Sime~Gen, Inc. New Years Chat - 2003

Formal meeting of Sime~Gen participants for purpose of voting the Awards due for tasks accomplished during 2002, and for awarding Preferred, non-voting shares of stock in Sime~Gen Inc.

Below is the log of the unofficial chat going on in another 'room' before, during and after the official business meeting.

  - compiled by Karen

ChandraMH --
    Chandra Morgan Henley
bae -- Beverly Erlebacher
Patric -- Patric Michael
Karen -- Karen MacLeod
Seanara -- Seanara
JL -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jean -- Jean Lorrah
William -- William Long
MargaretTZ -- Margaret Carr

Jenn -- Jenn Vesperman
ECJB -- Eric Berlin
Kaires -- Kaires Tevesu
    ...also used Vrykalak
MargVamp -- Margaret Carter
N'omi -- N'omi Rose
gurpsgm -- L. Bruce Gray
    ...used Bruce in chat

<JL> Hi Patric!
<JL> I'm drowning in year-end paperwork, but otherwise surviving.
<JL> Karen - Patric is so TALL!!!
<Patric> Yeah, I know, but I posted something in the OTHER window to prompt the autolog.. :)
<JL> He once told me his height, but it was surprising to meet him in person.
<Patric> Laugh.. No taller than I was last year...
<Karen> You expected short? Somehow most people I know, even not meeting them, are tall.
<JL> Well, you and Anne are the shortest around here except Mary Lou I think.
<Karen> Mary Lou is shorter than I am....
<Patric> Well... IF truth be told, I had no idea such a dynamo would come packaged so ... efficiently...:)
<Karen> Ahhhh... I could have told you that, Patric, but I don't think you would have believed me.
<JL> Patric have you ever hung out with the SCA? You'd make a terrific King!
<Patric> Probably not... I would have believed, but not to such an extent... Maybe that's a better way to put it. Does anyone else have an agent running, by chance?
<JL> What's an agent?
<Karen> I'm logging, and am on twice with two different installs.
<Patric> I went to one event, went naked, and never been back.
<JL> (got plenty of who agents but they don't run)
* Karen is laughing, as she has been at a few SCA events, but certainly NOT the one Patric mentions.
<Patric> Agent is the little character that reads me the text of the messages. Mine is a genie..
<Karen> No agent on my IRC.... maybe its too old.
<Patric> Ah, but its misleading, Karen. ANY SCA even you attend while not in period garb or dress, you are considered naked.
<Karen> I know that...but since I had SCA friends, I was always garbed.
<Karen> Even went to a wedding in medieval garb -- Mike Tartaglio's second marriage.
<JL> Oh, it talks ALOUD!
<JL> It reads aloud!
<JL> I just found it in the help files.
<JL> wow - no I don't run that.
<Patric> This is 6.03, running on the laptop so I can draw on the other one... BTW JL, I have restarted his face like 4 times... Finally got a version I like.. Going SO SLOW!
<Karen> Where did you find that??
<Karen> I've got 6.02 on the desktop.
<Patric> If your already registered, its good for all versions.
<Karen> Yep. I'm registered. Will think about it.
<JL> I lost my registration a long time ago. I don't know how many computers ago.
<Patric> I guess I already had the agents installed. It came up as a header in one of the options... I had forgotten about them...
<Karen> They would have a record of it.
<JL> I figured you'd run into some detail work to struggle with.
<Patric> JL, you should be able to recall the record from the maker if you email them. Yes, but it wasnt the details that are getting me. ITs the bloody layout.
<Karen> Chandra -- also join #sgchat
<Patric> She is already there...
<Karen> good...see you there....
<ChandraMH> I just did.
<Patric> Howdy C...
<ChandraMH> took me a few to get connected... I have too many IMs.
<JL> Patric - I just configured Agent in the OPTIONS and don't see any little character. Maybe I need to relaunch IRC?
<Patric> I had to relaunch in order to effect different characters, so I would guess yes.
<Karen> Found where my agents are -- but there are no characters listed for them.
<JL> Oh, I see a wizard with a little dialog box! But it doesn't speak aloud.
<Karen> Hi, Eric... back among us.
<Patric> I have a bunch of them I can send you later, Karen.
<Karen> If you like, Patric. Tell me where to install, and how.
<Patric> He is the default. I believe you can right click on him to get to his properties dialog, JL...
<ECJB> Good afternoon, y'all.
<JL> Hi Eric!
<JL> exploring properties now
<Karen> I see you have your computer running, Eric....
<Patric> I'll have to dig around for the install package. (ahem.. REMIND me!)
<Patric> Hi Eric...
<Karen> There are no selections in my "agents" box...just an empty box.
* Karen laughs heartily about "REMIND PATRIC." Then Karen goes to hide.
<Karen> I still have my install (I think)
<Patric> Karen... Go here...
<Karen> nod....later.... after the chat.....
<ECJB> The agents downloads, if I remember, are large installs.
<Patric> Karen.. are you getting the mailman-owner messages? Yes, I figured after.. :)
<Karen> yes...getting mailman messages... large installs will take forever with dial up...maybe I should leave well enough alone.
<Patric> Yes, because they include the engines and such, but you can also get just the agents themselves.
<JL> Someone type something please?
* Karen smiles. "You just did."
<Patric> Karen.. are you handling the unsub messages?
<Patric> Yes, but the agent won't read her input...
<JL> I managed to turn on and off the dialogue balloon. But it still doesn't talk. Now it just stands there.
<Karen> I saw some new ones today.... but didn't get to them yet.
<Karen> The ones for Susan's list she does.
<Patric> Check your control panel and see if "speech" is listed.
<Karen> Find that under "sounds."
<JL> Yes, SPEECH listed in Control Panel.
<Patric> I haven't done it in ages, but you may have to enable/configure your text to speech there.. Choose a default voice, etc.
<Patric> Eric... Here is a puzzler for you... Any idea why running disk defrag would hang the system?
<Patric> Aside from being windows ME that is.. grin.
<Karen> That's odd... takes forever for me to defrag, but I use 98... don't have my XP computer yet.
<JL> Well, I configured it and got Michael to talk to me. And it can hear my voice.
<JL> But the little Wizard guy here isn't talking yet.
<Karen> Now a talking IRC I might use when I can't see any more.
<Patric> He probably wont be able to until nyou restart mIrc...
<JL> I'm just idling here playing with a new feature I'm sure I didn't have - HERE'S JENN -- before.
<Jenn> Hi JL.
<Patric> Karen.. That's WHY I have speech configured... For when I am not looking at the screen...
<JL> What time is it there?
<Patric> Hi Jenn...
<Jenn> I'm insomniac, so I'm working on my book.
<JL> HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
<Jenn> 5:30am Jan 2nd.
<JL> I"m going to sign off and restart IRC. BRB
<ECJB> ME says that some disk defragmenters don't work properly with ME due to not honoring which files can't be moved and such.
<ECJB> If it's the one that came with ME, I can't tell you.
<Karen> Hi, Jenn
<Patric> Hmm.. I can make it work in safe mode, but that's all.. and it USED to work... Shrug. Ever since I switched motherboards, all sort of odd things happen...
<Patric> Any luck JL?
<Jenn> Hi Karen.
<JL> No apparently not. It just stands there.
<Karen> William!! You got here.
<William> yes I did
<Jenn> Jean is planning on showing up?
<Patric> Introduce us, Karen...:)
<Jenn> Karen: my sympathy for all your cat problems. :(
<ECJB> May be a similar situation to what happened when I tried to put the old hard drive in the new computer. The new computer copied the new hard drive's MBR onto my old hard drive and ruined its ability to work. I had to edit it manually to resuscitate it.
<Karen> William Long...long time friend and S~G fan.
<Jenn> Hello William. I'm Karen's Aussie friend who imposed on you both a couple of years back, if you remember me?
<Karen> Patric -- webmaster of and a good friend.
<Karen> William asks about you often, Jenn.
<ECJB> ...and an all-around great guy.
<William> Hi all
<Patric> Hi William.. Welcome, and nice to meet you..
<Karen> And Jenn...thanks about the cats....
<Jenn> NP, Karen.
<ECJB> G&S William...
<ECJB> HUGS Karen.
<Karen> Giving Magic pills is INTERESTING...but he has a sinus infection.
* Karen hugs Eric back.
<Jenn> If anyone wants the potted summary of my year, it can be briefly described in two events: I'm writing my first book, and my Nan died. :/
<JL> Well, all the speech options are here for the wizard but it's not reading aloud. It does post the text in a balloon though.
<Jenn> I'm sure JL can imagine that from initially proposing the book about halfway through last year, till the absolute drop-dead deadline of my editor and I finishing the ready-for-technical-review copy at the end of January.. um. 'The Book Is My Life' right now.
<Patric> Eric.. Maybe so. I've been thinking I'd have to reformat and reinstall...Cuz even reinstalling the OS hasn't helped all cases...
* William has joined #sgtalk
<Jenn> (And JL? I wouldn't have had the courage to propose it without your support and Jean's. Thank you.)
<Patric> I guess the most succinct would be to say, "C and C, Jenn." Congrats and condolances.
<JL> You are doing FINE Jenn.
<ECJB> Patric -- more than reformat - FDISK, reformat, reinstall.
<Jenn> Thanks, Patric.
* Jenn grins at JL.
<JL> I think you'll find that about the 10th book, it will not be such a "take over your life" experience.
<Jenn> As for Nan.. I'm struggling with that. I lost most of December's productivity to it.
<JL> Patric's doing something similar right now with drawing -- working against a deadline.
* Jenn nods to JL. "I'm expecting that. It's like that with programming - the first one is 'oh my GOD how do I DO this'."
<Patric> Eric, yeah, I know. But I am short one rather expensive program CD, and I dont want to lose it if I can help it...
<ECJB> Patric: You don't have a copy of the CD, or a copy on the HD you can burn onto CD?
<Patric> Ha! Jenn has (I assume) a reasonable deadline structure... Mine is a bit , how would you say Jenn? "Off?"
<Jenn> Patric: six months for all of CVS.
<Karen> Patric's "deadlines" keep changing.
<Patric> Eric. I have the CD somewhere... Gods know where! But that doesn't install the reg entries, or the registration which is similar to how windows XP works..
<Jenn> Ah. At least mine have been fixed. Short, but fixed.
<Jenn> Sharon Jarvis was wonderful, JL, btw.
<Patric> Jenn. Never get enough time, eh, Jenn? Karen is correct. Mine changed... Blech.
<Jenn> Bleargh.
* Jenn is working while I sit here, actually.
<Karen> Sharon IS wonderful....
<JL> Yes I know Sharon's terrific.
<JL> You all heard she broke her WRIST falling on the ICE I left behind coming to Arizona.
* Patric burst out laughing at how the genie pronounces "bleargh".. 'bleerggh'..
<Jenn> No, I hadn't!
* William has joined #sgtalk
<Jenn> Is she ok?
<JL> Thankfully, Anne happened to be there for the first time in years, and has been helping her through becoming one-armed.
<Jenn> Oh good.
* Patric offers William a bit of glue...
<JL> She broke her wrist on the day of that big storm -- Christmas? -- and only got it set on Tuesday (yesterday)/
<Karen> William's likely using the website entry.
<JL> The hospital was basically closed for the storm.
<Jenn> The first publisher wanted to give me a contract where if _they_ made a marketing decision not to publish the book, I would have to send back the advance. Even if I'd already written the book and given it to them, and it was perfectly acceptable.
<Jenn> Sharon looked at that, and said 'no. Jenn, you should not take that contract.'
<Jenn> Ouch. :( Will it be ok? Will it heal right even though it was untreated that long?
<JL> Well, there are a lot of new publishers trying to get away with stuff like that - stuff SFWA worked hard to put a stop to.
<Karen> Sharon is in a very rural area, and has to go up a HILL to get to the road....
* Jenn nods to JL.
<JL> We'll know how well she's doing in about 6 weeks.
* Jenn winces and nods to Karen.
<JL> Anyway, good wishes and messages of healing are in order.
<Jenn> Oh good. Is she ok with email at the moment?
* Karen was there once, as Sharon did offer to let Karen move in with her.
<JL> Anne was there and spread 100 lbs. of salt on that driveway - finally got her car up it 2 days later.
<Jenn> I know when my wrists are sore, typing is NOT a favoured activity.
<Jenn> Good.
<Karen> I can imagine that....
<JL> She's not going to the office building when there's ice on the path! She doesn't have a computer in her house.
<William> I think I figured it out
<Karen> Pity no one moved the computer to the house....
<JL> But Anne set up her new computer - now they just have to figure how to get a phone line over to it. They set it up on the table usually used for packing packages.
<Patric> IF she is rural, she likely can't get much of an access there..
* Jenn sends an email anyway. She'll get it when the ice goes.
<JL> Anyway, she can only type with one hand - like one finger. She's a touch-typist as you might expect. It's HARD to type one-fingered.
<Karen> 2 -- 25 foot phone cords, and a connector to make it 50 feet.
<Jenn> Please convey my sympathy and good wishes.
<JL> Right she's on dialup and a crappy old copper-line dialup too. VERY bad connection.
<JL> Yes, and they'll get the cords when they can get OUT.
* Patric laughs as JL describes his setup...
<JL> Anne may be home by now
* Jenn whistles innocently and thinks of her household setup.
<Karen> Not everyone can afford more than dialup. Shame, as I have lots of phone cord, if only she had it.
<William> that is true.
* Patric peers at Jenn meaningfully, well able to IMAGINE her home setup.. :)
<Karen> Likely _I'll_ never have cable connection...dial up will have to do.
<Jenn> We've shared dialup before.
<JL> Karen actually the price structures are changing everywhere. Cable is now CHEAPER than dialup where I used to live and also here in Chandler AZ.
<JL> That's why I switched - to save money.
<Karen> All my $ right now is going to the Vet for the cats.
<Karen> And the local cable company won't even give me the cheap cable package I know the poor can receive.
<JL> But it all depends on having the cable company in your neighborhood and then having the cable company SERVE internet in your neighborhood.
<Karen> They do....but won't give me the price structure for the impoverished.
<JL> There are very few where that's the case. Oh, and they offer a senior citizen discount we got too.
* Jenn grins at Patric. Cable, connecting to a firewall box that's a former desktop PC and is dedicated, then to a hub. Off the hub are a machine that acts as a file server/proxy server/mail server, a dedicated compiling/development box, a print server, and a line to the hub in the front room. The front room has our three workstations.
<William> Now Dial up is the best I can do at the moment
<Karen> They won't give me that cable info, JL.... that's the story.
<Jenn> There is nothing inherently wrong with dialup. I happen to know the wife of one of the major Linux developers, and they share a dialup connection.
<Jenn> She and her husband.
<Jenn> Of course, they live in rural Wales.
<Karen> Except when you have to download large files...then its a pain.
* Jenn nods to Karen.
<JL> You do know some interesting people. HERE'S MARGARET!
<JL> Hi how's it going?
<William> that can be fun not
* Jenn grins at JL. I had cause to tell that group that I know a geneticist, actually. One of them has a little sister who wants to be a geneticist.
<ECJB> As is usually the case with WinDoze... (Very thankful for cable)
<MargareTZ> Hi JL, hi all. Carr not Carter, btw
<Jenn> So I mentioned that I know one, and could ask her (Mary Lou, of course) if she was interested in being a mentor.
* Patric grins back.. Dialup, connecting to a firewall box that serves as a mail tosser, connected to a wireless hub which serves four wired and wireless boxes. Similar, but still dialup.
<JL> Yes, I'm hoping both of our Margarets will be here today.
<Karen> But where's JEAN, as its almost time to start.
<MargareTZ> I'd like to see her too. At least with the TZ on my nick there shouldn't be confusion
* Jenn grins at Patric.
<Karen> Margaret -- Do I owe you a release for my recent column? I don't think so....
<Patric> Yeep! Hi Margaret!
<MargareTZ> hi Patric
<Jenn> JL: once this book is done, I'm willing to act as a mentor for non-fiction writers on writers-l.
<JL> Mary Lou would make a great mentor!
<MargareTZ> well, we really prefer one with each column
* Jenn thought so too.
<Jenn> I don't know if we have many non-fiction writers on writers-l at the moment.
<JL> Jenn - yes and you should make a website for it under /writers/ - we're getting more hits in that area now.
<Karen> I can do that if you want, Margaret. Send it to me, and I'll do it...or I can write you a blanket release
<JL> Actually we don't - however MOST fiction writers do make more of their money from nonfiction (not always under the same name)
<MargareTZ> I'll send you the wording. just save it and change the date each month
* Jenn considers. I'll see what happens about the website, I owe LinuxChix a fair bit of back-work, I've been putting them off for some time and have an existing committment with them.
* Jenn nods to JL. I noticed that you and Jean both do a lot of non-fiction.
<Patric> JL... I looked up the URL I gave Karen... It explains why you don't hear the sound... Look it up after the chat and you should have no trouble...
<MargareTZ> hi bae
<JL> Who is bae?
<Jenn> Once I'm caught up with LinuxChix, though, I should be fine to do some non-fiction website stuff with Sime~Gen, if you're still interested.
<Karen> Beverly
<bae> good day. I'm Beverly Erlebacher
<JL> BEV - so glad you could join us!
* Jenn looks at the window. Hey wow, it's daylight.
<ChandraMH> <-- trying to keep up here, the font is killing me... I just sold three articles to an online magazine (for actual money), does that count as nonfiction?
<Patric> ooh! Hello Bev...
<JL> Patric - I seem to have connection route problems today. The MIRC site is the second big site that I can't get into.
<Karen> Chandra.... you can change the font.
<Jenn> ChandraMH: Yes. :)
<William> I am still getting into it
<MargareTZ> Chandra, congratulations!
<JL> That definitely counts as nonfic - and is a perfect example.
<ECJB> I can put mIRC 6.0.3 on my website if it'll help...
<JL> You are/were as I recall having a hard time selling your EXCELLENT fiction -- but nonfic, that you can move.
<ChandraMH> I can't sell fiction to save my life. LOL
<Jenn> Few people can in this climate, I'm told.
<ChandraMH> Maybe someday...
<MargareTZ> do you write long or short, Chandra?
<Patric> 6.03 can also be gotten directly from One click away.
<ChandraMH> I had been writing novella length back before I gave it up. More recently I'm trying to turn out shorter stuff.
<Jenn> In part, I hope that having a non-fic book will help me get fiction published - but my primary reason for writing this book is that it's needed.
<William> BRB
<JL> I'll deal with the talking AGENT thing another time. But it would be neat to hear. I've been watching TV using the CLOSED CAPTIONS, and noticing how what is said doesn't match what is printed. And how when they use speech recognition, odd glitches come up in the captions. It's very interesting because I think sometimes the captions come from the script and you hear the actors screwing up the lines.
<ChandraMH> For now, I'm hoping to finish writing my low-carb cookbook this year and get it on the shelves while the low-carb craze is still relatively fresh.
<MargareTZ> novella? is looking for good novellas for e-publishing in 'two-fers'
<Karen> JL -- should we start the meeting, even though Jean's not here.
<JL> No we should wait for Jean.
<ChandraMH> Jean still has about 4 minutes, Karen. :)
<Karen> Not according to two clocks I have.
<MargareTZ> hi Mac person
<Jenn> Yay. Just finished red-penning the printout of the changes I made to chapter 4.
<Jenn> Karen: I'm Network-Time-Protocol linked to the atomic clock at Melbourne Uni. According to that, it's 3 minutes to the hour.
<Patric> 3 minutes by my clocks, set from the atomic..
<Jenn> <-- ubergeek.
* Jenn sticks her ubergeekish tongue out at Patric.
<Karen> Then I should reset my clock....
* Patric is laughing too hard to see the keyboard...
<bae> 13:57:25 here
<bae> in EST land
<ChandraMH> LOLOL
* Patric is still laughing. Jenn, that was too funny!
<William> 11.00Am My time
<Virkalak> 1101 Ridgecrest mean time
<bae> 13:59:21
<MargareTZ> you in Pacific zone then, William
<Patric> Karen.. if you still have that Cyberkit program, you can set your system clock with that...
<William> Yes I am
<Karen> Doh.... why didn't I think of that, Patric?
<bae> 14:00:00
<Patric> Yay William! I ain't alone out here in Pacific land...
<JL> Jean's coming - I just phoned.
<JL> She was booting up and logging on as I phoned.
<William> No you are not
<MargareTZ> I'm in PST zone too
<William> I am in So. Cal.
<Karen> William's in California, unless he's visiting his East Coast family...and me.
<Patric> Yay Margaret! I am in Oregon, William.
<MargareTZ> central CA
<Patric> Oooh I just drove past y'all.. Back from AZ..
<JL> Oh and I just found out that Windows XP sets its system clock automatically too. (you can set it not to, but default is ON)
<MargareTZ> did you take 5 or 99?
<ECJB> RassaFrassaCottonPickin.
<William> Yes you did
<Karen> I don't have the computer with XP on it yet....JL....still being configured by Crystal-Owl
<Patric> 5 to 58 to 14 to 40, and reversed course to get back.. 25 hours. Whee!
<Karen> He got tied up with paying business.
<MargareTZ> yikes!
<Patric> Yeah Yikes... Didn't think I could still do that and not crash and burn.. :)
<William> I second that Yikes
<ECJB> Patric: If networking two Windows computers, they should have different "computer names" but the same "workgroup"?
<MargareTZ> and 5 has to be the most boring drive anywhere
<Patric> Third yikes cuz I don't speed, either. :) Eric. Correct.
<MargareTZ> yay, Jean is here!
<JL> The first of the patches for XP provides some backwards compatibility. But Ronnie Bob says there are still legacy problems. Most of my stuff works though.
<Patric> NOt of you have Stephen King's Wizard and Glass on audio tape... :)
<ECJB> RassaFrassa. The XP computer only sees the XP end of the network, and the ME computer only sees the ME end.
<Patric> YEs, I know Eric.. You have to create the sharing disk on XP and install it to the ME computer..
<MargareTZ> hi Jean
<Patric> HI Jean!
<Jean> Hi!
<William> That would help in the drive
<William> Hi Jean
<Karen> Well, if I have problems joining an XP computer to a 98 computer, I'll give a shout, Patric.
<Jenn> Heya Jean.
<Vrykalak> Here's the lone Mac.
<bae> gday, Jean.
<Patric> It helps HUGELY, william... Especially if you have "Needful things" for the return trip.. :)
<Patric> V.. What your real name?
<MargareTZ> hi Margaret
<MargVamp1> HI
<William> I am sure
<Jenn> Hello Jean.
<William> it did
<Vrykalak> Kaires is as real as I get. Hi, Patric.
<Karen> Yep....that's our hiding Kaires.
<Jenn> Jean: I'm glad your mother's passing was peaceful.
<Patric> Heh! Thought so... I don't chat with you much in AIM so I couldn't place the handle.. :)
<Jean> Hi to everyone. Welcome!
<William> So am I
<Jean> Thank everyone for their kind thoughts about my mother.
<JL> With some new folks here, I'm just going to note again that Sharon Jarvis (our Agent) has broken her wrist and can't CHAT. Maybe next year.
<MargareTZ> wb
<Patric> JL.. For Later: Look at the sidebar for XP.
<JL> It's been a tough year for bereavements in this group. We can hope it'll be better in 2003. (almost typed 3002)
<MargVamp1> Hi again. How do I get back to the other window without signing in over again (or losing thisone)?
<Karen> I may need that, too, Patric, later.
<Jean> It was a very strange year for me.
<Patric> Open another web page...
<JL> Thanks Patric- that page I can get to.
<Jenn> Oh, to people connecting XP to anything: beware the internal firewall. It's a common cause for 'but it should all work' problems. Both Karen-who-lives-with-me and I got stumped on that one.
<Jean> Career and businesswise excellent.
* Jenn nods to JL. Yeah, it has. :(
<Jenn> Agreed, Jean.
<Jean> My own health improving steadily.
<Jenn> as I told JL, my news for the year boils down to 'I'm working on a book, and my Nan died'.
<Jean> But the deaths of my cat Soolin and then my mother right at the end of the year.
<Jean> My mother's death was a blessing, though. She had suffered enough.
<MargareTZ> stress not good. hang in there!
<JL> I moved to Phoenix, sank into an endless morass of little things going wrong, spent 6 days a week at the desk typing and mousing as fast as I can, and though I can't even count the major accomplishments achieved, I FEEL like I'm standing still while racing at 90 Lightyears-a-second.
* Jenn nods to Jean, and offers comfort and virtual hugs.
<MargVamp1> May 2003 be a better year for the world (and all of us) than 2002!
<Jean> And yesterday a new cat, Dudley, joined my little family. He is as different from Soolin as can be.
<MargVamp1> Congrats on new cat, Jean.
<MargareTZ> and July is SO far off!
<ChandraMH> Congrats on the new furbaby!
<Vrykalak> What's he like?
<JL> Oh, but July isn't far enough off. There's a year's worth of work to be done, and only 6 months to do it.
<Jean> Earl Gray Dudley (Gray not misspelled).
<MargVamp1> We got a St. Bernard puppy Saturday. It is like having a 1-year-old (except one that still wakes up 3 times a night).
<Jean> Gray tiger, about a year old.
<MargareTZ> hmm. point!
<Karen> Gee.... JL and Jean -- seems if you gave me work, I sure got it done....
<William> Did not think so
<MargareTZ> but Meisha Merlin does GOOD work!
<Vrykalak> I think I'll change my name, since everyone else is here by name.
<Jean> Sweet disposition, very friendly and loving.
<Jenn> Excellent.
<JL> Hi Kaires - good to see you. Say hi to Vrykalak for us!
<William> Hi there Kaires
<Kaires> Being a proper Vrykalak, he's asleep.
<William> Yes
<Jean> Stands up to Kadi. Last night I finally got Kadi to stop barking at Dudley and sit on my lap with Dudley in the window.
<JL> Anyway, we'll be working on the various pre-production chores for several books besides the S~G one this year. It's going to be very intense.
<Jean> They are not yet friends, but it's a start.
<Karen> Sounds like "fun" Jean....
<William> yes it does
<JL> Jean always has animals - if she doesn't go get one, some bird or something falls on her head and she takes it in. She's a natural.
<Karen> That's why I'm not taking on another cat right now....too much stress for my two remaining older ones.
<William> sounds like fun
<JL> She'll get almost ANY animals to live together peacefully.
<MargareTZ> lol, I know that feeling, Jean!
* Karen wishes I still had my house, and my complete set of 7 cats.
<JL> Chandra's here and has cats that need homes.
<Jenn> Like what I'm doing for my book, JL? Going through and checking that I've been accurate, and the commands are marked as commands, and variables as variables, and the text reads well, and everything is fully explained...
<William> Large HUGS there, Karen
<Karen> Not yet, JL.... the two old ones, likely can't cope with a new one right now.
<MargareTZ> and the punctuation and names don't change and continuity....
* Karen smiles at William. "You saw Candy at a good point....only a few weeks ago."
<Jenn> MargareTZ: no names, this is non-fiction. But you get the gist.
<JL> Oh, beyond that there's the cover, the cover copy, the "about the author" -- and now we also have to add PUBLICITY -- and the con appearances - flyers. Our coffee mug project.
* Jenn nods. The cover is already done for mine.
<MargVamp1> Would love to get a S~G mug.
<bae> which animal did you get, Jenn? (on the cover)
<William> I Know
<Jean> Dudley just jumped up on my lap and wants to type.
<Jenn> I'd forgotten about cover copy. :( bae: Bobacs. A kind of marmot.
<bae> let him type.
<Jean> We went through this yesterday.
<JL> I have a list from Meisha Merlin that we concocted at a meeting at WorldCon which has I think 23 items on it, and none of them have been done. They should have been completed by now.
<Jenn> And yes, publicity. Wheee. :(
<Kaires> Hey, a cat who can touch-type could be a real asset
<Jean> Okay--now he's up on the desk looking out the window.
<Karen> I had one that could type.
<JL> And then at the last moment comes GALLEYS -- which they promise you a 48 hour turnaround then demand it in 24.
<Karen> couldn't SPELL, but did type.
<Jenn> is the cover.
<Jenn> EEep!
<bae> who know? maybe Dudley wants to learn to program.
<Jean> Problem is, he typed in Cat, and I can't read it.
<MargVamp1> Somebody sells a program for detecting "cat-like typing" to prevent the keyboard from responding to the cat's typing and ruining your work.
<William> Spelling is not everything
<MargareTZ> and if you have a touch type mouse a cat's paw is warm enough to activate it
<JL> William - you've got the right idea there.
<William> Thanks JL.
<bae> I knew a guy who wrote one of those for his apple about 20 years ago. The screen would flash CAT ALERT CAT ALERT and it would make noise and scare the cat off the keyboard, at least the first few times.
<MargareTZ> 24 hours is a bit short for a book
<Jean> Oh, good grief! You've made me recall that I saw a message yesterday to look at the Savage Empire cover, and forgot all about it in the midst of everything else!
<Jenn> Eeep.
<JL> There you see?
<MargareTZ> huh, my Hershee would sit there and keep it going. She loves noise!
<William> Oh NO
<JL> When you've got books in production your LIFE is peppered with these distractions.
* Jenn makes a mental note of that.
<JL> Jean let's get this meeting started then.
<Karen> And your resident editor waits for more work....
<William> LOL to Karen
<JL> At this point, between the two of us, we've got at least 7 in production this year.
<MargareTZ> it will come, Karen.
<Karen> I know it will.....
<Karen> then _I'll_ be swamped.
* Jenn grins at Karen. Unfortunately, the stuff Jonathan sends back to me is mostly 'can you clarify what you mean by that last sentence', and I doubt you can do that sort of thing for me. :(
<Jean> If anyone wants to see the new cover art for the first Savage Empire trilogy, it's at .
<MargareTZ> so write a few extra columns ahead of time
* Jenn ooohs. I want "Those Of My Blood."
<MargareTZ> hi N`omi!
<William> Be careful what you wish for Karen
<Kaires> How do you do the 'thoughts' thing? (New user here)
* Karen smiles at Margaret TZ... we'll see.
<Jenn> Nice cover pic, Jean.
<JL> Nice characters - Darkover-ish feel -- good cover overall.
<Jenn> Prettier cover than mine, oddly enough. :)
<MargareTZ> type /me action
<N`omi> Hi Margaret! I made it!!
<Karen> type /me
<Karen> then what you want to say.
<Jean> I still think Aradia is too Barbie, but it's much better than the original.
<MargareTZ> great, N`omi!
<Patric> William.. Type /me message.
<JL> N'omi - you're just in time!
<N`omi> what are we talking about that has a " Darkover-ish feel "?
* Kaires blushing
<William> ok
<Jenn> I've seen Barbie-er women in fantasy. At least she's fully dressed!
<MargareTZ> you got it, Kaires!
<N`omi> Hi JL!!
<N`omi> Hi Karen!
<JL> Hi I'm so glad to see you.
<N`omi> Hi Patric!
<JL> Savage Empire preview of cover.
<N`omi> is Jean coming?
<Kaires> Pleased ta meet you, N'omi
<JL> Jean's here.
<Patric> Hi N'omi
<JL> We were about to start.
<Jean> Hi, N'omi
<N`omi> she is? (looking)
<N`omi> That you, Jean, a non-op?
<MargareTZ> it should attract fantasy lovers
<N`omi> Hi Jean!
<Karen> In one needs op.....
* ChandraMH thinks we need to start, as she only has until 3:00 ET before being dragged out of the house...
<Karen> this spot is not moderated.
<Kaires> Yes, please. I'm late for an elegant potluck.
<JL> OK, let's call the meeting to order.
<Kaires> They told me they won't save me any quesadillas. The creeps!
<JL> Are there any folks who've come to your attention who deserve recognition with our awards?
<Karen> Meeting will be held in the other room..... I will move questions there, and moderate.
<JL> Anyone you can think of?
<N`omi> Karen!!
<Karen> Start one award at a time, and I'll give the criteria.
<N`omi> Karen!!
<N`omi> Karen!!
<N`omi> Karen!!
<N`omi> Karen!!
<Jean> Dudley just carefully avoided stepping on the keyboard, but stood in front of the screen. He's trying so hard to do what I want!
<Kaires> Yes!
<N`omi> did I mention Karen?
<N`omi> Karen!!
<N`omi> Karen!!
<N`omi> Karen!!
<Kaires> I sent a bunch of ideas to Karen last week
<N`omi> Karen!!
<Jean> Now he is sitting on my mouse.
<N`omi> Karen!!
<N`omi> Karen!!
<Jenn> Karen. Patric.
<JL> Yes, N'omi, we did somehow manage to notice Karen.
<N`omi> yes!
<ChandraMH> I nominate Kaires. But not for the same award as Karen. A different award. What are the awards?
<N`omi> yes!
<N`omi> yes!
<N`omi> kewl! (chuckling)
<Kaires> Agree on the Scrapbook...It's MOST couth
<Jenn> The people who've been modifying the web pages, who've been so patient with me saying 'yes, but this needs changing and if you did that it'd be more readable to people with such-and-so a disability'.
* Patric will slap his genie if he says "Karen!" one more time...
<Karen> Ok, let your genie say PATRIC.
<Jenn> The web pages that they've been modifying have finally met even my standards. And you know how picky I am. :)
<Jenn> Unfortunately, I've been paying attention to the pages, not the names. :( I'm sure Karen and Patric know who I'm talking about.. I hope?
* N`omi laughs as Patric's genie joins in with Karen's genie and says Patric!
<JL> Good - list all the awards then Karen.
<Kaires> I want Patric, too. He's been incredibly patient with my bumbling.
<Patric> Jenn.. That would be Karen, Eric, Bruce, and half a hundred others...
<Karen> look in the other window.....
<Jenn> I think Kaires is one of them?
* Jenn nods to Patric and grins. Well, yes.
<ChandraMH> Okay, then... I nominate Kaires for an award for bumbling far above and beyond the call of duty.
<Patric> Kaires, yes, Especially Kaires.
<Kaires> Kaires thanks YOU, Jenn, for all the advice and links for improving the Human Factors of my programming.
<Jenn> I believe it's the new template for the gateway pages, that I'm happiest with. I think?
<William> I agree
<Karen> Ronnie Bob for Digen..... he does a lot of our databases and PDF's
* Jenn grins at Kaires. No problem. I'm always happy to winge productively.
<Kaires> The new template is truly a masterwork
<Jenn> What's the URL for that?
<Kaires> I tried it in a bunch of different environment, and it's absolutely the best it can be.
<Jenn> Oh yes. Ronnie Bob for the paper CZ.
<Jenn> (and Karen, of course!)
<Karen> You didn't get yours yet, did you, Jenn.
<N`omi> Karen!!
<N`omi> Karen!!
<William> Yes
<N`omi> Karen!!
<N`omi> Karen!!
<Jenn> It arrived the other day, Karen.
<Jenn> N'omi.. uh.. once is enough. :)
<Karen> WONDERful.... GLAD YOU GOT IT.
<N`omi> okies (grins)
<Patric> N'omi.. Please don't do that. Its killing me..
<Karen> I'll paste nominations.
<JL> Remember we also have the YOYO's for fanzine service.
<Jenn> And the tattoos.
<Jenn> Ok. RB & Karen for the YoYo, when it comes up. I'll hold off.
<William> I an glad that you got it also Jenn
<N`omi> actually, I deserve the award for "ain't dun nothin' this year", but everytime I needed anything it was KAREN who did it!
<Jenn> But for Tech-Ton or Farris, I'd nominate the group who redesigned the websites.
<JL> This isn't a competition. We give as many awards as there are people who have earned them.
<N`omi> You are next, Patric!! (LOL!)
<JL> Aha, it wasn't a group - it was mostly Patric with Karen's help.
* Patric is laughing fearfully...
<Karen> Turn that the other way around....Patric with Karen's help.
<N`omi> I think Patric should also have a lifetime award!
<Karen> Who else for MERITORIOUS SERVICE, which is the Digen.
<JL> We've never given a lifetime. Let's do the annual Digen first.
<JL> We have Ronnie Bob for the Digen Award 2002. Anyone else?
<Jenn> It was/wasn't a group, there was a lot of discussion and work on sime~gen staff, as I recall, and the pages kept being modified.
<MargareTZ> since there can be as many as are voted, why eliminate anyone from future consideration?
<William> OK
<Patric> Marge, for recovering the reviews. (in process) IF I understand the award properly.
* Jenn considers. How about the Digen this year for whichever fan did the most towards getting the Meisha Merlin contract?
<Jenn> If that can be narrowed down to one.
<JL> Oh, it would be hard to identify anyone -- everyone did SO MUCH.
<Jenn> I mean, that's the Single Biggest Thing for S~G this year.
* Jenn nods.
<Karen> We do have an award later related to the Worldcon....
<JL> I particularly remember Karen running around with us at WorldCon while we dashed back and forth from the hotel to the Con Center trying to get meetings and such together.
<Karen> I did that also in what else is new.
<Jenn> What brought S~G to Meisa Merlin's attention?
<JL> Ah, OK, let me tell a story in the record window.
<Kaires> Did I do that *** thing on the other channel?
<Karen> can't post in the other channel until you're allowed to.
<William> That must have been fun
<Karen> you need an @ to talk in the moderated window.
<Kaires> Put @ in front of the message?
<Karen> No, that won't do.
<Karen> When you vote, I give everyone the @
<Jenn> Basically, Kaires, #sgchat is a blocked channel at the moment.
<Jenn> To keep the logs from being chaotic.
<Kaires> Well, I don't want to cause ***s, so I'd better not talk over there
<Jenn> I didn't see them.
<Patric> Neither did I...
* Jenn listens to JL's story there. Hrm. This is starting to be where I come in, or maybe a year or so later....
<Karen> Actually, maybe a bit later than that, Jenn....not sure, though.
* Jenn shuts up and listens. :)
<MargareTZ> Karen, why not use +v so it is clear who the moderators are?
<Karen> I was at that meeting, I think....I know I was at that Worldcon
<William> I am sorry I missed that meeting
<Karen> I can send you photos, William
<Jenn> Actually, I come in 'So after we got the domain pretty much in progress'. If I recall correctly, '' started on an ex-desktop machine in my back bedroom.
<William> ok that would be nice I think I am getting the hang of this I hope
<Karen> Eventually they'll be on the web. Yeah, that may be right, Jenn.
<Jenn> The mailing list preceded it, but the webstuff started there.
<Jean> Yes, Jenn--you and Dancer were instrumental in getting started.
* Jenn nods.
* N`omi surely is enjoying reading the *chrono* list!!
<Karen> We had a small web presence with the "virtual Tecton" elsewhere, but not the domain until you began
<bae> JL and Jean, you are extremely lucky to have Karen doing your editing. The excerpts on the Meisha Merlin site for other of their publications show absent to terrible editing.
<William> That is true
<Karen> Yet Meisha Merlin won't hire me to edit for THEM.
* Jenn nods to Karen. That's what I remember.
<Jenn> Eep.
<MargareTZ> Alan is great
<Jean> Karen, do we have a history of S~G's web presence up on
<Karen> I don't think so....but we can write it.
* ChandraMH volunteers to do proofreading, even unpaid, to make sure things come out right.
* Jenn laughs at Chandra.
<Karen> Meisha Merlin doesn't want me to do their editing...that's the story there....paid or unpaid.
<Jenn> Wouldn't that be volunteers?
* N`omi thinks she was at that chat!
<Jean> Yes, we definitely need to have our history up--but you shouldn't have to write it.
<Jean> You have enough to do.
<William> They are DUMB
<Karen> Who else CAN write it.
<N`omi> what was their reason, Karen?
<Karen> Who else has been with you both this long?
<Jenn> All I can write is the technical side.
<JL> The first S~G website on the web was actually made by Marge - she made my first home page before I knew what such a thing was!
<Karen> No one's told me there's a reason not to hire me...
<Jenn> ' started on an ex-desktop machine in our back bedroom'...
<JL> Second contrib I recall was Chandra - she got me onto AOL where a lot of our people found me.
<ChandraMH> Jenn, all I can say is, when JL told the Meisha Merlin people that Sime~Gen fans will notice a semicolon out of place, she wasn't kidding.
<Karen> This has to get our voting started. I can add some of this to the other log.
* Jenn nods to Chandra.
<William> I think they should oh well
* Kaires wants to see this! Let's do it.
<MargareTZ> Karen, they are still small press. they probably need to grow so more before they hire more editors
<Karen> Kaires still has pages that need to be put in history.... that's where this should go, too.
* Kaires will post the pictures soon, too, honest. (I have designed the format.)
<MargareTZ> so nominate Jenn and Dancer for appropriate award
<Jenn> And they're a full business with tax records and liability, so they can't realistically accept volunteer work.
<Karen> But that's another award.....
<Karen> Technical award.....
<Jenn> My parents run into that problem.
* Jenn shakes her head. Dancer and I haven't been doing technical stuff for S~G this year. Patric's done it.
<JL> Karen - I need the name of the person who did TEcton Central -- Robyn King Nitschke no that's not right.
<JL> How do you spell her name?
<Jenn> We've had technical awards in previous years.
<Karen> Yes, that's right....JL
<Jenn> But we don't deserve one this year.
<MargareTZ> yes, Jenn, there has to be some compensation even if only a promise of a royalty cut
<bae> Small press or no, books should at least be run through a spell checker and read by a human being who can note absent words, seriously mangled sentences, etc.
<Kaires> Jenn, I think you do,
<JL> No, we're talking about the Digen award, for founding S~G Online.
<Kaires> for helping folk like me
<MargareTZ> bae, they do
* Jenn grins at Kaires.
<Karen> Digen award for 2002 ---
<JL> Please help us get through this.
<JL> King-Nietchke
<JL> no I can't remember how to spell Robyn's name.
<ChandraMH> bae, the problem with a spell checker and Sime~Gen is there are TOO many words that the spell checker will try to change to something "normal"...
<William> I agree
<ChandraMH> The human being is a MUST.
<Jenn> Specialist sub-dictionary, Chandra. But JL's right, we need to get through the awards.
<MargareTZ> the eyeball is still the best checker
<bae> MargareTZ, try reading the excerpts, some of them have totally mangled paragraphing and really glaring errors in spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc. and I'm not a pedantic type, myself.
<Patric> Ah.. Ok.. Nominate Ronnie Bob for continued record keeping, Leigh for starting the process of delineating who does what.
<Karen> CORRECT SPELLING ----> King-Nitschke
* Jenn nods to Patric. Second Leigh.
<Karen> taken from the Founding 400
<MargareTZ> bae, I bought one of their books. It is fine.
<JL> Robyn King-Nitschke
* ChandraMH has set up special sub-dictionaries and they are STILL a pain in the you-know-what if a specialty word is misspelled.
<JL> GOT IT -- pasted from records.
<Patric> Nominate Karen for continued sorting and "people-keeping"..
<bae> ChandraMH, that is not a problem with a good spell checker.
<Jean> Do we want to nominate people who did things five years ago for *this* year?
<Karen> I agree... this year....
<Karen> Ronnie Bob is our record keeper.
<William> That sounds right
<Karen> We could do two sections.
<Jenn> I don't see a need to. Dancer and I shared the Digen for the domain when we started it.
<Patric> No.. Previous years were already awarded. This should only be for services rendered this year.
<MargareTZ> second JL's proposal for pre and post domain
<bae> margarettz, I suspect any quality in copyediting was not provided by Meisha Merlin. Some of them were clearly not copyedited at all.
<JL> But the achievement happened this Year even though the work has been done over many years.
<Jenn> I probably started the old-work thing by asking what triggered the Meisha Merlin thing.
<Jenn> Ah. I see what you mean, JL.
<N`omi> yes
<Karen> Then split the award, into two ....this year.
<JL> Yes, Jenn is correct - fans RESPONSIBLE for this historic event should be recognized.
<JL> However, what CAUSED it happened 5 years ago - Meisha Merlin has been eyeing us that long.
<MargareTZ> Digen Lifetime and Digen annual
* Jenn giggles and nominates the creation of the Merlin award. :P
<Jean> We can just point people to the awards page, where their past awards are posted.
<Karen> We need to update THAT page too.
<JL> I don't think these people have ever gotten a Digen for their work.
<N`omi> then they should!!
<Karen> Meisha award -- Merlin = Magic?
* Patric nods to Karen morosely. Yet another page to update.. grin.
<Jean> Which people? I'm sure Jenn and Dancer have received awards.
<Karen> Yeah, I know, Patric....guess I'll have to help.
<Jean> Where is the awards page?
<N`omi> but did they recieve awards for that specifc thing?
<Karen> (
<Karen> ONE VOTE AT A TIME.....
<Karen> Should I open the room for voting.
<Kaires> Which means I should help, too...and I will
<JL> Wait
<JL> First we have to narrow what we're voting on.
<Jean> Misdirected? Can I point the way?
<Karen> (
* Patric looks....
<Karen> that's the award page...or was the other day.
<Jenn> Is today. I'm at it now.
<Patric> So am I..
<Jean> For me, it's Error 404.
<bae> try a 'reload' Jean
<Karen> Ok, will open the room for voting.....
<bae> you may have a cached copy in your browser.
<Patric> Dont forget the trailing slash, Jean...
<Jean> And no link to Awards from /fandom/
<Patric> Its in SGfandom. Fandom is for non-Sime~Gen stuff...
<JL> Nominations for the 2002 Digen Award then are Ronnie Bob Whitaker, and Marge Robbins -- any further nominations?
<Kaires> Oops, put that on the wrong page
<William> BRB
<CptButton> worked fine for me FWIW.
<Kaires> I only have one input line, and have to select which chat I'm directing it to before I type. Sigh.
<Jean> Found it at
<JL> We are now considering ONLY the 2002 Digen Award. Last chance for nominations.
<Jean> Robin won in 96 and 97--and it seems not to have been updated since!
<Jean> No--98 is at the bottom.
<Jean> 99, 00, and 01 need to go up.
<Karen> 2000 wasn't updated....but where is 99?
<JL> Yes, but she didn't win for getting the Meisha Merlin deal -- we might have gotten the sale without this active web-organized fandom, but we wouldn't have gotten the SAME sweet deal with perqs the fans want.
<Jean> Previous Tech-tons are at, out of order.
<Karen> Tech-Ton is not DIGEN... two different things.
<JL> Nominations for the 2002 Digen Award then are Ronnie Bob Whitaker, and Marge Robbins -- any further nominations?
<Jenn> I forget what Marge was nominated for the Digen for.
<Jean> Agreed. But before today we always assumed the meritorious service was performed in the year under consideration.
<Karen> Book reviews section....
<Karen> TECH-TON AWARD (Criteria: Invented by Jacqueline Lichtenberg in 1997, this award goes to people who have benefitted Sime~Gen fandom by the creation and/or application of new software and online tools.)
<ChandraMH> Sorry, cat was typing!
<Kaires> And Marge deserves awards for helping me take over SGFandom and Rimon's Library
<Karen> Then that's the DIGEN
<Jenn> thanks
<Kaires> Aye
<N`omi> why can't all three get it?
<JL> Someone count a quorum here? We have duplicate sign-ins.
<Karen> They can.
<MargareTZ> they can
<JL> Please vote once.
<N`omi> I am confused! we pick one out of three?
<Karen> You can vote for all three...but one at a time.
<JL> No, we are awarding 3 awards unless someone gets no votes.
<N`omi> okay, thanks Margaret!
<JL> How many Ayes do we need?
<N`omi> thanks Karen and JL!
* N`omi whews!
<Karen> we have 12 actual voters...Capt. Button doesn't wish to, William and I are signed on twice.
<Karen> or is it 13 voters,
<JL> OK, we have 10 votes that carries it.
<William> I know the feeling Whew!
<N`omi> where are Jean and JL's votes?
<N`omi> I mean, JL's
* Jenn notes that I'll be idle. I'm (a) insomniac & overtired, (b) trying to get some work done since my body is awake anyway.
<bae> what time is it there, Jenn?
<Jenn> If I don't vote, please assume I'm not paying attention rather than not caring about the person.
<Jenn> 7am, bae.
<Karen> We can give other Digen's, too...we understand, Jenn.
<Jenn> Good. :)
<N`omi> you still need to do nay and abstain, right?
<Karen> Aye...Marge
<JL> abstain is an acceptable vote.
<ECJB> What Jenn said goes for me also. I'm trying, but breaking in a new OS is taking a toll on me.
<N`omi> in #sgtalk, I mean
* ChandraMH has a cat on her head now, which is most peculiar.
<William> That could be a bit odd
<MargareTZ> hope it is a small cat
* N`omi grins, warming her toes under Duchess (dog)
<Karen> Karen's two remaining cats could not fit on her head.
<ChandraMH> A small, tailless cat.
<Karen> one weighs 14 lbs, the other 12.
<MargareTZ> medium size
* Patric suggests a refresh of :)
<Kaires> Mine are fatcats, too. 10 and 12 lb.
<ChandraMH> Seven pounds of cat is quite enough when it's on your head or lying across your shoulders.
* Patric puts on the T-shirt... :)
* Jenn grins at Patric.
<JL> any more votes?
<JL> Meanwhile think how to do the lifetime/Merlin whatever part that comes next.
<Jean> Dudley is 10.5 lbs. this morning and still growing. Quite a change from my delicate Siamese who never weighed more than 7 lbs. in her life.
<N`omi> someone won it last year??????
<JL> Jenn is that an Aye for Patric in the other window?
<Karen> No lifetime awards have ever been given that I know of.
<JL> We may invent the award.
<JL> Any other votes?
<William> you would know, Karen
<Jean> I think we just invented lifetime awards half an hour ago.
<JL> Yes, something like that.
<Karen> We invented a new award last year....haven't voted on that one yet.
<Jean> Wasn't Karen nominated, or do you want to go with a Lifetime for her?
<William> I think you did Jean
<JL> Jenn is that an AYE for Patric?
<N`omi> I like putting the actual award on the site like that!
<MargareTZ> lifetime awards should recognize continuing or previous service that wasn't fully recognized at the time
<Karen> Yes, Jenn went AYE for Patric.
<JL> Not yet - gotta finish this vote.
* Patric agrees with Margaret...
<JL> Jenn can you type that in the other window please?
<JL> Have we lost Jenn?
<Karen> Jenn is lurking....
<Karen> busy with her book.
<Patric> She is working/lurking..
<William> Yes
<JL> William you didn't vote?
<Karen> accept her "been there" as an aye.
<Jenn> Yes, it's an aye for Patric, I voted.
<Karen> I was going to paste your vote.
<William> Thought I did must have missed one
* N`omi psst, you had to say/type the actual word "aye" for it to count
<William> Just voted
<Karen> I agree, JL.....
<ChandraMH> I need to get going... Karen, you have my proxy. :)
<Bruce> I figured it out! I made it!
<Karen> Can't have your proxy.... don't know what you want me to vote for.
<JL> Bruce!
<Jenn> N'omi: look just below Jean's vote.
<Karen> Bruce, also join #sgchat for the voting.
<ChandraMH> And don't forget I nominated Kaires for an award for bumbling above and beyond the call of duty!
<JL> You also need to sign into #sgchat
<N`omi> yes, I saw.. I was just explaining!
<JL> Seanara - a bit late.
<JL> OK, recapping the item on the table.
<William> Hi there
<Bruce> How do I sign in to both at once?
<Patric> Bruce! Seanara! Hi!
<Seanara> Sorry I'm late. Hi, everyone.
<Karen> You didn't miss that much Seanara.
<Seanara> k...
<JL> We've just awarded 3 Digen awards for Meritorious service in 2002. Ronnie Bob, Patric and Marge won.
<Karen> If using the website, open two browsers. If using IRC, open another window.
<Seanara> congrats to all who won.
<Karen> The other room is for voting only.
<William> That's what I am using
<JL> NOW we are going to create an award and vote on it for LIFETIME achievement in online fandom.
<Karen> Oh, shen...Karen goes to hide.
* Seanara grins
* N`omi doesn't let her!
<Kaires> Can't hide, Karen.
<Karen> All your fault, gave me my first online computer.
<JL> Jenn mentioned that the book contract this year is a BIG event that fans contributed to, and I have singled out several folks who created the foundation of fandom online which affected the Meisha Merlin contract situation.
* Seanara tempts Karen out with chocolate-covered strawberries.
<Karen> Won't work Seanara...though you know what would. ~~mirth~~
<Patric> Side Note... IF anyone knows/remembers years past for Digen, let me know and I will add them in now...
<JL> Do we want to create a new award, or make this a LIFETIME DIGEN?
<Karen> I'll get them to you Patric...they're probably in a chat on the engine.
<JL> Jean?
<Jean> I think it should be a new award, because the contributions may be different for each recipient.
<Jean> Call it the Karen Award!
<Patric> Karen: Nod. I am updating the page as we go.. Don't know why I didn't think of that last time... Yeesh.
<Karen> SAY WHAT??????????
<Seanara> ~~mirth~~
<Patric> Karen Award! Yeah!
<William> LOL
<N`omi> I second!
<Seanara> I like that.
<Karen> OH NO YOU DON'T!!
<Jean> Is there anyone with us STILL who was with us when Karen began helping?
<JL> I rather like the sound of that.
<JL> Nope.
<Patric> The Karen MacLeod award for lifetime service...
<Karen> Anne, and Katie before me.
<JL> Well, Karen was #2 to create this fandom from scratch.
<Karen> Kerry...after me.
* Patric adds that to the awards index...
<JL> First we had ambrov Zeor -- Betty Herr created that.
<JL> Then came Karen -- and Katie joined up at that same ST convention.
<Karen> Anne named CZ for me....
<Jean> Anne is still working for us, but Katie is now a friend who has gone on to other things.
* Jenn grins. I like the Karen award.
* Karen silently grumbles.
<William> smile, I like it too.
<Jean> I don't think anyone knows where Betty Herr is.
* Seanara is laughing. "Karen, you'll have to snarl for everyone." ~~mirth~~
* Kaires is capturing this good stuff for the history page
<Karen> Anne was in your fandom before I was.
<JL> Haven't heard from her in decades.
<Karen> Patric's heard my snarl, that's enough....
<Jean> But Anne doesn't do yeoman service on the domain.
<Jean> Daily.
<JL> But not contributing. She wasn't a Sime~Gen fan then - but a Star Trek fan.
<Karen> She has more sense than I do, Anne does.
<bae> hey, it's not an award for *sense*!
<JL> There will come a time she works 23 hours a day to bring this universe to the public.
<JL> But that's not THIS award.
<Karen> So was I, JL...started in Trek fandom.
<JL> This award is for fans whose contributions have affected the Meisha Merlin contract.
<William> As was I, started in Trek fandom.
<JL> OK, let's vote on the name of this new award then.
<JL> In the #sgchat window let me post it then vote.
<William> OK
<JL> vote now
<Karen> I'm not voting on principle.
<JL> Any other votes?
<N`omi> then type abatsain!
* Jenn nods to Karen.
<JL> I have 9 votes - any others?
<N`omi> abstain!
<JL> not here - in the other window.
<JL> I assume William's Ate is an Aye chocolate coated.
* Karen laughs.
* Jenn nominates Karen for the first of these awards. Oddly enough.
<William> Yes
<JL> How many are we now?
* Jenn is semi-active.
<Karen> 14 I think
<bae> JL, use the command /names
<Karen> some are duplicates.
<JL> Jean are you voting?
<Jenn> 15 distinct nicks.
* N`omi grins to Patric.. after seeing the new award on-page!
<JL> ah I see Jean.
* Karen will check the page later. The older chats should be in the search engine, and Patric can pull the awards from that.
* Patric smiles, and types furiously to catch up... bare bones to begin with!
<William> I second the nominations
<William> for Karen
<JL> OK, we now have an award.
<JL> Nominations please.
<N`omi> Karen!
<Jean> Karen
<MargareTZ> second
<Seanara> Karen, of course.
<William> Karen
<Jenn> Oops. Sorry. Wrong window.
<Karen> There I pasted...but I am NOT voting....
<Jenn> Understood.
* N`omi psst, Gurpsgm you have to say/type the actual word "aye" for it to count
<JL> Now how many are we? I have 11 votes of how many? 15?
<Karen> I think 13 as I'm on twice...
<William> So am I
<William> I think
<Jenn> 14 not counting Karen-
<Kaires> Sorry, I got logged off involuntarily...someone probably tried to call me..gotta get that Emerson switchboard installed
<JL> Happens all the time Kaires. Karen has just won the first Karen Award created right here.
<William> That is ok
<N`omi> Quick.. vote aye for Karen to get the Karen award!
<JL> OK, nominations are now open for the SECOND Karen award --
<N`omi> Patric!
<Kaires> Graphic: someone struggling to type on her keyboard, with a cat on her head
<Seanara> ~~mirth~~
<William> I like that one
<Jenn> Graphic: one of those old rotating things the old fanzines were made with.
<Karen> My cats have never sat on my head....keyboard, though.
<Karen> What, the mimeograph, Jenn?
<Jenn> I think that's what they were called.
<William> Then cats on keyboard
* Patric points to and smiles...
<N`omi> kewl Patric!
<Jenn> I remember you or JL talking about standing there making fanzines with those in the dead of winter, in someone's garage.
<Karen> Dare I look.
<Karen> Yes, my garage...back in 1978
<William> BRRRR
<William> So says a former New Englander
* Jenn blushes.
<N`omi> may I put Patric in the chat?
<Kaires> Read it and blush
<N`omi> as a nomination?
<Jenn> You may if you want, N'omi.
<JL> Hold the nominations N'omi
<JL> any other votes?
* N`omi holds too late! sorry JL
<Karen> Now later Patric has to pretty up the pages.
<ECJB> Sorry...I'm back
<JL> vote for Marge for the THIRD Karen Award.
<JL> If Jenn and Dancer hadn't agreed to do the domain, Marge wouldn't have had a place to do this contributing.
<Patric> Sorry for the yell.. Capslock.
<William> happens a lotto me also
<Karen> I'll fix the log...have to anyway.
<JL> I have 7 votes for Marge - any more?
<JL> Considering the way people come and go, I'm not sure 7 is enough with 14 voters.
<N`omi> it's not
<JL> 8 votes - anyone else? good that's 9
<William> Hmm
<Kaires> Didn't Marge put up the first SGFandom page, too...and a bunch of the ones under it?
<Jenn> Sorry, I was away.
<Jenn> And I'm all blushing.
<Karen> Marge did a lot of that, and so did Robyn
<JL> Yes - Marge made my FIRST home page when I didn't know what one was.
<JL> Yes, we need to get to Robyn.
<Kaires> And she created and edited the Chanel Inquirer
<N`omi> I see, you are doing this chronologically!
<Karen> Chanel Inquirer Marge and I did together -- she wanted to do a zine, and I helped.
<Kaires> ...and all the other good stuff that's on the Chanel pages
<N`omi> did that mean 5 folks did voted nay or abstain?
<William> Hard to tell
<JL> Anyone second Robyn King-Nitschke ?
<JL> and conform the spelling to what I pasted way above here.
* Patric seconds.
<Karen> I'll confirm it in the editing.
<JL> Next consider Chandra -- who got me onto AOL and connected us all into our FIRST LISTSERVE - which was made by oh, dear she got married and changed her name.
<Karen> Leigh Kimmel....
<JL> Jean how is her name now? Did she change her last name?
<Karen> she did one of our listserves...and no, she didn't change her name.
<JL> 9 votes counting mine for Robyn.
<Jean> I don't think she changed it.
<Karen> No...she didn't change it....
<JL> So she's still Kimmel?
<Karen> Yes...latest update to Founding 400 confirms KIMMEL
<Jenn> Leigh Husband Kimmel, I believe she was calling herself.
<Jenn> At one point.
<Seanara> Yes. She married Larry Ulrey, but kept her own name, as far as I know.
<Karen> LONG before that, she was Karen Boyer...but most of you won't know her by that name.
<N`omi> I thought 9 votes was not enough?
<JL> First let's vote on Chandra -- and then I'd like someone else to nominate Leigh.
<Bruce> Has Chandra been nominated?
<N`omi> oh, I see, it was 7 that was not enough. cancel that
<JL> Chandra is nominated and seconded. If you think bringing me online was important in getting this contract done, VOTE.
<Karen> I did vote.
<William> Yes Karen did
<JL> Jean give us an AYE to go with your second?
<ECJB> An aye for an aye and a second for a minute?
<JL> Someone go to #sgchat and nominate Leigh Kimmel
<Karen> I can do that.
<JL> You all know her from simegen-l I'd think -- and she and Larry engineered our first WorldCon room parties.
<JL> They deal in the dealer's room.
<JL> They gave us table space for flyers.
<Patric> Should this be a dual recipient? Leigh and Larry Ulrey?
<JL> any other votes?
<Karen> No.... Larry did not set up the listserve. He usually lurks.
<Patric> Understood.
<JL> No, he runs a dealer's table.
<JL> Any other votes?
<Kaires> I'm too new at this. So I'm abstaining on these.
<Karen> I have other awards when we finish with these....
<JL> OK, I think that concludes our ONLINE FANDOM contribution to our FOUNDATION that created the Meisha Merlin contract in its current form.
<N`omi> sorry, froze for a moment there
<JL> Karen which award is next Tech-Ton?
<Karen> We also have OUT TERRITORY...which do you want first.
< <JL> Let's do TECH-TON
<Jean> Patric for Tech-ton
<JL> Second? this is for 2002
<Kaires> Second
<Seanara> Patric, you bet. ~~warmth~~ He's done a lot.
<ECJB> Aye with lots of !!!
<JL> Aye's go in the other window.
<Karen> Patric's new scripts, and infinite patience with my learning to "help."
<JL> Let's move this along because we also have stock to award.
<Karen> We also have other awards, too.
<JL> Yes, how many people are we here now?
<Kaires> How 'bout that gorgeous new starred cross in the 'template'
<Kaires> And the page counter. couth!
<JL> This is for tools not other things.
<ECJB> Life is one big learning curve.
<Karen> That would count in tech-ton, I think. Patric did a lot of that work.
<JL> He's slowly automating all our processes.
<William> Tell me about it. Smile
<Karen> When we finish here, I have another award ready to go.
<Karen> I think that got it all....Patric does most of that.
<JL> Next award?
<Karen> OUT TERRITORY AWARD (Criteria: Sites on without Sime~Gen content that bring people in to the domain)
<Jean> Did Lois win that one last year?
<Karen> Yes...she did.
<MargareTZ> that is so sad
<Karen> I think Bygone also won last year.
<JL> BYGONE has put up a consistent stream of good stories and signed on several new professional writers.
<Karen> I have no objection to them having it again.
<JL> voting now on Bygone Days not Bruce
<Karen> I voted yes to Bygone Days.
<JL> 9 votes for BYGONE DAYS
<Karen> I have some other awards, too.
<N`omi> now Bruce?
* Patric has no idea where to PUT the award since the current listing for "out-t" indicates things like the Surak award...
<Karen> Put it on a "domain" OT page?
<Karen> Or rename the odd other awards page.
<William> Good idea
* Patric mutters.. (good naturedly).
<JL> Surak was awarded TO me -- these are awards we GIVE.
<JL> They shouldn't be anywhere near each other.
* Karen didn't name the original awards page "Out Territory" but that original page has assorted awards given some of us by outside sources.
<Patric> Yeah, I know, but they have been LISTED as Out-t awards for roughly ... FOREVER!
<Karen> One of my awards is up there also.
<Karen> Well, the search engine can change that....
<Jean> I also have awards that should go up.
<Karen> We need to change the name of that outside awards page then....
<JL> Any other out-T nomination?
<Karen> I have some other non Sime~Gen awards, however.
<JL> Any other out-T nominations for 2002?
<JL> OK, next award.
<Karen> How about the ones for Worldcon we talked about?
<JL> What's next on our list?
<JL> Yes, WorldCon this year was a huge effort but a record-breaking success.
<Karen> The 2002 MOVEABLE FEAST AWARD -- To Kaires, and the other attendees of the 2002 Worldcon Sime~Gen party, that traveled from room, to room, to room, in search of a HOME in which to hold the party.
<Karen> OH WELL......
<Jean> This award will not be given every year--just when something appropriate to it happens.
* Seanara is laughing. "I remember that party."
<Karen> Jean, JL and I conspired for this one.
<Seanara> Who was it who actually FOUND the places? Most of us just traipsed along, I thought.
<JL> Let's make this quick and do it in a batch?
<Karen> Then I have another related to Worldcon.
<Kaires> We ended up in room 1701, so it had to be good
<Karen> Vote YES for to check on my caged cat.
<N`omi> are you going to call for a vote?
<JL> Took a while to type all that.
<Seanara> lol, Jenn!
* Jenn bows.
* Seanara applauds and offers Jenn a chocolate-covered strawberry, Jenn being Gen.
<N`omi> Kaires, you can still aye for the others!
* Karen laughs....bad joke.
* Jenn takes it and eats it, nibbling slowly.
<JL> The party this year didn't GET US the Meisha Merlin deal - but it surely IMPRESSED them and that will result in something good one of these days.
<Jenn> Thankee.
<William> Very bad
<Jean> It impressed a couple of hundred attendees!
<N`omi> wish that had been video-ed!
<Jean> We corralled loads of strangers and loaded them down with tattoos, flyers, and bookmarks.
<Karen> It was a fun party/parade.
<Jean> It's getting late.
<JL> 7 votes -- anyone else?
<Karen> I've got a fan CZ award, then I'm done.
<Jean> I'm going to be back and forth to the kitchen for the next few minutes, putting a roast in the oven.
<JL> Yes, we've got a great YOYO for this year.
<N`omi> 7 was determined to be not enough in previous vote
<Jenn> I count more than 7.
<Jenn> I count 9.
<JL> Oh, more popped up.
<JL> OK 9
<JL> William are you voting?
<JL> oops lost him.
<Karen> Unfortunately he didn't make it to the party.
<Jenn> He did. He voted an Aye.
<Jenn> 'William', below Kaires.
<JL> OK anyone else voting?
<William> I messed up
<Karen> I think that ends all the fan awards....
<JL> It's OK, go vote for Mary Lou Mendum for the Silver YoYo
<JL> Jean - stock awards are next and you're ONSTAGE for that one.
<JL> You guys are gonna love this novel - it's long and detailed. She's fixing the middle now for a story-logic glitch and it'll be done.
<Karen> Which novel
<ECJB> Well, aren't we all "a work in progress?" Why can't a book be any different?
<ECJB> *G*
<Jenn> Because the contract says otherwise. :)
<N`omi> LOL! Good one, Jenn!
<ECJB> SHEN the lawyers ...
<JL> OK, onwards -- Jean?
<Kaires> I see 11 Ayes for Mary Lou Mendum
<JL> Yes, a few came in later - Karen will fix the transcript.
<Karen> Is Jean in her kitchen...said she would be cooking....
<Seanara> add my "aye" for Mary Lou. That's a lot of work.
<JL> Yes, and this is her part of the show.
<Kaires> Call her on her cell phone?
<Bruce> Second shenning the lawyers... :-)
<Karen> I should remove voting in the other room, since this is corp decision.
<Jenn> There y'go. Self-de-opping.
* Patric catches up as Mary Lou is the last to be added to the awards page, which completes the updates for 2002. Karen, remind me to UNIFY these pages someday.. LOL.
<Jenn> Try holding the shift key down to select multiple people at once, Karen.
<Karen> Another "remind Patric?" ~~mirth~~
* N`omi sends appluase to Patric for working so fast!
<Karen> Tried that before, Jenn, and it didn't work to OP.
<bae> I wonder which story logic glitch... the suck-n-squirt Donor thing?
<Jenn> Oh.
<N`omi> wild applause
<N`omi> for what Jean just wrote to chat
<JL> Jean did you get that paste I sent you?
<Kaires> 'suck-n-squirt donor thing'?
<Seanara> ~~mirth~~ What's that?
<William> I put my order in for the first book
<Karen> I have to order MINE, and might be able to do that now.
<Kaires> I did, too.
<JL> Story logic glitch was about anti-kill conditioning.
<N`omi> what was the percent?
<bae> well, that's what i called it when i read the story...
<Jenn> Amazing, Jean!
<Jenn> The profit!
<JL> Yes, we have an amazing phenomenon going here Jenn - and you guys deserve every accolade we can invent to heap upon you all.
* Patric shrugs. Onedollar profit is STILL in the black. Thats a VERY good thing, Jean.
* Jenn bows, several times. "I'd like to thank the academy..."
* Karen laughs.
<Patric> and my agent...
<Jenn> ... who broke her wrist ...
<William> Laughing
<JL> oh definitely our AGENT
<JL> Hey you guys realize JENN is with the Sime~Gen Agent?
<JL> And in all this awarding I never got around to mentioning the audio book contracts.
* Patric nods...
<William> OOPS
<N`omi> kewl!
<William> No I did not know that
<Karen> So mention the contracts now....
<Jenn> Yup.
<JL> Read what Jean's typing -- this is GREAT good news stuff.
* Kaires mentions that the stories for the audio contract are starting to be shown on SimeCenter. Y'all come
<N`omi> (which is prolly another reason the profit is rising)
* Jenn nods to N'omi.
<N`omi> :)
<Jenn> Stock that's essentially trading cards just reminds me of baseball cards - or gambling.
<JL> In addition to all the non-S~G work of ours coming back into print, almost all my short stories and some of Jean's (including a Zhag and Tonyo) have the sharp interest of a company that uses professional actors and sound FX to produce MP3 versions of short stories. We don't have a Zhag/Tonio contract YET because it's complicated as part of the franchise, BUT 3 of my vampire stories have been contracted and are in production. The website is
<Kaires> What a novel concept. Stock based on actual value. Horrors! what's next?
<Karen> Do you want that added to the business log, JL?
<Jenn> Cool, JL.
<JL> Yes, Karen I expect it should be posted.
<Karen> I'll add it in the editing.
<Kaires> Ooooh, neatment!
* N`omi isn't trading her single stock for anything! Although, since the profit is raising, maybe she ought to give the Awarding Letter a frame this year? :)
<JL> Definitely a frame!
<N`omi> :) to JL!
<Karen> As long as your books show the increase in value, then there shouldn't be a problem with the added values.
<Karen> You have 2001 and 2002 stock to award....
<William> Sounds like Sime~Gen Inc. is doing ok!
<Karen> holding its own, I suppose.
<JL> If we get that movie deal, -- and that's what this MP3 recording thing is - a means of marketing to Hollywood (the company's business plan is to make money from SELLING FILM RIGHTS to the stories they record! as well as CD's) your stock letter will be worth a lot just as a bit of memorabilia.
<Karen> I've got one of those....
<JL> Just keep in mind that we wouldn't be doing anything at ALL never mind OK if we had to pay you guys actual cash money for what you do.
<N`omi> what have you got one of, Karen? (lost)
<JL> Our equity is entirely our human-and-otherwise-work-hour.
<Karen> One of the stock letters from the Corp., dated Feb. 2001.
<JL> See Jean below likewise notes that the real money is with the film and tv rights we're trying to market here.
<N`omi> ahh! I thought you would have several!!
<N`omi> give it a frame this year, JL says!
<JL> One LETTER may represent more than ONE SHARE of stock.
<Karen> Just one so far..... stock awards weren't given out for 2001 last year.... so they need to do two years today.
<N`omi> thats what I meant, sorry
<Kaires> S~G, the miniseries: Zhag and Tonyo in heard it here first.
<N`omi> I meant that Karen must have more stock than I do.. for she does way, way more work than I did!
* N`omi nods to Kaires.. from your fingertips to the Producers ears!
<JL> Jean's trying to conquer DCC. Hang on
<William> Listen I have to go good to talk to you guys
<William> Bye
<Karen> I'll have to edit the corporate log.....
<Karen> See you later, William, take care.
<JL> Yes there's a chunk of chatter there.
<Seanara> Bye William.
<N`omi> bye, bye William
<Seanara> Happy New Year.
<William> Bye
<JL> Bye William -- thanks for coming (and going and coming)
<Patric> Bye William...
<Karen> I'll make repairs, JL.
<William> You too
<Kaires> Happy New Year, William
<William> A
<William> all
<N`omi> wow!
<JL> How many dot-coms can say that?
<Jenn> Not many
<Karen> Not many, that's for sure.
<JL> Yes, $7 sounds about right to me.
<Jenn> Technically, JL, you and Jean own an old hard disk that's somewhere in this house.
<Jenn> It's probably depreciated to about-nothing right now...
<JL> Yes, very old and worn!
<MargareTZ> yeah but computer hardware depreciates to nothing in 3 to 5 years
<ECJB> Hi Seanara!
* Jenn grins and nods. "Probably in our print server or our firewall - some system that doesn't matter if there's a disk crash."
<JL> But it never crashed and burned to smoking ruin while we were using it! What more can one ask of a disk?
<Seanara> Hi, Eric.
<Jenn> Nothing. :)
<Jenn> Just reminding you I have an asset of yours, though I couldn't remember which one it is!
<JL> 4 years Jenn - imagine that!
* Jenn nods.
<Bruce> Somehow it's hard to believe it's only been four years...
<Jenn> Four years.
<MargareTZ> better small and steady than big bust
<JL> Yes, Margaret exactly our theory.
<JL> Our only real constraint is PEOPLE - we could be doing so much more, so much more elegantly with more hands to do the work.
<Kaires> ...So we don't burn out the shining lights we already have!
<Jenn> Exactly.
<JL> Actually my abrupt move was in response to 9/11 -- our property values soared out of sight and we just took the money and ran. Of course it was only 10 years in the planning that's all.
<Jenn> That's one of the reasons moved - Dancer and I were burning out. Another was bandwidth, of course.
<Jenn> US bandwidth is just -cheaper- than .au. (Australian)
<JL> As it turned out our timing was perfect -- zoning laws are changing our old neighborhood and all our friends are planning to move now.
<Kaires> It seemed so fast! You started talking about it in September...and then it was DONE in a month or two.
<MargareTZ> burnout is always a danger with volunteers
<Kaires> I was hugely impressed
<JL> Jenn you incubated us and we out-grew what you could provide.
* Jenn nods to JL. "Dancer and I hoped it would happen."
<JL> Been talking about moving for 10 years.
<Jenn> LinuxChix is starting to outgrow us too.
<JL> You may become famous as incubators.
<JL> Ooops just saw Jean hand me the gavel again.
* Jenn giggles.
<N`omi> a new award? Incubators?
<JL> I'm going to paste this list as my notes have it -- and Karen will have to delete the squiggles that don't belong. The number before the name is the # of shares.
<JL> The x and - and other squiggles mean absolutely nothing.
<JL> If you read Jean's explanation you realize that even though the NUMBER of shares may be a 1 - you STILL get the same number of dollar-value percentage of our net-worth.
* Kaires faints
<Karen> Ok, will remove the x's
<JL> By keeping the total number of shares (the "float") low, we keep your value high.
<ECJB> Wow...I'm a real person now...
<JL> You are part owner of the Sime~Gen Franchise.
<ECJB> "I'm dancin'...dancin' in the street..."
* Jenn wonders what preferred means.
<JL> That only means you have to work harder.
* ECJB runs up and hugs Karen.
<JL> Actually Jenn it doesn't "mean" anything.
* Karen returns Eric's hug.
<Jenn> Oh, ok.
<JL> The problem is that Wall Street doesn't speak English.
<Karen> Guess, we all have to continue working....
<JL> The class of stock has these attributes.
* Jenn grins at JL.
<JL> The holder can not vote in matters concerning the corporation.
<Jenn> I've had people tell me I don't speak English either. :)
<JL> The shares however are very real. They are a PORTION of the total net worth of the corporation.
<Jenn> Gotcha.
<Karen> (Karen should paste the explanation in the business log later)
<bae> how many shares are there total in the Corp right now? voting and non-voting?
<Jean> Back--this time I actually got the roast into the oven.
<JL> And this class of stock is eligible for DIVIDENDS should the corporate Board of Directors vote such a dividend.
<Jean> Around 200--Jacqueline do you have an exact count?
<JL> We are a typical startup company - decades away from being able to pay a dividend. But if even ONE share gets a dividend, all the others do too.
<ECJB> Does "Sime~Gen, Inc." have my current address?
* N`omi ears half listen to the Rose Bowl game.. as her Cougars are playing again this year! (against Oklahoma)
<Karen> They should, Eric....
<JL> As of last year there were 100 voting shares (Jean and me)
<Jean> Check with Ronnie Bob about address changes since you filed an Agreement.
<JL> 58 shares of preferred stock outstanding.
<JL> How many did we award this time? 38?
<Jean> Plus today's shares.
* Kaires is mostly watching the chat, but Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi is in the background.
<JL> Oh, Eric if you've moved, you better email me that address. Stock letters will be mailed to YOUR ADDRESS OF RECORD so it's imperative all records be up to date.
<Bruce> And I’m watching Brian Boitano skate...
<Karen> I'm certain JL has my new address, but I'll send it anyway.
<Jean> I count 35 today, so that's 196. Close enough.
<Jenn> There's a real person called Brian Boitano? I only know of him through (shame) South Park.
<ECJB> I'm lost in my own "Twilight Zone."
<bae> so there are 4 shares left of preferred stock.
* Jenn is in a Twilight Zone where trees lose their bark, not their leaves.
<N`omi> where is Brian skating? what channel?
<Patric> Thanks, Jean and Jacqueline...
<Bruce> Yes - he was more famous as an Olympic class skater first...
* Karen smiles appreciative thanks to JL and Jean.
<JL> I just added up the list again and I get 35 shares awarded this year.
<JL> That's 93 Preferred shares outstanding.
<bae> of 200 total?
<Jean> We can create more preferred stock at will--but we won't create enough each year to dilute the value.
* Jenn nods to Bruce. Ok. :) Me not a sports person. Me a literararry person. You can tell by my typing.
<bae> ok.
<N`omi> Bruce: What network are you watching Bruce B skate?
<JL> Total that's 193 shares of stock outstanding.
* ECJB smacks forehead and goes off to swing from a nearby tree...
<Bruce> Boitano is on NBC...
<JL> 100 voting shares, 93 nonvoting.
<Jean> Other factors may reduce the value, but we will not deliberately do that to our stockholders.
<N`omi> thanks!
<N`omi> on both counts!
<JL> So you see why I look at all this as a retirement program for you people. If we hit the BIG TIME, the hours you've spent working here will finally begin to pay you back.
* Jenn chuckles. But they already have - I have a book contract. :)
<JL> As Jean has pointed out, we create a share of stock only to REPRESENT VALUE that has been created.
<JL> It is your work that creates that value and we try to apportion the stock awards to reflect that -- via the number of hats you wear and the number of hours spent.
<JL> We also take into account the unsung, unnoticed quiet and totally frustrating DRUDGERY that goes on behind the scenes.
<JL> But it is of such work that true value is added to this enterprise.
<JL> So things which publicize us or enhance our reputation in the eyes of the outside world, (and this coming year get us BOOK SALES), will count.
<JL> Remember the Corp owns the S~G titles -- money that comes from each book sale goes to the Corp not to Jean and me.
<Karen> Will the books be in a brick and mortar bookstore? That will help.
<Patric> Do we have a listing of current stockholders? I can’t tell who the four new folk are....
<Jean> They will indeed.
<JL> Yes, we're going to be in Barnes & Noble and I don't know where all else.
<JL> All the sf/f specialty shops will probably have us.
<N`omi> is there a promo flier I can use with smaller bookshops?
<JL> Jean you want to talk about our publicity plans in the other window?
<Jean> Meisha Merlin is at _least_ in Barnes & Noble and similar large stores.
<Bruce> Is it set up that way to protect copyright?
<JL> Meisha Merlin just got a contract with B&N for ALL their 2003 titles.
<Jean> I found a number of Meisha Merlin books at Davis-Kidd, a large bookstore in Nashville.
<Karen> Yes...N'omi, its in our press room.
<N`omi> thanks!
<Jean> Actually, I'm spaced out on publicity plans.
<JL> We signed the copyrights to S~G over to the Corp in order to be able to deal with Hollywood from a position of strength.
<Kaires> The new-and-improved SimeCenter flyer is there, too. We want new recipients, so pass that around a bit.
<Jean> Would be trying to remember too many bits and pieces.
<Bruce> Ah. Thanks for the confirmation.
<Karen> New stockholders include Eric Berlin, Katherine Rylien and Doreen DaBinett.
<N`omi> downloading it! Thanks!
<N`omi> congrats Eric, Katherine, and Doreen! (in case they are here)
<JL> Kim Murphy too is new I think.
<Kaires> ...And Kaires, who is just recovering from collapsing in a dead faint
<Jean> Anyone willing to download and print some of our flyers and take them to any convention you're going to, please do so.
<Karen> Sorry, Kaires.....
<Karen> Forgot.
<Patric> Ok... Thanks Karen, JL.
<Karen> I've been taking your flyers.
<Jean> Any publicity is good publicity.
<JL> There are a group of SFWA writers who are trying to put together a deal where we distribute each others' flyers.
<Karen> Been doing that....
<Bruce> What's the URL for that flyer? I've got lots of gaming cons coming up...
<JL> Would anyone here be willing to carry flyers for OTHER writers to cons along with ours, so that they will take OURS to cons we wouldn't otherwise reach?
<Seanara> And Tom and I plan to go to Etheracon.
<JL> Gaming cons would be an interesting place for flyers.
<Jean> You don't have to pay $25 to have 300 flyers printed. Print five on your printer and take them to your writing group.
<JL> I think
<JL> Then you can take your pick.
<Jean> Got a booth at your local crafts fair?
<Karen> I have flyers for you to take Seanara....I ran off lots of them.
<Jean> Print out five or six of our flyers and put them on your table--there won't be more than that number of people interested.
<Kaires> yep, that's it.
<JL> Perhaps someone will be able to create a POSTER we can post. The kind you print out in 8 1/2 by 11 sections?
* Patric needs to be reminded when he gets on movies with an actual budget to print out a ream/run of current fliers to mail out to whoever can distribute them...
<Jean> TALK to your librarian about the entire Meisha Merlin line--make sure they've at least heard of the company!
<Jenn> That's a good thought.
<JL> Oh, Patric that would really help.
<Kaires> I've been strewing the Meisha-Merlin/S~G flyers at libraries and bookstores I encounter in my perigrinations.
<JL> Jenn - email me on that. I can get Meisha Merlin to give us some Library Journal type quotes for librarians to pursue.
* Jenn will make sure Justin knows about it - Justin runs one of Melbourne's primary s/f-fantasy shops, including contracts with many local libraries.
<Patric> It would. I just need to be -- ahem... reminded! laugh. I figure if you're gonna pay 7 bucks for a movie, some of that might as well go to a good cause...
<JL> You see Kaires - THAT'S the kind of unsung behind the scenes work that merits stock.
<Jenn> JL: if you can give me information aimed at a bookstore-owner-who-supplies-librarians, I can make sure the Australian SF/Fantasy community knows it.
<Jenn> Basically, I'll tell Justin. :)
<Jean> We know this about Sime~Gen: people read the books in libraries, and then want their own copies.
<Jenn> Er, SF/Fantasy bookselling community.
<JL> Libraries here buy from Baker and Taylor and Ingram's -- which are WHOLESALERS not bookstores.
<JL> I don't know the wholesalers in Australia.
<Jenn> Justin and a bunch of others are specialist SF/Fantasy booksellers. The libraries know that there's stuff that the wholesalers don't bother distributing here.
<JL> Ask any bookstore manager who they order from and that'll be the supplier for the libraries.
<Jenn> There's no market, you know.
<Karen> But you have to be listed in Baker & Taylor
<Jean> But the more librarians we can get to ask the wholesalers for either Sime~Gen specifically or Meisha Merlin book in general, the better.
* Jenn nods.
<JL> Yes, Karen's right - that LISTING in B & T is what gets you on AMAZON.
<Jean> Any librarians on the list?
<Jenn> At any rate, give me the info and I'll pass it on to the people I know who are in the book-buying community.
<MargareTZ> in the U.S. it is Bowker's Books in Print
<Jean> I think libraries may actually have different wholesalers than bookstores.
<Jenn> Or put it on the website somewhere, post a link to sgstaff-l.
<JL> Currently that's what we're waiting to see happen -- the Meisha Merlin year's list has been submitted to B & T but they've screwed up and Alan at Meisha Merlin is trying to get the screw-up unscrewed.
<Karen> You also have to be in Ingram’s to be listed....both are necessary.
<JL> Katie buys a lot from B&T and Ingram's -- and a few others.
<Jean> And I do know that libraries do more often buy directly from publishers than bookstores do.
<MargareTZ> and once ISBN's are registered the listing is automatic
<Jean> But Books in Print is GIGANTIC, and fine print.
<bae> Jenn, I've seen books in the Toronto library system, probably the largest by far in Canada, with price stickers from retail bookstores.
<JL> Margaret a lot of "automatic" things have gone wrong lately. Fixing them is harder than fixing a person's mistake.
<Jean> If you don't know the book is in Books in Print, you don't look there to order it.
<Karen> Libraries though, buy from Baker and Taylor and Ingram's I learned that from NBI
<Jean> It's not a browse-thing; it's an already-know-but-need-the-address thing.
<Bruce> What should I take? The Meisha Merlin flyer is obvious but other suggestions welcome.
<JL> Yes, Karen that's true.
<JL> For Gamers? I think Sime Center and Writing School flyers make sense.
<Karen> Take the Read a good story/simecenter flyer.
<Bruce> Back in a sec - downloading more flyers.
<Jean> On the SimeCenter flyer--
* Patric idles a while... brb
<JL> You see here's our person-hour problem again - what Bruce really needs is a flyer aimed at Gamers.
<Jean> When you go to your doctor's office, or to the hospital for your annual mammogram,
<Jean> print out three or four Read a Good Story/Do a Good Deed flyers,
<Bruce> I designed flyers for Charlotte in 2004 aimed and gamers and Trek fans...
<Jean> Trifold them as they are designed,
<JL> I also put our flyers inside LIBRARY BOOKS on the library shelves.
<Jean> and stick them in the stands on the waiting room tables.
<Kaires> Shameless plug for SimeCenter: we have JL's story "Aventura" up there now, and five images from Geoffrey Chew (our Hawaiian artist)
<Jean> I've been doing that here in Murray for the past couple of years. They are not picked up too often, but they are also not thrown away by the janitors.
<Kaires> We ALMOST got a new recipient from Jean's flyers
* N`omi is glad to know what she can take where!
<Seanara> Must say goodnight now; Happy New Year to all.
<Kaires> Unfortunately, her E-Mail has ceased to function, but I have her phone number...we may get her yet
<JL> Bruce if you want to take the info on those flyers and re-design it to look good at a gaming con - DO IT.
<JL> Send me the flyer and we'll put THAT up in the Press Room too.
<Bruce> Consider it in my "to do" pile for this month...
<JL> The only NEW bit of info we have is that the first omnibus can be pre-ordered on the Meisha Merlin site.
<N`omi> we have a gaming store here, when you finish a good one for gamers, will you send it to me, please?
<JL> We're waiting for it to turn up on Amazon's pre-order - probably April-May.
<JL> At that point we have to be ready to try to get out there and spread the word.
<JL> Here's a sidelight.
<Kaires> Re Amazon: I can't figure out how to get from access to order in 3 clicks, so I can credit S~G?
<Bruce> When flyer is redone, I'll send it to JL for approval and I imagine after that we'll post it on the website.
<JL> One bit of strategy that's been used by several BIG BEST SELLERS to get their book "up there" was to go around the country and BUY all the copies out of the stores real fast. That way it shows up as a fast seller in the computers. THEN that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as the computers call for more printed and distributed.
<JL> So what we need is to get people to buy this volume in a LOT OF DIFFERENT PLACES.
<JL> Geographically all over the country.
<Jenn> Can't do that, but I could buy it in Melbourne. :)
<Jean> We don't have enough people or money to do that.
<JL> I know there will be maybe one or two copies in the various B&N stores. You just need to get one or two people to go buy the book to REGISTER on the computer.
<Jean> Also, one copy sold in Houston and one in Minneapolis just won't make a difference.
<JL> It will if it's the ONLY copy in the store.
<Jean> Furthermore, we then have more copies to warehouse, while potential new readers can't find them.
<JL> It needs to show "sold out" in a lot of places.
<Bruce> Special orders count against that, too.
<Jenn> Essentially, it sounds like 'go ahead and buy your copy, and the copies for your friends who you know want them, from the one store.' :)
<Jean> Talking it up, getting genuine interest, maybe the audio production--so REAL READERS go and buy, not fans we have sent money to--that's what will sell books.
<Jenn> For me, that'd be buying mine, my father-in-law's, and Bek's. :)
<JL> Yes, make the store register "sold out".
<Jean> Yes--that would be great, Jenn!
<Jenn> If there's three in that bookstore...
<JL> Yes exactly.
<Jean> But those would be real readers, what we want.
<N`omi> so, then we should *not* order from Meisha Merlin?
<JL> I'm not sure how they count the "special orders" -- that just means someone came into the store knowing what they wanted. Stores like to sell what they've got not what you want.
<Bruce> BTW, just tried to download the "Read A Good Story" flyer and got a weird error message.
<JL> Oh, dear.
<JL> Which link did you click?
<N`omi> I just downloaded it
<Kaires> What does it say?
<Bruce> Getting book reading groups interested is another idea for book sales.
<Jean> Shen! It worked for me perhaps a month ago.
<JL> Yes, I saw that one suggested on Amazon or somewhere recently.
<JL> Oh, what was it? As a promotional tool.
<JL> It's way to labor-intensive for me at this point, but yes -- the book stores have these reading groups and there are some ONLINE reading groups.
<Bruce> Trying flyer again after resetting IE...
<Kaires> We just put up a new version of the SimeCenter flyer, in both Word (97) and PDF (3, I think Ronnie Bob said) the most folk could read it.
<JL> Getting reading groups to spend a month on our books would really help. Most of them aren't sf/f oriented though.
<Bruce> I started an SF/F reading group in our library.
<Bruce> I also was a charter member of a SF&F college club.
<Kaires> Do we have any drag with Amazon, now that we're in a new 'tier'?...
<JL> The next step is to get the reading group written up in the local newspaper as being in the process of reading the S~G novels.
<Bruce> Hey! Now -there's- an idea I hadn't thought of...
<JL> No, not really - Kaires - I'm sure we won't stay in that new tier.
<Kaires> If we do, ask them to inquire about series/universe/etc. preference in the various topic areas. Then members could ask for Sime~Gen specifically
* Jenn hehs. Not a chance of me getting a reading group reading 'Essential CVS'. :)
<JL> I think amazon has reading groups setting up now.
<JL> Well, Jenn it depends on the GROUP actually.
<Jenn> Highly technical computer reference book? :)
<bae> Jenn, O’Reilly is very good about promoting its books at conferences.
<Patric> So how come we don’t plug a Sime~Gen reading group on our own pages? A sign up list or something?
* Jenn nods to bae.
<bae> you could, of course, push it yourself on comp.sw.whatzit.cvs...
<JL> Just checked our Amazon account - it's updated to the 31st, but as I discovered while trying to report the other day, the numbers may yet change again.
<bae> or get some sock puppets to do it... ;-)
* Patric sees no reason we couldn’t create a mailing list devoted to reading groups.. A meeting place where they could work out the geographic details, etc...
<Jean> simegen-l is our S~G reading group.
<Jean> I wonder if a mailing list or discussion board specifically for new readers might do any good?
<JL> So far we haven't been credited with the last 2 sales we need to make the next tier because they don't think they've shipped them. HOWEVER I got a shipped-notice on one thing I'd ordered. I think the next update may include two of those items.
<Patric> True, Jean. But I was thinking a bit more broad based...
<Jean> People intimidated by all that technical S~G talk?
<Bruce> Flyer second attempt aborted as well. "Object Label Badly Formatted".
<bae> the list is so dead now, I doubt there's much need for another one.
<Jean> It will pick up after the holidays.
<bae> it never really recovered from the Sept. crash.
<Jean> Everyone's busy right now, and students may even not have computer access.
<Patric> I was thinking more along the lines of Interested in forming a reading group in your area? Coordinate it here and meet others with similar interests/locations, etc.
<Kaires> If anyone answered my earlier question, I didn't see it
<Bruce> There's my 10 Telarc CD's and my Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 that Amazon syas they shipped.
<Kaires> Re Amazon: I can't figure out how to get from access to order in 3 clicks, so I can credit S~G. ?.
<Jean> Oh, that's a good idea, Patric!
<Karen> go in through the main S~G page, Kaires. That's what I do.
<Jean> Kaires, I think you have to know exactly what you want to order.
<JL> Bruce - checking "shipped" status on all 10 CD's.
<Bruce> Heck I like that. I have an E-Zine for "Progressive Rock" music where I promoted my new Progressive Rock bookshelf...
<Kaires> I go in through our page,
<Kaires> and I have my cart all set up
<Jean> We have the Amazon search thingy on our page. Put the title you are looking for into that, one click.
<Kaires> but I still can't get an order in with 3 clicks or less
<JL> 1 Telarc and Rollercoaster are noted as SHIPPED.
<Jean> That should take you to the Order Now? page for that item. Click 2 is on Order Now.
<Jean> It works for me.
<Bruce> That's the whole idea behind their new "One Click ordering" button.
<Kaires> Okay, I guess I'll order one thing 'secularly' and then I can set up one-click
<Bruce> =one= Telarc? That will make me very unhappy. I asked them to bundle them all in one shipment...
<Jean> At least I am assuming that once it's in my shopping cart they are not counting other clicks that they require for filling in credit info, etc.
<JL> Kaires -- if you find the page you want to ORDER FROM, re-create the link with our /rereadablebooksr/ tag after the ASIN number and USUALLY we get credited for the sale.
* Kaires (dumb Egyptian) how exactly do I do that?
<JL> Other than that, find the item you want, note the exact author and title, go back to our top page and use the amazon search on that exact phrase (in quotes) and you'll go right back to the page, carrying our tag, and we get paid.
<JL> Searching our instruction page. wait
<Bruce> I shopped around a whole bunch after logging into Amazon to get the Telarc discs and finally decided to add the RCT2 and we still got credit for that.
<Jean> I think I'm about typed out here.
<Jean> Discovered this afternoon that Dudley snores.
<Jenn> If the URL at the top of the page is, change it to
<Jenn> Is my guess.
<Kaires> Gottit!
<Karen> Lots of cats snore....most of mine did.
<bae> one of my cats snores too. poke him and make him turn over.
<Jenn> That's a guess, not a certainty.
<Patric> That’s correct, Jenn...
<Jenn> Sam snores. Seph doesn't. (cats)
<Jean> He discovered one of Soolin's favorite nests atop the office bookcases, and has catnapped through the chat.
<bae> men, cats, it works for both.
<Bruce> Hmph... :-)
* Patric wonders if he could figure out a way to plug in the ISBN on a form and have it autocreate the Amazon link....
<Kaires> Sath and Alaric are gentlemen, and they don't snore
* Jenn hrms....
<Jean> He didn't snore during the night.
<Kaires> How did we get on this topic?
<Patric> Assuming of course Amazon stays consistent... :)
<Jenn> If it's a constant format, Patric, then yes. :)
<Jenn> Patric, GOOMH.
<Jenn> (Get Out Of My Head)
<Jean> Anyway, I need to quit this and go walk poor Kadi, who has been out on the porch all day.
* Patric laughs...
<Jenn> Poor puppy.
<N`omi> Happy New Year Evereyone!!
<Jean> So thank you all for coming.
<Jenn> Go reassure him he's a loved dog.
<Bruce> Many happy returns.
<Jean> Happy Year's Turning!
<JL> Here is the page where the instructions for crafting an amazon link that pays us reside - this takes it out of the frame and gives you ONE page.
<Jenn> Hope its a good year, everyone.
<Jean> Bye
<N`omi> Bye!!
<bae> bye!
* Jenn waves.
<Kaires> I'm out too, to the bitter dregs of the potluck...Happy Year's Turning, all
<Jenn> I'll scoot as well, actually.
<JL> bye Jenn!!!
* Jenn waves.
<ECJB> ALT+F4 everyone, and C U all around...
<MargareTZ> take care all
<Patric> Bye all!
<N`omi> Another year has gone by too fast for me!
<JL> Actually, if you buy something you’ve left in your shopping cart or wish list 3 days later, we still get paid.
<Karen> I'll also say, g'night, as I have a log to edit.
<Karen> Bye..... you'll get the log in a few hours JL and Jean.
<N`omi> I am off to the big sale at my Quilt shop! Gotta get some quilt batting! see ya all!
<N`omi> I promise to be around more this year!
<Karen> Bye then...take care.
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