Sime~Gen, Inc. Annual Meeting - 2003

Formal meeting of Sime~Gen participants for purpose of voting the Awards due for tasks accomplished during 2002, and for awarding Preferred, non-voting shares of stock in Sime~Gen Inc.

Below is the log of the business chatroom.  Discussion was in a separate room. 

There a new award was created, The Karen Award, for lifetime or long-term contributions which later result in something notable.  This year the Karen Award was given for contributions that enhanced the Meisha Merlin reprint and new book contract.  

The meeting was called to order by Jacqueline Lichtenberg <JL>  & Jean Lorrah <jean>

CAST OF CHARACTERS - compiled by Karen.  

ChandraMH  -- Chandra Morgan Henley
bae -- Beverly Erlebacher
Patric -- Patric Michael
Karen -- Karen MacLeod
Seanara -- Seanara
JL -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jean -- Jean Lorrah
William -- William Long
MargaretTZ -- Margaret Carr
Jenn -- Jenn Vesperman
ECJB -- Eric Berlin
Kaires -- Kaires Tevesu
    ...also used Vrykalak
MargVamp -- Margaret Carter
N'omi -- N'omi Rose
gurpsgm -- L. Bruce Gray
    ...used Bruce in chat

Session Start: Wed Jan 01 2003
* Annual New Year's  -- Business Discussion -- Moderated
<JL> Calling the meeting to order here.
<JL> Nominations for awards in general?  We'll discuss who gets what in a moment.
<JL> Jean? Any nominations?
<Jean> For what?
<Jean> I can't tell what we're nominating for.
<Karen> We have lots of awards....
<Karen> TECH-TON AWARD  (Criteria:  Invented by Jacqueline Lichtenberg in 1997, this award goes to people who have benefitted Sime~Gen fandom by the creation and/or application of new software and online tools.)
<Jean> Karen for the Digen and Patric for the Tech-ton are obvious.
<JL> OK, then let's start with the Digen award.
<Karen> Ronnie Bob for Digen..... he does a lot of our databases and PDF's
<JL> Nominations are now open for the Digen Farris Memorial Award for Meritorious Service, first given by Marge Robbins at a Darkover -- but I don't recall to whom.
<Karen> To me... and maybe a few others.
<JL> Ah, yes!  OK, the award for Karen-like Behavior.
<JL> Nominations for the Digen award are open. 
<Jean> We should give Karen a Lifetime Digen Award so that the annual ones are available for other nominations.
<Karen> DIGEN ---  Ronnie Bob
<Jean> If it weren't for Ronnie Bob we'd never keep track of our staff!
<JL> His records are the core of our operations and he keeps them up to date.
<Patric> Marge, for recovering the reviews.  (in process)  IF I understand the award properly.
<JL> We have two nominations for the Digen and a suggestion that a fan who helped bring in the Meisha Merlin contract should be recognized.
<JL> About 5 years ago when Meisha Merlin began operations, I ran across them in the dealer's room at a WorldCon and stopped dead in my tracks as I saw they were publishing some of my FAVORITE books - the vampire novels by Lee Killough which were, I believe, the first time a vampire was cast as a cop.  That premise later became a TV show, Forever Knight, one of my favorites. 
<JL> So I stopped to talk, and they asked if Sime~Gen was available, and I had to say no because at the time we didn't have all the rights back.
<JL> But I gave them right of first refusal when we brought the books back to the market.  At that time, we were withdrawing them so we could get the rights back.
<JL> Well, then Jean comes up with this spiffy idea that had been noodling in the back of MY head for a couple years - why don't we incorporate and launch a web-based domain with ALL the stuff we do with fans and neo-pros and so on.  I said, "You took the words right out of my mouth."
<JL> So we then spent some time finalizing the retrieval of rights -- then transferring all the book's rights to the corp.  What a JOB!
<JL> So after we got the domain pretty much in progress and out there for everyone to see, right before WorldCon Jean said, "now's the time" and so at that WorldCon I ran around and around and around getting together a meeting between the Meisha Merlin folks, our Agent Sharon Jarvis, and Jean and me and Anne Phyllis Pinzow our scriptwriter.
<JL> Forgot to mention in the meantime we held back from putting the books on the market in order to market the script. 
<JL> Now we're marketing the books in order to market the script.  That's Hollywood.
<Jean> That meeting happened at the 2001 WorldCon in Philadelphia.
<JL> So we then met with Meisha Merlin and they decided they wanted to re-read the books then make us an offer.  Getting the contract together took about a year, but they did make us a verbal offer which we negotiated and agreed to at that WorldCon. 
<JL> So since it hadn't been signed yet, at the next WorldCon (ConJose 2002) we threw the big BOOK CONTRACT SIGNING party.  The photos of that party will be posted at
<JL> Now, meanwhile we found out a few things about why Meisha Merlin was so excited about getting S~G.
<JL> It turns out they have another series which is their best seller which also has a web-based fandom, and it is their BEST SELLING series.  The Liad Universe novels by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. 
<JL> So it's the WHOLE of S~G online that has impressed Meisha Merlin and which gives them great hopes for this series.
<JL> Alan, from Meisha Merlin, has joined simegen-l and has dropped notes to us once in a while.  He has been so interested in the S~G tech conversations that he finally got around to reading HOUSE OF ZEOR.  He even said he liked it!
<JL> So Karen's correct in the other window -- one of the driving forces behind creating this coherent web presence is Jenn and Dancer who said "yes" to Jean's crazy idea expressed at one of these New Year's chats -- we could make our own domain if we had a server with 'net access.  And they said "we have." 
<Karen> We had a small web presence with the "virtual tecton" elsewhere, but not the domain until Jenn and Dancer began
<Jean> As the years pass, we really need to have a history page we can send people to, because there is too much to include in the New Year's chat if we begin at the beginning.
<JL> Yes, I agree.
<Karen> That information belongs in our history site....
<Jean> I think we're up to date now, so let's go to the Digen nominations, which are Karen, Ronnie Bob, and Marge so far that I've seen.  Karen?
<Karen> * jenn nods to Patric. Second Leigh.
<JL> Robyn King-Nitschke
<JL> I propose that we award the Digen Award for Online Fandom in two sections - pre-domain and post-domain.
<JL> Pre-Domain Digen nominations -- Marge Robbins, Robyn King-Nitschke, Chandra Lee Morgan-Henley.
<JL> Post-Domain Digen (or Lifetime Digen) awards -- I nominate Jenn and Dancer Vesperman, Marge Robbins, Karen MacLeod, and Patric Michael creator of the impressive Starred Cross Icon on our top page. 
<JL> While people think about that Lifetime or Merlin Award achievement, let's vote on our 2002 Digen nominations.
<JL> Nominations for the 2002 Digen Award then are Ronnie Bob Whitaker, and Marge Robbins -- any further nominations?
<JL> Last chance for nomination. 
<William> I Second the Nomination for Ronnie Bob
<JL> Patric is nominated for the 2002 Digen award.
<JL> Ronnie Bob is seconded.
<JL> Any second for Marge?
<N`omi> second for Marge
<JL> Second for Patric?
<N`omi> second for Patric
<JL> 3 nominees for the 2002 Digen Award have been seconded.  Nominations are now closed for the 2002 Digen Award.
<JL> First voting on Ronnie Bob.  All in favor say AYE.
<Jean> Aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<Karen> Aye...Ronnie Bob.
<William> Aye
<Patric> aye
<Kaires> Aye
<ECJB> Aye
<ChandraMH> Aye
<N`omi> aye
<jenn> Aye
<JL> 10 of 12 voters have voted.  Ronnie Bob wins the Digen Award for 2002.
<JL> Next Patric nominated Marge for her heroic recovery work during one of our disasters.  She's been seconded. All in favor of giving Marge Robbins the Digen Award for 2002 say aye.
<MargareTZ> aye
<Kaires> Aye
<N`omi> aye
<Karen> Aye...Marge
<jenn> Aye. Tech disasters are shenned hard to fix.
<Jean> Aye
<ChandraMH> Aye
<Patric> aye
<William> Aye
<JL> aye
<ECJB> Aye.
<JL> 11 of 12 voters have awarded Marge Robbins the Digen for 2002.  WAY TO GO MARGE!
<JL> Next Patric has been nominated and seconded for his extraordinary patience in walking folks through the tech jungle of the online world.  Frankly, he's done the same for me for COUNTLESS hours of tutelage on the inner workings of Unity.  He's been seconded.  All in favor of awarding Patric Michael the Digen for 2002 say AYE.
<N`omi> aye
<Jean> Aye
<jenn> Aye.
<MargareTZ> aye
<Karen> Aye... Patric
<Kaires> Aye
<jenn> Been there, done that. (hands Patric the t-shirt)
<ChandraMH> Aye
<jenn> Aye for Patric. I voted just below Jean.
<William> Aye for Patic
<JL> 8 of 12 votes for Patric for the Digen for 2002 - Patric Michael wins a Digen for patience.  (actually it should be saint-hood)
<JL> 9 votes
<JL> OK, after some debate, I move that we name the new award for Karen MacLeod, the Karen Award for Creating Foundations.
<JL> All in favor say AYE to create the award, then we'll vote on who gets the first ones. No competition here, we award as many copies as there are people who've earned it.
<N`omi> aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<Seanara> aye
<Jean> aye
<William> Aye
<Kaires> Aye
<Patric> Aye
<bae1> aye
<jenn> Aye.
<Karen> abstain
<gurpsgm> aye
<JL> aye
<JL> 11 of 14 present have voted to name the new award the Karen -- for creating foundations.
<JL> Nominations are now open for the first Karen MacLeod Award.
<jenn> Karen. Because she's the longest-serving fan and still working.
<Jean> Karen!  Obviously.
<MargareTZ> second
<N`omi> second!
<JL> Nominations please.
<N`omi> Karen!
<Jean> Karen
<MargareTZ> second
<Seanara> Karen, of course.
<William> Karen
<JL> Karen has been nominated and seconded.
<JL> All in favor say AYE here.
<Seanara> aye!!!!!!!!
<N`omi> aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<bae1> aye
<William> Aye
<Karen> abstain -- obviously
<gurpsgm> make it so
<Jean> Aye
<JL> Aye
<Vrykalak> Aye
<jenn> Aye.
<Patric> AYE!
<JL> 11 of 14 voters have voted Karen the FIRST KAREN AWARD - I appoint Patric to create a graphic. 
<JL> Nominations are now open for the second Karen Award.
<JL> I nominate Marge Robbins who made me my first home page, and helped Jenn and Dancer Vesperman launch
* Patric seconds Dancer and Jenn.
<gurpsgm> Marge seconded
<N`omi> Dancer seconded
<N`omi> Jenn seconded
<JL> OK, voting one at a time so it's clear.
<Jean> aye
<William> Aye
<N`omi> I nominate Patric
<JL> All in favor of Jenn and Dancer Vesperman getting the SECOND Karen award?
<gurpsgm> aye
<Seanara> aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<N`omi> aye
<jenn> Abstain.
<Patric> aye!
<Karen> Aye... Jenn and Dancer
<Kaires> Aye
<gurpsgm> Aye to Jenn and Dancer, too
<William> For Dancer Aye
<bae1> aye
<Jean> Aye to Jenn and Dancer
<JL> 13 of 15 voters have awarded the SECOND Karen award to Jenn and Dancer Vesperman and I hope I'm spelling the names right!
<JL> Voting is now open on Marge for a THIRD Karen Award.
<JL> That's Marge Robbins.
<N`omi> aye
<Karen> Marge seconded
<Kaires> Aye
<gurpsgm> Marge = aye
<William> Aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<Patric> aye
<Jean> aye
<Karen> Aye...
<jenn> Aye to Marge.
<JL> 9 of 14 voters have awarded Marge the THIRD Karen Award.
<JL> I nominate Robyn King-Nitschke for the 4th Karen Award -- most of you don't remember her, but when we had sites scattered all over Geocities, she made a TECTON CENTRAL to index them all.  It was our main hub until the domain, which was mostly Jean's brainchild.
<Karen> I second Robyn
<jenn> Oh! Her! Seconded.
<JL> Voting now open on Robyn King-Nitschke for the FOURTH Karen Award.
<gurpsgm> Robyn - aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<N`omi> aye
<William> Aye
<jenn> Aye.
<Jean> aye
<Karen> Aye...Robyn
<Patric> aye
<JL> 9 votes of 14 for Robyn King-Nitschke for the FOURTH Karen Award. 
<JL> I nominate Chandra Lee Morgan-Henley for getting me online -- if it weren't for her there would be NO ONLINE S~G FANDOM.  It was on AOL that all these folks found me and created the first Listserv.  (I had to ask Jean -- "what's a Listserv?" )
<Jean> second
<Karen> Aye...Chandra
<jenn> Aye
<JL> Vote is now open on Chandra for the FIFTH Karen award.
<William> Aye
<N`omi> aye Chandra
<MargareTZ> aye
<Patric> aye
<William> aye
<Seanara> aye
<ECJB> aye
<gurpsgm> Chandra = aye
<Jean> aye
<JL> 11 of 14 votes give the FIFTH Karen Award to Chandra Lee Morgan-Henley.
<MargareTZ> nominate Leigh Kimmel
<Jean> second
<Karen> I second Leigh Kimmel for her first listserve created for our fandom
<gurpsgm> Leigh = Aye
<William> Aye
<Karen-> Aye -- Leigh
<Seanara> Aye
<jenn> aye for Leigh.
<Karen> Aye -- Leigh Kimmel
<MargareTZ> aye
<Patric> aye
<Jean> aye
<JL> aye
<gurpsgm> That's nine for Leigh...
<JL> 9 of 14 votes award the SIXTH Karen Award to Leigh Kimmel for setting up our first listserv and bringing us together.
<N`omi> aye
<ECJB> And another Aye for Leigh?
<William> Aye Liegh
<N`omi> yes, for Leigh!
<JL> Nominations are now open for the Tech-Ton award for those who contribute to our tech infrastructure.
<JL> Type your nominations here.
<Karen> TECH-TON AWARD  (Criteria:  Invented by Jacqueline Lichtenberg in 1997, this award goes to people who have benefitted Sime~Gen fandom by the creation and/or application of new software and online tools.)
<Jean> Patric
<N`omi> second
<gurpsgm> Patric - aye
<JL> Patric Michael has been nominated and seconded for the Tech-Ton award for 2002.  All in favor?
<Seanara> aye
<N`omi> aye
<ECJB> aye
<William> AYE
<Karen> aye -- PATRIC
<MargareTZ> aye
<Jean> aye
<Kaires> Aye
<jenn> Aye.
<JL> Aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<JL> 11 of 14 votes for Patric for the Tech-Ton award for 2002.
<JL> Any other Tech-Ton award nominations for contributions to our technical infrastructure - scripts, programs etc?
<JL> Many of you should be grateful to Jenn who created the html page entry to this chatroom.  She got I think the first Tech-Ton for that marvel.
<jenn> It was that or the site-at-all.
<jenn> I forget which.
<N`omi> second that grateful!
<William> Second
<Karen> OUT TERRITORY AWARD (Criteria:  Sites on without Sime~Gen content that bring people in to the domain)
<JL> I nominate BYGONE DAYS for the Out-T award.
<Jean> second
<Karen> I nominate L. Bruce Gray for the new bookshelves in Keybooks
<JL> BYGONE DAYS - our Historical E-zine by professional writers has been nominated and seconded.  All in favor of giving them the Out-T award for 2002 say Aye and we'll get on with the next nominee.  This is not a competition.
<Patric> Second Bruce.
<MargareTZ> aye
<Karen> Aye
<Patric> Aye to Bygone Days.
<Jean> aye to Bygone Days
<N`omi> aye
<gurpsgm> aye to bygone days
<Seanara> aye
<William> Aye
<Kaires> Aye
<JL> BYGONE DAYS wins an Out-Territory award for 2002.
<JL> Bruce Gray has been nominated and seconded for bringing onboard a whole slate of new nonfiction shelves for Keybooks Bookstore, a children's shelf and an OZ shelf and a Disney shelf and Classical Music shelf to write by, and other sorts of music I know nothing about, and a fabulous array of stuff all brought online for the Christmas buying season.  All in favor of Bruce Gray for the Out-T award, say AYE here now.
<jenn> Sorry, aye to bygone days, and aye to Bruce.
<N`omi> aye for Bruce
<Patric> Aye!
<Karen> Aye for Bruce Gray
<Seanara> Aye
<Kaires> Aye
<Jean> aye
<William> Aye for Bruce Gray
<MargareTZ> aye
<JL> Aye for Bruce
<gurpsgm> abstain
<JL> 10 0f 14 voters award Bruce Gray an Out-T award for 2002 for Keybooks contributions.
<JL> Any other Out-T nominations?
<JL> This concludes the out-T awards.
<gurpsgm> <blush>
<Karen> The 2002 MOVEABLE FEAST AWARD  -- To Kaires, and the other attendees of the 2002 Worldcon Sime~Gen party, that traveled from room, to room, to room, in search of a HOME in which to hold the party. 
<Karen> Kaires first sponsored the party....
* Kaires says ARGGGHHHH
* JL hush Kaires everyone else takes this with grace.
<Jean> Just leave it as Karen wrote it up.
<Jean> Second
<Kaires> Grace?  As Karen took the Karen Award?
<bae1> i vote aye.
<JL> I nominate Kaires for masterminding and ramrodding the hotel room (a heroic feat), and Cherri Munoz for masterminding and organizing the CAKE with her erstwhile uppity Gen Companion, Mary.  Patric for the Tattoos which on people and posters got people TO the room.  And the folks from Meisha Merlin who managed to follow the tattoos to the room.  We have photos to post.  The photographer should be included in the FIRST NON-ANNUAL MOVABLE FEAST AWARD
<Jean> second
<jenn> Aye for all.
<JL> All in favor of this slate of FEAST AWARDS say AYE.
<Jean> aye
<Seanara> Aye
<JL> And please dip it in chocolate.
<jenn> Ate.
<MargareTZ> aye
<gurpsgm> Aye, second the chocolate...
<Kaires> Abstain (grumble, growl)
<William> Aye
<N`omi> Aye for Kaires!  Aye for Cherri!  Aye for Patric! Aye for Meisha Merlin!  Aye for FEAST slate in toto!
<Karen> Aye to vote as proposed.
<Kaires> Okay, Aye for all the others (especially the cake)
<MargareTZ> aye
<JL> 9 of 13 voters present have voted the MOVABLE FEAST AWARD to the party-group for 2002.
<JL> Fanzine awards.
<Karen> CZ'S SILVER YO-YO  -- to Mary Lou Mendum and her lost, and again found story, "Test of Courage." We're still waiting for her to finish the story so I can post it.
<ECJB> Aye
<jenn> Aye.
<Kaires> Aye
<Jean> aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<JL> aye
<N`omi> aye to Mary Lou
<William> Aye
<Karen> Aye for Mary Lou
<gurpsgm> Aye
<bae1> aye
<JL> 8 of what 13 voters present award Mary Lou Mendum the YOYO for writing, losing, then reconstructing out of offsite backup, her current S~G novel.
<JL> I hand the gavel to Jean Lorrah for the annual Sime~Gen Stock Awards.
<Seanara> add my "aye" for Mary Lou. That's a lot of work.
<Jean> Back momentarily from kitchen to see what's going on.
<JL> You have the gavel.
<JL> Present the stock awards and explain them.
<JL> Recap of the year's accomplishments. 
<Jean> You have the list of people to receive stock.
<JL> Oh, I thought YOU had it.  OK, digging.
<Jean> Stock in Sime~Gen Inc. is awarded every year to the people who keep the business aspects of Sime~Gen going.
<Jean> We have had an exceptional year--especially in light of the fact that most businesses did NOT.
<Jean> The stock of most companies decreased in value.
<Jean> Ours increased.
<Jean> And while the major part of the increase was due to the sale of the Sime~Gen novels to Meisha Merlin,
<Jean> the fact is that for the first time, even without that sale, we would have made a PROFIT in 2002!
<Jean> With the sale, we made a very nice profit in 2002, percentage-wise.
<Jean> Now, everyone has to understand that we are talking very small numbers here--we still can't afford to hire even one employee (never mind that if we did, health benefits would kill us).
<Jean> BUT, we are now worth much more than we were a year ago.
<Jean> And that means that those of you who own stock have something worth approximately three times what it was worth a year ago.
<Jean> Now, in order to keep from diluting the value of our stock, we cannot start creating and giving out hundreds of shares.
<Jean> You see, Sime~Gen Inc. is a closely held corporation.
<Jean> That means we do not trade on any stock exchange.
<Jean> Therefore the value of our stock depends on the actual value of our assets.
<Jean> It is not changed by what anyone is willing to pay for the stock on the market.
<Jean> WE could change the value drastically downward by creating and giving out too many shares.  And that would be unfair to our stockholders.
<Jean> So, we are giving out fewer shares of stock this year, but each one is worth three times what last year's stock was worth.
<Jean> But those of you who received stock in the past--your stock has also increased in value to match the new stock being given out today.
<Jean> Jacqueline and I get along so well as business partners because we are both VERY conservative with our money.
<Jean> We are being conservative with YOUR money now, too.
<Jean> Hang onto your stock.  It has gone up with the sale of book rights, will go up a little with the sale of some audio rights,
<Jean> and if we ever manage to sell film or TV rights, it will REALLY be worth something.
<Jean> I hope everyone understands my explanation.
<Jean> I can't tell you exactly what each share of stock is worth, because we don't have a dollar-value on itself.
<Jean> Anyway, by conservative estimate, right now any share of stock you own in Sime~Gen Inc. is currently worth at least $20.00, up from at least $10.00 a year ago.
<Jean> If we were to liquidate everything tomorrow, you would probably get more.
<Jean> Sorry--that was at least $7.00 a year ago.
<Jean> Was thinking that with liquidation it would have been more like $10.00.
<JL> And we own the server hardware.
<Jean> However, we are NOT going to liquidate tomorrow!
<Jean> We are in this for the long haul, and of course the stock can go down as well as up, if we acquire no more income and expenses continue.
<Jean> But we have great hopes, and in our four years of existence we have made steady financial gains.
<Jean> Small, but steady.
<Jean> If we can continue on this curve for enough years, we'll grow up into a genuine influential corporation.
<Jean> And because we built in the structure at the beginning, we are READY to grow.
<Jean> Now, these shares of stock are for two years because with Jacqueline's abrubt move, we didn't get last year's stock distributed.
<Jean> And again, the smaller number of shares is to prevent diluting their value.
<Jean> Jacqueline, my IRC won't allow cut-and paste.
<Jean> Please put in the list while I run to the kitchen again.
<JL> And in all this awarding I never got around to mentioning the audio book contracts.
<JL> In addition to all the non-S~G work of ours coming back into print, almost all my short stories and some of Jean's (including a Zhag and Tonyo) have the sharp interest of a company that uses professional actors and sound FX to produce MP3 versions of short stories.  We don't have a Zhag/Tonio contract YET because it's complicated as part of the franchise, BUT 3 of my vampire stories have been contracted and are in production.  The website is
<JL> In no particular order at all - absolutely NONE - not alphabetical or by merit nor even in the order in which we thought of people, the list is:
  6 Patric Michael
  3 Karen MacLeod
  2 Lois Wickstrom
  1 Margaret L. Carter
  1 Marge Robbins
  3 Ronnie Bob Whitaker
  2 Sharon Jarvis 
  1 Wendy Fisher
  1 Carol Castellanos
  1 Darlene Kendall
  2 Laurraine Tutihasi
  1 Shari Brennan
  2 Bruce Gray
  2 Eric Berlin
  1 Kim Murphy 
  2 Kaires Tevesu
  2 Katherine X. Rylien
  1 Linda Nelson
  1 Doreen Dabinett
<JL> Also note these are Preferred Stock shares - non-voting stock. Not common stock.  PREFERRED. 
<JL> Of particular note is that 4 NEW PEOPLE have earned stock this time.
<JL> We have several other people coming along who may earn stock over this next year. 
<JL> The class of stock has these attributes.
<JL> The holder can not vote in matters concerning the corporation.
<JL> The shares however are very real.  They are a PORTION of the total net worth of the corporation.
<JL> And this class of stock is eligible for DIVIDENDS should the corporate Board of Directors vote such a dividend. 
<JL> We are a typical startup company - decades away from being able to pay a dividend.  But if even ONE share gets a dividend, all the others do too.
<Jean> Other factors may reduce the value, but we will not deliberately do that to our stockholders.
<JL> So you see why I look at all this as a retirement program for you people.  If we hit the BIG TIME, the hours you've spent working here will finally begin to pay you back.
<JL> As Jean has pointed out, we create a share of stock only to REPRESENT VALUE that has been created.
<JL> It is your work that creates that value and we try to apportion the stock awards to reflect that -- via the number of hats you wear and the number of hours spent.
<JL> Meeting Adjourned. 

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