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Out Territory Awards

Surak Award

Jacqueline Lichtenberg won the
Surak Memory Alpha Award for Distinguished Service.

Click on the thumbnail to see the certificate close up.

Surak Award

Hugo Honourable Mention

In 1973 Jacqueline Lichtenberg won an Honourable Mention in the Hugo Awards.

Hugo Award

And here's the letter that came with it....

Hugo Letter

Galaxy Award

Jacqueline Lichtenberg won a Galaxy Award for the Sime/Gen book Unto Zeor, Forever.

A trophy and pendant came with this award.
Here is Jaqueline's description of these items:

"That thing is a black marble trophy a foot high weighing a ton
because it's solid black marble with a real gemstone in the galaxy icon at the top.
And there's also a neck ribbon with a real gem pendant that goes with this award."

Volunteer Recognition

Karen Litman received a certificate and letter
in recognition of her volunteer work for the United Way.

And here's the letter that came with it.

Karens Letter

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