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Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner

Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner





Frankenstein Art
In An English Country Garden 1
Garden 2
Assemblage / a semblage
by Gina Wisker
Artwork: He Never Lets It Go by Will Jacques : 1

Recording Our Skullsong
Slayer's Ballet
This Bonfire
by Michael A. Arnzen
Artwork: The Maggot King by Will Jacques 2

by David Sandner
Artwork: The Detail Man by Will Jacques: 3

Dirkwood Dane Stays Ahead of the Game
by Graeme Wend-Walker
Artwork: The Playground by Will Jacques: 4

The Game
by Denis Bushlatov
Artwork: Monkey Bar Champion by Will Jacques: 5


by Megan Taylor
Artwork: The Bullied Clown by Will Jacques: 6

Friday at the Nightmare Hotel
by Paul Lubaczewski
Artwork: A Gathering of Sisters by Will Jacques: 7

Mother Ate
by Clare Diston
Artwork: Caught Between Houses by Will Jacques: 8

by Harvey Steinberg
Artwork: The Eye of Ra by Will Jacques: 9

Then, She Floats
These Men Past
by Helena Astbury
Artwork: The Lake of Faces by Will Jacques: 10

Raw Fear
by Nicholas Alexander
Artwork: The Lady of Flame by Will Jacques: 11

My Sister, My Child, My Monster
by Delaney Rose
Artwork: Learning to Play Nice (33 White-Hat Shadows) by Will Jacques: 12

Sick Fair
by Teege Braune
Artwork: Fixing the Target by Will Jacques: 13

Bubonic Litany
I Bleed Earth
Carmine Castles
by Sara Tantlinger
Artwork: The Swimming Hole by Will Jacques: 14


by Andrew Lee-Hart
Artwork: The Happy Volcano by Will Jacques: 15

The Descent
Dutch Tango
by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Artwork: The Queen of Cups by Will Jacques: 16

Fear, Anxiety and Dread:
Examining the Influence of Antecedent Genres on Urban Fantasy’s Thematic Concerns

by Sarai Mannolini-Winwood: 17

Posthuman Gothic, Anya Heise-von der Lippe (2017)
Review by Gina Wisker: 18

Dissections Editorial Board
editorial board photo

From left to right: Gina Wisker, David Sandner, Michael A. Arnzen, (Al Wendland) and Lawrence Connolly

                                       Frances Auld photo Frances Auld (for student                                                       submissions)      

          Michael A. Arnzen

    brian attebery photo Brian Attebery

   photo Clive Bloom Clive Bloom

              lawrence connolly photo Lawrence C. Connolly
             william hughes photo William Hughes

      nickianne moody photo Nickianne Moody

            Stephanie Moss

                                         Xavier Aldana-Reyes                 

                       mariemulvey-roberts photo Marie Mulvey-Roberts

            David Sandner

   Andrew Smith

              Angela Tenga

                                          Linda Holland-Toll photo Linda Holland-Toll (for reviews)

                        Graeme Wend-Walker photo  Graeme Wend-Walker

gina wisker photo Gina Wisker

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