cheryl Wolverton

Cheryl Wolverton is a very wonderful person who has been active in Sime~Gen fandom for a long time now. Her wonderful Alissa stories were originally published in the pages of Companion in Zeor and Ambrov Zeor. Cheryl is also a professional romance writer with many successful books to her credit. For more information about cheryl visit her homepage

Cheryl thoroughly enjoys writing. It wasn't until shortly after she had sold her first book, A MATTER OF TRUST, that she was up in her mom's attic and found dozens and dozens of stories she had written as a child. All with a humorous twist. She says it was fun to reread those old stories and realize that she must have been destined to write, despite the fact that, before she married, she had been studying to be a nurse.
However, she happily settled down to raising her daughter, and then later her son, putting aside a career to enjoy her family while they were small. She taught Sunday school, and inadvertently continued her writing by creating her own Sunday school material. It wasn't until her son was four years old that she sat down and penned her first novel-and has been creating them ever since. Originally, having started with secular books, Cheryl felt there was something missing. "Putting my faith in these novels is a very fulfilling experience." Cheryl feels she is able to share a bit more of herself and her joy and love of the Lord by having the opportunity to add this to her story. Your relationship with God is going to affect your view on family and marriage, she says, and there is so much more than just attraction that goes on between a man and a woman. Cheryl lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with Steve, her husband of over 16 years and her two children, Christina, who is now old enough to drive-oh dear-and her son, Jeremiah, who is in middle school. For fun, the family likes to play cards, roller blade together, walk along the levee of the Mississippi River and especially visit anything that has to do with science, including stargazing.

Look for Cheryl's next Love Inspired(r) titles. THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER is available in December, and in addition Cheryl has an upcoming title in the Spring of 1999 as well as a three book series later in 1999..----- Stolen with permission from Cheryl's bio





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Alissa returns to Household Carrie only to face the results of her impulsive decisions. Can she make it up to this Householding and to the Tecton while finally finding what she seeks?