraine -- I'm hoping you'll give a report later. Now - folks here's a project you may not have heard of before.
A couple years ago, one of the people who was working here as my assistant and I had the idea for an anthology of vampire stories written by fans of BUFFY. She quit the project halfway through (no fault of her own) and Jean has stepped in -- we've made it a Sime~Gen Inc. project. Well, meanwhile, one of the authors died -- took a while to get permission to keep the story in the anthology but we did. AND MEANWHILE - two other stories I'd asked for finally came in so I had a real FAT fantasy anthology.
My agent -- the Sime~Gen Agent -- said after a meeting in Manhattan she went to -- all they want is "fat fantasy". So I said, HAVE I GOT A FAT FANTASY FOR YOU!!! So we got it together -- took months -- wrote a whole big description of this anthology with bios on the authors and so on -- and submitted that description of the project. Months later, FINALLY, the editor (at DAW books) got around to reading it -- guess what, she thought the idea had merit, so she's now got the whole, complete FAT FANTASY anthology. We have a web page for it.
And DAW is doing some anthologies now, so whether this project will go at DAW depends more on how good the figures are on those anthologies than on the stories in this book (but the stories are good).
At any rate, Sime~Gen Inc. has a book in submission at a major house. Back to Jean. That concludes the report on the anthology.
<jean> We have started the New Year with an advertising special that has already drawn several new advertisers. We plan to run similar specials two or three times a year, to see if we can rev up this source of income.
<JL`> Jean - we have a department head ready to report - Laurraine.
<jean> We also picked up several new domains in 2006. So we are chugging along at keeping the domain running. But our volunteers are the heart of So--let's get department reports. Laurraine, would you please give your report?

Reviews Department Report
Laurraine Tutihasi, Reviews Gatemaster

We've been losing more reviewers than we've been able to recruit. We've had some ups and downs. 
We got, then lost, someone to do interviews. 
We've been losing more reviewers than we've been able to recruit. 
Only a few reviewers are active; that is, reviewing on a regular basis. One of our most prolific reviewers has mostly been reviewing books she gets on her own rather than the ones submitted to Sime~Gen, even though I had asked her to review at least one per month from our lists. 
I've taken on doing more reviews, partly to make up for the slack, but partly because I want to phase out of running the section.
Ann DellaCamera has been of invaluable assistance and could probably take over, except that she doesn't seem to have a lot of self-assurance.. 
Karen has also helped, both technically and as a reviewer and interviewer. 
If Patric can come back and finish more of the automating that he started to do, it will make it easier for almost anyone to run the section. I think that's it in a nutshell.

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<jean> Thank you, Laurraine.
<jean> Patric, would you please report on the server and other technical matters?  

Domain Technical Report
Patric Michael, Sime~Gen Webmaster

Hi folks.. Happy New Year, and welcome to the Annual chat.

As most of you know (in one form or another) I have been.... delinquent in getting anything done. Most also know why so I wont go into that here. So all I can offer is a bit of information on the past, and a look ahead. 

Regarding the server, we have had an excellent year. We were upgraded in March 2005 to more memory, more hard drive storage, and better processing. Until just recently, no one even noticed, but if you will recall very recently, we went down for a time. The culprit was "mail flooding" which means many other servers at once sending spam to our server. Without those upgrades, we would have been down far longer than we were. Karen and I did some housecleaning and minimized the possibility of future floods and we have so far survived yet another attempt. 

But take careful note that we have an uptime of %99.99. Over a few months, that's nothing, but that figure is based on a TWO YEAR span, which is far better than many other servers can say. (Trust me, I've dealt with them.) So, right now, we have a new operating system which has proven itself very robust, and gives us a platform to plan for the future... 

Keen web observers will notice that there is a definite push for operating systems that run on a remote server. For example, rather than loading an IRC program to get to these chats, one would log into a website, get a download in the background, sign on, and start chatting all without ever having the program on your local hard drive. Sooner or later, this will happen. (probably when Microsoft figures out how to monopolize it. ~~Laugh~~) 
At any rate, the point is that we ( will eventually get rid of the need for its volunteers to have FTP, IRC, HTML Editor programs and the like. You as a volunteer will only ever need a login.With that, you will be able to use SERVER BASED programs to do what you need, whether it be posting a review, putting up a new page or editong an old one, making changes or additions to departments you run, etc. 
I have noticed that many potential volunteers don't want to play when they discover what they have to install or operate on their system. To that end, we plan to retrofit the domain to a slightly different format (database driven) wherein most pages will simply not exist in hard copy. Most pages will be created "on the fly" as a browser requests a page. You have seen examples of this already. The "global pages" are all delivered this way in fact. The entire reviews department is actualy only a small handful of hard copy pages. All the rest are dynamic. 
In the near future, expect to see most, if not all of our general maintenance to be web based, meaning you do to need anything other than a browser to do anything you normally do. And no, this is not PHP, ASP, or any COMMONLY known languages. Because this chat is recorded, I won't cover it here, but you can expect similar functionality with a far more robust set of options. Options we can literally create as we need.

One major caveat to remember, however. An all web based interface will take some getting used to, especially if you are already accustomed to doing things locally. JL and Front Page comes to mind. Me and FTP comes to mind. :) Just keep in mind that things will be different at first, but because of platform independence, user friendliness, and simple availability, the changes will be worth it. 
I have recruited Midge as a, to test these things as they are written. I will look for other volunteers to streamline usability as time goes by. But please remember this is not a "done by tomorrow" kind of thing. I am only just now able to start working on these things, and since we are doing our own thing, it won't be terribly fast. But it will happen, so be ready when it does. :) Thanks...

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<JL`> Jean - Kaires should report now?

SimeCenter Report
Kaíres Tévesu, SimeCenter Gatemaster

I'm going to put up a page on SimeCenter that thanks all the contributing authors and artists. 
The reason for doing it now is (sad to report) one of our most loyal authors recently passed away: Jayge Carr. I still have a story of hers on file, that hadn't yet been posted. I asked her family if I could post that last story in January, as part of a special memorial edition, and they said YES. They are having a memorial service January 20th. I plan to have the page up well before then, featuring American Cancer Society, because that's where she asked to have donations made in her name. 
And the side page honoring our authors and artists will also go up then, with a link to the web page I designed for her. The family also said they are planning a slide show for the memorial service, including webshots of relevant sites, and will include her mini-site on in that presentation.

In other news... 
- we introduced two new authors this year: John Grant and Sue Lange 
  They both just wrote to me and said they saw the site and were interested. 
  And they both have said they will be happy to contribute again. 
I saw that John was an art agent, and asked if he would recommend SimeCenter to any of his artistic colleagues. As a result of which... 
- we introduced two new artists this year: Jael and TODD LOCKWOOD 
- Jael gave us the wonderful caricature "Larry and Jerry" (Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle) 
  that graced the special WorldCon edition of SimeCenter. 
- and Todd let us post his beautiful cover art for The Unity Trilogy 
- both of them offered special prices for buying prints of their art, if people mentioned 
  SimeCenter I didn't ask them to do that. They both offered it.

SimeCenter had another good year. I feared we'd have to quit, when we ran out of both stories and recipients. I'm not real worried about that any more.

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<JL`> On your watch, it has become a 'net feature! Thank You Kaires.

Stock Awards
Jacqueline Lichtenberg, President, Sime~Gen, Inc.

The next order of business should be the stock awards.  
For the first time in Known History, and all thanks to RONNIE BOB WHITAKER, the stock awards letters are all printed and waiting to be mailed tomorrow. Every last person on this list has done multiple chores, worn multiple hats, hung in past all reason, and just plain amazed us.
Patric Michael- 6 shares
Karen MacLeod - 4 shares
Ronnie Bob Whitaker - 2 shares
Lois Wickstrom - 4 shares
Laurraine Tutihasi - 2 shares
Martha Ann Dellacamera - 1 share
Lisa Saunders - 2 shares
Kaires - 4 shares
Wendy Fischer 2 shares
Bruce Gray - 1 share
Eric Berlin - 1 share
Doreen DaBinett - 1 share -
- Doreen has given us some novels everyone just plain LOVES. 
- Eric has stood by though we didn't call on him much this year, and has done what was asked of him.
- Bruce has run into massive health problems but STILL produces Keybooks pages so well stocked with books, we make amazon sales. 
- Wendy helped us through a very trying time on a holiday weekend. 
- Kaires does so much I can't even remember it all - but we admire her PARTY HOSTESSING beyond measure. 
- Lisa has kept up with the monthly Newsletter, and with Karen's help, gotten it out, though Karen does heaps of work on it. Lisa also handles our advertising records.
- Martha and Laurraine have kept reviews going despite enormous challenges, and it's an important contribution to the world, *I think*. 
You don't hear much from Jean's other writing partner, Lois Wickstrom -- but behind the scenes, she's been responsible for earning the domain money. 
- On Ronnie Bob I could talk for an hour and not cover it all - he's scanned 'zines for posting this year, fixed the database I use to track our stock, and handled immensely important record keeping. 
Which brings us to the Webmaster department 
- Karen works in all our departments, finds things I lose, keeps everything organized around here. And this year she got back to editing some html pages, (well that was last year), and every question you ask has the answer "Ask Karen". 
- Patric -- well, we wouldn't be having this chat at all if not for Patric. He is on-call 24/7 just about, despite also working double-full-time jobs on and off (mostly on) this year. Though we've had other SysAdmins in the past, Patric by this point in time has basically BUILT our server from scratch and made it his own. You heard his plans -- well, they aren't beyond him.
That concludes the non-voting preferred stock awards for this year!

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<JL`> Now, there were a lot of contributions made to this operation all year, and we are now open for nominations.
Digen Award

<JL`> Let's take the DIGEN AWARD for Meritorious Service first.
<Karen> Everyone may nominate now.
<JL`> It's our oldest award, I think, and is given for contributions in service above and beyond the call of duty or sometimes even reason.
<Karen> You may nominate here.
<Midge> I nominate Patric.
<Seanara> Second.
<JL`> Any other Digen Award nominations?
<Karen> Ronnie Bob for the Digen.....
<kaires> second
<JL`> OK, two people, Patric and Ronnie Bob Whitaker have been nominated for the Digen. Anyone else?
* Patric thirds RBW
<Seanara> Karen for the Digen.
<Karen> Laurraine for all that work she does in Reviews. Laurraine, then for a YoYo, award, so wait on her.
<JL`> OK, we have two people nominated and seconded for the Digen -- do I have a second for Karen?
<Midge> Second
* Patric seconds Karen
<JL`> OK that's 3 nominees for the Digen. Ronnie Bob, Patric and Karen. One vote -- all up or all down. Vote Aye if you want this whole slate to get the Digen this year.
<JL`> AYE!
<kaires> Aye
<Midge> AYE
<Torun> aye
<Seanara> Aye
<Patric> Aye
<Shelly> aye
<Karen> Can't vote for myself, but Aye.
<JL`> Yes, it's assumed anyone on the slate is voting for the others.
<MTZ> aye
<JL`> Good - the AYES have it. We have 3 (count 'em 3!) Digen Awards this year.
Golden Yo-yo

Next, nominations are open for the GOLDEN YO-YO AWARD -- this is an award for going around in circles until you finally get it done.
<Torun> Nominate Laurraine
<Karen> That's LAURRAINE. We used to give it to the fanzine workers.
<Shelly> Second
<JL`> This is an award for doing it over and over and over until it's finally right (proofreading, finding broken links and fixing them,). It's the over and over until you're dizzy award.
<JL`> Laurraine Tuttihasi has been nominated and seconded for the Golden YoYo Award. Are there any other nominees?
<Shelly> Patric I nominate Patric.
<Midge> Second
<JL`> Second for Patric? Two nominees for the Golden YoYo - Patric and Laurraine.
<Karen> Second Patric, for sure....
<JL`> Are there any other nominees for the Golden YoYo?
<Patric> Wait! Kaires for the Yoyo...
<Sosu_Su> Wow, this was confusing, but I think I'm finally aboard!
<JL`> OK, voting the GOLDEN YOYO for both Laurraine and Patric for work done in 2006. Those in favor say AYE.
<MTZ> aye
<kaires> Aye
<Sosu_Su> Aye!
<jean> aye
<Midge> AYE
<Torun> aye
<Shelly> Aye
<Seanara> aye
<Karen> aye
<Patric> Aye... but by its very definition, Kaires should get the Golden Yoyo...
<Karen> Can offer Kaires the Silver Yo-Yo
<JL`> OK, the AYES have it -- Patric Michael and Laurraine Tuttihasi are our Golden YoYo recipients for work done in 2006.
Silver Yo-yo

<JL`> Nominations are now open for the SILVER YOYO award -- same kind of thing, different application (used to be two different 'zines).
<JL`> Any nominations?
<Torun> kaires
<Karen> Kaires.
<jean> Second Kaires.
<Patric> Kaires
<Sosu_Su> Third Kaires!
<JL`> OK, Kaires is nominated for the Silver YoYo.
<JL`> Any other nominees?
<JL`> OK, Kaires has been nominated and seconded for the Silver YOYO - for work done in 2006. ALL IN FAVOR SAY AYE!
<MTZ> aye
<Seanara> Aye
<Torun> aye
<jean> aye
<Karen> aye
<Midge> Aye
<Patric> Aye
<Sosu_Su> Aye
<Shelly> aye
<JL`> The Ayes have it! Looking at the page Do you see any other awards that we need to give this year?
Tech-Ton Award

<kaires> Tech-ton for patric --- or people who have benefited Sime~Gen fandom by the creation and/or application of new software and on-line tools.
<Midge> Second
<Shelly> third
<Seanara> Aye
<Shelly> The Nager Award -- Karen.
<JL`> I nominate Ronnie Bob Whitaker for Tec-ton this year -- for database creation and help, and for scanning and OCR'ing ancient fanzines. We're on the Tech-ton award.
<Karen> Second, Ronnie Bob
<Sosu_Su> Agree
<JL`> Patric and Ronnie Bob are the Tech-ton nominees who have been seconded. All in favor? AYE
<JL`> aye
<Seanara> aye
<MTZ> aye
<Torun> aye
<Shelly> Aye
<jean> aye
<Sosu_Su> Aye
<kaires> aye
<Midge> Aye
<Patric> Aye
<Karen> aye
<Jaye> Aye
<JL`> The aye's have it - and Ronnie Bob Whitaker and Patric Michael win the Tech-ton award for work done in 2006.
<JL`> Do we have any other award nominations?
Nager Award

<Shelly> The Nager Award -- Karen.
<Midge> Second
<JL`> Karen has been nominated and seconded for the Nager Award. Any other nominees?
<Midge> Patric
<Shelly> JL
<Shelly> second patric
<Midge> Second JL, nominate Jean
<Shelly> second Jean
<JL`> Patric Michael has been nominated and seconded for the Nager Award. Jean Lorrah has been nominated and seconded for the Nager Award. JL has been nominated and seconded for the Nager award for work done in 2006.
<JL`> All in favor?
<MTZ> aye
<Seanara> Aye
<Torun> aye
<Patric> Aye
<Sosu_Su> Aye
<kaires> aye
<Shelly> Aye
<Karen> aye
<Midge> Aye
<Jaye> aye
<jean> aye
<JL`> Patric Michael, Jean Lorrah, JL have been awarded the Nager award for work done in 2006.
<JL`> Are there any other awards to be given?

<Seanara> Shelly for Out-Territory award.
<Patric> Out Territory - Shelly
<Midge> Second
<JL`> Shelly has been nominated and seconded for the Out-Territory award. Any other nominees?
<JL`> aye
<MTZ> aye
<Seanara> Aye
<Karen> aye
<Patric> aye
<jean> aye
<Midge> Aye
<Jaye> aye
<kaires> aye
<Sosu_Su> Aye
<JL`> The ayes have it and Shelly wins (I think her first) OUT-T AWARD!!!! Any other awards that should be given this year?
<Midge> Hurray for Shelly!
<JL`> OK, I believe that completes the award process for work done in 2006.
<JL`> Jean, close the meeting? move we adjourn to the NEW YEAR'S PARTY!!!
<jean> Okay!
<Patric> Yay Shelly!
<Karen> Party in the other room.
<jean> The business meeting is adjourned.
<Karen> Stopping the log here.
Session Close: Mon Jan 01 17:48:56 2007 EST
Logs edited by Karen MacLeod

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