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Three volumes of discussions, essays, instructions, lessons and insights into how a writer reverses mental processes from reader to producer of a story. 

These volumes have been compiled from a scattering of blog posts on writing craft that have garnered praise for Jacqueline Lichtenberg's advice such as this  from Frances Drake:

It's reading articles like yours and Linnea Sinclair's, and taking online classes which make me double check what I've done.  I've been writing by instinct for the most part.   However, when one knows the craft rules, it makes things so much easier.  I taught art for many years.  My teacher, Mrs R.T. Perkins, gave me good advice which applies to all of life.  "Know the rules, and don't break them... unless you do it beautifully."  That was a large part of what you were saying in your article.  I'm just trying to learn the rules.

R. T. Perkins is quoted from a book she is preparing on Art. 




Thousands of books introduce beginners to the Tarot, hundreds hone the skills of the advanced student of Tarot, but few train the mind for the leap from beginner to advanced student. 

These five volumes explore the gap between beginner and advanced Tarot, filling in an understanding of the structure behind the Tarot based on the Kaballah Tree of Life.  These volumes do not reference any particular Tarot deck, nor do they require one to own a Tarot deck in order to understand the archetypes. 



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