Joan Winston: Recollections and Tributes

Joan passed away on September 11, 2008. Memorial Tributes are linked through a large table on the main page of this site.

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A tribute page for Joan Winston, Author of THE MAKING OF THE TREK CONVENTIONS, Co-Author of STAR TREK LIVES!, one of the founders of the original Star Trek Conventions, and a member of "The Committee."

Part of A Companion in Zeor
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Additional photos

Joan wearing a Theissís costume from "In Truth is there no beauty?" Photographed by the late Jeff Maynard. Photo used with the permission of Angelique Trouvere, who has inherited much of Jeff's photo collection.

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Angelique later wrote: Pics of Joan taken at DisCon 2 in 1974, by Jeff Maynard. I think that theyíre a nice reminder of how wonderfully zany Joan can be at a con.

Joan kisses one of the Planet of the Apes characters. Iím not sure if itís Cornelius or Zira.

Lunch with friends -- from left to right: Cornelius, Jeff Maynard, unknown blonde, Joan and Allan Asherman.

Iím not sure whoís the blonde next to Joan in this shot.

Waiting outside the hotel for a bus: the only ones I recognize in this shot is Joan and ape friend (Cornelius?)

The apes were a couple who did incredible makeup/appliance work on their hands and faces. I vividly remember that their entry in the masquerade was a jaw dropping stunt show that demonstrated their fighting skills. Unfortunately, I donít remember their names.

This one is from the Trek con in NYC in 1976.

A group of us are modeling William Theissí costumes from his various Roddenberry movies and TV shows. From left to right: unknown fan wearing gown from "Genesis II", Angelique Trouvere wearing gown from "Elaan of Troyus" Trek episode, William Theiss, Joyce Yasner in "Planet Earth" riding outfit, Joan Winston and unknown fan, wearing gowns. Linda Deneroff thinks the woman on the right (red gown) is Cindy Casby.

Note--if anyone recognizes either the unknown ladies at either end, or the gowns, please let us know. Thanks.

Additional photos


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Angelique Trouvere.

Howard Weinstein, Long-time Star Trek author

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