Sime~Gen™ Inc. Annual Meeting - 2004

This is a record of the formal meeting of Sime~Gen participants for the purpose of voting the Awards due for tasks accomplished during 2003, and for awarding Preferred, non-voting shares of stock in Sime~Gen Inc.

Below is the log of the business meeting. 
Informal discussion was in a separate room. 

This year we have some pictures of the meeting in session. Also, thanks to Seanara for the roses and confetti!

The meeting was called to order by Jacqueline Lichtenberg <JL`>  & Jean Lorrah <jean>

Attendees include:
  <Karen> -- Karen MacLeod, Moderator
  <Chris_J> -- Chris Jacobs, Domain Operations
  <jean> -- Jean Lorrah
  <JL`> -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg
  <Patric> -- Patric Michael, Webmaster
  <Seanara> -- Seanara Coyote
  <MargareTZ> -- Margaret Carr
  <ECJB> -- Eric Berlin
  <lillian> -- Elizabeth Caldwell
  <bae> -- Beverly Erlebacher
  <N`omi> -- N'omi Rose
  <Laurraine> -- Laurraine Tutihasi

Others were present, but did not post to the room

Session Start: Thu Jan 01 2004

* Karen changes topic to 'Welcome to the annual Sime~Gen New Year's Chat .'
<Karen-> JL -- do you want to start the meeting?
<Jean> I call the meeting to order. 3:09 pm CST, Murray, KY
<Jean> Chris is first on the agenda, with the Domain Ops report.
<Chris_J> Okay, then I shall start. JL was going to do a summary of the past year, I think, but lacking that, I have the list of open projects.
<Chris_J> I'll post them in categories -- let me know if you notice items missing or misleading.

Sime~Gen Operations Report - Current Projects

Chris Jacobs, Domain Operations

Starting with staff:
   Launch Human Resources department
   Create Who's Who for S~G staff
   Update and link 'staff spotlights' and /bios
   Fill empty positions
   Review current staff for paperwork completion
   Update staff handbook
   Update Help Wanted Banners
   Solicit new clients
   Possibly create a right-bar standing banner for global pages
   Update bookkeeping system
Writers and Writing (this one is somewhat generic):
   In-progress works
   Monthly columns
   Reviews and lists at amazon
   S~G reviews from reviews dept.
   Update Author Spotlights with a /review clone
   Update webrings/automated
   Create link exchange
   Seek reviews and interviews
   Promote domain hosting
   Promote 2003/2004 S~G releases:
      June/July: TO KISS OR TO KILL
      May/April: DREAMSPY
   Conventions and Appearances
   Finish redesign of keybooks
   Create keygifts
   Link with reviews
   Update/continue with Cafe Press shop
SG Fandom & Fandom:
   New book/music shelves
   Review Rimon's Library and update links/addresses/contacts
   Genfarm (sgfandom)
   Kraith (fandom)
   Concordance (sgfandom)
   Redesign entry point
   Fill staff positions
   Re-launch, possibly with a /reviews clone
   Redesign entry point
   Elizabeth Caldwell seminar
   Philosophy Dept. - combine with Rathor and resurrect list.
   Recruit new teachers/courses
   Clean up and resurrect other departments
   /reviews clone for uploading, student showcase, etc.
   Update school handbook and school staff section (faculty/)
And finally, Reviews (Patric probably has lots more to say here):
   Automate posting and page displays
   Upload existing reviews to database
   Deal with Ellora's Cave

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<Chris_J> That concludes the list of open projects/efforts that I've been tracking.
<Jean> Thank you, Chris. Anything more?
<Chris_J> If anyone has projects going on that should be on the "list", email to I think that should cover it for me.
<Patric> Looks like its my turn, then...
<Jean> Patric, will you please give us the Sysops Report?
<Patric> Lets see... We are currently storing 1.8 GIGs of web available data, I've cleaned out one of the main directories twice now, and the reviews department database project is functional and running. Its the first step toward streamlining the various processes which eat up so much of our volunteers time.
<Patric> Having been caught by surprise in having to make this report, I dont have anything else to say.
<Jean> Thank you, Patric.
<Patric> except the invitation to look at and comment.
<Jean> Jacqueline is next, then, with the awards to be voted by the people attending this chat.
<JL`> 1. Silver Yo-Yo award -- for persevering at a task until it's done, no matter how many times it has to be done over, or how dizzy and punchy you get doing it.
<JL`> Nominations anyone?
<Seanara> Patric
<Karen> Moderation has been removed, so anyone can speak now.
<lillian> Karen
<Chris_J> second Patric
<JL`> Any other nominations for the Silver YoYo
* Patric withdraws himself from the nominations.
<MargareTZ> from the looks of that list, Chris should be nominated
* Karen would also like to withdraw herself, too.
<Patric> Oh. most definitely Chris.
<JL`> Patric withdraws -- Karen too.
<Chris_J> No -- I'm not doing all that work!
<Patric> Consider that a second.
<Chris_J> Only keeping *track*
<JL`> Patric seconds nomination of Chris.
<JL`> TRACK is more than I can do, I third your nomination.
<Karen> I also Second Chris.
<JL`> OK any others?
<JL`> I nominate Eric for the Silver YoYo -- for doing the PDF's for me over and over.
<MargareTZ> I know how much work keeping track is! don't let her get away
<JL`> And they're still not done.
<Patric> Second Eric.
<JL`> OK, we have Chris and Eric for the Silver YoYo --
<JL`> All in favor of Chris, type Aye here.
<MargareTZ> aye
<Karen> Aye, Chris
<Jean> aye
<Patric> Aye
<lillian> Aye
<JL`> Sorry -- Katie just uploaded pix from her camera to my computer.
<ECJB> *I*
<N`omi> aye
<JL`> Anyone have a count of how many people are here?
<Seanara> Aye
<MargareTZ> 13?
<Jean> Looks like 13 real people.
<Jean> 2 duplicates and a backup log.
<JL`> Aye for Chris
<MargareTZ> and I counted 8 ayes
<JL`> 7 Ayes for Chris -- Chris gets her FIRST Silver YoYo award.
<JL`> 8 Ayes for Chris.
<Jean> Does everyone know both people can get awards?
<JL`> Good enough - congratulations Chris.
<MargareTZ> yep
<Chris_J> Then I can vote for Eric? Yay.
<JL`> OK, All in favor of Eric Berlin for the Silver YoYo 2003?
<MargareTZ> soon as JL calls for a vote
<MargareTZ> aye
<Jean> Aye
<Chris_J> aye
<N`omi> aye
<lillian> aye
<Karen> aye, Eric
<Patric> Aye
<Seanara> Aye
<MargareTZ> 8 ayes
<JL`> Eric Berlin has a Silver YoYo for 2003!
<lillian> congrats Eric!
<JL`> 2. Digen Award for Meritorious Service -- this is for work done in Sime~Gen professional or fan projects, or for keeping the domain operating.
<JL`> Nominations for the DIGEN AWARD.
<Jean> Patric is definitely our Digen.
<Karen> Lisa Saunders for working with Jean in Advertising.
<N`omi> I second the nomination of Patric!
<Chris_J> I'll nominate Bruce Gray
<JL`> This is another award that is non-competitive. Any number of people can win.
<MargareTZ> second Lisa. ads lots of work
<Seanara> I nominate Karen for the Digen award.
<JL`> Patric is nominated and seconded.
<Patric> I nominate Neil Katz and Eric Berlin for banner creations...
<Karen> Second our banner workers
<JL`> 5 nominations -- I see Patric and Neil and Eric seconded?
<Patric> Linda Nelson, too...
<JL`> Lisa seconded?
<MargareTZ> yes
<Chris_J> Oh, yes. Second Linda.
<MargareTZ> I seconded Lisa
<Jean> BTW, Lisa has also gotten us ads with the charities she runs for.
<JL`> I second Bruce
<Patric> I second Lisa.
<N`omi> 2nd
<JL`> OK, we have a slate of candidates then.
<JL`> Lisa, Patric, Bruce, Neil, Eric and Linda.
<ECJB> I vote aye for everyone but me.
<JL`> We'll be here all NIGHT --- so let me see if we have a unanimous acclamation here.
<Jean> Shall we vote for the slate?
<Karen> I vote aye for all.....
<MargareTZ> aye on all
<Seanara> Aye for all.
<JL`> All in favor of ALL these candidates except themselves say AYE
<Jean> aye on all
<Patric> Aye
<N`omi> Aye to All on Slate!
<lillian> aye for all, too
<JL`> I vote for the slate.
<Chris_J> aye to the slate
<MargareTZ> 8 ayes
<JL`> that's 10 I think for the whole slate?
<JL`> That's a quorum -- someone let me know if we have more people arrive.
<JL`> Lisa, Patric, Bruce, Neil, Eric Berlin and Linda are awarded Digen Awards for work done in 2003 -- CONGRATULATIONS.
<JL`> I think they need one of Seanara's bunches of roses!
<Karen> I can post one when I edit the log.
<JL`> Oh, yes Karen do that.
<JL`> OK - next
<JL`> 3. Risa Tigue Award -- for brilliant commercial coups.
<JL`> nominations for commercial maneuvers -- bringing in business that brings in money to keep us on the air.
<Patric> Lois Wickstrom
<Patric> And Lisa
<lillian> I second
<JL`> Good choice - Lois built the store.
<JL`> I second Lois.
<JL`> Any others for this prestigious award.
<Patric> And Lisa chases down our banner clients.
<ECJB> 2nd Lisa
<JL`> Two candidates -- again no competition.
<Jean> Call for a vote.
<JL`> I nominate Bruce Gray for bringing us more and more and MORE keybooks bookshelves.
<JL`> Anyone second that?
<MargareTZ> second
<Karen> I will second Bruce.
<Jean> second
<Patric> Second Bruce
<JL`> Good - 3 candidates -- Lois, Lisa and Bruce for the Risa Tigue Award for Business.
<JL`> All in favor of all 3?
<MargareTZ> aye
<Karen> all three, aye
<lillian> in favor of all 3
<N`omi> Aye to all Three!
<Seanara> Aye for the 3
<ECJB> aye, *I*
<Chris_J> aye for all.
<Patric> Aye
<MargareTZ> 8 ayes
<Jean> aye
<MargareTZ> 9
<JL`> Good - we have Lois, Lisa, and Bruce winners of the prestigious Risa Tigue Award for Business.
<JL`> 4. Golden Yo-Yo award -- again for completing tasks that require impossible amounts of repetition. Originally the Golden Yo-Yo was awarded for work on the fanzine Ambrov Zeor, and the Silver for work on Companion in Zeor. Neither is more prestigious or valuable than the other, they're just different colors.
<JL`> If we've forgotten anyone who's made themselves dizzy doing things over and over, put them here.
<JL`> I nominate Eric Foss who has been working and working on the Kraith site, and is now proofing and fixing. Also Karen MacLeod for proofing.
<Chris_J> Second Karen and Eric F. for Kraith.
<N`omi> I second the nomination!
<lillian> I second both
<Chris_J> Nominate Ronnie Bob, too. For Kraith and for keeping records.
<Karen> Ronnie Bob Whitaker for scanning Kraith, and the original novels.
<Seanara> Second Ronnie Bob.
<Karen> Records, too.
<Patric> Second Karen, Eric F, and RBW
<N`omi> I nominate Jean and JL for their explaining over and over and over stuff to writing students!
<lillian> 2nd to both
<MargareTZ> second
<Karen> Aye for all, but I can't vote for myself.
<JL`> OK, we have Eric Foss, Karen, and Ronnie Bob -- Jean and JL (oy, now I know why Patric ran for the hills) --
<JL`> All in favor of the whole slate (if a slate fails we'll do them one at a time), type AYE here please.
<MargareTZ> you hauled him back. sauce for the goose
<MargareTZ> aye
<Jean> aye
<Seanara> aye
<Chris_J> aye
<lillian> aye
<Patric> Aye
<MargareTZ> 7
<N`omi> Aye to All on Slate!
<MargareTZ> 8
<JL`> That's 8 -- so we have Eric Foss, Karen, and Ronnie Bob -- Jean and JL winners of the Golden YoYo for work done in 2003.
<Seanara> Everyone here can vote, BTW. And is encouraged to.
<JL`> 5. Tech-ton Award -- for technical contributions to the domain.
<JL`> Nominations for those who have supplied technical expertise that's added value to the domain during 2003.
<JL`> We all know Patric leads this list.
<MargareTZ> nominate Patric
<Chris_J> second
<lillian> I second the nomination
<N`omi> 2nd!
<JL`> Anyone else done tech work here?
<N`omi> I nominate Karen
<Seanara> Second Karen.
<JL`> Oh, for retrieving our logs -- all that work.
<Jean> Bev Erlebacher retrieved all our back mailing lists.
<JL`> Good is that a nomination Jean?
<Patric> Second Bev!!!
<Jean> Yes.
<N`omi> 2nd!
<JL`> OK, Patric and Bev Erlebacher have been nominated for the Tec-Ton award for work in 2003.
<JL`> All in favor of both?
<Chris_J> And Karen!
<lillian> Aye
<N`omi> AYE!
<Seanara> Aye
<Chris_J> Aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<Karen> Aye to both
<Patric> Aye
<Jean> aye
<JL`> Aye for Patric and Bev
<MargareTZ> 10
<JL`> 11 votes for Patric and Bev -- they are awarded the Tec-Ton award for 2003.
<JL`> CONGRATULATIONS (horns and whistles please).
<JL`> 6. Out-Territory award for contributions to the domain that have nothing much to do with Sime~Gen but yet everything to do with writing, reading, and promotion of literacy. Our resident e-zine Bygone Days won last year.
<JL`> Who around this domain who is least connected to Sime~Gen itself has produced something of value.
<JL`> I nominate Bygone Days again.
<N`omi> 2nd!
<lillian> 2nd
<JL`> Sime Center?
<Jean> 2nd Sime Center.
<JL`> Lois Wickstrom for making Sime Center an attraction?
<JL`> Jean for getting our newest recipient? Clarion West?
<N`omi> 2nd!
<N`omi> 2nd!
<N`omi> (one for each)
<JL`> STORY HERE: Jean and I were wandering through WorldCon in Toronto and stopped at the Clarion West table -- and we discussed their financial problem. JEAN came up instantly with the idea of connecting them to Sime Center, and we found Kaires and sicced her on them. Kaires had the deal nailed in a trice. Kaires should get this Out-Territory Award too.
<JL`> Anyone want to nominate Kaires?
<Karen-> I can do that.
<Jean> Nominate Kaires.
<lillian> I nominate Kaires
<MargareTZ> second
<N`omi> 2nd!
<Seanara> Second Kaires.
<ECJB> third
<Karen-> Meisha Merlin and BenBella books for including Sime~Gen URL's in the books.
<Chris_J> second MM/BB
<JL`> OK we have 4 nominees, one with 3 people involved.
<JL`> Bygone Days, Sime Center (Lois, Jean, and Kaires), Meisha Merlin Publishing Inc. and BenBella Books.
<JL`> All in favor of all nominees being given the Out-Territory Award citation for valuable contributions to the domain?
<Jean> Vote for slate?
<JL`> Yes, for the slate -- all in favor of ALL nominees?
<MargareTZ> second
<lillian> aye
<Seanara> Aye.
<MargareTZ> aye
<Karen> aye, for slate.
<ECJB> Aye
<Laurraine> aye
<N`omi> Aye to All
<Jean> aye
<MargareTZ> 9
<JL`> OK, now let's do a separate one on the software writer.
<JL`> For the Tec-Ton award, this out-Territory software writer, Theodore T'so has been nominated and seconded. all in favor of T'so winning a Tec-Ton for 2003?
<lillian> aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<N`omi> Aye
<Karen> aye
<Seanara> aye
<ECJB> aye
<Jean> aye
<MargareTZ> 7
<Chris_J> aye
<MargareTZ> 8
<JL`> 8 is a quorum -- thank you T'so.
<JL`> Onwards.
<JL`> Jean has proposed a new award which the Directors have voted for several people already. We are looking for nominations here for the FIRST First Year Award, which is given for stock award-quality work (something which adds value to everyone's holding in the corporation) that a new person has done in their first year, but since they haven't been here a year, they don't get stock for it. Nominations are open.
<Jean> Neil Katz -- artwork and banners; started in May 2003
<N`omi> 2nd!
<Jean> Chris Jacobs -- domain ops, helping Patric
<Jean> Elizabeth Caldwell -- outlined syllabus preparing to teach a seminar so this is her first year as a teacher.
<Karen> Lisa Saunders, helping with Advertising, etc.
<Patric> Linda Nelson, for hanging in there through all the strangeness in reviews... Second Neil.
<Karen> Second Elizabeth
<Patric> Second Chris J.
<Jean> Eric Foss for progress on the /fandom/startrek/kraith/ website
<Karen> Second Eric Foss
<Chris_J> Laurraine, for persistence in reviews.
<Jean> Mitch Oberst for work on the Savage Empire series section of /writers/.
<N`omi> 2nd Linda
<Seanara> Second Laurraine
<N`omi> 2nd Mitch
<Karen> Second Mitch...I worked with him early on.
<JL`> OK, let me see who we have here
<JL`> Neil Katz, Chris Jacobs, Elizabeth Caldwell, Lisa Saundes, Linda Nelson, Eric Foss, Laurraine Tutihasi, Mitch Oberst have been nominated and seconded for the new First Year Award.
<JL`> All in favor of that entire slate, type aye here.
<Jean> aye
<Seanara> Aye
<JL`> aye
<MargareTZ> aye
<Karen> aye, whole slate
<N`omi> Aye
<lillian> aye, 'cept for Elizabeth since I am she.
<Chris_J> aye, save myself.
<MargareTZ> 8
<Laurraine> aye, save myself
<MargareTZ> 9
<ECJB> aye
<MargareTZ> 10
<JL`> I have 10 votes for the slate of First Year Award nominees. Neil, Elizabeth, Chris, Eric Foss, Laurraine, Mitch. CONGRATULATIONS to our precious newbies -- we will be expecting great things of you.
<lillian> Thanks.
<Laurraine> Will do my best. Thanks.
<JL`> Onwards -- Jean Lorrah will now present the CEO's report.
<Jean> Okay--here goes.

CEO Report - Jean Lorrah

    Sime~Gen Inc. weathered 2003 very well. The domain was not quite self-supporting because we didn't think it had to be: we were expecting two payments in the last quarter of the year. Neither came. So at the moment, we are spending only for necessities, until we receive moneys owed us or until we replenish the treasury to where it was at the end of 2002 by some other means. Nevertheless, we are financially in good shape--we simply would not have made some purchases earlier in the year had we known payment would be delayed. We are NOT out of funds; simply slightly lower than we were a year ago. All ongoing expenses can be easily covered for the next couple of years with what we have at the moment. When we do receive payment, stock values will shoot up by about 25%, but at the moment they are a bit below last year's value.

    Because Sime~Gen Inc. is a closely-held corporation, and does not trade on any exchange, stock values are tied to the genuine worth of the company, which means our equipment and our cash on hand. We have kept up pretty much the same sales of advertising as the previous year, thanks to Lisa Saunders taking much of the burden from me. However, we need to find someone with more time, interest, and knowledge than Lisa and I have to go after more advertising. We have some new domains hosting with us, and hope to get more, as domain hosting is one way of earning money that is not work-intensive for our overworked staff.

    The goal is to keep the domain self-supporting rather than reliant on income from the Sime~Gen books. We came close this year. If we can get just two more domains to host, assuming the same advertising and expenses, we will do so in 2004.

   On the book front, SIME~GEN: THE UNITY TRILOGY was published on schedule in July, 2003. SIME~GEN: TO KISS OR TO KILL was turned in on schedule to Meisha Merlin, and we have completed the editorial changes that were asked of us. We expect publication on schedule in July 2004--the first all-new Sime~Gen book in twenty years! Jacqueline is currently writing SIME~GEN: THE FARRIS CHANNEL. Jean has begun work on COMPANIONS, the unwritten book to follow FIRST CHANNEL and CHANNEL'S DESTINY, completing SIME~GEN: FORT FREEDOM. She will also be writing a short story to be included in THE FARRIS CHANNEL, so every volume has something by each author. That is the end of the CEO's report.

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<JL`> Did I miss the stock awards?
<Jean> No--that's next.
<Jean> Any questions about the CEO's report?
<JL`> Ah, OK please present the stock awards for 2003.
<Jean> Any additions?

Sime~Gen Inc Preferred Stock Awards

The Board of Directors have awarded 27 shares of Sime~Gen Inc. stock.
We award preferred stock to staff members who have been at their
current jobs for at least a year, and have contributed to our success.

      Patric Michael - 6 shares (Sysadmin, Webmaster, Art Dept, Domain Ops assistant) Special citation for installing https, and scripting for database operations, creating pages from database entries.
      Karen MacLeod -- 3 shares (Webmaster Asst, Domain Secretary, Sime~Gen professional novel editing.)
      Ronnie Bob Whitaker -- 3 shares -- Domain record keeper, School Registrar, database advisor, Scan and OCR tech on numerous projects.
      Lisa Saunders -- 1 share (Advertising manager; domain newsletter editor)
      Beverly Erlebacher -- 1 share -- retrieving lists after crash last January
      Bruce Gray -- 1 share -- /fandom/ gatemaster; Keybooks department manager
      Anita York -- 1 share -- /romance/ gatemaster; Publicity Manager
      Amy Harlib -- 1 share -- Film Reviews gatemaster, helping test new upload procedures
      Cherri Munoz -- 1 share -- Sime~Gen Book Publicist
      Darlene Kendall -- 1 share -- Reviews/Romance gatemaster
      Eric Berlin -- 1 share -- Art Dept. image manipulator, assisting Domain Ops with document posting.
      Kaires -- 1 share -- /simecenter/ & /sgfandom/ gatemaster; general publicity assistance
      Kim Murphy -- 1 share -- Bygone Days e-zine editor and gatemaster
      Laurraine Tutihasi -- 1 share -- domain newsletter editor and gatemaster, now reviews coordinator -- Mystery Interviews gatemaster
      Linda Nelson -- 1 share -- Assistant Reviews Coordinator, conscientious and diligent worker at a number of tasks.
      Wendy Fisher -- 1 share -- Legal Issues
      Lois Wickstrom -- 1 share -- setting up Cafe Press store with logo items.
      Mary Lou Mendum -- 1 share -- a long Sime~Gen fan novel posted in Companion in Zeor.

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<Jean> That completes the list of stock shares.
<N`omi> Wow, what a grand list! Congrats to All!
<Jean> If we seem to be stingy with shares, remember that we give a few each year.
<ECJB> *applause*
<Jean> The more shares we give out, the less each share is worth.
<Jean> We want this stock to accumulate real value over time, which would not happen if we gave out hundreds of shares each year.
<Jean> That concludes the official agenda of the meeting
<Jean> Is there anything any of you would like to add before we adjourn from this part of the chat?
<Patric> thanks to JL and Jean for your consideration, and for WRITING YOUR BOOKS!!
<Laurraine> I second that
<lillian> 3rd it
<Karen> Hear, hear!
<Seanara> I third that. And how wonderful those books are coming back in print!
<MargareTZ> Three Cheers!
<Chris_J> Amen!
<Laurraine> hip, hip
<Jean> Thank you, from both of us.
<Patric> Hooray!
<Karen> I'll toss the virtual confetti.
" '~`*+,. `*`'" ~ :,
 ~ ' " -;. : ' ` ` *
- _ + ^ : , .+ * ^ *
- ,.:" '~`*+,. `*`'"
~ :, ~ ' " -;. : ' `
` * - _ + ^ : , . +
* ^ * - , .:" '~`*+,.

<lillian> and the rice
<N`omi> I agree!!
<Jean> It's not a wedding!
<lillian> okay, water balloons
<Karen> It's a celebration of your life's work, the reissue of the books.
<Patric> Sure it is! This domain is a marriage between fan and corporation, and in the union becomes something much, much more.
<N`omi> weddings throw bird seed
<N`omi> !!
<N`omi> 2nd that one, Patric!
<lillian> or blow bubbles
<ECJB> So the birds don't eat the rice, drink water, and explode.
<Jean> Okay--#sgtalk will remain open for people to chat with one another.
<N`omi> Thank you for keeping plugging on so create such a virtual world, as well as getting books re-published!
<Jean> The official meeting is over as of 4:44pm CST,
<Karen> Happy New Year All! The logging of the chat is officially closed.
<Jean> Thank you for coming!

Session Close: Thu Jan 01 2004 (4:44pm CST)

Both "<Karen>" and "<JL`>" often got disconnected; however,the logs
provided are intact. Eric Berlin, Chris Jacobs and Seanara Coyote
helped provide these complete logs.
The logs were moderated and
corrected by Seanara Coyote
and Karen MacLeod.

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