Sime~Gen™ Inc. Annual Meeting - 2012

This is a record of the formal meeting of Sime~Gen participants for the purpose of reporting on events affecting the domain,  voting on Awards for tasks accomplished during 2011, and awarding Preferred, non-voting shares of stock in Sime~Gen Inc.
Below is the log of the business meeting.  Informal discussion was taking place at the same time in a separate room.
The meeting was called to order by Jacqueline Lichtenberg <JL>  & Jean Lorrah <jean>


irc_name -- 'real' name
<~JL> -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg
<ZoeFarris> -- Zoe Farris
<SosuEliza> -- Eliza ambrov Halwyn
<Karen> -- Karen MacLeod
<Jean> -- Jean Lorrah
<kaires> -- Kaíres Tévesu
<mlm> -- Mary Lou Mendum
<TracyambrovHalw> -- ???
<Penny Ash> -- Penny Ash
<Wyld_Dandelyon> -- Deirdre
<allisonmcgaw> -- Allison McGaw
<APinzow> -- Anne Pinzow
<Lexie13afk> -- M. Alexis Pakulak
<Cindy> -- Cindy McA
<Harold Saxon> --
Session Start: Sun Jan 01,  2012, 15:43:51 EST

Editorial note - The first part of this log is pre-meeting gathering and information.
When the business meeting is actually called to order, print will turn darker.

<ZoeFarris> Hello

<~JL> hi Zoe!

<SosuEliza> Good morning/afternoon

<Jean> Hi, everyone.

<~JL> Hi Eliza

<SosuEliza> Hello Jean

<~JL> Hi Jean

<mlm> Good barely-afternoon, all.

<~JL> That's where I posted Karen's list of what we vote on

<Jean> A chime keeps ringing on my computer, but does not appear to correspond to things happening in any program I have open.

<SosuEliza> It's this Jean - every time someone comments.

<Jean> Then text is lagging well behind text!

<~JL> Oh, there's an icon on the bottom of the chat window to turn off the chiming

<Jean> Behind sound, I meant. Turned off.

<~JL> So according to Eliza's directions (love their accents!) this is the room we use for business, the other MYROOM is for cross-chatter.

<Jean> Right. More people should show up at the top of the hour.

<ZoeFarris> That is a good idea, so Eliza and I can greet and direct new joiners.

<ZoeFarris> We don't have an accent.....

<Jean> No--you speak a dialect.

<~JL> Simes from Australia likewise don't have an accent.

<Jean> It is impossible to speak your native language without speaking a dialect.

<ZoeFarris> My Canadian friend, Juliana had to translate what I meant sometimes.

<SosuEliza> I don't have an accent - you have an accent...

<Jean> An accent is the effect of your native language on any language you learn after your language channels close at about age 12.

<ZoeFarris> I think it wasn't so much my accent, but the words I used and apparently the speed at which I spoke.

<Jean> Those are all characteristics of your dialect, Zoe.

<ZoeFarris> yes, Juliana had to point out to me that I was talking with another Aussie, and the both of us hadn't even noticed because it was natural. She said together we were speed talking. lol

<kaires> Accent has 3 dimensions: pronunciation, inflection, and vocabulary. My accent/dialect is slightly theatrical Southern Californian. That means I tend to drop the 'g' off words ending in 'ing' ...which I hate and try to avoid

<Jean> BRB--medicine time, plus a snack for me, too.

<ZoeFarris> JL, the link for the list is going to a misdirection page.

<SosuEliza> It worked for me.

<ZoeFarris> Must be me, then.

<~JL> Let me try that again.

Editorial note -- All links were repaired and working at the time this chat was edited and prepared.

<mlm> I got the misdirection page as well.

<ZoeFarris> Ok, got it


<~JL> It keeps truncating the link.

<ZoeFarris> Click it, it should work. It's a hot link. I cut and paste which is why it didn't work the first time.

<Jean> It works if you click it.

<SosuEliza> ****** start logging for business chat******

<Jean> Welcome to the 2012 Sime~Gen New Year's Chat. While the world was going to hell in a handbasket, 2011 was one of the best years Sime~Gen Inc. has ever had. All the existing Sime~Gen books came back into print. Three new S~G books were published. And we made some money!

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Making money is good!

<Jean> For the past several years Sime~Gen Inc. has either lost money or barely broken even. This year the royalties for the new S~G books pushed up into the profit column. And that means the books SOLD! We have been waiting for e-books to solve a myriad of publishing problems- and in 2011 it finally happened. There will be a new S~G book out in 2012, Jacqueline's THE FARRIS CHANNEL.

<Jean> It's complete, contracted, and turned in--we are now just waiting for it to work its way through the pipeline. Ideally, we should have a new S~G book coming out every year for the foreseeable future. The 2013 book should be my SPECIAL DISPENSATION.

<Jean> And because the largest outlet for our books is Amazon, with their way of linking series and authors, each new book should also bring new readers for the other books. And for the first time in the history of the series, ALL THE BOOKS WILL CONTINUE IN PRINT! That solves one problem we have had all along.

<Jean> Although we did not write the books in universe history order, and we carefully made certain every book was a legitimate entrance to the series, we continually met readers who would not start a series unless they could start with the first book. And, of course, until e-books, by the time three or four books were out in ANY series, the first one was out of print. NEVER AGAIN!

<Jean> Today any reader can get HOUSE OF ZEOR if that's where they want to start, or they can pick up the latest book if that's what they want. So that is the biggest news of 2011 for Sime~Gen Inc. and

<Jean> However, as if we didn't have enough to do getting all the books ready for press and then trying to promote them, we had to move

<Jean> Our wonderful webmaster, Patric Michael, is gravely ill, and cannot continue to run our server. Therefore we have moved to GoDaddy, where we can get the tech help we so badly need. The main move has been done, and the domain is operating. However, there are still many, many loose ends to tie up before we can even begin the redesign our top pages need.

<~JL> Apropos of sprucing up things broken in the move, we lost our banner carousel leaving a hole at the top and bottom of many pages. I now have (large) "share" buttons on the top banner position. You can all help by clicking 1+ or other share buttons on these pages, and telling us where you see error messages instead of a banner.

<Jean> And if any of you know a good easy-to-use banner carousel that runs on java script or other method not prohibited by GoDaddy, and doesn't cost more than we would earn from running ads in it, please let Jacqueline or me know about it.

<Jean> It's wonderful to be getting book royalties, but they are unpredictable--we can't count on earning as much in 2012 as we did in 2011. So we need to continue seeking other revenue.

<Jean> Another 2011/2012 project is the vampire anthology, VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA. This is something Jacqueline and I have been working on for years. We have stories by some of you in it, while we are the editors. Wildside will publish it, and we have contracted with the writers. Penny has done a wonderful cover for it. We expect it to appear sometime toward the end of 2012. The contributors and Sime~Gen Inc. will split the royalties.

Sime~Gen President's Report
- by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

As President of Sime~Gen Inc., and as Chief Operations Officer I'm mostly in charge of the domain operations. A lot of my time was spent on the "move the domain" project -- but the largest share of that burden fell on Patric's shoulders. Since he's been in chemo and losing the battle, he had times he could work on it, and times he just could not, so it was drop everything to do this or that task with him.

We did get it done, and thanks to Karen MacLeod's diligent help copyediting the Sime~Gen books, we got all those novels worked through the process with Wildside. You have no idea what it's like to be rereading the same text again and again and again -- text you wrote decades ago! It's both interesting and boring at the same time. You must understand, too, that originally, on the typewriter manuscripts, Karen MacLeod was one of the beta-readers and eventually copyeditors.

 After we all get through with a manuscript, it goes through several rounds of checking at the publisher, back and forth. Today's world has a whole new set of typos that get created by the software the publisher runs the text through, and all those have to be weeded out. I'm betting that some of you will find NEW TYPOS in the new books.

But now you can get them on ACID FREE PAPER - they are very heavy, but sturdy, and for the first time in history printed in a type size you can actually read. So we are pleased with this year's work, both in keeping the domain up and running and in providing access to these novels.

Did Jean mention her SIME~GEN NOVEL TO KISS OR TO KILL made it to the finalist list for the Eppie award?

Her Vampire novel, BLOOD WILL TELL, won an Eppie, and another award, too, the Lord Ruthven.

<Jean> Until March I'm an EPPIE finalist. Then either I win or I don't.

Sime~Gen is based in the Vampire archetype -- from back when you weren't allowed to have vampires in a novel and still have it published under the SCIENCE FICTION label. March - thank you Jean.

<Jean> EPIC, the organization that awards the Eppies, is Electronically Published Internet Connection. It's the oldest organization of e-book authors.

I haven't had TIME to get my Romantic Times Award winning DUSHAU TRILOGY out from Wildside, so I put it on Kindle by myself. Because I did it independently, I was able to offer the first novel, DUSHAU free over the Christmas weekend. It got over 1600 downloads, and 8 or 9 copies of the other two in the trilogy sold by the end of the year.

The free download should reach people who would never PAY for a Sime~Gen novel, but if they like DUSHAU it is very possible they'll like Sime~Gen. Amazon will offer Sime~Gen to those new readers and we'll see if any of them pick up on it.

BLOOD WILL TELL was an Eppie finalist, but didn't win. It did win the Lord Ruthven award, and a romance award that isn't given anymore.

According to my observations of sales rates on Amazon (I can't do this on B&N because they don't have author-friendly facilities) -- I suspect a lot of new people are starting with HOUSE OF ZEOR because it was labeled #1 and working their way through by the publication order. That's why I put the internal chronology in each of the novels -- some people prefer chronology.

So - for 2012, I'm hoping a number of new folks will turn up on the SIMEGEN Group on Facebook. I put enough URLs in the re-issued Sime~Gen novels to lead them to us if they want company.

 In the move to the new server, we have lost the FTP access for some of the important people who update the Sime~Gen fanfic (Bev) and other sections (Kaires) -- and I hope to fix that this week if I can.

Jean - thanks for the correction on the various awards for BLOOD WILL TELL -- 
BTW if anyone hasn't read that book, please read it. It's terrific! is the link for "Territorial News." The newsletter of What's New at, with: Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah.

So plans for 2012 include repairing features of that got broken in the move, updating the "look" and fixing up some of the sales pages for Sime~Gen sorely in need of updating.

<Jean> Here's one version of BLOOD WILL TELL on Amazon.

<~JL> I understand Bev has much of the cooperative fiction yet to post. And we have the Vampire Anthology VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA to get out and promoted. Now, I have one more forward-looking announcement.

<Jean> I see I need to make a link to the Wildside edition--another loose end dangling.

<~JL> another publisher I met on Twitter runs the #scifichat where I met Penny Ash. He wants me to write my Memoirs as a Star Trek Fan - and I've begun that project. I got sidetracked by the Wildside reissue project for Sime~Gen, but if I can get this anthology launched, and all my page updating done, that's the next big featured project for me for 2012. After that, I have to get the Boxmaster trilogy out from Wildside, but they need tech updating. That trilogy has never been published, so it'll need some separate promoting. (it's all written)

<~JL> I think I reached a limit with that last paragraph. So we have our work cut out for us for 2012, and lots of ambitious projects. We can use all the help we can get, especially in spreading the word about the Vampire's Dilemma.

<~JL> Jean - that concludes the Operations report.

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<Jean> Found the Wildside link for BLOOD WILL TELL:
<Jean> Yes, there are super stories in THE VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA, in several genres. They are all stories about vampires with dilemmas, but some are romantic, some are funny, etc.

<Jean> My next creative project must be SPECIAL DISPENSATION, but as I try to outline before starting to write, my days get filled with domain tech, corp. bookkeeping, promotion of existing books, etc. I never know what "etc." will be on any given day, but it's pretty sure to eat my planned-out time for something else! Nevertheless, 2011 was for the most part a good year, and 2012 should be even better!

<Jean> On to awards.

<Jean> The list of potential awards is here: We do not give all the awards every year. First I have a couple of nominations for existing awards.

<Jean> After we have given existing awards, I will propose two new awards.

<Jean> First, Karen Award --- Created in 2002, this award for Creating Foundations is awarded to those individuals or organizations who have helped to create the Sime~Gen fan universe or, who have proven indispensable in growing and maintaining the Simegen domain.
Karen Award

<Jean> I think you can all easily guess that I nominate Zoe Farris for the Karen Award, for creating and maintaining the Facebook Sime Gen group.

<~JL> I second Zoe Farris for the Karen Award.

<kaires> I third it

<Jean> Question. All in favor, say Aye.

<TracyambrovHalw> I put my vote in for Zoe, too.

<Jean> aye

<TracyambrovHalw> Aye

<Penny Ash> aye

<SosuEliza> aye

<kaires> aye

<Wyld_Dandelyon> aye


<Jean> The ayes have it. Congratulations, Zoe.

<ZoeFarris> Thank you, Everyone.

<Jean> While we are on the Karen award, would anyone like to nominate anyone else?

<~JL> I nominate Eliza for the Karen Award for giving us this CHAT facility.

<SosuEliza> I officially decline on the grounds that I don't need an award for doing something I wanted to do. But thank you for the nomination.

<Penny Ash> I'll second that anyway.

<kaires> Can I second? That's what I proposed in the other room.

<Jean> Let us acknowledge your work, Eliza.

<kaires> And, Eliza, that's exactly why we WANT to award you.

<Jean> There's no gold statue or anything--just recognition of your efforts.

<~JL> Patric is like that, too, just can't stand up and take a bow.

<SosuEliza> lol, damn, if it was a gold statue... Thank you for the nomination

<TracyambrovHalw> Could we award them both? As equals? Behind every good Sime, there's a great Gen.

<~JL> Definitely a pair.

<Jean> These are not exclusive awards. More than one person can contribute in a particular category.

<TracyambrovHalw> They do live the ideals which the series describes...equal opposites working together

<allisonmcgaw> well, I'll say that they together have me back at SimeGen after years away.

<~JL> So let's vote the Karen Award for Eliza.

<Jean> Eliza has been nominated and seconded for the Karen award.

<Jean> Question. Aye.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> aye


<ZoeFarris> Aye

<Penny Ash> aye

<TracyambrovHalw> aye

<allisonmcgaw> aye

<~JL> I see 7 votes

<Jean> The ayes have it. Congratulations, Eliza.

<~JL> ~~applause~~

<Jean> Any further nominations for the Karen award?

<SosuEliza> Thank you.

<Jean> If not, then the other award I have a nomination for is The Risa Tigue Gen (and Sime) Re-Use Award --- "it doesn't make good economic sense to use a Gen only once." -- Risa Tigue, AMBROV KEON
Risa Tigue Award

<Jean> This award honors Sime/Gen fans who have given their old computer systems to further the cause of other Sime/Gen fans' gaining email and Web access, and also the recipients of those computers for giving email and the Web a game try and, well, for just being themselves!

<Jean> Most of you won't know why I am nominating Karen MacLeod for this award. She is the copyeditor for the Sime~Gen books, and does all kinds of other editorial work for us. She has been working on an old, dilapidated computer for years, and was finally given a new one last summer. Sadly, the donor of the new computer died before he could set up the new computer for her--and she has been struggling ever since to get the new one working while continuing to pound out deadline work on the old one.

<kaires> Karen is amazing. I second.

<Jean> Question. Aye.


<ZoeFarris> aye

<Penny Ash> aye

<SosuEliza> aye

<TracyambrovHalw> aye

<kaires> aye

<Wyld_Dandelyon> aye

<Jean> The ayes have it. Congratulations to Karen.

<ZoeFarris> Congratulations Karen.

<~JL> ~~YAY KAREN ~~~applause~~~

<Jean> And BTW, if any of you are computer techs who live anywhere near Karen, and would like to win this award next year--help her get her new computer up and running! Okay--any further nominations for the Re-Use Award?

<SosuEliza> I would like to nominate someone, only I'm not sure if it should be the silver or gold yo-yo. It should be a combination of those and the re-use... Karen sent a heap of magazines to us Aussies.
Tech-Ton Award

<kaires> Actually, I was going to nominate Zoe & Eliza for the Tech-Ton award, for creation and/or application of new software and/or online tools. But the Karen award is better.

<~JL> It's possible they'll be up for the Tech-ton next year!

<SosuEliza> I would like to nominate Karen for an award for going through all the old magazines, spending time sorting out which we needed, and posting them to Australia

<Jean> YoYo awards are for things that do not go smoothly--when people have to run back and forth or send things yo-yoing back and forth.

<SosuEliza> then the Sime Center award - for getting us selyn when we needed it .
Nager Award

<Jean> But we can add recycling fanzines to the reasons for Karen to get the Re-Use award. Do you mean the Nager award?

<~JL> Karen has earned the appreciation of everyone involved here. Remember how many times she found the URL of a resource I knew was somewhere on but couldn't find?

<Jean> That fits Karen--always there to rely on.

<SosuEliza> Yes

<~JL> That's why there's an award named after her! It's getting very late. We need to move this along. I have to go soon.

<Jean> Go ahead and nominate.

<ZoeFarris> I would 2nd Eliza's nomination. Karen did a lot to get those zines to us.

<Jean> Question. Aye.

<TracyambrovHalw> I would vote for Karen as well.

<SosuEliza> aye

<kaires> aye

<~JL> aye

<Wyld_Dandelyon> ayd

<Wyld_Dandelyon> er, aye

<Penny Ash> aye

<Jean> The ayes have it.

<~JL> ~~~YAY ~~~applause~~~

<Jean> Congratulations to Karen again.

<Jean> Are there further nominations for any of the awards? If not, I want to propose two new awards.

<Jean> Times change and new things happen that don't quite fit the awards we already have. For the first time it has been worth the time and effort to carry Sime~Gen books to conventions. Sime~Gen Inc. purchases the books, but Jacqueline and I cannot get to many conventions.

<Jean> In this case Karen (again!) took a set of the books to Darkover and sold every one of them. We profited from her efforts.

<SosuEliza> What do you want to call the award?

<Jean> So I propose the Keon Salesmanship Award to the staff member who sold the most books for us.

<TracyambrovHalw> good name for it.

<allisonmcgaw> Seconded

<Jean> Vote to establish the award: aye


<TracyambrovHalw> aye

<Wyld_Dandelyon> aye

<SosuEliza> aye

<kaires> Generalize it: the staff member who sold the Sime~Gen franchise.

<ZoeFarris> aye

<kaires> CafePress should count.

<Penny Ash> aye

<kaires> aye

<Jean> The ayes have it. Friendly amendment accepted. But it doesn't have to be a staff member--but someone who sells for us. Is that okay with you, Kaires?

<~JL> Cafepress and all online promotions. One day we'll have that shopping cart set up.

<kaires> absolutely
Keon Salesmanship Award
(Created by Jean Lorrah, at the annual meeting, 01 January 2012)
Awarded to a person who has successfully 'marketed' Sime~Gen, and whose efforts have brought money into our coffers. This includes taking books to conventions to sell, designing and promoting SimeGen merchandise on sites like CafePress, and other online promotions.
Awardees: Karen MacLeod (2012)





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<Jean> Nominate Karen.

<allisonmcgaw> I did not believe the franchise was for sale? Have I missed something?

<Jean> The franchise is not for sale. S~G merchandise is. We'll clean up typos before posting. No second?

<ZoeFarris> second

<Jean> Question. Aye.

<kaires> aye


<TracyambrovHalw> aye

<Wyld_Dandelyon> aye

<SosuEliza> aye

<Penny Ash> aye

<Jean> The ayes have it. Congratulations again, Karen! One last award.

<~JL> ~~~YAY~~~applause

<Jean> I have a suggestion for another award for Zoe for her courageous journey to the other side of the world to attend WorldCon: the Harris Emstead Award for travel to and services in a foreign Territory.

<TracyambrovHalw> I second that

<Jean> Again something that has never happened before, but could happen again.

<Jean> question. Aye.

<allisonmcgaw> aye

<Penny Ash> aye

<kaires> aye!!!!

<SosuEliza> I say "nay" on the grounds that she didn't take me! (only joking) aye


<Wyld_Dandelyon> aye

<Jean> The ayes have it.
Harris Emstead Award
(Created by Jean Lorrah, at the annual meeting, 01 January 2012)
Awarded to a person who has journeyed far away from home and performed services to Sime~Gen in a foreign Territory.
Awardees: Zoe Farris (2012)





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<Jean> And now I turn the podium over to Jacqueline for stock awards.

<ZoeFarris> Thank you.

<Jean> Congratulations, Zoe!

<~JL> ~~~YAY ZOE~~~~applause~~~~~

<allisonmcgaw> congrats Zoe!!!!

<Jean> Sime~Gen Inc. has never been able to pay the volunteers who do such great work for us. However, we have traditionally given the people who have done the most for us a little piece of our company.

<allisonmcgaw> If they were paid they'd be employees not volunteers....There is no greater service than the ones we do for love...

<Jean> Each year we distribute a few shares of preferred stock to people who have been volunteering for at least a year, and done major work for us.

<TracyambrovHalw > I love the cover for Vampire Dilemma.

<Penny Ash> TY Tracy

<~JL> Tracy - thank you for looking the covers over.

<Jean> Preferred stock is non-voting, but gets preference if and when dividends are paid (ah, to dream of the day when we can afford to pay dividends)! Jacqueline has the list of this year's recipients.

<~JL> As Jean noted, this is stock which has no value right now, but just in case we strike it rich, the proceeds will be apportioned according to the long, sustained effort that so many (over 50 now) have put into this project.

<~JL> Zoe Farris has earned the rare "First Year Award" a Citation for Exemplary contribution that hasn't yet spanned one whole year. Zoe's creation and maintaining of the Facebook Group is the kind of work that is ordinarily considered for a non-voting Stock award. Next year, if all this continues as it has begun, this Group work will make Zoe eligible for stock.

Stock Awards
Jacqueline Lichtenberg, President, Sime~Gen, Inc.

Others who have contributed over the year, long sustained efforts and sometimes on diverse projects have earned shares this year. As follows:
Karen MacLeod - 2 shares
Ronnie Bob Whitaker - 2 shares
Lois Wickstrom - 1 share
Patric Michael - 3 shares
Wendy Fischer - 1 share
Kaíres Tévesu - 1 share
That concludes the non-voting preferred stock awards for this year!

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<~JL> These folks will be getting a LETTER (yes, on PAPER ever heard of that?) in the SNAILMAIL in a week or two, giving them a tangible record of their accumulated earnings.

<allisonmcgaw> Is Ronnie Bob still around? We used to exchange VHS and gifts years ago..?

<~JL> Again, I'd like to ask folks to subscribe or follow

<allisonmcgaw> Sorry, off topic.

<Jean> Yes, Ronnie Bob still keeps our database.

<~JL> Follow me on my Facebook "page" -- and/or join the Facebook SIMEGEN Group to be notified of next year's New Year's Chat arrangements. That concludes my contributions to this year's Chat.


<Jean> On Facebook it's sime gen, two words, nothing between them. Happy New Year everyone!

<SosuEliza> Happy New Year.

<TracyambrovHalw > Happy New Year.

<Jean> That concludes the 2012 Sime~Gen New Year's Chat. Thank you for coming. #My room remains open for chatting.

<TracyambrovHalw> Happy New Year to you all!

<SosuEliza> ****** stop logging for business chat******

<~JL> When this log is cleaned, make as many live links as seems appropriate out of references.

<Jean> And thank you, Zoe and Eliza, for hosting us!

<SosuEliza> I'll wait until after the "party" then download the log and divide it. No problem Jean.

<ZoeFarris> You are welcome.

<~JL> Eliza - your software find for this chat is a definite (voted in the other room) SUCCESS~~ <SosuEliza> I was glad to help JL <allisonmcgaw> I second that! I've never successfully chatted before. It has worked well!

<kaires> Eliza, many thanks. When you have the logs in passable form, please send them to me, and I'll format them to post on the domain.

<SosuEliza> Kaires - do I send them to Karen first?

<~JL> Kaires - do you have Dropbox?

<ZoeFarris> I do, just have to learn how to use it.

Session Close: Sun Jan 01, 2012, 19:20:27 EST

Session Moderated by
Zoe Farris &
Eliza Ambrov Halwyn

Logs edited by
Karen MacLeod

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Kaíres Tévesu

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