These historical photographs, displayed on Nova's Sime~Gen web page until recently, depict costumes from Darkover 13 in 1990, including a set of animated tentacles made from a toy.


Nova and Don in transfer.
Trying to get Don to show off his tentacles.



Some scenes from the first shiltpron parlor.



The Faith Day Ceremony.
Receiving the Digen Farris award.
From left to right; Linda Whitten,
Kerry Lindeman-Shafer,
Donell Medows, & Margaret Carter.


These gorgeous short sleved gowns were entered in Costume Con 9's future fashion folio in the formal wear catergory. They are entitled GEMNI, and are actually the gown of a channel and companion. They were designed by Susan De Gaurdiola and Jennifer Tifft. They are modeled by Susan De Gaurdiola in the green, the other model's face is covered because she has not been contacted yet with permission to put up her photo. As soon as I get it I will upload the photo that shows her face.


Bad Sime!

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