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  "Sizzling suspense, romance and the best explanation for  vampires on Earth that I've ever come across.  Those Of My Blood is a true keeper.  Jane Toombs"

Winner of the Romantic Times Award for her novel Dushau,

romantictimes-2a-th.jpg (6792 bytes)  Jacqueline Lichtenberg, creator of the vampiric symbiosis of the Sime~Gen Universe novels,  has also published several Vampire stories.    She has two Berkeley pb. sf novels reprinted titled Molt Brother and City of a Million Legends.    You may know her as primary author of Star Trek Lives! and founder of Star Trek Welcommittee.  

Jacqueline Lichtenberg is a contributor to Seven Seasons of Buffy: science fiction and fantasy writers discuss their favorite televsion show. Read excerpts here.  

Jacqueline Lichtenberg is also a contributor to Five Seasons of Angel.



Titus Shiddehara has existed contentedly as a vampire ever since he was killed in an automobile accident and buried by his fiancee about 20 years prior to Those of My Blood.  The only issues he has are with his vampire "Father" who won't allow him to make his existence known to the woman he loves, a human who saw him die.

After he leaves his "Father" he is given a mission on a Lunar Expedition to investigate a crashed alien ship only to find his "Father" is also on the mission.  On the Moon he comes face to face, in public, with his fiancee who recognizes him - as a dead man. His "Father's" orders have been thwarted by fate.

Titus must prevent her from revealing his condition and protect her from his "Father" whose solution is to murder her to prevent her from talking -- all while desperately trying to win back her trust and love.  

But she refuses to believe he's actually a vampire.  She thinks he staged his death to get out of marrying her.  To break through her disbelief, he resorts to formulating out of mist into bat-shape then man-shape right in her bedroom, deliberately scaring her near to death - because he loves her desperately.  

If he fails to get her to behave, his "Father" will take over her mind brutally - and eventually see to her death.  Or he'll have to take over her mind and force her to behave.  What kind of marriage can be founded on that?  

But if she does believe him - how could she possibly still love him?  

Will he have the courage to convince her?  What will her reaction be?  

Love, vampire sex, and a shared dedication to their mission send the couple hurtling along a collision course with Titus's "Father".  Titus and his love must trek across the Lunar surface in space suits rapidly running out of air. With their home base in sight, Earth rising majestically over the Lunar landscape, and breathing the last of the air, Titus once again proposes marriage to the woman he loves who now knows him for what he really is. Will she accept?  Will they both survive?  

Read 4 Chapters Free   

 "highly recommended" by Patricia Altner. (this review has disappeared.  Sorry.)

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