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Ladybugs for Loretta -- Reviews

"Ladybugs for Loretta is a winning combination of entertaining story and accessible science lesson. Young readers will come away with an appreciation for, and understanding of, ladybugs, thanks to the enthusiasm and imaginative spirit of the book's extraordinary young heroine. While Francie Mion's two-color ink sketches do a good job of illustrating the plot, Loretta bursts to life from the text itself." -- Haemi Balgassi


"It's a true treasure for anyone who is enthusiastic about ladybugs. I, myself, love ladybugs and I find this story a wonderful way to teach your children about ladybugs and their surroundings." -- Jennifer B. Leese


"In this charming story, children learn all about ladybugs as they watch Loretta's adventures with her protégés. It's nice to see how Loretta stops being mischievous once she finds her "true calling". " -- Christine Spindler


"Ladybugs for Loretta by Lois June Wickstrom is a sweet tale of the life and frolicsome nature of ladybugs. The pictures drawn by Francie Mion will help draw your children into this heart-warming story as they imagine themselves part of the free life of ladybugs." -- Kim Gaona


"A sense of reverence for life works throughout the story in the way Loretta feels about and handles the tiny red creatures. The illustrations are simple and charming, mostly done in black and white allowing the red ladybugs to stand out. This book is a good choice for those who enjoy nature and mischievous little girls! "-- Simply Ebooks
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