Joan Winston: Recollections and Tributes

Joan passed away on September 11, 2008. Memorial Tributes are linked through a large table on the main page of this site.

Presented as Part of A COMPANION IN ZEOR'S Thirtieth Anniversary Year

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This photograph provided by Lynda (Martindale) Rzeszutek, is from a "Kraith Affirmation" at TorCon (1976). Joan is on the left, and Jacqueline Lichtenberg on the right.

These two images were provided to us by Richard G. VanTreuren.

Angelique wrote: "I just found these in the Maynard collection. While I recognize Joan with Walter Koenig, and also with Arleen Martel (T'Pring from AMOK TIME) would you know when they were taken? Also, recognize anyone else in the Walter shot besides De Kelley coming through the door? The third one I can only make out Joan and George Takei, although the guy in front looks familiar."

If anyone knows, please drop me a line through one of the links on Joan's pages.


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