Sime~Gen™ Inc. New Years Chat - 2012

This is a record of the informal chat among Sime~Gen participants, going on in a separate chatroom, concurrent with the formal business meeting.

The business meeting was called to order, proceeded through the agenda, and was formally adjourned.

This discussion flowed on in the background, before, during and after the meeting.


irc_name -- 'real' name
<~JL> -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg
<ZoeFarris> -- Zoe Farris
<SosuEliza> -- Eliza ambrov Halwyn
<Karen> -- Karen MacLeod
<Jean> -- Jean Lorrah
<kaires> -- Kaíres Tévesu
<mlm> -- Mary Lou Mendum
<TracyambrovHalw> -- ???
<Penny Ash> -- Penny Ash
<Wyld_Dandelyon> -- Deirdre
<allisonmcgaw> -- Allison McGaw
<APinzow> -- Anne Pinzow
<Lexie13afk> -- M. Alexis Pakulak
<Cindy> -- Cindy McA
<Harold Saxon> -- ???

Session Start: Sun Jan 01,  2012, 15:43:51 EST

<~JL> Oops - I closed the video chat window with Zoe and Eliza. Jean - I got the Facebook videochat to work with Australia. I just have to figure out how to aim my camera correctly.

* SosuEliza hands JL a hammer

<~JL> Hammer might work!

<ZoeFarris> At least it would be stress relief.

<Jean> UGGHH!!! No way am I going to let people record my off-day face! I am not in my Famous Lady disguise today.

<ZoeFarris> lol, Jean.

<~JL> Neither am I - just working togs today.

<mlm> I tried to disguise myself as a Respectable Person this morning, but my pet jay still recognized me and wanted a peanut.

<ZoeFarris> I gave up on doing that, years ago.


<mlm> Yup. Here at least until Bud's football game is over.

<~JL> Oh, I'm so glad to see you here! We worked hard (Eliza especially) to find a way to do this without using Facebook. Well, that's the idea - something useful to do while others watch football. The only great stuff about those ball games is half-time and the new commercials.

<mlm> I'm still stalled with finding the time to learn Facebook. Paying work and looking after Bud have to come first. mlm is really, really, really looking forward to him going back to work next week.

<~JL> I'm so glad Bud is doing well.

<SosuEliza> That is good news MLM

<~JL > This room is for cross-chat and the #simegenchat room is for business. Right now they're talking about accents and dialects.

<mlm> He made a remarkable recovery from the broken neck, but the dystrophy marches on.

<~JL >We discovered the new Facebook facility for video chat works, and I video chatted with Australia <from Arizona>

<SosuEliza> I found out that it is cheaper for me to phone a mobile (cell) in the US or Canada then it is for me to call one in Australia

<Jean> We're too old to use video chat. Everyone will think we're zombies.

<~JL > Eliza - what an odd pricing schedule! Our world is full of things like that.

<SosuEliza> Especially since my hair seems to have turned pink

<ZoeFarris> Jean, you say that as if it's a bad thing.

<~JL> That's OK by me -- Zombie is better than the truth after all. Besides, because of my ineptness mostly they saw storage boxes in the back of the office.

<kaires> Happy New Year from Rior Township

<~JL> But I saw their BIRD!!! Sitting on Zoe's shoulder -- and Eliza sideways. Kaires!!!!

<ZoeFarris> Hello Kaires, good to see you.

<SosuEliza> I look best sideways. Hello Kaires, Zoe has told me a lot about you.

<~JL> How's the weather in Rior? It was so hot today, I had to take my sweater off while walking outside.

<mlm> What sort of bird do you have, Zoe and Eliza?

<Jean> Hi, Kaires. Welcome!

<SosuEliza> I have an Alexandrine, Zoe has a Green Cheek Conure.

<~JL> They have a very pretty bird -- all kinds of colors, looks like a drawing that moves.

<SosuEliza> Weena and Kadi. I must get food to sustain the Gen during the chat ;)

<Penny Ash> Hello

<mlm> I have two scrub jays I've tamed, Mr. and Mrs. Goodbird. Except when they bury peanuts in the gutters, when they become Badbirds.

<~JL >That's a great idea - food.

<ZoeFarris> We'll put pics on Sime Gen Group later so you can see, ML.

<Apinzow> Hi

<Jean> Penny! Welcome!

<~JL > PENNY!!! Folks, meet Penny Ash, a writer and artist -- she has a story in the forthcoming Vampire Anthologyology Jean and I are doing.

<mlm> My Facebook photo is one of my jays.

<~JL >She also did the cover for it! Penny -

<Penny Ash> Hey :)

<~JL > Eliza is also into art -- she puts tentacles on people for us.

<Penny Ash> Neat.

<ZoeFarris> Hello Anne, Hello Penny

<~JL> I discovered Penny is an excellent writer, and she has the LEAD STORY in the anthology - it's a Vampire Romance (hot, too.) I'll BRB -- you guys get to know each other.

<Penny Ash> Looking forward to it coming out

<~JL > Penny here also is doing the covers for my re-release of the DUSHAU TRILOGY.

<ZoeFarris> Cool.

<~JL> Penny - SosuEliza and ZoeFarris are in Australia and arranged this chatroom facility for this year.

<Penny Ash> Which reminds me, I have some small versions to post if I can find out how

<~JL> Next year we're hoping to have it arranged on -- which we moved to a new server this year.

<ZoeFarris> Nice to meet you, Penny.

<Penny Ash> Nice.

<mlm> Sounds like this is going to be a high-publication year, JL. When does Farris Channel come out?

<Penny Ash> Nice to meet you Zoe and Sosu

<~JL> Penny mlm is in California and she's ONE TERRIFIC WRITER -- famous in Sime~Gen and elsewhere.

<SosuEliza> Call me Eliza :)

<~JL > Jean Lorrah will be back in a few.

<Penny Ash> Nice to meet you, too, mlm

<~JL> Lexie are you in Canada?

<Penny Ash> We about have it covered, I'm in Texas.

<~JL> Kaires is the woman who's been holding Sime~Gen parties are various conventions -- she's in Southern California.

* mlm waves.

<kaires> Thank you SOOOOO much for doing this chat away from Facebook! If it had been there, I would not be able to participate.

<~JL> someone from New York is likely to turn up, Anne Pinzow -- also a writer, with a story in the Vampire anthology. I have to remember the anthology is now titled Vampire's Dilemma.

<ZoeFarris> You can't log on Facebook and it is not designed for this level of chat and various rooms that I know of.

<kaires> Also, this is hugely more private

<Apinzow> I'm here, Jacqueline.

<~JL> Kaires, I am hoping we can set up something on before next year. Here's ANNE! This is so neat -- Anne, Penny Ash also has a story in the vamp anthology

<Jean> Back.

<~JL> Anne has a story about a soldier.

<Penny Ash> Can't wait to read all the other stories.

<~JL> Jean - Penny Ash and Anne are here.

<~JL> Wyld_Dandelyon I met on twitter -- introduce yourself please!

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Good timing--I just got back to the computer. I'm Deirdre, though people seem to find Wyld easier to type.

<Penny Ash> Hey Wyld :)

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Hi. I have a story in a different Vampire Anthology--Re-Vamp.

<~JL> Is the vamp anthology you're in available? Put up the URL.

<kaires> Welcome, Wyld. Excellent nom de web.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Thanks, Kaires.

<~JL> Shameless self promotion is permitted in this chatroom - not the other one #simegenchat which is supposed to be for business

<Penny Ash> I believe several of you are submitting to my Suburban Fantasies anthology, too

<~JL> We're getting ready for a kind of business meeting here.

<Apinzow> Been very busy but I have a plot outline for it.

<kaires> ~JL I kept wanting to forward a message to tell people where the 'minutes' of previous meetings are. Forgot. Sorry.

<~JL> Through the year, various people contribute in various ways to the Sime~Gen group of people and the books and stories, and the fandom, as well as promoting the novels. We meet to acknowledge these contributions in various ways.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Promotion...let's see, I do some reviews here:

<Penny Ash> Nice. Looking forward to seeing all the stories

<~JL >The deal is that Sime~Gen Inc. is owned by Jean and I jointly, and the corporation <incorporated in Kentucky> owns the copyrights to the novels. The vamp anthology will be a product of Sime~Gen Inc.

<kaires> I also intended--for at least the last two months--to advertise the Starred-Cross jewelry my godson makes. Never quite got a round tuit.

<Jean> Stick the link up here, Kaires. Jacqueline, shouldn't we put the vamp anthology info in the business chat?

<~JL> So Jean and I distribute non-voting stock in the corporation <which isn't worth much unless we sell a film> to those who really sweat out the year and work. And the people who show up at this meeting vote various awards to those who have served. Trust me, volunteer work is HARD.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Re-Vamp is here:

<~JL> Oh, definitely vamp anthology in biz chat.

<SosuEliza> Not everyone here is over there - if you want to see the business chat type /join #simegen

<~JL > Re-Vamp-- nice cover. I have to figure out how to 1+ it for Google.

<SosuEliza> I mean /join #simegenchat

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Are you crazy people in two chats at once?

<Penny Ash> that reminds me, I need to post the cover on the various art sites

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Thanks, re: 1+ for ReVamp

<~JL> Oh, I meant to fix that page with the awards list on it to look like the other entry pages, but didn't get around to it.

<ZoeFarris> lol if you make your browser smaller and have two open, you can have one open here and one open on the simegenchat room and then you will see both.

<~JL> Yes, we have 2 chatrooms going -- this one for talking to each other and the other one for the biz meeting that will be captured and posted online.

<ZoeFarris> If not you will see the rooms flash when someone posts.

<Jean> I always have a hard time trying to keep up in two chatrooms.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> The most recent anthology I have a story in is Subversion:

<~JL> In fact, anything you say here may be posted on -- fair warning.

<kaires> Unfortunately, the Starred-Cross jewelry page still has the old prices, because I haven't had mod-access for a coupla years.

<~JL> Links you post may be enabled so readers who couldn't attend will be able to click them. PROMOTE your work!

<Penny Ash> Okay, is it possible to upload a picture to the chat?

<SosuEliza> No, but a link to one

<kaires> With that warning, the link is:

<~JL> I've got two browsers open -- not tabs whole browser windows, with them tiled side by side so I can see both chatrooms at once.

<ZoeFarris> But you could add it to the Facebook group later.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> And of course, there's always and its publications:

<~JL >THANK YOU KAIRES! (that jewelry is fabulous.)

<Penny Ash> Okay, I'll have to upload them somewhere first then

<Jean> Kaires, email me that link later this week and I'll give you access to the page. I'm slow and tentative on techwork like that, but I need the practice.

<~JL> Kaires - e-mail me and we'll get your access restored. PLEASE -- because we can't do this without you.

<Jean> And you need to update the page.

<~JL> Kaires also does our charity page SIME CENTER.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Yes, the jewelry is very nice.

<~JL> We have imprint stuff up in a store, too. Lois runs that but she's not here.

<kaires> And the location of the previous meeting notes is:

<SosuEliza > You only log the business, right?

<kaires> I just looked at the site-map, and the chats aren't listed there. How about letting me update that page, too?

<~JL> Karen MacLeod is not here because she has paying work and a hard deadline on it (she's a professional editor these days.) YES KAIRES -- that index needs updating. Cindy - who is Cindy?

<Penny Ash> Okay, the Vampire Dilemma cover is here

<~JL> Is this room full? Will the list get a scrollbar when there are more people? Looking at Penny's cover.

<SosuEliza> Yes, mine has a scroll bar already

<~JL> Oh, yes, that's the cover -- Oh, Penny -- Jean's working on getting your cover-art contract out to you.

<ZoeFarris> Yes, there will be a scroll bar. I have one already.

<Cindy> Oh hi... Cindy McA. But right after I entered the phone rang so... I'm on the phone & not chatting :/

<~JL> Aha, I got a scrollbar on the list of people here.

<Jean >I gave Penny a verbal idea of the cover as I envisioned it, and she DID IT!!!

<~JL >Ah, that Cindy -- you just joined the SimeGen Group on Facebook -- I saw that. It's great to have new people turning up from long ago!

<~JL> Anne - APinzow -- did you see the cover for the anthology?

<Cindy>Yep, THAT Cindy :)

<~JL> This little chat program that Eliza found is working pretty well then.

<Penny Ash> Cool. It's one of my favorites I've done lately

<Apinzow> No, I haven't.

<~JL> Scroll back to Penny's link and take a look at the cover. So once again, fair warning. This chat is being logged and most of it will be posted on

<Apinzow> Okay, I think it's adorable.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Reconnecting with people from long ago is a lot of the reason to use Facebook.

<Apinzow> I love the whole Dracula auditions thing.

<~JL > is the link to the awards being discussed later.

<Apinzow> The security camera, that's good in an alley that definitely has seen better days.

<Jean> If you study that cover art, you will see half a dozen dilemmas that poor vampire is in. I was so happy that Penny was able to take that concept and run with it.

<Apinzow> Okay, I enlarged it, Oh G-d. It's very funny.

<~JL >Cindy you can scroll back in this chat - usually farther than you can in IRC chats. Yes, Anne - we are so glad we found Penny could understand what kind of cover this anthology needed

<Cindy> Good! Because I can't pay close enough attention right now. I'm a total washout at multi-tasking.

<SosuEliza> What time does the business chat start?

<Penny Ash> Back. I have the small res versions of the Dushau covers uploaded

<Jean> Past experience says other people will join us as the chat goes along.

<~JL > Penny - great - you can post the URLS to your DUSHAU covers for folks to look at.

<Jean> But I think the first group are probably all here now, so we should start the meeting.

<~JL> Eliza, Jean will call the meeting to order soon.

<SosuEliza> I just wanted to put a line in I could find easily for the log

<~JL > Save a list of the URLS we post please -- so we can organize them later. Some good stuff here.

<Jean> If you are only in this room, enter #simegenchat to open the other room.

<SosuEliza> type /join #simegenchat

<~JL> Do you all know why our Sysadmin/Webmaster/Art Director Patric Michael isn't here?

<Jean> Thanks, Eliza.

<Penny Ash> Critiques are welcome 

<kaires> I'll pull out the list when I post the notes. If you look on the chat page, there are 'special reports' at the end of each year's links. URLs and their purposes and perpetrators will be a separate list for this meeting.

<Penny Ash> 

<~JL> Again and again, Thank You, KAIRES!

<Penny Ash> 

<Penny Ash> The third is still in progress.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> I'm also having a "Review Me" contest for anyone who reviews one of the anthologies I'm in--random drawing for folks who link their reviews to my blog.

<~JL> Penny - I see you got the lightning flashes in.

<Jean> If you can multitask, you can go back and forth between the two rooms.

<Penny Ash> Yeah, I'm working on the head issue, too.

<Jean> The chatroom name flashes each time someone posts. You can set a chime at the bottom of the page, but for me it lags.

<~JL> Jean - I've got two whole browsers open and tiled side by side because I can't flip the tabs back and forth and make sense of what I'm seeing.

<Jean> That's another option.

<kaires> Is there any way to make the chat page fill the entire screen? I have about two inches of plain green background at the left that I can't seem to hide.

<ZoeFarris> It is much easier with the two tiles.

<SosuEliza> Not on a week's notice, when that week included Christmas - no.

<ZoeFarris> Just move the screen over so it is hidden.

<SosuEliza> If I'd had more time, probably.

<~JL> On the DUSHAU covers -- once they're done, I'm going to replace the covers the books have always had. Eventually, I expect to put these 3 books up with Wildside and they'll be in all formats, but for now only Kindle.

<Jean> Is everyone ready to start the business chat?

<~JL> I put them into the Kindle promotion over the Christmas weekend and let Dushau go for FREE -- I got over 1600 downloads and a whole bunch of the other 2 books sold very quickly.

<Jean> Okay--tell me when you're ready.

<SosuEliza> I am Jean

<APinzow> Ready


<~JL> DUSHAU is not Sime~Gen, but Amazon will toss Sime~Gen into the paths of anyone who gets all 3 of the trilogy. I'm ready.

<ZoeFarris> Ready

<Jean> Okay--/join @simegenchat

<ZoeFarris> that should be /join #simegenchat Slip of the finger there, I think.

<SosuEliza> I think everyone is there.

<~JL> Kaires - this is a trial run with this software. Maybe if we can find all the items on our wish lists, then we can either find other software or Eliza may be able to tweak this for our customized use.

<kaires> I moved the left-side screen over to hide the green part, but I can't do that with the right-side screen.

<SosuEliza> Sorry - want me to go work on that now, Kaires?

<~JL> Kaires, yes, I've got the big green border, too.

<kaires> no gran cosa. I'm thrilled we can do this with IRC as usual!

<~JL> It's actually a NICE green -- so I can ignore it. Watch what Jean is saying in the other chatroom.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> If you shrink your window and then move it over, you can hide the green on the side.

<ZoeFarris> that is the only thing ti do, ignore it. it is working ok for me, so long as we can chat that is the important thing

<~JL> Yes, and we're accessible to everyone AND we'll have a log to post. Not bad if you consider what Jean is saying over there.

<~JL> Wyld - You're not supposed to post i#simegenchat until the voting. Comments over here.

<kaires> Sosu, NO! Just enjoy the meeting!

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Sorry! New rules to learn.

<~JL> Wyld - yes I get confused, too. And this software is new to all of us.

<SosuEliza> It's ok, we have whips... ~leer~

<~JL> I see 2 new guests coming on.

<SosuEliza> for the business chat please type /join #simegenchat - remember, it's only for business so watch, don't chat over there. You can chat here in "My Room"

<SosuEliza> to change your nick so we know who you are, type /nick name (where name is what you want us to see.) Unless, of course, you want to remain a non e mouse,

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Who is the publisher for The Farris Channel?

<SosuEliza> put the / Tracy

<ZoeFarris> Welcome, Naztehr.

<TracyambrovHalw> Sorry...mistype. Thanks, Naztehr. I might stay here anyway...good company

<~JL> TRACY!!!!

<SosuEliza> you can be in both places - just don't chat over there. It will open another tab

<TracyambrovHalw> Here and present!

<~JL> Wildside Press is doing all the Sime~Gen novels - THE FARRIS CHANNEL is #12 in the publication order, but not in internal chronology

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Thanks,JL

<kaires> I was trying to remember "Special Dispensation" this morning, and all I could think of was "Channel's Exemption"

<~JL> Tracy - we're putting out a VAMPIRE ANTHOLOGY and two of the contributors APinzow and Penny Ash are at this chat. Anne used to edit AMBROV ZEOR but Penny hasn't been involved in SG fandom, just reading.

<TracyambrovHalw> Can't wait to get my tentacles on it....and my Sectuib and Sosu Eliza know that that's not just strictly a figure of speech

<~JL> Jean's right - not having all the books in print at once has really crippled our ability to get folks to READ these books.

<kaires> Tracy, you gonna explain that 'not strictly...'?

<ZoeFarris> lol

<SosuEliza> haven't you seen the picture, Kaires? She has tentacles.

<TracyambrovHalw> A pleasure to meet you APinzow and Penny I have acquired all of the old SG fanzines including all of the old AMBROV ZEORs...there's a lot of good reading there.

<~JL> I put that image up with the explanation of What Is SimeGen on

<Penny Ash> Nice to meet you, too, Tracy

<SosuEliza> See Tracy, you are famous.

<APinzow> Pleasure is mine.

<~JL> PLEASE everyone subscribe to that blog. It'll be our newsletter for the next while. I gave a copy of THE FARRIS CHANNEL as a present last week to a mundane, who likes the Harry Potter films. Think that'll work?

<TracyambrovHalw> It is tentacles are right hand and forearm are tattooed with them...4 handling and the 2 laterals, with the sheathes running up my arm

<kaires> Oh! Yes, I saw the picture. I didn't remember who it was, concentrating as I was on the lovely tentacles.

<~JL> I notice we have more people in this chatroom than in #simegenchat where you need to watch but not talk.

<SosuEliza> type /join #simegenchat but please remember not to chat there.

<kaires> After we made the Sime~Gen tattoos a while back, I returned from a convention with a tattoo on my arm. One of my colleagues, seeing it, commented "this time, you've gone too far!"

<~JL> Kaires - oh, I wish I had a video of THAT comment!

<ZoeFarris> I didn't see your tattoo, Kaires, you wore long sleaves.

<TracyambrovHalw> I've had my starred cross tattoo on my upper left arm for about 8 years as well

<~JL> You all know what "move" means? It means you find us the same way as always - type -- but we pay our bills to a different company.

<ZoeFarris> Tracy is the lovely lady who did my tattoo, and Eliza designed it.

<TracyambrovHalw> The tentacle tattoo hurt...much worse than breakout I would reckon

<~JL> Eliza is a magnificent artist. I hope she and Penny Ash get to be good friends.

<Penny Ash> Two of my favorite topics, writing and art

<SosuEliza> Thank you, JL .

<Penny Ash> BTW if you look at my work feel free to comment, good, bad, whatever, it's all good

<SosuEliza> I'm not really qualified to comment on 3d art - I haven't done any. Looks good to me though!

<TracyambrovHalw> Indeed...Naztehr Eliza has a rare gift.

<~JL> Patric has begun sketching a new modern design for our entry pages, but I don't know if he'll get it finished. SosuSue should also be making progress on the redesign, but I don't see her here at the moment.

<Penny Ash> Everyone is qualified to comment on art

<kaires> It's a shame we can't convince Wildside to accept outside cover art. THE FARRIS CHANNEL would have been out months ago if Eliza or Lexie or ??? had been allowed to do the cover art.

<~JL> I also recommend joining Google+ if you get a chance. Even if you don't participate, it's another handy way to communicate with me.

<guest39> hello everyone

<kaires> Hey, Todd Lockwood, who created the AMAZING cover for THE UNITY TRILOGY, was interested.

<~JL> Eliza - I have an orange error message on the #siegenchat room - "you are trying to speak to a unknown (or not connected) user. Am I blocked from that room?

<TracyambrovHalw> Art is an interesting way to make a living to be sure...

<SosuEliza> No... let me have a look.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> I'm confused--Wildside Press won't let you hire cover art?

<~JL> guest39 Hi! Nickname yourself?

<ZoeFarris> Hello 39 if you want to change you name type /nick yourname

<~JL> Well, if we bring cover art - we have to pay for it. Since we're "packagers" for the anthology, we were able to get cover art from Penny, which has been approved. But we couldn't pay Todd Lockwood (Hugo winner) prices.

<Penny Ash> Some publishers don't, they either want a certain look or sometimes have an exclusive deal going with an artist

<TracyambrovHalw> I loved Todd's cover, it would have been interesting to see him have another bite at the SG universe

<allisonmcgaw> Looks like it worked!!!

<SosuEliza> is it working JL?

<~JL> If we build up enough SALES - we may be able to swing that kind of artwork. For the movie adaptation, maybe.

<APinzow> Apropos Jean on the business chat, how about a Sime-Gen cookbook with recipes for people with allergies?

<~JL> Allison! hi!

<APinzow> Maybe just ways to exchange ingredients.

<kaires> I have Todd's cover as the wallpaper on one of my laptops. It gets some interesting comments. (And I call the computer Klyde...especially when I'm swearing at it.)

<TracyambrovHalw> Hi Allison

<allisonmcgaw> Good Morning all and Happy New Year to you, too!

<SosuEliza> JL - is it working for you now?

<~JL> Anne - if we had someone who had done a cookbook we could probably place it with Wildside, but they don't do that type of nonfic generally.

<~JL> Eliza - yes, it seems you fixed something. Now do you all see the one comment I put amidst Jean's report.?

<~JL> I think Jean's about to talk about the Vampire Anthology.

<kaires> There was a Dark Shadows cookbook multi-years ago. It was fun. The only title I happen to recall right now is "Julia's Just Desserts."

<~JL> Keep the comments over here -- and the text of the biz meeting clean. Editing this stuff for posting is tedious at best.

<ZoeFarris> Good Morning, Allison.

<Jean> We can do a S~G cookbook because WE own S~G and don't have to negotiate with a TV network and producers for rights.

<~JL> Kaires - "Julia's Just Desserts." YES, title is everything.

<SosuEliza> Zoe tested on my request JL, we will remove it from the log

<Jean> That's something we should do independently, not through Wildside.

<~JL> Eliza - yes, I gathered that, just wanted everyone to be sure to understand.

<SosuEliza> You could also sell your own books, like the cookbook, via As online versions, so you don't have to print them and pay for printing costs or print on demand through createspace.

<Jean> Tuck the idea away for now--it's something we should follow up on. But right now we are drowning in work and can't start another project.

<~JL> Eliza - we do have some plans for indie download publications, which is one reason we chose GoDaddy for its secure shopping cart etc.

<kaires> Jean - Book royalties will be BETTER in have the entire Founding 400 (500?) to buy and promote it.

<~JL> That's why we use a publisher like Wildside -- because we're writers not publishers!

<TracyambrovHalw> At least the Farris Safe Recipes chapter would be short

<SosuEliza> lol

<ZoeFarris> lol

<~JL> Jean - what's the next order of business for the #simegenchat room?

<APinzow> LOL

<kaires> How about and appendix: Poison Your Local Farris

<SosuEliza> I have lots of recipes for that.

<~JL> BTW the Founding 400 listing (with the names chosen for characters in the story) did get into the book. At least it's there in the copy that's getting a cover on it.

<ZoeFarris> Don't go giving anyone ideas

<TracyambrovHalw> lol

<~JL> Ah, there's Jean with VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA. Now you all know I've done a number of Vampire stories about a human/vampire pair of characters, with one of those stories broadcast in radio adaptation.

<kaires> Radio adaptation? Tell!

<~JL> -- is the Wildside collection of my Vampire stories.

<TracyambrovHalw> I've been meaning to pick them up...I've just reread the Kren books and the Dushau trilogy for the first time

<~JL> has the scoop on the radio adaptation - long ago it was on Satellite Radio

<kaires> Can you position VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA to come out just before Halloween?

<allisonmcgaw> I (stupidly) loaned my Dashau novels to someone I haven't seen since. Years ago...

<~JL> ah TRACY you just read Dushau? What did you think of it in terms of how it reads in modern times?

<Jean> WE can't position our books with Wildside at all.

<~JL> And did I mention, Jean and I don't have stories in VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA? I mentioned my Vampire stories because the series is titled VAMPIRE'S <whatever> and that makes the anthology sound like it belongs to that series, but it's not related.

<Jean> THEY may realize that a Halloween release would be perfect, as it will be hitting their prep desks at about the right time to do so.

<kaires> I just downloaded Dushau 1 -- the price was right! -- and it reads magnificently. I was thrilled and engaged all over again.

<~JL> I do want to write a very FANNISH (starts at a convention) funny entry for an anthology PENNY ASH is editing. (Yes, she's that good.)

<TracyambrovHalw> Finished the trilogy about a fortnight ago. They read well, the story is still very pertinant and poigniant. The only parts that I would say are showing their age in terms of when they were written are some of the fashion descriptions, some very 80's sci-fi colour schemes

<Jean> Jacqueline, your turn to add to the saga of 2011 and the vision for 2012.

<~JL> Scroll back and you'll find PENNY ASH's covers for the reissue of Dushau I'll be doing.

<Penny Ash> TY And she will be doing Djinn at a flea market for the anthology Or fairies gone bad

<SosuEliza> Fairies gone bad - lots of costume possibilities there!

<Penny Ash> Flea market Djinn have possibilities too. I'd love to see people dressed up as my characters

<kaires> I'm so sorry to hear that Patric is not doing well. Things looked so good for a while! Here's hoping that happens again, and stays permanently this time!

<TracyambrovHalw> I liked the ending particularly...won't say more for those that haven't read them, but it was one of the best endings that I have read for quite a while, and the way it needed to be resolved, albeit with a surprise. You have a great gift for writing an 'alien' mindset, which is a rarity in fiction. Most alien races in fiction are just humans in a different skin.

<kaires> Tracy, I heartily agree. It really annoys me on TV that all aliens are mammals, and all seem to express affection by kissing. It was really a relief to see Klingons doing things a bit differently.

<allisonmcgaw> Involving throwing heavy furniture?

<TracyambrovHalw> Which even in humans, seems to be a learned trait, not a genetic one. Many real life cultures do not kiss.

<kaires> When will/were the Eppies awarded? Is there time (and are we allowed) to vote?

<Penny Ash> I used to be an Eppie judge. No voting by readers, its all peer judged

<kaires> Okay, I know a bunch of 'peers' in BroadUniverse. I loved Blood Will Tell - it combined several vampire "ecologies" in one book.

<mlm> folks, I'm going to have to go be productive now. It's been nice to see so many old and new friends here!

<Penny Ash> I want to write a classic vampire at least once

<ZoeFarris> Take care, Mary Lou, great seeing you again.

<Jean> Thanks for coming, Mary Lou!

<TracyambrovHalw> I've yet to read that one....the Vampire stories are next on my Big Amazon Reading Splurge

<mlm> Hugs to all.

<Penny Ash> nice meeting you, mlm.

<kaires> Oh, I HOPE you can get me back on this week. Rimon's Library is SOOO out of date now...and it's SOOO easy to fix. The "Cooperative Fiction" is so fun! And each section could easily be a half hour TV or radio show. (We have two seasons 'in the can' already.)

<Penny Ash> Cooperative Fiction does sound fun

<kaires> Have you read it, Penny? It's like role-playing logs, written up in script format.

<Penny Ash> I haven't. I need to check it out

<kaires> I love the characters. And I love trying to guess which of the players is the 'soul' of my favorite characters.

<APinzow> As to the board meeting. Do you do a treasurer's report?

<~JL> bye Mary Lou


Cindy> finally off the phone (for now... past experience shows that I can expect half a dozen call backs.)

<~JL> Jean's the treasurer.

<~JL> Hey, CINDY - it's a holiday. Family calls all day long.

<kaires> Re 'Dilemmas', the 'mensafan' yahoo group has been discussing how hard it is now for an immortal to maintain a reasonable identity.

<Cindy> in this case my son, who calls all day long or all night long any day!

<~JL> Penny - yes, we're hoping to mine the cooperative fiction project for material for a TV or webisode type Sime~Gen dramatic series.

<Penny Ash> JL - That could be very interesting. A web series could be good, too.

<Cindy> I've thought about that, how difficult it is to be in society and off the grid these days

<TracyambrovHalw> The Web series format has worked well for other things, such as The Guild.

<~JL> I'm watching developments with web-delivery -- very serious video-folks doing some remarkably creative things with crowd-sourcing and so on.

<APinzow> I'm a fan of White Collar and one of the characters, Mozzie, does exactly that. He lives off the grid.

<~JL> Mozzie is a hacker-extraordinaire

<Cindy> You'd have to be to be able to do that anymore.

<Penny Ash> JL - Have you taken a look at WesternX? Very good production values in that

<~JL> No, you have a URL Penny? What's WesternX?

<Cindy> ah for simple times when you could just disappear in one place and pop up as someone completely different someplace else

<Jean> Anne: yes we do a treasurer's report at our annual meeting, which we had last week. But we do not publish it on a public website. Sime~Gen is closely held, not a public corporation. 

<Penny Ash> Let me get the URL. It's Michael Flores' project. Won some awards as well. Short 6 or 7 minute episodes.

<Cindy> Are these videos of stories? Like web-made TV shows or something else?

<Penny Ash> Met Michael on twitter through #scriptchat I think. It's like a TV show but short and broadcast on the web.

<TracyambrovHalw> For all that communication and technology can free can also bind and shackle. Ironically, with freedom, comes traceability, and the world seems such a smaller place

<Jean> Having trouble typing through a cat!

<ZoeFarris> lol

<TracyambrovHalw> Hehe

<Cindy> Awww

<kaires> I have one of those 'master of the universe' cats, too.

<Jean> I have two, Dudley and Splotch, and they take turns trying to push the laptop off my lap and inserting themselves.

<Cindy> Aren't they all master of the universe cats?

<ZoeFarris> As only cats can do.

<TracyambrovHalw> Isn't that how they all come these days...a junct killer Sime in every one

<Jean> They think so!

<~JL> Thanks Penny - I put that on Google+ -- hope I don't lose it in the welter.

<Jean> Okay--are we ready to go to awards?

<~JL> Yes, I think awards are next.

<kaires> Besides what Karen wrote, there is an intro page to the awards at:

<~JL> Here's the promo page for the Vampire Anthology VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA

<kaires> Each award has a page behind this title page, but the title page kinda summarizes what the awards signify

<~JL> I see a guest663 == give yourself a nickname and tell us who you are. Talk in this chatroom

<ZoeFarris> just type /nick then add your name

<~JL> Harold - aha, welcome to the Sime~Gen chat - we're about to nominate for awards.

<ZoeFarris> They may wish to stay anonymous, welcome, Harold

<Jean> You can read the annual report by typing /join #simegenchat We are side-chatting here, reporting there.

<~JL> Jean - you need to call for nominations. I recall seeing some you thought we should give.

<Jean> About to move over there to nominate for awards.

<~JL> After the awards are voted, we'll announce the stock awarded by the Board of Directors.

<Harold Saxon> The first fandom I joined was Peter Wingfied, then Valentine Pelka and now David Tennant.

<~JL> Harold - that's interesting! This fandom though isn't for a person, but for Sime~Gen a universe of stories written by a whole bunch of people.

<kaires> When the time comes, I want to nominate Zoe Farris for the Tech-Ton award: for creation and/or application of new software and/or online tools. For setting up this chat environment.

<ZoeFarris> Thank you Kaires, but Eliza did the hard work on setting this up

<kaires> Then both of you!

<allisonmcgaw> I concur!!!

<Jean> First nomination is up.

<~JL> VOTE IN THE OTHER ROOM (sorry didn't mean to shout.)

<Harold Saxon> Fandom interest.....Star Trek, read the novels before TV novels were popular. Read the book about the first convention. Then read the Sime Gen novels, then Highlander and then Doctor Who since Jon Pertwee.

<~JL> You put AYE in the other room (or NAY) to vote. Harold, you are in the right place! That's just about what we all have in common. Voting in the #simegenchat room I see 13 people logged in - so 7 is a majority. Do we have 7 AYES ?

<kaires> Harold, Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor. You always hold your first most dear.

<Cindy> I'm watching but not voting since I'm new and don't really know who's who or who did what

<~JL> Looks like Zoe has won the Karen Award.

<SosuEliza> Alison - type /join #simegenchat

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Would it help to have new people officially abstain?

<~JL> Zoe started the SIMEGEN Group for us and has hassled it through its infancy. She also created the "Event" for Facebook to alert people we're here. You can vote even if you haven't been here a year. But you can abstain officially, that would be NICE.

<Cindy> I just don't know if it's really fair for brand new people to get in on the voting

<Jean> Calling for further nominations for the Karen award if anyone wishes to do so.

<~JL> I nominated Eliza.

<Cindy> So, yes, I'll officially abstain

<Jean> If you found your way here you are eligible to nominate and vote.

<~JL> This chat is infrastructure -- the sort of thing you don't notice until it's GONE.

<Harold Saxon> I have to admit that 10 is my favorite, before it was Tom Baker. If I recall the authors of Star Trek Lives: Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Myrna Culbreath and Sondra Marshak? It was a great book. I lent out, and never got it back.

<~JL> Definitely TOM BAKER -- Harold you are one of US.

<allisonmcgaw> j/join #simegenchat

<SosuEliza> without the j in front

<allisonmcgaw> done

<~JL> Thank you Allison - now you can read and vote in the other room.

<APinzow> Gotta get up and walk around, my hips are killing me in this desk chair. JL has my proxy for all votes.

<kaires> Harold, yes, 10 is my new favorite. I just can't get into the scatterbrained kid. I really liked 9, embodied by Chris Eccleston. He was the first and only Doctor who seemed to think like an alien! I really appreciated that.

<Cindy> I've only seen 1 episode with Matt Smith, not too keen on him so far but I really liked the 9th and 10th, as much as my old favorite Tom Baker.

<~JL> The Doctor is a very difficult character to write, and even harder to portray.

<Cindy> You'd have to get into a very quirky mindset.

<TracyambrovHalw> Tom Baker certainly did that with aplomb.

<~JL> Cindy - and it only gets harder the more "previous" Doctors have to be included.

<~JL> Jean's about to nominate for the Risa Tigue Award.

<SosuEliza> and a jelly baby.

<Harold Saxon> LOL! 11 Is his own version and a lot of Classic fans like him. It is Doctor Who so I watch it. PBS stopped after Tom Baker and Chris Eccleston and beyond are the only Doctors I know. Sherlock Holmes isn't bad. Benjamin Cumberbatch.

<~JL> Whovians have long memories.

<TracyambrovHalw> Yes...those jelly babies....I loved his character quirks...such as his scarf

<Cindy> I never could really warm up to any of the Doctor's after Tom Baker, not until this new series

<Harold Saxon> Doctor Who is coming up on its 50th Anniversary. How long has it been for Sime Gen fandom? Star Trek should be having it's 50th soon.

<~JL> The first Sime~Gen professional story was published in Jan 1969.

<Cindy> 5 more years to go for Star Ttrek

<~JL> Voting on Karen for the Risa Tigue reuse award

<Cindy> Wait.. make that 4. it's 2012!

<allisonmcgaw> JL - and Trekkers/Trekkies don't???

<~JL> Whovians have been around longer. So have the Baker Street Irregulars.

<Harold Saxon> I was surprised that the Star Trek reboot worked with fans. The actor who played McCoy was Fantastic... as they say... channelling DeForest Kelley

<~JL> A lot of ST fen have to get used to the new universe - moving sideways and back in time. But I think it works to give the series room to grow for the new audience. Anyone else need to nominate for an Award?

<Harold Saxon> It worked, but it was a surprise to see Spock kissing Uhura. They chose the new cast very well. Scotty and what happened to him when he sent the Admiral's dog off. Speaking of The Enterprise... the last episodes really worked, but as people said too late. I loved how they did the Alternate Universe with opening titles and new music showing how the Terrans went to space.

<SosuEliza> this is "my room"

<~JL> Harold - oh, yes, that Uhura/Spock relationship was a surprise, but it shows that someone there READ THE FANZINES.

<Harold Saxon> Star Trek led to Sime Gen, Sean Connery led to Highlander. Doctor Who led to Sherlock Holmes. LOLOL!!!! Good stories in fanzines. Some better than the movies they write which are nothing but a 2-parter.

<~JL> Harold - read Ronald D. Moore's comment here

<Harold Saxon> Thanks. I will.

<~JL> As you'll see from that comment, we're all connected on some wavelength or another.

<Harold Saxon> Sounds interesting.

. <~JL> Voting in the other room, Karen for her efforts to distribute zines intercontinentally! Next thing you know, Karen will make Sime~Gen Interstellar.

<kaires> Re: the ST reboot: I really like the reason they gave why Spock would have met all those other people at the Academy: he was an instructor and they were mere students.

<~JL> Kaires - yes, of COURSE he'd be an instructor -- probably started as a TA in something when he was just getting there.

<kaires> Re: Karen - Y'know, among the many things she does for S~G, she pre-edits the chat logs so I can easily post them on the domain.

<~JL> Jean is proposing 2 new awards. Kaires - you're right, she does so many "invisible" tasks that if not done would be very visible indeed!

<kaires> I can just imagine how Karen will blush and growl when she reads about how much we appreciate her.

<Jean> I'm trying to type through a cat again--Dudley this time. The more stubborn one.

<~JL> She's no better than Patric at curtain calls.

<SosuEliza> That can be difficult Jean, don't get a furball.

<~JL> And I've got that orange error message on the #simegenchat room screen.

<SosuEliza> JL, join it again

<~JL> Eliza - I think maybe that worked, but I had to type /join in that room.

<SosuEliza> Either room - you might have accidentally left it. I did that before, and because I could still see it I thought I was still there.

<Harold Saxon> About the only Star Trek I read are "History" stories. There are 3 novels tied into the 40th Anniversary. I read the one about McCoy and it was interesting, it connected the episodes and did the history of how he changed the past and the story ended when he was very old. If I remember it was about his life.

<~JL> Remembering that Karen is having increasing mobility problems, taking a box of books (heavy ones) to a con is NO SMALL TASK.

<kaires> I wish I had known about the possibility of getting books to sell at LosCon. I know I could have sold a pile.

<~JL> You all know Jean Lorrah has a few STAR TREK professional novels, too. Here comes the vote.

<allisonmcgaw> Vulcan Academy Murders?

<Penny Ash> Yep, my copy of Vulcan academy Murders is almost falling apart

<~JL> That was one, Allison - METAMORPHOSIS was my favorite though - way more sophisticated than the publisher expected the market to be, but TREKFEN UNDERSTOOD IT.

<SosuEliza> I'm writing a Sime~Gen murder mystery - Thalia is questioning everyone on a train

<~JL> Oh, yeah, and don't forget our cafepress page with Sime~Gen stuff on it - neat artwork on good quality items.

<SosuEliza> What about an award for a fan who travelled the furtherest... lol

<~JL> Lois Wickstrom has been managing that section. Eliza - I think Jean has travel covered.

<SosuEliza> Psychospacial navigator award!

<kaires> Lois has done great stuff getting the CafePress page up. I use that for gifts all the time.

<APinzow> Gotta go. Have a very Happy New Year to everyone.

<~JL> Yes, it's convenient. BYE, ANNE - I'm going to have to go soon, too.

<Penny Ash> Happy New Year APinzow

<TracyambrovHalw> Pleasure to meet you, Anne

<~JL> My husband just came into my office to change my calendar. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOLKS.

<SosuEliza> Hello Mr JL

<Jean> We're voting in the other room.

<~JL> Yes, we're almost done here. But we can really use your attention to make this go faster.

<Harold Saxon> Happy New Year!

<~JL> Here comes the last voting for an award. Then we just announce, and close the meeting. BTW other than the green border, has anyone found any issues with this chatware program? It accepts quite a long entry at a time, and hasn't actually kicked people OUT the way we're used to seeing. I think it's a winner.

<Cindy> Maybe Jean should get an 'intrepid typing in the face of stubborn furballs' award

<allisonmcgaw> lol

<TracyambrovHalw> Penny, I was just looking at your covers for the Dushau trilogy on Devianart. They are great, but aren't the Dushauni supposed to have 7 fingers?

<Penny Ash> No issues here.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> The green isn't a big deal, though making it smaller would be nice.

<~JL> You all remember Harris Emstead, right? The Gen who overcame incredible fear to do the RIGHT THING and was one of the people without whom FAITH DAY could never have happened.

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Otherwise, the chat seems to be working well.

<Penny Ash> Tracy, they are but I haven't figured out how to do that

<~JL> Wyld - yes, my question was whether this chatware is good enough to be worth the effort of customizing. It seems so from my end.

<kaires> I totally approve of the chat environment. Thank you SO MUCH, Eliza

<TracyambrovHalw> Ahh... they would be hard to render and still look 'right'

<~JL> Tracy - good catch on the fingers.

<Harold Saxon> Works for me.

<TracyambrovHalw> Its those extra tentacles I have, lol.

<Jean> Jacqueline, we need you for stock awards.

<~JL> I have the list up.

<Penny Ash> Tracy, yeah and I'm not a modeler. Yet

<~JL> One last test of the software and we'll see if it takes a paste of the list. Watch Jean - here come the stock awards

<SosuEliza> Depends on how long it is.

<~JL> This year's list is short.

<TracyambrovHalw> I love the cover for Vampire Dilemma

<~JL> Each opinion - all on different monitors, for different eyes, every impression we can gather is valuable.

<Penny Ash> TY Tracy

<~JL> Tracy - thank you for looking the covers over.

<Cindy> whereabouts does Karen live? What kind of issues is she having with her computer?

<kaires> She lives in Maryland

<kaires> about 40 miles N of Baltimore

<Cindy> Oh. Not near me at all. I'm in Rochester, NY

<SosuEliza> Me neither - I'm in Australia

<ZoeFarris> ~surprise~ didn't expect that.

<kaires> How far away? I live in the middle of Hi-Desert California. I think nothing of driving 150 miles to Los Angeles several times a month. Who's this Gene Schneider person. Never heard of him.

<Cindy> Too far for someone who doesn't drive (me.) And NY City is about 350 miles so it has to be more than that

<~JL> Kaires - I'll introduce you to that Schneider person who is known by several names. Yes, Karen needs a tech in the Maryland/DC area. OK folks, PARTY DOWN. Chocolate and strawberries on one side, Lettuce on the other side of the room.

<Cindy> *runs for the chocolate side*

<SosuEliza> lol JL. Your's and Zoe's is on black plates

<kaires> I'm glad I'm an Ancient. I can (and do) eat anything!

<ZoeFarris> Thank you, Sosu.

<TracyambrovHalw> Stupid lettuce 'mumbles'

<Harold Saxon> Lettuce and chocolate is bad. North of Boston Mass

<Cindy> Now I'M typing through a cat

<Harold Saxon> My cat is almost twenty. She sleeps most of the day.

<allisonmcgaw> I'm sticking with the baby spinach leaves - more nutrients and less side effects.

<SosuEliza> I could make a green smoothie, we have baby spinach and bananas

<~JL> Spinach is good.

<Cindy> If she's 20 she's entitled to sleep where ever and whenever she wants!

<Harold Saxon> Yah. She wakes me up un the middle of the night if her plate has no food. She doesn't eat it, just wants to make sure it's there. So I get up. She gets an IV 3 times a week and hates to take her meds.

<kaires> The 'super food' for improved immune function as well as brain function, is blueberries. Can both Simes and Gens eat blueberries?

<Penny Ash> Well, it's been fun and nice meeting everyone but it's time for me to get back to work, deadlines loom

<Jean> My cats are now asleep, but my dog Kadi is pounding on the door, wanting her supper.

<allisonmcgaw> I thought it was cranberries.

<~JL> Oh, yes, BLUE BERRIES - fresh ones work for everyone. It's the combinations certain Farrises have to watch out for.

<Jean> Thank you all for coming!

<~JL> Cranberries are good, too.

<TracyambrovHalw> Isn't there a new 'super food' every 6 months these days?

<~JL> BYE , PENNY. Yes, you have a deadline.

<TracyambrovHalw> Bye, Penny

<Cindy> Bye, Penny

<ZoeFarris> Bye, Penny

<Penny Ash> Bye

<Harold Saxon> Thanks for the info to do this.

<ZoeFarris> I am happy with my lettuce.

<Jean> Chia seeds (remember Chia Pets?) are the latest health food.

<Harold Saxon> Bye

<TracyambrovHalw> My super food is a nice juicy Gen every month or so

<~JL> Harold thanks for coming -- Who and Trek and SG - who can beat that? Bye

<ZoeFarris> Typing with tentacles in a knot does not work.

<SosuEliza> "month or so"???

<Jean> Bye, everybody!

<Cindy> I'm picturing Zoe saying that with a very woebegone look on her face.

<allisonmcgaw> Happy New Year, everyone - the mundane world encroaches and I have laundry to hang out! Bye, from me in Australia!

<Harold Saxon> Thank, you.

<Cindy> (happy with my lettuce)

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Happy New Year!

<TracyambrovHalw> Well...I get use a little extra selyn for those workouts I love so much

<ZoeFarris> Bye, Allison. Happy New Year.

<ZoeFarris> Every month or so? Hmmmm

<TracyambrovHalw> Heheh...I've been hanging out my laundry on the sly through the chat

<kaires> Hey, Harold, how about Dark Shadows?

<Cindy> Bye, Allison

<~JL> Kaires - did you see my note about Dropbox? DARK SHADOWS???? Oh, definitely.

<kaires> JL (how do you manage the boldface?) Dropbox note?

<~JL> The contributors to the VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA have FOREVER KNIGHT in common. There's a button under the icons that says B and I think it makes boldface.

<Jean> Do you have Dropbox, Kaires?

<Cindy> I loved Dark Shadows when I was a kid. I remember when they stopped showing it locally, the very last scene I saw had a hand with a ring on it.

<Harold Saxon> LOVED Dark Shadows. Had all the books when they were real stories and not just novelizations of the show. The Victoria Winters stories before Barnabas were good. I even did reel-to-reel recording of the episodes.

<~JL> Kaires, I was asking if you have DROPBOX - if not I'll invite you (it's free) and I can send you ftp pws

<Wyld_Dandelyon> Forever Knight was great.

<kaires> I have Dropbox. I was just rereading something there (and finding new typos. Alas.)

<~JL> Harold, we used to have to work HARD to capture TV shows! Now just pop onto Amazon.

<Harold Saxon> Forever Knight was good. Though I had to stay up until Midnight or later to watch it. Read some good crossover fics.

<Jean> Gotta go now. Bye!

<~JL> Kaires - Oh, then I have a shared folder with you?

<Cindy> Moonlight seemed like a bit of a takeoff on Forever Knight

<Harold Saxon> Bye

<Cindy> Bye, Jean!

<~JL> Oh, gee, which one is it (and yes, there are always typos as I said way earlier - - I think this is the longest chat we've had yet!)

<ZoeFarris> Have a good night, Jean.

<kaires> If it's still going on, I should get back to the New Years party Linda Robinett mentioned in Facebook.

<~JL> Kaires - email me a list of the domain sections you need access to. I'll drop you access user/pass combos

<Cindy> What about Kindred: The Embraced? Much too short-lived a series

<Harold Saxon> Moonlight was interesting, but I worked nights when it was on. The actor was interesting, but I did not know that the actress was the same one who played Madame Pompadour on Doctor Who.

<ZoeFarris> And Kaires, I think I have your e-mail so I can send you the logs

<~JL> Cindy - a lot of the people around Sime~Gen went totally for Kindred: The Embraced.

<kaires> I loved the last episode of Kindred. 'Cabin in the Woods' it was called.

<TracyambrovHalw> Bye, Jean

<~JL> Harold - yes, isn't it amazing how these actors get around?

<Cindy> They should have continued it working around the actor who played Julian's death

<kaires> My ultimate favorite of the new Who episodes was 'The Girl in the Fireplace'

<TracyambrovHalw> Kindred was great! I also loved the RP game it was based on

<Cindy> And, yes, I recognized her in DW -- vampire: the masquerade

<ZoeFarris> I think my fav new Doctor is Blink

<TracyambrovHalw> That's it....I still have all of the RP books for it

<Cindy> they had Vtm larping around here but I never got the chance to go

<kaires> Blink was excellent, too. The angels are such magnificent villains.

<TracyambrovHalw> I never larped, there was a group here for a while though.

<Harold Saxon> Madame Du Pompadour. Fun episode and it was interesting that she saw into his mind. What she saw is for fic plots.

<~JL> I'm an hour-and-a-half overtime here and really have to go. E-mail me!

<Cindy> The ending was so sad

<~JL> CINDY - I agree that ending was soooo sad!

<Cindy> Bye, Jacqueline!

<Harold Saxon> Bye

<kaires> What I loved about 'Blink' also was that it was while David Tennant was doing some other work, so he just filmed the recording on the music disks, and the scene at the end, and the rest of the (delightful) story progressed without him.

<SosuEliza> Bye

<Cindy> can I add you on Google+? (you mentioned it earlier.)

<ZoeFarris> Good bye, Jacqueline, have a good night

<TracyambrovHalw> Good night, Jacqueline

<~JL> bye!

<Cindy> the new DW series is very emotional

<Harold Saxon> I loved David Tennant singing. He's a fabulous actor. I saw him in Much Ado About Nothing and he and Catherine Tate were Fantastic. Catherine Tate did a scene that reminded me of Lucille Ball.

<TracyambrovHalw> Well, it has been fun Keep well all of you and have a great New Year!

<SosuEliza> Hope to see you again soon, Naztehr.

<Cindy> I want to see the new Fright Night with him in it.

<ZoeFarris> See you soon, Tracy, hugs to your Companion for us.

<Harold Saxon> 11 is kind of whiny and has temper tantrums, but it's his interpretation of Doctor Who.

<Cindy> Night, Tracy.

<TracyambrovHalw> I'll pass that hug on


<TracyambrovHalw> G'night...and good morning all

<Cindy> I've downloaded (shhh) some of his episodes but haven't had a chance to watch them yet

<SosuEliza> Bye from me, too - I need to get my brain away from the computer

<Cindy> I'll end up buying the DVDs like I have with the first 4 seasons

<Harold Saxon> Fright Night was FANTASTIC!!!!! Fans loved it. Critics loved it. Several reviewers did not understand why it was not a hit.

<Cindy> is David Tennant in the Roddy McDowell role? (I'm an awful typist, btw.)

<ZoeFarris> Don't worry Cindy, I am a shocker, my fingers don't go where they should and by the time I realize it I have already clicked send.

<Cindy> Hehe. I'm a 2 finger hunt and pecker and I still make a mess of it!

<ZoeFarris> The faster I get the worse I get. The is the other one my fingers have trouble with. Usually comes out as teh. I like that description, 'hunt and pecker.' lol

<Harold Saxon> Yes. He is a magician at the Hard Rock Cafe. Tight leather pants. The David Tennant Forum had lovely pics. You can probably do a search for stills released before the movie came out.

<Cindy> Haha, yeah so not a late night TV horror movie Elvira wannabe this time? Maybe i should have asked this while Jean and Jacqueline were here but are all the books in print in pb right now?

<ZoeFarris> I am going to go have some lunch. Good meeting and chatting with everyone. Hope to catch up again soon.

<Cindy>I used to have all of the old ones but my whole library and a lot of other things was stolen years ago when I stored it during a move

<Harold Saxon> No. One site did famous couples in 2011. Peter Vincent and his Midori came in 5th? David said he was on a real sugar high. Gatoraide? Substituted for Midori.

<Cindy> Right now, I only have a few I picked up, used. Good night, Zoe.

<Harold Saxon> Good night

<Cindy> So many good books/shows/movies, so little time.

<Harold Saxon> Yeah.

<Cindy> There are a lot of shows I haven't even seen yet that I'd like to. Newer ones & some older ones I missed. I never even saw Twin Peaks until this past year.

<Harold Saxon> There are quite a few channels that play old shows now. I saw Robin Hood with Richard first Brit I fell in "love" with. That was so much fun watching.

<Cindy> I don't have cable. I either buy DVDs or download things.

<Harold Saxon> DVDs are good. I remember when VHS came out.

<Cindy> Me too, or at least when they became common. DVDs are sooo much better, blu-ray isn't as big a leap

<Harold Saxon> I haven't got that yet, but am thinking about it. Fright Night has extras on Blu Ray I have heard.

<Cindy> I don't have a blu-ray player yet, but I can watch them on my PS3. But most things I'm just buying on DVD.

<Harold Saxon> That is more common. Blu Ray is the "new" thing. Well it is now 8 PM. Its been great talking to everyone. Happy New Year!

<Cindy> Happy new year!

<Harold Saxon> Bye!

<Cindy> I guess I'm going to jet out of here, too. Have a good night!

<Harold Saxon> Nice talking to you.

<Cindy> You, too

<Harold Saxon> You, too.

Session Close: Sun Jan 01, 2012, 19:20:27 EST

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