Sime~Gen™ Inc. New Years Chat - 2010

This is a record of the informal chat among Sime~Gen participants, going on in a separate chatroom, concurrent with the formal business meeting.

The business meeting was called to order, proceeded through the agenda, and was formally adjourned.

This discussion flowed on in the background, before, during and after the meeting.

irc_name -- 'real' name

<jl> - Jacqueline Lichtenberg
<Jean> - Jean Lorrah
<Karen> - Karen MacLeod
<Seanara> - Seanara Coyote
<Midge> -- Midge Baker
<Laurraine> - Laurraine Tutihasi
<MTZ> - Margaret Carr
<Anne> - Anne Pinzow
<Kip> -- Kip Grimes
<Lexie13-a> - Lexie Pakulak

Session Start: Fri Jan 01 14:22:35 2010 EST
<Karen> I may be coming and going if the old laptop does what it usually does. Just keep a log for me....
<Midge> Hi! Happy New Year. Good news -- got my wound VAC OFF today!
<Karen> This sounds like a good thing, Midge. Glad to see you here.
<jl> Oh, Midge that is really, REALLY good news.
<Midge> My wound from the abscess is now tiny and will completely close soon.
<Karen> Good way to start the New Year...
<Midge> You bet! How's my all of you?
<jl> Chugging along. Patric went to crash but he should be logging this. Jean should be along at the last minute as usual.
<Karen> I was sick around thanksgiving with a kidney infection, but I think it's gone now.
<Midge> How you doing, Patric, my dear?
<jl> I have to leave real early because it's Friday. Patric is not watching the screen. Karen has had a VERY hard year.
<Midge> Sorry. Patric needs his rest.
<jl> Karen when do you go for that eye operation?
<Karen> Which is why we started this an hour early, JL. We called the meeting for 3 p.m. Eastern.
<Midge> What's been up with you, Karen?
<jl> Yes, Karen -- you are THE mover and shaker around here.
<Karen> When I can get Kaires to come East to stay with me. Probably spring.... need cataract surgery and I only have one eye....
* jl "I'm just along for the ride."
<Karen> Not so, JL... without you and Jean why would we be here?
<Midge> Glad you and Kaires will go see our Karen, jl
<jl> Well, yes, but nothing would happen if you didn't keep track of my head!
<Karen> JL's not going to come, but Kaires SHOULD.
<jl> Anyway, we will be posting the annual reports and doing the voting, hopefully brief.
<Midge> Karen. what's the prognosis for your eye surgery?
* Karen is laughing at JL's comment. "I may not be keeping track if the old laptop crashes.... and it usually does."
<jl> Midge, I see you on AIM -- that's become rare. I hope to see you more often this coming decade.
<Karen> They see no problem in doing my eye... but since I only have ONE working eye, I am concerned. The "twilight sleep" has been mentioned, but I've never had it.
<jl> Karen, you WILL conquer getting the new equipment to work right. I had that problem you have, so I know it can be conquered.
<Karen> Can't be conquered without the software, JL, and you know that.
<Midge> JL, I don't use AIM much. I prefer email. AIM keeps updating so fast I can't keep up, LOL.
<Karen> I'm still using AOL 7.0 and the AIM installed on it. Haven't updated in ages.
<jl> Oh, my husband had that "twilight" thing for a colonoscopy. It's really strange because you're walking and talking and deciding and doing, but the next day you have no recall of WHAT you did. You really need someone to take you there and back. Your key software will turn up, and the rest we can replace somehow.
<Karen> That's why I can't have the surgery until Kaires comes east --- and the date isn't decided yet.... but the longer I wait, the more strange my vision gets.
<Midge> I had "twilight" for my colonoscopy, too. Don't remember a thing, but I had no problems.
* Karen is hopeful about the software. "Without it, I'm really up a creek."
<jl> MTZ - please ID yourself for the record.
<Midge> MTZ! Hi!
<jl> jl is Jacqueline Lichtenberg
<MTZ> hi all
<jl> Karen is Karen McCleod -- ??? Midge is head of the Reviews dept
* Karen sighs, never expecting JL to ever learn to spell MacLeod
<jl> oh, yeah. See? What I said before is true -- w/o Karen no JL. Kip! Wow, it's good to see you here. Please ID yourself for the record.
<MTZ> I am Margaret I Carr of epress-online, inc.
<Midge> Hi Kip. I'm Midge. How's by you?
<jl> Eventually this and the Business meeting will be posted online, so we need to connect nicknames with people-names for the record.
<Kip> This is the first time I think I have ever been on one of these chats.
<jl> Also if you don't want a comment posted, put DNP before it, please. Yes, I don't recall seeing you here regularly Kip, and I'm really glad you could make it today.
<Karen> I'm logging, until the computer decides to lock up.
<jl> Jean will be along in about half an hour and we will start then.
<Kip> Thank you. I don't know if I have ever been in a "chatroom" with any of you before. I usually read the post later as they are put onsite.
<jl> Please join #sgchat as well as this #sgtalk so you can see and participate in the business meeting.
<Karen> We usually post everything but actual e-dresses or other such identifiers.
<jl> It's an awkward time to get a group together, true, but for those who don't do parade and football, it's a neat little gap to fill and a memory to celebrate. We put up a table to identify nicknames. If you WANT your nick associated with a URL please put it here. I see Kip in #sgchat too. Good
Kip - the idea here is that #sgchat is "moderated" so only one person can post at once, or later anyone can post to vote.
<MTZ> --- for MTZ
<jl> This room is where anyone posts any time and cross-chatter conversations can get confusing, so put who you are answering. Good MTZ Karen will note that and ID you.
<Midge> Karen, I'll copy both logs and email them to you if your laptop locks up.
<MTZ> thanks
<Karen> Thanks for the logging, whomever gives me a copy.
<Midge> Hi, Anne!
<jl> If you wish to post something in the business room, you put your request here and the moderator (usually Karen) will let you post it.
<jl> Karen that is
<jl> Anne fell off #sgchat -- try again.
<jl> I don't know why Anne is getting kicked off -- she's on broadband.
<Midge> Guest has been kicked off #sgchat too.
<jl> Yeah, I saw that -- not sure if that was Anne also
<MTZ> same user id, so probably.
<jl> aha there's Anne again!
<Anne> Hi
<jl> Now we lost Kip
<jl> Seanara!!!!!
<Karen> Don't know what's going on with the website....
<jl> Oh, big hugs to you! Great big hugs.
<Midge> Seanara!
<Seanara> Hi everyone. Great big hugs back, JL!!!!
<Midge> I don't think Guest is Anne- different user ID.
<MTZ> have noticed anyone using Vista has problems with mIRC
<jl> Hi - how are you doing Seanara.
<Anne> It's me. I keep getting kicked off though. I don't use VISTA
<jl> We've had people getting kicked off. You'd think we'd have the web to ourselves today with all eyes glued to the TV.
<Karen> Anne, what are you using? mIRC or the website?
<Midge> Thanks, Anne. Hope it stops kicking you out. And I didn't want Guest to be lost either.
<Seanara> I was just trying to straighten out the logging.
<Kip> And I accidentally kicked myself off for a sec.
<Anne> Website
<Karen> Thanks Seanara. Your logging often works well.
<Karen> The website works well... can't understand why the problem of being kicked off... I worked with the website a few days ago to be sure it worked.
<jl> Ten minutes to beginning.
<Seanara> I just hope I didn't screw it up. I seemed to have one log for both SG talk and SG chat. <resigned look>
<MTZ> ouch, Seanara, that can be a real mess!
<Karen> You need to log both rooms... check it again.
<Seanara> I know...
<Karen> I'm logging both, but don't know if the 'puter will let me stay. Somewhere we'll get the logs...
<Seanara> There. The logging seems to be OK now.
<jl> #sgtalk is where anyone can talk to anyone - #sgchat is the business meeting. Please log into both rooms to follow the discussion. Good, thank you Seanara!!!
<Seanara> JL, you asked how am I doing ... ~~appreciative of your concern~~
* Karen smiles at Seanara, with an appreciative look.
<jl> Yes, I'd really love to get an update. Put DNP before any comment you don't want posted to the web eventually.
<Seanara> k...
<Karen> Alternately, if you want to keep things just between the two of you, e-mail works best.
<Seanara> That's probably a good idea, Karen. My DCC doesn't seem to work -- I can't initiate private chats, but I can receive them.
<jl> DCC was unable to connect on this end. No idea why.
<jl> You did initiate -- I accepted and didn't connect. Got error. Try between you and Karen. Here comes Jean!
* Seanara shakes her head. "I've tried in past years with Karen. That doesn't work either."
<jl> JEAN!!!
<Midge> Hi Jean!!!
<Seanara> HI, Jean!
<jl> Please identify yourself for the log.
<MTZ> why don't you just click on nick for private window
<Karen> It may be because our IRC software is old....
<Kip> Hi Jean.
<jl> Put DNP before any comment you don't want posted to the web eventually. For URL in my ID please put
<MTZ> the host side, Karen?
<Seanara> MTZ, because that doesn't work.
<jl> Or version incompatibility. I just downloaded this one brand new today.
<Karen> We've never done DNP notations... we've always posted the entire log minus e-mail or other personalization.
<Jean> Hi, Everyone.
<jl> Yes, but I figured we might have some DNP's (not many) today.
<Anne> Hi
<Karen> Got your chat request, Seanara, but it won't connect. Trying my own with you.
<jl> Especially if DCC isn't working smoothly. OK, Jean - remember I'm going to leave early. If they're still voting, you'll have to finish up.
<Karen> Your leaving early was why we start the meeting an hour early this year.
<jl> Yes, I'm hoping we'll finish. LEXIE! long time no see - about a year I'd say. Please identify yourself for the log.
<Lexie13-a> Actually it's Steve Pikov for Lexie Pakulak; hopefully she'll be here shortly.
<Midge> Hi Lexie! Don't feel bad -- I haven't been around much either. Been sick.
<Karen> I've got 3 p.m. so we can start the business meeting.
<jl> Oh, hi Steve! Welcome to you, too.
<Midge> Hi Steve.
<jl> OK, Jean are you presiding or am I? You go ahead. Reminder, business meeting chat is shown in #sgchat - join both rooms to participate. Put your request to speak "on the floor" in this #sgtalk room and moderator will let you.
<Midge> JL, I am woefully unprepared to give a department report. I just got off the binnacle list TODAY.
<jl> Midge I realize that.
<Jean> Glad to hear you're better, Midge.
<jl> Your report is that there is no report this year. But Laurraine and some others have tried to get some postings up.
<Midge> Thanks, JL. I have lots of stuff saved but haven't begun to process it yet.
<jl> OK, here we go.
<Karen> Someone chair the meeting in the other room, and start?
<jl> Hey, what are we, 10th annual chat? Yes, I'm starting, but my memory has failed. Did we do this in 1999? Before?
<MTZ> 99, beginning of year
<Karen> This should be the 10th chat, if not longer.
<jl> I think that makes 11th annual?
<Jean> If we did it in 99, then this is the 11th!
<MTZ> the New Year after the first session of "Essence of story."
<jl> Anyone have any old business?
<Karen> I know we posted the early chats... we just have to check that.
<Midge> If I remember correctly, we were all surprised last year to realize it was that was the 10th.
<Karen> Last year was the 10th anniversary of the formation of Sime~Gen, Inc.
<jl> Jean - you're on. Midge - you have a great memory and I'm in admiration since you've been so sick.
<Midge> Thanks.
<Seanara> Thank goodness for that -- about the server being paid off. It should make things a lot easier financially.
<jl> Yeah, that machine was expensive.
<Midge> Yay!
<jl> But we bought it because we kept having breakdowns, and had to choose another used machine or a new one. We've been running despite Patric being on the sicklist so much because the machine hasn't broken down (knock on my own head)

       -- Some Publishing Ideas:  Graphic Novels --
<Seanara> Jean, Kip had that idea about S~G comics or graphic novels. What do you think of the idea? It seems to be an up-and-coming popular form. Ooops, lost Karen
<Seanara> Karen will be back as soon as she can... the modem on her laptop often drops her.
<jl> Yeah, we're in FAVOR OF S~G comics. Or graphic stories.
* Seanara nods. She'd love to see the artwork.
<Kip> I am not a comic artist but I love how great the artwork is nowadays in comics. I have noticed a lot of popular writers are using that route to get their stories out there.

       -- Some Publishing Ideas:  eBooks --
<Midge> Have we considered republishing the Sime-Gens as e-books?
<jl> Yes, and we may go there, but it's a lot of work.
<jl> "go there" -- meaning e-book editions of S~G.
<Midge> True. But I'd love to have them. All my paper copies are long gone.
<jl> The e-book world is rapidly coming up to speed.
<MTZ> particularly if you don't have digital files of the books
<jl> Lost Laurraine. Oh, we have the digital files -- just not the PUBLISHING know-how.
<MTZ> so why haven't you asked me?
<jl> MTZ -- didn't THINK of it, actually!!!! Don't know why not. I've been drowning in the Tarot book project.
<Seanara> wb, Karen
<Karen> Thanks. Computer froze...
<Seanara> BTW, re. I just hope my purchases are actually going through and giving S~G the credit. I hope I'm doing it right.
<jl> The 5 volumes of Tarot books are ready to go now, but held up for a) artwork and b) pod setup and e-book setup know-how
<Karen> When they're released, do they end up on my resume?
<MTZ> okay, I can help some with (b)
<jl> Karen - yes, of course on your resume. You did the main editing. Is MTZ still with us?
<MTZ> yes
<jl> I see your statement up to with b -- then nothing.
<MTZ> well, you listed a and b. artwork, not my thing although I have done covers for some of our books
<Midge> JL, I've got what I got done of the first writers book before my eyes went bad last year. It's in Notepad, so I can e-mail it to you.
<MTZ> but we've done zero inventory and e-books

       -- Some Publishing Ideas:  POD & Zero Inventory --
<jl> Zero inventory means POD?
<MTZ> but, most important advice is KEEP IT SIMPLE. Yes, I prefer that. POD is too confusing
<jl> Please explain the diff between POD and zero inventory
<MTZ> POD can mean Print on Demand or Publish on demand, and to many people it is considered negative
<jl> But refers to the same process.
<MTZ> zero inventory simply means that you don't have a stock of copies, either on hand or in a warehouse,
<jl> And you sell off your website and on Amazon?
<Midge> I have a friend who does her cookbook (in print) as POD. It's ruinously expensive.
<Anne> That's also better taxwise because you are taxed on the number of books you have in inventory even if you can't sell them.
<MTZ> exactly Anne
<jl> Anne - yes indeed, and that's why they INVENTED POD (when the tax law changed).
<MTZ> big publishers, even medium, can print 5000 and do okay if they sell 2500
<jl> Midge - your turn.
<MTZ> but, smaller publishers can't always come up with upfront cost, warehousing, distribution, etc.
<jl> Patric are you here yet?
<Jean> Wait--in zero inventory you NEVER have a print book? It's ONLY e-books?
<MTZ> Midge, is it color interior?
<Jean> I thought the whole point of POD was that anyone willing to pay the price of a print book could have one, and everyone else could get the e-book.
<MTZ> no Jean, zero inventory includes POD print books
<Jean> Okay--then that's exactly what we plan to do.
<jl> Yes, that makes a difference - color. Jean and I are working in B&W interior, color covers - have the covers and need just 3 illos that are essentially draftsmanship for the interiors that Patric has not yet finished (they're drawings of the Tree of Life and Jacob's Ladder), and then the 5 volume set on the Tarot will be publish ready.
<MTZ> it is just so much negative has been accrued to POD, so many sharks who make money from authors, not from readers
<Jean> We don't want to alienate our old friends and fans who want only tree books while we reach out to new people who are willing to read e-books.
<jl> Jean - I think she just means it's POD but she refers to it by a different term because "POD" means "self publish schlock that hasn't been edited".
<MTZ> yes, JL, too many people think that
<MTZ> Karen, an imprint can publish both print and e.

       -- Some Publishing Ideas:  Kindle DTP, etc. --
<MTZ> I can guide you through Amazon/CreateSpace, and the Kindle DTP, plus some on other formats, if you like
<Jean> Oh, hallelujah! MTZ, you are just what we need!
<jl> What would you charge to do it FOR us?
<jl> Kindle is not friendly to illos.
<MTZ> in the past eight years I've found a LOT of the mistakes you can make!
<MTZ> um, tables are not allowed in anything but PDF
<MTZ> JL, illos need to be greyscale, 96 dpi to look decent in Kindle
<Kip> So all e-books, Kindle included, can have illustrations?
<MTZ> not all, Kip, but most
<jl> Can have illos - yes, but it's not so easy.
<MTZ> but it can be tricky to get right size and dpi
<Jean> As we don't have the interior illos for the tarot books yet, advice on how to make them for easy repro would be welcome.
<MTZ> btw, there is Kindle for PC free software now, so you can see some examples
<MTZ> for print you need greyscale, 300 dpi, scaled to width of print page

       -- Back to generic discussion --
<Lexie13-a> I have to leave, but will continue logging. Hope that doesn't cause any voting issues.
<jl> Lexie - see you when you can. Read the post.
<Karen> Won't be a voting problem as we count only those who vote.
<Midge> JL, Jean, if my friend agrees, and we can find a way to convert it to ebook, I bet she'd love to have us sell it for her. It's Scottish recipes.
<Seanara> Haggis? <innocent look>
<Midge> Yes, Seanara, and more.
* Seanara grins.
<Anne> Oh Ghu, not haggis.
<Seanara> I've heard a lot about haggis. Never tried it.
<Anne> Believe the "myths." I had it.
<Karen> The recipes I've seen for Haggis don't appeal to me. :-(
<Seanara> Oh, dear. My sympathies, Anne.
<Jean> Seanara, cookbooks sell IF the author is out there plugging and plugging away at becoming the go to guru on cooking. If not, then no one finds the book and there are no sales. We can't do that for her--we are dying of the effort of promoting our own niches.
<Midge> Me too, once. If you enjoy chitlins, you'll like haggis.
<Seanara> Jean, that's kind of what I'd figured. The ones on the TV shows (which I don't watch but have heard about) like Bobby Flay et al might sell cookbooks, but...
<Anne> The whole published/televised, food entertainment thing just got busted today.
<Karen> Didn't yet hear anything about that, Anne....
<Anne> I don't know if anyone else heard about this but the Food network and HSBC have not signed contracts with some of the major carriers.
<Seanara> What happened, Anne? ~~curious~~
<Jean> The Food Network is still running on my cable.
<Karen> Mine, too.
<Anne> Cablevision just announced today that they will no longer be carrying Food Network or the House and Gardens channel.
<MTZ> this is your start point.
<Seanara> Did they say why, Anne?
<Anne> Scripps, which owns the channels has totally changed their model. That's all I know.
<Seanara> I see. I just wondered.
<Jean> Oh, it's probably connected with the Fox/Time-Warner fight.
<Anne> I sometimes watch the Food Channel and when I turned to it, that's what they said.
* Seanara hasn't owned a TV set in decades, but she was just wondering.
<Anne> I checked the website and it didn't have any other information.
<Jean> Sometimes it's a good thing to have a small local cable company. Cooking alarm going off--time to go put the veggies in with the roast. BRB
<Anne> Well, I'm sure other cable companies still have it but this is one of the major markets and so if it happens here, it's major.
* Seanara nods.
<jl> OK, I'm going to put this year's stock awards up. Keep in mind we really have worked our tails off (even people who didn't get stock this year did some stuff) but for all that have accomplished very little.
<Seanara> Thank you, JL.
* Karen smiles at Jacqueline --- "Thanks for dedicating the chat to Balu (Tom Hufford)."
<Seanara> ~~greatly appreciative~~
<jl> Are there any award nominations? Gold Yo-Yo? Digen Award.
<Midge> What are the awards again?
<Karen> I'm trying to figure what we might have accomplished this year.
<jl> Karen - can you brief Midge? I'm going to nominate.
<Karen> I can't get to my old files easily enough....
<Seanara> Lemme see if I can remember... Digen award...
<jl> Go to -- the URL is listed in this month.
<Seanara> Risa award for recycling... Golden and Silver Yo-Yos... Tech-Ton...
<jl> Good - hold on Seanara. Midge beat you.
* Seanara smiles.
<Jean> I'm back.
<Karen> Check here for awards ---
<jl> Voting for Karen
<Karen> You can see brief definitions of all the awards at:
* Karen knows better than to argue that I don't deserve an award.... Karen grumbles that she doesn't deserve it, anyway.
<Midge> Yes she does
* Seanara presents Karen with a bouquet of multicolored roses.
<MTZ> she's hopeless! Never will see how valuable she is
<Seanara> Agreed on that, Margaret.
<jl> Seanara -- you have a nomination?
<Karen> Should nominate Patric... he does more than I do.
<Seanara> Uh, should I?
<jl> Wait Seanara
<Seanara> ~~puzzled~~
<Midge> Tech-Ton for Patric
<jl> Need a second
<Midge> I firsted.
<Midge> Seanara, you nominate Patric.
<jl> Voting for Laurraine
<jl> Seanara?
<Midge> Seanara, Patric for Tech-Ton
<jl> get speedy
<Seanara> I think Balu should get some kind of award, but I don't know what applies...
<jl> Balu should get a Tech-Ton for technical services
<Karen> Tech-ton for Balu --- and a different tech-ton for Patric.
<Midge> Yes
<Seanara> Can I nominate both Patric and Balu?
<Karen> One of the last things Balu did was move my files to a portable drive for me.
<jl> Yes, you may nominate both.
<Karen> Nominate one....
<Midge> Just nominate in succession
<Karen> Then nominate the other... separate votes.
<Seanara> OK...
<jl> Right. One after the other.
<Jean> Is IRC lagging? Ah--there it goes again.
<Karen> I don't think so.... we're thinking as a collective whole.
<jl> Seanara next, Balu?
<Seanara> Are we doing Balu's Tech-Ton or Jean's Golden Yo-Yo now?
<jl> I think my reception is lagging which is why I keep cutting someone off. Please tuck the last aye up with the rest of the votes it goes to.
<Seanara> For those who don't know -- Balu and I were a couple for 15+ years. He was diagnosed with colon cancer. We married a week later on Thanksgiving weekend. None of us realized how ill he was; he died less than two days after we were married.
<jl> Anne - nominated Jean
<Seanara> He kept Karen's computers and mine going all these years. We will miss him sorely.
<Midge> My condolences, Seanara.
<Seanara> Thank you, Midge.
<jl> Make the nomination Anne
<Anne> My condolences as well, Seanara
<Seanara> Thank you, Anne.
<Kip> My heart goes out to you, Seanara.
<Seanara> Thank you, Kip. This is a very difficult time for me.
<Jean> He will be missed.
<jl> Kip we all went white with shock at the news and cried our eyes out.
<Kip> I understand.
* Seanara offers gentle, appreciative virtual hugs to everyone for their sympathy and support.
<jl> Voting Golden Yo-Yo
<Karen> Should nominate Anne for silver yo-yo for being a part of the journey...
<Seanara> Go ahead then, Karen. Go nominate Anne.
* Seanara smiles. "Hey, I have an award nom..."
<Karen> Nominate after this one, then.
<Seanara> Kip, did you get an Arensti yet for your artwork?
<Jean> Yes--I was trying to navigate from a MapQuest itinerary, and there were just too many routes all in the same 50 yards!
<Karen> Oh yeah.... Arensti.
<jl> Voting on Anne
<Kip> No, is it still active?
<Seanara> I'd think so; it's on the list on the website.
<jl> Do I have all the votes on Anne
<Karen> We've never closed out any of the awards that I know of.
<Kip> Oh...I misunderstood. I thought she meant the Arensti art gallery on the Sime~Gen site. Not an award.
<Karen> It should still be there, too.
<jl> The gallery stands but hasn't had anything added to it lately.
<Karen> True. Lots of things haven't been updated.
<Jean> Just another sign of the times--people are too busy just trying to survive.
<Midge> Too true
<jl> I do love SIME GIRL - love my bag with the illo on it
<Seanara> And JL ought to get SOMETHING... Nager award?
<Kip> Thank you. I need to do a new one.
<Seanara> Or Karen award?
<Karen> I carry around a bag with Kip's channel and young companion on it.
* Seanara looks forward to seeing Kip's new art.
<Seanara> What, "Playing With Your Food"?
<Karen> Nooo... "Playing" was a Jenn Vesperman piece.
<Seanara> Sorry. ~~apologetic warmth~~ My brain is guacamole lately.
<Karen> I need to find the URL for Kip's CZ pieces and I'll add it to the log.
<jl> Jean they nominated ME !!! Help!!! I can't conduct a vote on ME
<Seanara> ~~mirth~~ "Well, Jean will have to conduct the vote then, JL."
<Karen> You can conduct the vote... but you can't vote.
* Seanara grins.
<jl> wow
* Seanara hands JL a virtual bouquet, remembering the last time she tried it using an IRC script, Patric got a burst of static. Sorry Patric.
<Karen> If I can be nominated, JL, so can you. <grin -- no guilt>
<Anne> Actually Jacqueline, you could conduct the vote on yourself but you'd have to abstain from voting according to Robert's Rules.
<Seanara> Midge... she's done a lot of work for the domain... Also a Nager award?
<Midge> But not most of last year. I been sick.
<Seanara> ~~reassuring warmth~~ I hope you're feeling better or will soon be better.
<Seanara> How about Kaires? Is she still doing helpful things like the room parties? And Ronnie Bob? And Anne?
<Midge> Better now. Had a horrible abscess, hit the ER on August 8, got off the wounds VAC just today, just in time for the chats.
* Seanara is thinking that a great many people have contributed to the S~G domain and is trying to remember them.
<Seanara> Oh, dear, Midge. That's awful. It sounds like it took a long time to heal.
<Karen> Many of those people received stock... as their contribution.
* Seanara nods.
<jl> Are we finished? I need to leave.
<Midge> It did, Seanara. Had a zero percent chance of dying when I hit the ER, had two surgeries in 24 hours, spent 13 days in ICU. Hate to see you go, JL. Talk soon.
<Jean> Have we covered all the business?
<Seanara> Take care, JL. I will e-mail you privately when I get a chance.
<Karen> Blessed Shabbos, JL
<Anne> I have to leave as well.
<Karen> You, too, Anne
<jl> bye Anne
<Seanara> And a happy new year to all. Bye, Anne.
<Anne> Happy New Year everyone and thank you.
<jl> Good Shabbos everyone.
<Midge> Bye, Anne
<Seanara> Shabbat Shalom, JL.
<Anne> Good Shabbos.
<Jean> Bye, Anne and JL.
<Kip> Goodbye ya'll.
<jl> Someone move to adjourn please?
<Karen> You can party here as long as you like, people.... Happy New Year....
* Seanara smiles.
<Karen> Pass around the virtual chocolates, apple cider, and assorted other party food.
<MTZ> pumpkin pie?
<Karen> Sure, if you want it.
<Kip> ...and I am busy cooking black eyed peas...
<Midge> Popped myself off by accident. Back now.
<Karen> I'm going to go... my old computer has been quirky today.
<Jean> Stay as long as you like, folks.
<Midge> Karen, I copied the talk log, but didn't get the chat log. Did you get it?
<Karen> Take care, all. Thanks for coming.
<Jean> But if you have questions for me, please ask now, as I need to go soon.
<Karen> I have most of it... I know Patric is logging, and I should get that one, if not Seanara's.
<Midge> Seanara, did you copy the business chat?
<MTZ> need to go, have a great year everyone!
<Midge> Jean, would we consider selling my Elysia stories as e-books? I will take NO commission, all would go to the domain.
<Karen> Take care, all. Blessings for the New Year.
<jl> Elysia is Trek, so we can't take money (profit) for it.
<Midge> Ah so, weedhopper.
<Karen> Yeah, that's the problem with them, Midge. Nice idea, though.
<Seanara> Happy New Year, all. Hi, Kaires.
<jl> Kaires - you're late, it's all over.
<Midge> Hi Kaires! Glad you made it
<jl> But I'm glad you could make it -- I was just leaving. Got my hat and coat on!
<Jean> Kaires! Welcome--but it's all over! We're just trickling off the party.
<Karen> Kaires can send me her Simecenter report for inclusion later.... bye, all.
<Midge> Bye, Karen
<Jean> Bye Karen and Jacqueline.
<Midge> Bye, JL
<Kaires> Sorry about that. I had to reinstall mIRC, and it lost the names of the chatrooms...and I didn't remember them. Sigh. I've been trying since before 12.
<jl> Kaires - oh, yes, do please send Karen a report for an addendum.
* Disconnected
Session Close: Fri Jan 01 16:27:13 2010 EST
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Karen MacLeod
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Karen MacLeod
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