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Joan passed away on September 11, 2008. Additional Memorial Tributes are linked through a large table on the main page of this site.

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Part of A Companion in Zeor
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Bye, Joanie (Joan Winston's funeral)

It always seems the same, funerals always catch people off-side. Joan Winston's service was a hot, humid Sunday morning in the Upper West Side, the Plaza Funeral Home on Amsterdam Av & 91st St. There were apparently just enough Jewish folks in attendance to have a minyan. Friends who would have wanted to be there were far away or about to go to hospital, or simply didn't know. We immediately started reeling off the names of people who should have been informed. Sharane Carr and Roberta Rogow were the first familiar faces I saw there, and together with six other women I'd known from my earliest Trek Con days we filled the front row. Ben Yalow showed up (of course he wore a bow tie), as did a handful of Joanie's blood family, a gentleman reportedly from CBS, an attorney involved with an ongoing lawsuit and the Rabbi from the Riverdale convalescent home she'd been living in.

The traditional Failure to Communicate came up before the service began: There was talk of who was going to the burial and where it would be when a family member revealed that there was already a space for Joan in the family plot that no one organizing the funeral had been told about. So there would be no burial today, probably Monday or Tuesday. "Typical Joanie," Roberta said, bringing a little smile to the temporary confusion.

This service was simple and has apparently been webcast but I didn't get the URL being used; hopefully that information's being spread by others. The Rabbi didn't really know much about Joanie or fandom but he gave the audience a proper Vulcan salute (doubtlessly easy for him) and worked "where no man has gone before" into his eulogy without sounding contrived. The written messages of Angelique Trouvere (Destiny from Trek Con costuming days), Amy Harlib, George Takei and several others were read, and Roberta sang the Kaddish at the end.

Before and afterwards, we of original Trekdom talked of the good times, of Joanie's wide-open embrace of the people she'd meet, even if it was their first time. I didn't know she knew Joan Crawford, for example. We talked of her fantastic wardrobe, the celebrities she knew as friends, and her sometimes shocking costume choices at conventions, including that famous--and accurate--Amazon costume. We talked about everything but her illnesses; Joanie was not about being sick, she swept her conditions to the side as mere physical stumbling blocks. Her life had been far more interesting to her, and to us.

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Abby Winterbreucke

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