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Philadelphia -- A Bicycle-Eye View

    Bicyclists see parts of cities that car-bound tourists miss.  While bicycling around Philadelphia, I saw a gargoyle on a garage corner, a variety of ornate doorways and bay windows, amazing old buildings made modern on the first floor only, so they could be used as stores.

   Nearly every block in Philadelphia has a church, a bar, a barbershop, and a Ma-and-Pa grocery store.  The homes are row-houses.  People's front doors open onto the sidewalk.  There are no front yards or separate houses.  

    I hope this collection of photos gives a feel for the varied architecture in this recovering old city.

    The following pages have 6 to 8 photographs, and download times may be long.  I think it's worth it.  The first time I took many of these photos I accidentally set my camera on panorama and only got the middle of what I intended, so I biked around the city again, in the heat, to make sure I got these photos.  Even the longest download won't take you as long as that bike trip.  Thanks, Lois

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