Sime~Gen™ Inc. New Years Chat - 2006

  This is a record of the informal chat among Sime~Gen participants, going on in a separate chatroom, concurrent with the formal business meeting.

The business meeting was called to order, proceeded through the agenda, and was formally adjourned.

This discussion flowed on in the background, before, during and after the meeting.

Attendees include:
 <ka2sph> -- Mike Edelson
 <N'omi Rose> -- N'omi Rose
 <JL`> -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg
 <jean> -- Jean Lorrah
 <gurpsgm> -- Bruce Gray
 <MaryLou> -- Mary Lou Mendum
 <bae> -- Beverly Erlebacher
 <Seanara> -- Seanara Coyote
 <Laurrain1> -- Laurraine Tutihasi
 <Kaires> -- Kaíres Tévesu
 <Patric> and <Bluestar> --
    Patric Michael - Webmaster of
 <Karen> --
    Karen MacLeod - Assistant Webmaster
 <MTZ> -- Margaret I. Carr

'Social 'channel' -- talk away freely -- join #sgchat for business meeting'
Sun Jan 01, 2006

<N'omi Rose> Naomi
<Karen> Oh, HI -- how are things Naomi
<N'omi Rose> at least I am here!
<JL`> Is this N'omi Rose?
<JL`> Karen's here -- and she just hailed me to get here.
<N'omi Rose> yes Ma'am!
<Karen> You're early. I haven't even set things up yet. Good to see you.
<N'omi Rose> Happy Hannukah, JL!
<N'omi Rose> didn't want to be late
<JL`> Hey, thanks! Just had a neat talk with my granddaughter and her parents! 3 1/2 years old and she talks on the phone like a champion. She said thank you for all the presents we had sent.
<Karen> So does her grandmother if you get in a room with her (or on the phone)
<N'omi Rose> way kewel, JL!
<JL`> OK, this then is the chat channel and sgchat will be the actual "chat" we'll post hopefully with some semblance of sense to the sequence of who says what. You set it to moderate?
<N'omi Rose> mine is 2 and 5.5 they are dreams!
<JL`> Yeah, kids are amazing.
<Karen> Nothing's set to moderate yet, and I won't moderate in this channel, but I will log and clean everything up.
<JL`> Thank you Karen.
<JL`> We've been at this since 1999 -- how long is that?
<Karen> Welcome.... will gladly do that.....
<N'omi Rose> Margaret was a dream and sent me a reminder, as if I would forget this day!
<JL`> 6 years -- 6 NEW YEARS
<Karen> Six years, no, JL..... I'll set the other channel to moderate now.....
<JL`> Good that'll help.
<Karen> Ok, now set, and I'm already logging.
<JL`> Our new reviewer said he wants to come to the chat. You gave him the port number?
<N'omi Rose> it has been an extremely bad medical year, I am sorry that is why I had not sent you a post, Karen
<Karen> Who, Mike Edelson? He understood the tutorials, and has the website to fall back on.
<N'omi Rose> new reviewer?
<JL`> The multiply handicapped volunteer.
<N'omi Rose> what do you mean? like in a newspaper?
<Karen> Someone I know through the internet who will review books for the print handicapped, I suspect....yes, that's Mike.
<Karen> Oh yes, N'omi, we have a lot of reviewers, but could use more. Even I'm one, if I can find the time.
<JL`> Yes, did you see his post to several of the lists? He introduced himself quite nicely. He's got an exciting biography, and is really having hard times medically, but I think he'll be able to use his background to provide information on audio-books that will help people.
<N'omi Rose> i have yet to find a way to handle dropping all the time
<JL`> dropping?
<Karen> Dropping what, N'omi?
<Karen> I've been writing to Mike for several years now, since Linda Whitten introduced us. Linda's been gone a year and a half already.
<JL`> I MISS her!
<Karen> And I don't? She used to call me weekly!
<JL`> But we've lost so many MANY people this year, I can't even begin to list them.
<N'omi Rose> spasms I use onescreen keyboard I cant drop it
<Karen> I know..... never heard of onescreen keyboard...what is it? Did the four track tape recorder help you N'omi? I did send it.
<N'omi Rose> though I drop the trackball
* Karen smiles. sympathetic understanding
<N'omi Rose> Didn't you get my email?
* Karen will be getting a rolling walker with a seat and a basket from United Cerebral Palsy, once their payment goes through. To sometimes use instead of my crutches.
<Karen> Probably, N'omi.... I get so much mail, and do so many things..... I apologize for any lapses.
<N'omi Rose> was afraid to take it to nursing home
<JL`> "onscreen" not "onescreen" ??
<Karen> People say I walk better pushing a grocery cart or my wheelchair than with the crutches, so we'll try the new walker.
<N'omi Rose> nods sympathetically, herself.
<JL`> Would a rolling walker give you mobility across icy/shlushy areas?
<Karen> N'omi, I have another recorder if you really need one. The Library of Congress is going to another method of distributing books, so the 4-track will be obsolete.
<JL`> What are they going to use? CD's?
<N'omi Rose> I use a new walker on low spasm days * Karen smiles. JL it has wheels and handbrakes. However, did you know that if you put tennis balls on the crutch bottoms they hold better in ice and snow. Something the new riding center taught me, but I can't find tennis balls!
<JL`> INTERNET - betcha they have tennis balls on amazon.
<N'omi Rose> I have a 4 wheeled walker
<Karen> No, they're going to use some new technology -- something other than CD's for the Library of Congress. I'll have to copy the article and send it to you, JL Wouldn't it be cheaper to find tennis balls at a sporting goods place? * Karen is thinking of shipping charges on Amazon....
<Karen> I'm not getting rid of the crutches, as sometimes I bet the walker will be impractical.
<N'omi Rose> just did an MRI and they found spinal stenosis.
<JL`> <> that's the list of who we've lost recently in alpha order -- a lot of them I knew personally, some not. But the list is awesome when compared to how it was when I was say in college. Fandom and PRODOM are dying. But the worst thing is some of these people died younger than I am now. And my conversation is beginning to sound like "old folks" conversation -- about illness and death. ugh.
<Karen> I noticed that, JL. I just turned 53, remember? Oh, dear, N'omi -- can they do something for you? I still have to write up the page on Irv Koch for CZ, but your manuscript work comes first.
<N'omi Rose> Dunno yet! at least doc as put me on painkillers
<Karen> You need to be comfortable.
<JL`> Well, Amazon is charging about $10 for a nice supply of tennis balls, so you might be able to get 4 or 6 container at a sporting goods store for about that. Getting them mounted on crutch tips would be a feat though.
<Karen> I can't find them in winter... no, you cut a hole in the ball, and put them OVER the crutch tips, so you can take them off when you come indoors.
<JL`> How could you cut a hole in a tennis ball? It's TOUGH.
<Karen> Tennis balls are hollow. Well, it is possible. I've seen it done.....
<JL`> Ah, well, they're HERE (in Phoenix) all year around.
<N'omi Rose> me, too - I've seen tennis balls cut open.
<Karen> I'd have you send me some tennis balls, JL --- I can paypal you the money.
<N'omi Rose> l'll cut them for you jl
<Karen> Tell me how to cut them, N'omi, as I'd be the one to use them....
<N'omi Rose> I have a great short knife
<gurpsgm> I found it!
<Karen> Hi, Bruce
<JL`> Karen -- how many do you want and I'll order them for you if they don't take paypal from you directly.
<Karen> The more the merrier...... they'd wear out like crutch tips, do.
<JL`> Bruce -- we're solving a problem for Karen.
<gurpsgm> Oh?
<Karen> Minor problem....
<JL`> She needs tennis balls to non-slip her crutch-tips.
<gurpsgm> Hm. Can't she use the "regular" tips?
<JL`> Yes, that's why I thought of the amazon ones for $10 -- it's a bargain, but not if you have to pay shipping too.
<Karen> in Winter, tennis balls grip better... You put them over the tips, walk in damp weather and take them off when you come inside.
<gurpsgm> I've got a hospital friend - I'll ask her if she can get the regular ones cheaper.
<JL`> And they don't sell tennis balls in New Jersey in the winter.
<Karen> MARYLAND, JL...wish I was in NJ
<JL`> "dead" ones would do fine, I bet.
<gurpsgm> I'm working on the mistakes in my Classical music store.
<Karen> No...they have to have the absorbent "fluff" New ones, I would think.
<JL`> The ones that don't bounce well anymore would still have tough non-slip surfaces.
<Karen> That may also work, I guess....
<gurpsgm> I've got a tennis playing friend - what about the ones that he thinks are "dead"?
<JL`> Bruce that's great -- we do sell from your music store -- if not what you have up, then something else they find by clicking what you have.
<Karen> Dunno, Bruce, would have to try them.... worth trying, though.
<gurpsgm> I'll get Chris to save me a couple and send 'em your way if I can find the snail mail address I had for you...
<Karen> Bruce, I can send you my address again.
<N'omi Rose> hi ya bruce!
<Karen> It was easier getting my therapy ball than tennis balls!
* Karen appreciates JL's help (and everyone else's) and sends virtual hugs all around {{{{ }}}}
<Karen> Still 15 minutes to "official" time of our chat.
* Karen suspects the people at the farm can also cut X 's into the balls.
* Karen is laughing. "Hey, a cheap way to pay for editing -- pay Karen in tennis balls...."
<N'omi Rose> lol, at least it is something I can do!
<Karen> There's plenty you can're here, aren't you? That's great that you can come to our chats, and do know what we're doing by reading our lists.
<N'omi Rose> once a year. True
<Karen> So? That doesn't make you any less valuable to us....
<N'omi Rose> love the lists
* Karen smile. "I hadn't realized that 13 years ago, JL handed me an old computer and said 'LEARN TO USE THIS...' See what it got me?
<N'omi Rose> valuable is not same as doing
* Karen should have resigned then.....
<N'omi Rose> lol
<Karen> Yes, it is...tell people why you like the books you've learned about through the more people that know of us, the happier we are.
<N'omi Rose> The farm? what it, please
<Karen> I now ride at a new (to me) therapy riding center in Maryland. They told me about the tennis balls.
<Karen> I haven't been able to get there to ride since Nov. 17. Yes, they can also cut the tennis balls, I would think....they told me about using them.
<N'omi Rose> Surely the hoof knifes
<Karen> Likely....would have to talk to the one else does the hooves.
<N'omi Rose> let me know, okay Karen?
<Karen> Sure will, N'omi
<Karen> Good, this is the social 'channel' the other is for business, and is moderated.
<JL`> Hi Jean!
<N'omi Rose> big hugs Jean
<Karen> I'm logging both "rooms" and will send Kaires cleaned logs.
<Seanara> HI, everyone
<Karen> Hey, Seanara, if I get dropped, you can back up log, and OP everyone.
<jean> Hi--I just logged on, so will be trying to clear spam at the same time.
<MaryLou> Hi, everybody!
<Seanara> ok
<Karen> Hi, Mary Lou...welcome.... the other room is reserved for the business meeting, and is moderated.
<JL`> hi folks! I'll BRB
<N'omi Rose> so curse now so she will now where to clean up!
<MaryLou> We're in flood watch mode here--another nasty Pacific storm is moving in, after the last dumped over three inches a day and a half ago.
<Karen> That sounds nasty Mary Lou.... stay dry.
<gurpsgm> Eeep. Sends happy no flood thoughts MaryLou's way...
<Karen> one wants something dangerous to happen.
<N'omi Rose> happy no flood thoughts MaryLou'
<JL`> hi Mary Lou
<N'omi Rose> where are you?
<MaryLou> I'm in Davis, just outside of Sacramento.
<jean> All dry thoughts, Mary Lou.
<gurpsgm> Check out the classical music page - I =fixed= the problem. Now it shows up right. Now I feel confident about making changes to my other bookshelves. Yay!
<JL`> Bruce - was the account accessible to make the links for you?
<MaryLou> I'm in little danger of getting swamped, but they're flooding the Yolo Bypass to divert the river around Sac.
<JL`> Mike -- HI THERE!! Good to see you here.
<JL`> Oh, that's serious flood strategy Mary Lou
<ka2sph> greetings from Lynchburg, VA this is Mike
<Karen> Hey Mike Edelson, we have 2 Mikes.
<JL`> Bruce -- this page looks good but you're not using the new links.
<ka2sph> ok I will change to MIKE KA2SPH
<Karen> Also join the other room, moderated for the business meeting.... #sgchat
<JL`> My daughter used to live in Lynchburg before she got married. I've actually BEEN there.
<JL`> Bruce?
<ka2sph> I am in the moderated room too Karen
<JL`> Yes, we see you Mike.
<Karen> I don't "see" you there, Mike Edelson, but if you're there, you're there.
<JL`> We're about to start the meeting. I don't see Patric here but he wasn't sure he could make it.
<ka2sph> JL Lynchburg has some good points and some bad...I wish we could say we like it but we are homesick for Houston, TX..
<Karen> Well, I'll send Patric a cleaned log.
<gurpsgm> One thing at a time. First, make the page look right. Then get the new links.
<JL`> My daughter who lived in Lynchburg moved there from Houston. She hated Houston. Too muggy.
<ka2sph> good. I was not sure if I was seen on the moderated room too
<N'omi Rose> Hey Mike
<ka2sph> hi N'omi Rose :)
<JL`> Ah, OK Bruce -- just let me know because I want to be sure you CAN make links with that account access.
<ka2sph> I am sorry to hear that JL... for us it was good, it was a lot more friendly
<JL`> She now lives in Alabama which I consider worse. "friendly" is more about neighborhood usually than about the town - but Lynchburg is so small relatively speaking.
<ka2sph> JL you are right, but as I said, I am starting to believe there are good and bad things everywhere
<JL`> Hi Laurraine!
<ka2sph> hi laurraine.. I am Mike in Lynchburg, VA
<gurpsgm> Hi Laurraine!
<JL`> I hope everyone is thinking about who to nominate for what award because I don't have a list except what I've tossed at Karen over the last few weeks.
<Karen> Everyone should be in both rooms, if you also want to chat. Business will be in the other room.
<JL`> Laurraine here is the head of the Reviews Dept and is looking for a replacement so she can move on to another task here at Sime~Gen -- she's done so WELL with /reviews/ that she can have her pick of anything.
<Karen> Jacqueline, you only mentioned 2 people to me for awards.
<JL`> I've thought of a few but now my mind is blank.
<JL`> Lynchburg is really suburbia -- you have to drive. I like where I am because for the first time since I moved out of my parents' house, I can walk to shopping! (or one day ride a power wheelchair if I have to)
<Karen> Well, I have to renew my license this year, and I hope the retina specialist will sign off on it, or I'm in deep trouble. Mass transit here stinks.
<JL`> Where I am there's no mass transit. It's 15 after the hour -- shall we start? 
  Jean - you're not on AIM -- are you paying attention here?
<Karen> I think you should start. You and Jean are ready to go in #sgchat --- and we can take nominations here and I'll paste.
<JL`> Come on folks -- think -- who deserves a special distinction this year?
* bae modestly suggests the creators of the Cooperative Fiction soap opera.
* bae is not sure which award they she'd get for staying up all night to entertain youse guys months later.
<gurpsgm> Quick note: If you have time now, check out the even newer and more improved Classical Music page...
<MaryLou> Ann Partridge for coordinating the Bribery Project?
<bae> excellent idea!
<Karen> Hold on.... Lois' nomination is on that.
<Karen> I give you the list every year, JL...let me find where to look for it.
<ka2sph> ahhh, gurpsgm I take it from the Yiddish you are my landsman?
<JL`> Those working on the Borderlands Saga -- would you say that's a YOYO eligible task? I think it's more creative but can't recall what award that would come under.
<bae> I don't remember the yo-yo stuff, do you, Mary Lou?
<jean> Creative is Arensti.
<ka2sph> forgive me, but I am new to the group can someone explain to me
<gurpsgm> Not really, but I spent three years in the Jewish sector of Brooklyn NY and learned a =lot= of Yiddish and Hebrew.
<Karen> <> is the awards listing.
<JL`> YoYo awards are usually for doing something over and over and OVER until you stubbornly finally make it happen.
<jean> Yo-yos are for work completed even though everything went wrong.
<Karen> We give "virtual awards" for things people do on the domain.
<Karen> No... I thought the "Karen" award in 2002 was for sticktuitiveness.
<JL`> "Arensti" is taken from one of the Sime~Gen novels -- a competition for fabric designs.
<Kaires> I have the awards page up in a side window. Want me to list them?
<Karen> List them here, Kaires if you like...

Summary of Sime~Gen Awards
Kaíres Tévesu, Sime~Gen Historian

The Silver Yo-Yo is presented by CZ for heroic actions in support of the zine. <Karen>Or the Yo-Yo can be given elsewhere. The zine no longer is a big headache since Mike Giroux taught me how to do pages.

The Golden Yo-Yo belonged to AZ, and hasn't been used for a while.
<Kaires>Patric received a Golden Yo-Yo in semi-recent years.

All it says about the Digen Award is in the name: meritorious service.

A fun one is the Risa Tigue Gen (and Sime) Re-Use Award. It's for folk who donate computer equipment to The Cause.

The Tech-Ton Award is for people who have benefited Sime~Gen fandom by the creation and/or application of new software and on-line tools.

The Nager Award is for those who have given emotional support to others, guiding them through rough times or just generally "being there" when needed.

Another important award is the Out-Territory Award given to those whose non-Simegen related sites bring visitors to the domain.

In 2001 [see chat2001], we invented the Arensti Award for artistic excellence, named after the design award mentioned in "House of Zeor"

Then there's the new Karen Award: for Creating Foundations, for individuals or organizations who have helped to create the Sime~Gen fan universe, or who have proven indispensable in growing and maintaining the Sime~Gen domain. It was invented in 2002.

And there's a strange thing called the Moveable Feast Award, for folk who did good stuff, but no regular award quite applies. It was first given to the organizers of the Sime~Gen party at ConJose.

<Kaires> There's a bit more about these awards in the discussion below, and also in the main meeting.
<Kaires> As time permits, I'll add to this table, to help with updating the main Awards page.

Return to the main Chats Page

<ka2sph> thanks, now I understand.
<gurpsgm> Hah! Sounds like what I've been doing to my bookshelves. :-)
<ka2sph> ahhhh ok gurpsgm...then you lived among some of my family
<bae> oh, we're much more spontaneous than that.
<ka2sph> sadly I have forgotten a lot of Yiddish and Hebrew
<N'omiRose> Where is Patric?
<Karen> Busy with real life work, N'omi
<JL`> OK, considering the Co-Op fiction is really a NEW GENRE of thing being added to the fandom/ section -- I think it deserves a Digen for all the participants.
<JL`> Would someone care to officially Nominate the Co-Op fiction writers (name them please?)
<bae> Mary Lou, some of us are anonymous, aren't we?
<JL`> Yes, we NEED HTML helpers.
<ka2sph> I can do HTML but it would be through MS word. I really do not know HTML
<Karen> Bev has the floor in the other room... name your cronies if you like. Patric maintain those pages.
<bae> I note that the awards pages have not been updated for many years.
<Karen> Patric does the AWARDS page, and doesn't like anyone else fooling with it.
<JL`> Please make the Nomination so we can get to the stock awards before everyone has to leave.
<Laurrain1> HTML isn't all that difficult, but people seem reluctant to try to learn it.
<Karen> Ok, the nomination for the fiction people has been made, in the other room.
<JL`> I don't see a Nomination.
<JL`> Now Karen
<Karen> I think we should vote, then.
<N'omiRose> ON WHICH ONE
<ka2sph> Laurrain1, Karen just suggested a book to me, i will get it when I problem is a brain injury and I cannot remember things
<JL`> Voting for the Borderlands creators as a whole.
<Karen> Borderlands fiction.... N'omi I'll fix the log so it all makes sense, before Kaires posts it.
<bae> you can do HTML by learning about 6 commands. That's how I do all the Borderlands stuff.
<JL`> We have 11 people signed in - everyone vote please. (you can vote NAY if you don't think it's worthwhile)
* bae is too modest to vote for herself even in part.
<JL`> Anyone else going to vote?
<ka2sph> bae if you would be willing to send me those commands I will find them online and learn them..
<Karen> Well, I know who gets that..... Chris Jacobs, who is still with us through all kinds of adversity.
<jean> Laurraine should receive a service award.
<N'omiRose> Margaret I. Carr who always gets me here
<JL`> voting below for Chris Jacobs - then more nominations
<MaryLou> Folks, I've got to go and get started on my morning. Nice seeing y'all!
<N'omiRose> Margaret I Carr!
<Karen> Bye, Mary Lou.....
<ka2sph> have a good day Mary Lou
* bae is pleased that Borderlands has at least 8 readers who like it well enough to type Aye.
<Laurrain1> Jean, do you mean a service award for reviews?
<Karen> I don't often read Borderlands (no time) but I do enjoy it.
<jean> Yes.
<JL`> Anyone else going to vote?
<N'omiRose> Margaret I Carr!
<Karen> One nomination at a time, people. This one is for Chris.
<JL`> The person who seconds can vote. (say what she's done and what award she should be nominated for)
<JL`> Next award nomination please?
<Karen> Coveted???
<N'omiRose> Coveted???
<ka2sph> coveted. and note no ??
<jean> Laurraine has worked very hard. What award is appropriate?
<Karen> Just made a Nomination.....
<JL`> Very greatly coveted - the object to achieve to win a Karen is to survive! Surviving such a year is no small feat.
<jean> Good!
<Karen> If you say so, JL....
<JL`> which YoYo?
<Karen> Pick one...either YoYo will do.
<Kaires> Silver YoYo is for service to CZ
<Kaires> Golden YoYo is for more general service (formerly for AZ)
<Karen> CZ has NO problems since it went on line, so the YoYo can go elsewhere. CZ's editor has spoken. So mention GOLDEN YoYo if more appropriate, Kaires.
<N'omiRose> I adore there reviews!
<JL`> All right -- I need a second for Ronnie Bob. Anyone else appreciate our staunch record keeper?
<N'omiRose> too bad he stuck with it
<JL`> We couldn't have this place without him.
<Karen> He does a lot for us....
<N'omiRose> I anoinate Karen for a platinum
<Karen> Naah.... I do all kinds of stuff. Just your thanks is enough.
<Kaires> anoinate?
<ka2sph> aye, verily, aye. .Karen brought me into simegen.. That was a tough job
<Seanara> Go for it, N'omi Rose.
<jean> That's nominate and anoint at once.
<Kaires> Karen got me started learning HTML...way back five years ago. I was scared of it, but she showed it to me, and it 'clicked'.
<Karen> Now you do pages better than I do.
<JL`> Any more for Karen?
<N'omiRose> please fix the spelling, though, would you, Karen
<JL`> This is a platinum YoYo?
* Karen should go hide.
<ka2sph> Despite her busy schedule and activities Karen is always willing to talk to me, be there when i need a friend, etc.
<N'omiRose> Karen
<Karen> Yay !! Patric made it.
<N'omiRose> hugs Patric
<ka2sph> she deserves all recognition as far as i am concerned
<jean> Hi, Patric. Welcome!
<Karen> I surrender
* bae complains that most of the award pages haven't been updated since the last millennium.
<ka2sph> Hi Patric I am Mike in Lynchburg, VA
<Karen> write / whatever you want to spaces.
<bae> type /me in front of what you want to say
<JL`> Hi Patric. Are we done with award nominations?
<Seanara> Hmm. We should have a new category for "the light that can't help shining through the bushel basket."
<JL`> I think that's the Digen Award -- he couldn't hide either.
<jean> What happened to the Nager award?
<Kaires> No. I want to nominate Kip for the Arensti or the Silver YoYo
<Kaires> The Nager award is for emotional support
<jean> Yes--Kip for the Arensti.
<Karen> I'll clean up the logs, JL...don't worry about it.
<JL`> Voting for Patric for the new Platinum YoYo for doing things over until they get done.
<Karen> Kip, nominate her when you can, Kaires.... silver yo-yo...she does have art in CZ recently.
<bae> Kaires, I never heard from you about the Media West con award. I want to put an image on the borderlands page.
<JL`> No, I think Kip gets the Arensti Award for artwork.
<JL`> Wasn't her artwork in the issue where CZ won an award.
<Karen> yes, JL it was.
<Patric> HI folks.. HI Mike. Nice to meet you. And Bae, the awards are kinda my pages. that should explain why they haven't been updated in a millennium.. You're welcome JL. Thanks all. I'll have to read the logs and see what I walked into... :)
<Kaires> And a silver yo-yo: her story won an award
<Kaires> It was the story rather than the artwork
<Karen> No...she didn't write the story...... Lexie wrote the story.
<Kaires> Oh, yeh. Maybe Lexie needs an award!
<JL`> Any votes for Kip?
<Patric> Please be aware I have to lurk pretty much exclusively this year though. I will explain why later.
<Kaires> I have a T-Shirt of her "Anatomy Lesson" - Love it! And a courier bag with the "SimeGirl" on it that I always "wear" when I go to conferences
<Karen> We know you're busy, Patric, but there if we really "need" you.....
<JL`> Indeed -- join work of Lois and Kip has brought us some fine articles.
<N'omiRose> lets make a lurkers award
<JL`> I don't think we need another award. We can't keep track of what we've got already.
<Karen> Lurkers can't be nominated because we don't know who they are.
<JL`> Is there anyone else who deserves special honor this year?
<MTZ> hi everyone. sorry I'm late.
<gurpsgm> Howdy!
<JL`> Hi MTZ -- what is your full name for the record please?
<N'omiRose> was worried
<jean> Lexie--she won us an award.
<MTZ> Margaret I. Carr
<Karen> Ok, nominate Lexie, then.
<JL`> Margaret! Good -- thanks for coming.
<gurpsgm> Lynchburg? That not far from my Harrisonburg...
<jean> Which award for writing?
<JL`> Nominations are now open -- but late comers don't know who we already voted for.
<Karen> Silver Yo-Yo belongs to CZ, so she can use that, too.
<JL`> Lexie should get a Silver YoYo I think from CZ.
<Karen> Fine with me.....
<gurpsgm> second
<ka2sph> well then Howdy neighbor...maybe we can get together. Heck, anyone is welcome to contact Ann, Ashley, (our cat), and me
<Kaires> Ah, another home owned by a cat! There are lots of us.
<ka2sph> of course, we all need our supervisors
* Karen is surprised her young cat, Taffy isn't bugging her right now.
<gurpsgm> So says another cat owner.
<Kaires> Hey, Taffy! That was a challenge. Come bug poor Karen.
<ka2sph> ahhh, with respect gurpsgm you are not the cat owner, you are OWNED by a cat
<ka2sph> Awww, Karen's Taffy and Samantha are sweethearts
<Seanara> "Dogs have owners; cats have staff." A plaque we got Karen.
<Laurrain1> I have one, too.
<ka2sph> Too true, Seanara
<jean> My Dudley cat is a community celebrity.
<Karen> Then tell me, why, Mike, I have to lock her out of my bedroom to SLEEP at night.
<ka2sph> Ashley loves her visitors..
<Kaires> "Cats were worshipped as gods in Ancient Egypt, and they have never forgotten"
<jean> I'm his chauffeur.
* N'omiRose is owned by her service dog
<Seanara> I love cats, but I've lived in no pets allowed apartments for the past seventeen years.
<Kaires> "Dogs come when you call. Cats take a message and may get back to you later."
<Seanara> ~~mirth~~ True, Kaires.
<ka2sph> Seanara if you are handicapped and your doctor says a pet would benefit your health physically and mentally under the A.D.A you can get a pet.
<N'omiRose> service dogs decide if the are needed or not
<gurpsgm> Bummer. I don't know how life would be without a cat.
<Karen> It was @#&#(!) for me to get permission for my cats.
<ka2sph> N'omiRose if you don't mind my asking what type of service dog do you have?
<Seanara> Smile. I will happily pet and coo over over people's felines, but if I never again have to change another litter box, I won't feel deprived.
<Karen> Oh, you want to change a litter box, I can give you that honor.
* Seanara laughs.
<ka2sph> I am the only one Ashley allows to change her litter box. I also have to feed her. Pet her when she wants, and so whatever she requires.
<Seanara> I didn't volunteer, Karen.
* Karen sees Seanara regularly..... I only have 2 cats now rather than 7
<N'omiRose> Service dogs must be allowed in non-animal building by A.D.A FEDERAL LAW
<Karen> I could draft you, Seanara.... (grin)
* Seanara grins back at Karen.
<Karen> N'omi.... how do you get an animal recognized as SERVICE --- my cats are for my mental health.
<ka2sph> Karen you have to have your doctor write a note that the pets are necessary to your mental
<ka2sph> or physical health
<MTZ> Karen, have you asked Jean? I think Dudley is recognized as a service cat
<Karen> I have the note.... e-mail me as to what to do, where to send it.
<Kaires> I would think Taffy is occasionally anti-helpful to your mental health!
* Karen is laughing.... true, Kaires.
<N'omiRose> however why or diagnosis is not required
<ka2sph> then you send it to your landlord certified return requested. etc
<Karen> They have a copy, but how is the cat REGISTERED as "service" so you can take them everywhere.
<gurpsgm> That's right. I live in a housing complex that's got some federal money coming in so Karen's letter worked like a charm. I'm the only one in these 100+ apartments now that can get another cat if the current one passes.
* Karen smiles at Bruce. "Glad to have helped with Fur People rights."
<ka2sph> Karen i will catch yo later about the pet thing...
<JL`> Does that complete the Nominations
<JL`> We should move on to the stock awards then we can ~~~PARTY~~~
<JL`> Jean -- you have the floor of sgtalk
<JL`> Jean?
<Karen>'re wanted in the meeting......
<jean> To get the list, I would have to log off the notebook and go log on the desktop.
<JL`> I sent it to you on the private DCC
<JL`> You should see the button at the bottom of your chat screen window.
<gurpsgm> Sorry if I seem a little distracted - I'm updating the Classical Music page to the new links even while we're chatting.
<Kaires> Last year, we had reports from the various departments at this meeting.
<Kaires> Aren't we doing that this year? (I actually wrote one this time.)
<JL`> Here come the stock awards. If we have department reports ready -- I'll be GLAD to see them. We started 15 minutes late, unfortunately -- and I know people have other things they must do today.
<JL`> Jean lost her connection but she's got the awards now.
* N'omiRose is still very proud of her stock share!
<JL`> A task will come up that's within your scope again N'omi -- OK, Department reports.
<MTZ> applause for jobs well done
<ka2sph> Congrats to all who earned stock..
<Karen> Thank you, JL and Jean.... You may earn future stock, Mike, with more you do.
<Kaires> Should I just paste the report here, or send it some other way?
<ka2sph> I am not worried about stock. I just want to help. As I told you, we are poor but money is not our priority in most things
<bae> Don't worry -- the stock is not actually worth anything in practice, i.e. you can't sell it.
<jean> Okay--stock report finished.
<ka2sph> I say we get a team together and go get what simegen is up or else mwahahaha
<Seanara> Send the cats out as collection enforcers. ~~mirth~~
<ka2sph> ROTFLMAO...
<Seanara> Danger. Attack cats.
<ka2sph> Ashley would cuddle them to death
<Karen> Oh, yeah.... Taffy walks into my outside hallway enough, thanks.
<Seanara> Taffy can get underfoot.
<jean> Dudley watches the big cats on Nat'l Geographic, and then practices on the dog.
<Karen> That sounds like fun, Jean.
<MTZ> not for the dog
<jean> Fortunately, Dudley's little mouth isn't big or strong enough to hurt Kadi, the dog.
<ka2sph> Jean your poor dog.....Ashley does not need tv, she practices on me
<gurpsgm> My cat would be good at that. You should see the scratch scars my daughter has... :-)
<ka2sph> Ashley climbs me but only if I have a shirt on, so I have a few scars from her...
<Karen> I don't allow a cat to do that.
<jean> Dudley doesn't scratch people. He's a therapy cat.
<ka2sph> I am trying to stop her but she just keeps doing it especially when she enjoys her cuddling on my shoulder
<ka2sph> Ann is going to be my "secretary" and Ashley is the supervisor of my work of course
<Bluestar> Ok.. Now I can lurk upstairs and downstairs. :)
<JL`> Jean does that conclude your report?
<Kaires> How do you want the report submitted?
<Kaires> It's kinda long.
<JL`> paste it or type it in #sgchat
<Karen> Maybe Patric should report next, since he's busy....and we're lucky to have him.
<JL`> Can you paste it in pieces?
<Kaires> Okay, Don't say I didn't warn!
<Kaires> Oops, I don't think I can send it to the #chat has carriage returns. I'll have to send it by EMail...or take out all the carriage returns
<Karen> Give us a summary, then, Kaires.
<JL`> Karen -- is there a way to allow people to paste LONG pieces of text -- is that a server adjustment?
<Karen> Write a summary
<Karen> can only paste a few lines at a time. mIRC problem.
<JL`> Carriage returns shouldn't bother anything.
<JL`> OK Kaires, type a quick summary.
<JL`> Kaires - can you summarize your report?
<Kaires> This IS a summary.
<JL`> Here I'll put my report in
<ka2sph> I would also like it noted that I had been planning to join simegen for over a year Karen finally dragged me in..I just did not know what i could do... she found a place for me...what a friend she is
<bae> just go ahead and paste it, in chunks of e.g. 5 lines if necessary
<Karen> You found your own place.... there's one for everyone, if you look hard enough.
<Kaires> Nope, it still didn't work, even though I changed all the carriage returns.
<Karen> You paste SMALL CHUNKS so mIRC doesn't "flood"
<JL`> OK, tell you what. Let's EMAIL KAREN our full reports and she can post it in the html version.
<ka2sph> yes, Karen but you were instrumental in my finding that place
<JL`> Meanwhile a quick summary.
<Karen> I can do that, paste in full reports, give summaries in the business room.
<N'omiRose> does paypal pay for café press items?
<Karen> I think you can use PayPal...not sure. I usually use my debit card.
<N'omiRose> I have one of those how do you use them for café press?
<N'omiRose> I want to buy another book
<Karen> N'omi, when you order, it asks for a credit card number...the debit usually works the same way if it's visa or mastercard.
<JL`> Cafe Press takes Paypal. I think.
<Karen> JL --- I've also posted some fiction to the FANDOM section, under Star Trek area...the "Showcase" fanzine.
<ka2sph> if there is a Star Trek area I would like the link
<ka2sph> I am the website admin for our star trek group and setting up links for the site
<Karen> Mike: www/ is the general area. There are other places under it.
<N'omiRose> ahh I see! Thank you
<Karen> Check the site's mostly fan fiction...old fan fiction.
<ka2sph> Thanks Karen, may I add it as a link? It will be on that is the ship name
<ka2sph> That is ok we want ANY ST links
<ka2sph> Karen i will send it to the person who has final say, if she likes it, it will be up
<Karen> What I sent you, Mike is a main link --- there are other pages also in the same area, and more under development.
<ka2sph> ...oh ok karen....that will help
<Karen> I have to update that page, Mike...stuff is missing.
<N'omiRose> umm, were there any nibbles on laptop donations?
<Karen> No computer donations that I know of, N'omi. That would be the Risa Award.
<JL`> I haven't seen any laptops become available. We should remind people.
<Karen> Laptops are usually something people keep a long time.
<jean> N'omi, I'm retiring from Murray State in May.
<jean> 38 years is enough.
<Seanara> Jean, will you stay in KY or move somewhere else when you retire?
<jean> Stay here.
<JL`> And yes, Jean's retiring from her professor job. Very traumatic pivot point in life, but it will give us a chance to do more with the writing school operations.
<ka2sph> Congrats on your retirement, Jean
<Seanara> That, of course, is the great thing, as it will free Jean up to work full time on and the books.
<jean> Thanks. I'm coming to terms with it.
<N'omiRose> coming to terms sounds hard sweetie
<gurpsgm> Enjoy your new found freedoms - although I bet you will miss it at first - if not at second...
<ka2sph> Jean, I hope you will take some time to "decompress" and settle back in
<jean> I love to teach--will be looking into perhaps teaching GED classes.
<gurpsgm> What is your field anyway?
<Kaires> Hey, it's great. Very soonly, you'll find your self asking 'How did I every find time to work?'
<jean> Hate Florida.
<jean> Can't survive in the heat of Arizona--heart problems.
<jean> My medication warns about becoming overheated.
<Kaires> You could move to California, to make it easier to come to WorldCon this year.
<jean> California is both too expensive and has too many earthquakes, mudslides, and fires.
<MTZ> and weird politics
<jean> I said when I moved to this house I would never move again. Thirty-five years later it would be 35 times harder.
<gurpsgm> You could think about moving near JL...
<ka2sph> Jean, perhaps you should look to this area. Winters seem moderate, and the summer is warm, but not too bad
<MTZ> parts of Utah are pleasant
<Kaires> We don't have seasons in most of SoCal, though. That could be disconcerting for a while.
<ka2sph> Texas has two seasons, 2 weeks of winter, then steadily hotter and more humid -- but every place HAS to have air conditioning by law -- even the buses and paratransit...nothing leaves if there is a problem with a.c.
<JL`> Read Kaires' report -- AMAZING job she's been doing there which is only one of the reasons she got stock.
<JL`> Kaires does that conclude your report?
<Kaires> Yep...and I mailed the biggie to Karen already.
<Karen> If you mailed something, Kaires, it's not at my MacLeod address.
<Kaires> No, I sent it to the other was more accessible.
<Karen> Ok, will look there later. JL`s report arrived.
<Seanara> Kaires, in Irish Gaelic we say "ar ball", which means both "immediately" and "when I get to it."
<Kaires> Thanks, Seanara. I can use that!
* Seanara smiles at Kaires. YVW.
<Seanara> You're very welcome.
<JL`> Laurraine can you give us a /reviews/ report please?
<JL`> Laurraine?
<JL`> Do you have a Reviews Dept report?
<JL`> Laurraine isn't responding.
<Karen> Need one from Jean.....if she can e-mail it.
<N'omiRose> watches for next report
<ka2sph> Laurraine get with me now that I am on staff for reviews
<Karen> Laurraine is now making her report.
<JL`> Ah, good thank you, Laurraine.
<jean> What report do you want from me?
<Karen> Laurraine should also send me a copy of her report to put in.
<Karen> Don't know, Jean...what requires reporting....
<jean> All I reported was who got stock.
<gurpsgm> Hm. Can I re-use reviews posted on
<JL`> N'omi Rose -- you want to earn another share in the Corp? I have a task maybe you could manage.
<N'omiRose> Ann DellaCamera did she get an awards?
<JL`> Do you have an amazon account?
<JL`> Ann DellaCamera got stock. N'omi want a job?
<ka2sph> Laurraine, now that I am on staff at reviews please get with me in email
<N'omiRose> sure, I always want to help, JL
<JL`> OK, did you read Laurraine's report? We need some active recruiting for reviewers and I have an idea how that could be done. It will take time -- but doesn't require any specific SCHEDULE so people who have "bad days and good days" can gnaw away at the task whenever convenient. What has to be done is this.
<gurpsgm> I use gurpsgm for everything. You could check out my reviews on Amazon. I'm up to over 150 now and still writing.
<JL`> Go on and cruise through their books and read some of the book reviews and LISTS and GUIDES looking for people who are writers
<JL`> -- WE WANT professional writers for our reviewers.
<Laurrain1> Well, we want people who can do good reviews.
<JL`> You find a writer who does amazon reviews and go to their page (a writer will have one) and see if they have a URL for a homepage.
<JL`> Or you look them up on or Google to find their writer's home page. Then you email them and point out and say you are an official recruiter looking for good reviewers who want to get free books in return for posting reviews. What do you think?

<JL`> Could you find time to do that?
<N'omiRose> jl yes ma'm, I believe i could! ---
<Karen> Laurraine, have you concluded your report??
<ka2sph> well, I have written for magazines
<Laurrain1> Yes, I've concluded my report.
<ka2sph> go to edited, wrote most of what you will read there
<Laurrain1> Mike, I'm not questioning your ability.
<ka2sph> jl if you are talking to me, yes I will try, but I have three other projects going
<Laurrain1> Some people who can't write can be coached.
<ka2sph> I know laurrain, I was only suggesting it so you will see what I can do
<Karen> Mike, JL posted that "work" for N'omi.
<JL`> I was specifically thinking this would be a good niche for N'omi Rose. But yes, Mike, you could do the same.
<ka2sph> oh my apologies to N'omi and JL
<Karen> I thought Mike's "job" was audio books reviews..... But what do I know? Not my department.
<ka2sph> Yes that is what I was told, but I am flexible. I came here to help
<JL`> Yes, Mike's doing our audio reviews -- and anything else that of course takes his fancy.
<JL`> Aha, we've invented a job for N'omi Rose. She'll join the /reviews/ department then as a Recruiter.
<Laurrain1> We could certainly use a recruiter.
<Laurrain1> It can be confusing to follow a chat. I try to preface my remarks with the person's name.
<N'omiRose> lol
<Karen> I'll puzzle through the side chat here, and clean it up for posting.
* ka2sph mike is seen bowing in respect
<ka2sph> laurrain, I will adopt that practice too then..
<Karen> I've gotten pretty good at it, we've been doing it for 6 years now.
<Kaires> Yeah, Karen makes my job of _posting_ the chats easy... and then I take all the credit!
* Karen politely ignores her good friend Kaires. (grin)
<Karen> Be sure to e-mail me complete reports to add to the chat......
<JL`> Laurraine could you gather up the various interspersed comments for the Recruiter job description and post it somewhere in /reviews/ then? And we have a new position in your department.
<N'omiRose> how much would they have to do to for a free book?
<gurpsgm> I've gotten a couple Disney DVD's from Disney for my Disney reviews.
<JL`> Laurraine has all the information on how reviews runs. She can give you a URL to include in your pitch to prospective reviewers that will explain everything they'd need to know.
<jean> The free book comes from the author or publisher who wants it to be reviewed.
<Laurrain1> N'omiRose, contact me at
<gurpsgm> I did several reviews first, and started getting free books and DVD's shortly afterwards.
<N'omiRose> so I look for folks who write good reviews, then find them and ask them
<Laurrain1> Right, N'omiRose.
<JL`> That's the idea -- find writers and point them at Laurraine.
<ka2sph> one of my handicaps is that i am visually impaired so gimme time, and if there is a deadline please tell me. I have trouble remembering I have jobs to do. Heck, I have trouble remembering <sigh>
<Karen> Care to see all the Post its around my computer, Mike. Lots of notes where I usually work the most.
<jean> If you use your computer daily, see if it has a calendar with a reminder function.
<JL`> My husband suffered a bad concussion about 5 years ago and one of the results is memory impairment. He's finally settled the lawsuit that came out of that accident on the job.
<jean> Of course you do have to put the reminders in!
<ka2sph> yes it does have a calendar in outlook, guess I need to used it
<jean> Physical calendars work for me, but online ones that I have to remember to look at don't. On-line I use (Memo to me).
<Karen> I've got tons of post-its around my computer, all where I can see them. They work well for me.
<jean> It emails me reminders.
<ka2sph> I also have a physical calendar I will use solely for simegen
<ka2sph> that might help too, Karen, thanks
<JL`> Party's starting in the other room folks. The shiltpron is really bawdy this year.
<Kaires> I'm afraid I have another PARTY commitment elsewhere.
<Kaires> I'll say farewell here.
<ka2sph> fare thee well Kaires...
<JL`> bye Kaires!
<Bluestar> Laugh. Given a choice between my report and a party, I vote for the latter.
<ka2sph> and bye for now
<Bluestar> Bye Kaires...
* Kaires has left #sgtalk
<JL`> I expect next year's New Year's Chat will be very lively with all kinds of new news.
<ka2sph> do we go to sgchat for the party?
<Karen> You party off line, or can chat here.
<ka2sph> ahh ok ...
<JL`> ayes for adjourning in sgchat?
<ka2sph> what is shiltpron music?
<Karen> Ayes for closing all logs.
<Laurrain1> aye
<ka2sph> ayes and seconded
<JL`> What is shiltpron music????
<Karen> Oh, boy, Mike has to start reading your books. That's not a question Linda Whitten would ask.

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