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Silver Yoyo

The Silver Yo-Yo Awards

The Silver Yo-Yo Awards were presented by the fanzine

 A Companion in Zeor

for heroic actions performed on behalf of the zine.
They were awarded on a per-issue basis. Some issues had multiple Yo-Yo Award recipients, while others
(presumably the ones where production went especially smoothly) had none.

As the course and presentation of Sime~Gen refines itself in this multimedia world, the Silver Yo-You is also awarded for exemplary services rendered in course of publishing A Companion in Zeor in an on-line format.
Mary Lou Mendum, for her lost, and found again book.

Thus, the awards for 2000 are presented to Jenn Vesperman, Dancer, and Ronnie Bob Whitaker.

CZ #13 (1998) Silver Yo-Yos Awarded to:

Eric Berlin

Jenn Vesperman

CZ #12 (1997) Silver Yo-Yos Awarded to:

Mike Giroux for creation of the Companion in Zeor website.

 Allison McGaw for inspirational work behind the scenes of Australian Sime~Gen fandom.

CZ #9 (1987) Silver Yo-Yo's Awarded to:

 Lisa Calhoun

 Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer

 Marge Robbins

 Linda L. Whitten

 Donell Meadows

 Jay Schiff

 and the fanzine's financial Contributors.

 CZ #6 (1980) Silver Yo-Yo Awarded to:

 Janet Trautvetter

 CZ #5 (1980) Silver Yo-Yo Awarded to:

Bruce D. Litman, for arranging to get zine printed

Additional mini Yo-Yo's went to:

 The Litmans' typewriter, which died in the line of duty

 Karen Litman

 The Mean Green Zine Machine (mimeograph)

 Lori Tartaglio

 Mike Tartaglio

 Nancy Deacon

 John Berkowitz

 Jay Schiff

 Nadine Leeds

  CZ #2 (1978) Silver Yo-Yo Awarded to:

 Marcia J. Ristow a/k/a Ambria Matile Ridenow

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