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Ladybugs for Loretta

by Lois June Wickstrom, illustrated by Francie Mion

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ladybug teddy bear ladybug tree ornament
cover of ladybugs for Loretta Click here to see reviews:
  • A few copies of this paperback book are still available for $4 directly from the author.  Ask if you want an autograph. Please give the name you want it autographed for.

    Payments accepted by check or PayPal 

    mail checks to:

    Lois Wickstrom
    787 N 24th Street
    Philadelphia PA 19130-2540

    send $4  including shipping to Lois Wickstrom at .  Be sure to send an email to Lois at to tell her your mailing address, too. 

    Ladybugs for Loretta is available as an ebook in PDF format for $2.00. You'll receive an email with the download link shortly after payment.

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