Sime~Gen? Inc. New Years Chat - 2004 This is a record of the informal chat among Sime~Gen participants, going on in a separate chatroom, concurrent with the formal business meeting. The business meeting was called to order, proceeded through the agenda, and was formally adjourned. This discussion flowed on in the background, both before and after the meeting. Attendees include: -- Karen MacLeod, Moderator -- Chris Jacobs, Domain Operations -- Jean Lorrah -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg -- Patric Michael, Webmaster -- Seanara Coyote -- Margaret Carr -- Eric Berlin -- Elizabeth Caldwell -- Beverly Erlebacher -- N'omi Rose -- Laurraine Tutihasi Session Start: Thu Jan 01 2004 * Karen changes topic to 'This is a channel for side chat -- not moderated' I'm glad you're here now. Katie is here and has a new digital camera. She wants to take *pix* of me during the chat that we can post. Sounds like fun. Hi, Katie. anyway, you could see the computer screen in the photo. So I put up IRC to show on the screen. If I'm not here, its because I was tossed off. Jean is HERE! Yo Jean! Reading that email now. Hi! Let's try this again! You're in! And *waves* to Jean. Thanks, I keep getting tossed off. Net must be strange today...lost JL too. And me you'll likely keep losing. Phone lines in this neck of the woods are terrible. Nods. If you'll catch her when she gets back, I'm going to go log in the hardwired computer for logging purposes only. I'll call it "BackupLog" for user ID. No need to op. Works for me.... we'll need one if I keep playing like a yo-yo Hi, Eric. Yello Other room is moderated. I keep getting tossed lines here are terrible. Don't have that problem. Unless your cable goes out. And the phone lines where you are were good...better than these in No. Maryland. Hi, Eric. Hi Jean I'm going to go make a cup of tea before we get started. We have 7 right now, and I'll bet we can have many more. Patric never put a limit on how many least he hasn't told me of any limit. Hi Eric. Backup log going downstairs now, Karen. Greetings and Salutations Thanks....appreciated.... be sure I get it please when all is said and done. Yes'm. I keep getting "shenned." * Karen smiles. * ECJB is also logging Oh, I sent you the file you wanted, Chris. Do you want to keep anything that's here up to this point? I'll go ahead and clear it out so you get a clean log, if you want. Thanks, Eric. I can clear it later. Ok. * JL` ~~~happy to see dozens of people attend ~~~ I hope we get more attendees. Still early yet I mentioned the chat page website, and did tell people how to connect when they contacted me. Howdy folks... How goes? Happy New Year, all. * Chris_J waves to Patric Hi Patric! Who's the backup log? Chris, Eric..... I keep getting tossed off. Backuplog is my hardwired downstairs, Patric I'll edit them, though. Hi, Patric. Excellent.. I woke up to your average blizzard. Its dying down right now, but I don't count my connection for anything.. Ah, Seanara you're here! Thanks Chris... Ditto Seanara. Hi, JL got a cold, but I'm here. * Chris_J waves to Seanara. Nice to meet you. Hi Chris. Patric - is there a limit on the number who can be in a chatroom? * Patric doesnt believe so. Chris, meet Seanara. Chris will help guide you around and give you assignments. JL's wishes you to work on. I'm here to help you both if you want that. Its not something I would have configured in, at least... I'm here to help you both if you want that. I've been in rooms with more than 50 in the past. It gets interesting to follow the conversation, but I've never seen IRC object. Seanara -- before you arrived we cooked up a scheme whereby Chris will be the one to bring you on staff. * Karen laughs. "I sort of just said that." Thanks. Good - redundancy is GOOD today. I already lost my connection once, and Karen's popping in and out too. I have to start logging. Seanara's used to my popping in and out. Please log both rooms, everyone. I'll have fun cleaning up the chats. There. Got it. If I disappear, then someone MIGHT have a whole log for my 'disappeared' point. Hi there Seanara... That's my backup. Hi Eric. one regular mIRC. The other one does fun stuff, like: Mae Govannen ECJB Some of the things the TORN IRC does shens me when I try it. * JL` ~~~fascinated JL ~~~ it does the mountain of fire just fine, but some of the others... like the warg.. immediate disconnection. Not using a monospace font, it doesn't quite work for me... I'll stick to things like the Elven greetings. And maybe... let's see if you can get this one without a problem, Patric: Were we supposed to see another graphic after the roses? What is your agent? I'm going to put up another one. the thing isn't critical, just handy for when I have to go to other windows... The Genie thingy. Never use it except here... * Seanara` tosses Confetti around the room Just For jean Happy New Year! And happy New Year to you too. To everyone. ~~warmth, glad to see you all~~ Almien Patric * ECJB blows a loud party kazoo thingie... Thats pretty but god, I am glad he's dead. Listening to him reading all that would be horrible.. :) Who, Tolkien? * Karen laughs. I remember the agent thingie you had last year, Patric. The Merlin.acs Windows actor. No.. the agent. It reads everything in all channels... Same one, Karen. Its his only usefulness... * Karen smiles. BTW, after this chat, I am gonna disappear somewhat... Reviews is up and running, (for the most part) and I have a paid gig I have to attend to... Congrats on both counts, then! Paid is always good. Money is nice when you can get it. Lost JL Hey--is anyone here on Atkins or other low-carb diet? Yes Since April. Oooh. And prewarning to Patric -- don't faint when the project list turns up. It's way more than a years' worth of work. Just a list. Russel Stover has started making low-carb chocolate. Not nice. Critical. And I am too compulsive to not set the databases aside and actually DO it. laugh. I'm sitting here eating chocolate mints. Yummy! One of MY favorites. wb JL Lost connection - that will likely continue. Are they good? I get the Carbolite chocolate crunch bars. They're good. 5 generous pieces, 1 gram of carb. I've assembled our offerings into a 4-part agenda for this meeting. only you have to read labels if it isn't Atkins. Some of them have trans fats in them. I've got coffee and hubby's present of cappuccino Lindt milk chocolate. Happy, happy new year. Take note of this Jean And Karen and Patric -- if I'm OFF - someone just pick up and continue Best low-carb chocolate I've found--it's in the low-carb section at Wal-Mart. Thanks for the prewarning, Patric says VERY dryly... * Chris_J grins. ~~mirth~~ LOL * Patric is NOT grinning at all. :| 1) Domain Ops Report from Chris Jacobs 2) Sysops Report from Patric Michael 3) 7 Awards nominated and voted by attendees 4) CEO Report from Jean Lorrah with announcement of Stock Awards for work done in 2003. * Chris_J would worry if Patric were grinning, and likes Karen too. Patric has a Sysops report? Good thing I know that, now. * Patric scrambles around for data to report on. Back in a bit. Chairing order -- how about if JL finks out, then the gavel passes to Jean; if she's gonners, Karen gets it, and if she's blanked out, Patric wings it until someone reconnects. ??? Karen isn't department head, it's Patric that needs the gavel. * Patric mutters and grabs a few feathers too. Can't wing anything without feathers... So far my outages have been short, but that's not always the case with this problem. One day I'll send you guys a traceroute report for you to laugh over. * Karen smiles. I can't even always tell when I'm disconnected until I try to post something. Sometimes that happens. If I get no ping, I figure there's something amiss. oh and Jean, try the Think bars if you want something chewy and filling. 2 net carbs, and IMO, they're better than the Atkins ones. I've never seen that brand. May be local to you, as I try them all. The Atkins brand stuff is terrible compared to most others. Should I send Jean your Atkins cheesecake and brownie drop recipes that were successful. * Patric wants his agent. Gonna drop out for a bit. brb Some of the GNCs have them. So does Whole Foods and Yes! Markets, but they're in the DC area. yes, by all means. None of those stores in Murray. Karen, that is. Karen made me delicious Atkins cheesecake and brownie drops. Oh wow, Jean. Do you ever get to the mall in Paducah? There's a GNC there...or used to be. I buy at Wal-Mart, Kroger's, and a locally-owned health store. I hear Wal-Mart has a lot of stuff. I'll send the recipes tomorrow, Jean. We've had lots of success with them. Made them multiple times. Rarely get to Paducah--it's an hour's drive each way, so not worth going unless I can take the day. and there are places on the Internet to buy low-carb stuff by mail order. not just Atkins. I can hear what's going on now. I could check walmart here for you Seanara, when I know someone is going your way, and send stuff. You're welcome, Patric. I've been buying on-line a lot, but it's really nice that Wal-Mart is adding more and more. hi all Thanks, Karen. I can't get to a walmart unless Tom wants to drive me to one, and he doesn't care for shopping. Yello there * Karen waves at Margaret. Hi, Margaret! Hi margaret! * Seanara lives in downtown Washington DC and doesn't have a car. Hi Margaret! Nice to meet you. Hi, Margaret. Is that Margaret Carter? If Tom is coming through the area, I can send stuff down with him, since he'll likely be commuting. ~~appreciative~~ nope, Seanara, I'm Margaret I. Carr Ah. ~~warmth~~ Oops. Lost JL again. Hi, Margaret. I need to get to Walmart for the bread machine, and Blessing Bird says its a place to get decent cheap eyeglass replacement. * Patric flaps his wings just in case... * Seanara grins at Patric and offers him some seeds. * Karen hopes they're Patric's dragon wings. ~~knowing~~ Correct. the feathers are just a disguise. Thought so. Dragons are more interesting than birds, anyway. Karen, look at and for breadmakers. High quality small appliances are bargain priced on those sites. ok, Jean. Someone gave me a great yeast coffee cake recipe my Grandmother used to make, and suggested the bread maker to knead it with Karen, the also join doesn't show up with smaller monitors. suggest you put it before the Welcome.... * ECJB makes an alias to "wb JL" every time she gets disconnected and comes back... Try that.... looks good, Karen! My pleasure. yep, anything that reduces confusion is good * Seanara hands Karen a bouquet of roses, but not the graphic because she doesn't want to mess up Patric's Agent. * Patric suggests DCC... Sometimes DCC doesn't work. Wish JL could stay around to begin the meeting. * Patric pauses in gluing his feathers to his arms, and considers the bottoms of JL's feet instead... yikes. Arizona must be cranky Okay--we may as well start. Lots of cranky in the air. The backbones are starting to get congested... I've been trying to write the CEO report in another screen while following the conversation. Which is exactly the point of my agent, jean. :) Where is located? Missouri I'm probably closest to it. Oh interesting. How'd Missouri end up being home? Patric recommended the company. St. Louis. Its where Betterbox is located. they colocate our server. We own the server, but someone has to physically care for it. I started up with them because of some MUSH games I used to run on their accounts. Ah. Makes sense. They have power backups and other safeties. Yeah, which is why our uptime is so incredible. Jacqueline just got dumped again, so I'm going to start the meeting. Karen: Guess not. Poor Jacqueline...and I thought I got bounced. Jean, your gonna have to start. Half the folks in chat don't realize anything is going on at all... Maybe we should rearrange the agenda a bit and get started? I'm not 100% sure what she had in mind for Domain Ops... And I think some of them haven't figured out that the side talk is here. Join the club... they haven't, or don't want to... I could turn off moderating, but it may diminish the side chatter there, and make my log work eassier. * Chris_J borrows some of Patric's feathers. * Karen- is grateful she only WORKS and has little to report. Leave it as is Karen. they'll get here or not. I'm unfamiliar with protocol. Just start in with the list of open projects, jean? Works for me, Chris.. :) Might want to indicate any which are completed, then partials, then future projects.. shrug. Yes--report on what you're doing. Chris -- I think Ellora's cave is defunct...according to NBI list. What is Ellora's Cave? Review site, if I remember right. Something that has NO BUSINESS being in this report. It's a publisher -- and they've got some of the real hot sellers on amazon. I don't think they're defunct. What genre? ~~curious~~ I'm getting review copies from them. But they may be going defunct. Snort. Maybe they got a new listing, Karen? I was just there last night looking around. Margaret C. has a couple of books there. The 'deal' with them was added to the project list in early Dec/late Nov. I'm not sure.... They've got a bunch of genres. You could be right, Chris. Jacqueline, since you're "here' why don't you go next? Actually the Ellora's Cave item was related to the whole business of getting /reviews/ set up with publishers. * Seanara nods. Found on Google Intriguing name. That's why I asked. * Patric mutters. VERY loudly. Any adds/subtracts/deletes for the list? Drop them here or in my email. Splain the muttering sometime, Patric? I'm lost. No, you have quite enough already Chris, thanks. I'll splain by pointing to old messages since this is more of the same thing. Jacqueline, shall I go to Patric next, or do you want to do the 7 awards while you're connected? Ellora's cave interests me as a REVIEWER -- and after I check them out, I may nominate them to stand beside Awe-Struck Ebooks as a top publisher among the secondary marketers. No, Patric is next Thanks Jean. You're up, Patric. Leigh! So good to see you here. I have a very unstable connection so Jean's chairing in #sgchat -- and Patric's presenting his report. Hi! Chris has already presented the Domain Operations report. I seem to be lagging, btw. Hi Leigh... Hi, Leigh. Move on., I am done. You can read that in the log when it'sposted -- it's huge. I had no idea we had so many projects in play until she started getting this list together. Patric -- this is where your tour goes. Do you have a demo to show us? Webmaster report? It looks amazing. The amount of work that Chris listed. Beverly, join us in #sgchat for the meeting. It's an awful lot -- and doesn't include all of the work that's already done, really. Only what's 'in progress' to some degree. Jacqueline, you're up. Hi, Beverly. Hi Bev... hi, guys * ECJB ducks and runs...doesn't like the look of those dragon fangs ... what did I miss? * Karen is right behind Eric.... (took me a bit to find secret port) If you would have asked off list, I would have told you. Had it tucked away in my head and got lucky first try. N`omi just emailed me. I gave her the port I told others. I can't second Karen because I nominated Patric, can I? or can I? Lag is *really* bad here, Karen. I don't think I can second Karen too, but I'd like to. I need another award, like I need a ______________ Going to drop this id and restart. hi N`omi Deepest of Thanks yous, Margaret! for both the reminder and the info! Hugs!! I haven't done that hard of a job for Pdfing the press kit files... Hi JL, Jean, Karen, Patric It's basically a batch job process for me by now. Hush and accept gracefully Eric. :) Hi N'omi. Much better. it isn't how hard YOU think it is. it is how much work you save others * Patric agrees... * N`omi grins * Chris_J won't back out like the other two cowards did, but does think it's funny Patric thinks I save him work. Someone ah, thanks Margaret Are you smiling yet, Patric? I will have to drag out the tambourine and do a tap dance. I keep being nominated for awards...and what I get them offered for is stuff I've done for years. Others need recognition. * Patric growls at the coward comment, totally unwarranted, and ignores the rest. * Chris_J laughs. Congrats, Chris!! Thank you. Now I'll have to earn it for real. I have 8 for Eric - any more? that's about all the 'real' people we have. Congrats, Eric!! * ECJB bows * Chris_J throws confetti Thanks, y'all. Yay Chris! Yay Eric! * ECJB plucks confetti out of my hair... Karen, next year avoid it by having a list you want to nominate We tried to collect a list....we always try to collect a list. Can people not present be nominated? Dare I say the P----- word and get threatened? I'll cut server access to anyone that nominates me for this... fair warning. :) * ECJB runs... Yes, anyone who's contributed to this endeavor is eligible. Even you , Jean! :) lol Oh, shen, and I was about to say the P word, too. * Seanara runs after ECJB... * Patric laughs, very hard. Too late, Patric. Good....does that mean if I second you Patric, I don't have to work? I nominated you before your threat, * Karen ducks and runs. Karen. We need a side page about what that means, for the rest of the folks... * Chris_J giggles and can't stop. * N`omi playfully sticks her tongue out to Patric Each award is explained on the awards page. LOL except those on slate have to be able to vote for the others on the slate? NO!! ~~mirth~~ The poor genie JUST now got done reading Erics URL.. LOG EDITING NOTE -- which Karen deleted, it was wrong and too long from Google Figuratively speaking. Roses for everyone. LOL ... ROFL I put "vote for everyone but yourself" in there somewhere. OK onwards. * Chris_J offers chocolate to all the winners * ECJB munches the proffered chocolate... I'd hand out the graphic of roses, but it creates problems for Patric's agent... greatest Congrats! All! * Seanara doesn't understand what an agent is, though. I'll add the graphic when I edit the log if I can. k. The "agent" speaks whatever is written in IRC It turns your text into speech. You mean voice/verbal? Yes. * Seanara understands. I see. I have no idea how it would translate a graphic. It can' becomes gibberish. for everyone's information Sime~Gen Awards Shelf I take it that it upchucks on the confetti as well as the roses? Imagine someone in your ear saying "Seanara says left angle bracket, at, at, right angle bracket, tilde, tilde tilde, etc. for about a minute solid. yes, it does. owwww! :-( Don't know. No one has ever tossed it before... vote in the other window now. Chris... Keep track of the recipients please. I need to add their names to the awards pages when we are finished. Yessir. * Chris_J ducks. I have 8 - 9 ayes We'll have it in the log. * Patric doesn't duck a bit. Bossy, ain't she? NC "Quack" See, again with the feathers. Hmm. Something tells me this needs a cat. "meow?" Meow. Just don't ruffle them... *G* greatest Congrats Lois, Lisa and Bruce! I have a feather fixation today... Karen, did you work on Kraith with Eric Foss? I'd nominate everyone on staff for doing things again and again...but I had better duck and run. * Seanara offers Patric a lint brush for his feathers. Yes, been helping him clean up RBW's files. Can I nominate Karen and Patric? Watch out, Patric. My cat Dudley loves to pounce on feathers. * ECJB is dain bread Ronnie Bob for providing the original Kraith Files. Nominations for the Golden YoYo please? Put Ronnie Bob in the window please whee!! * N`omi does the happy jig has always wanted to nominate them for this one! * Chris_J grins. votes please Any more votes - have we lost people? With you and Jean, that makes ten. Do they know they can talk now even if they're not opped, as the channel isn't moderated now. Don't know. You can announce that if you like. Chances are they don't know what Kraith is. Now I don't see how Patric can escape this next one... I don't dare say PATRIC for tec-ton.... * Seanara holds up a large purple letter "P" I've helped him test lots of stuff....but keep me out of it. Hurry, before he starts paying attention. Give me a "P"! Give me an "A"! ~~mirth~~ * Seanara ducks and runs Oh, enough already. I havent SAID anything, have I? :) Karen's done tech work... naner naner nanerrr!! * Karen will keep quiet..... ~~mirth~~ good girl! **grins** Nominations? * Karen smiles back at N'omi, a long time friend. Those are the only two I know of, JL... Smitha, but she isn't around anymore... She isn't? * N`omi hugs Karen, glad you still remember me! of course I do....we go back to TYPEWRITER days. Sorry Bev. I FORGOT! AARGH!! Are there some folks who do sgfandom work who ought to be recognized? LOL!! whhops, sorry for the yelling ! Patric has been busy writing scripts, and we've been testing them. Congradts Patric and Bev! I'd like to think Theodore Ts'o of MIT for writing some software that made it a lot easier than if I'd had to write said software myself, which I thought at first I'd have to do. (horns and whistles) * N`omi double checks to make sure her server is still intact **grins** Applause and congrats. Out Territory Award -- any nominations? Your publishers, who mention the domain in the books. MM & BenBella? why not, bae? can Bae nomination be nominated in window? I'd suppose the publishers could be nominated. Bae can post her nomination...anyone can post there now. Go head. do it, Bae!! * N`omi drum rolls Do they include on their web site? Alan Siler seems to have really tried to work with JL and Jean and S~G fans. ~~agreement~~ so yes, MM Then be sure to vote for MM wait, what about Bae's choice? Did we lose her? Someone has to post bae's one has. I'll copy it over. Beverly? What was your choice again? vote in the other window please? choice for what? Nomination. I didn't nominate anybody Software writing would, I think, be under Tec-Ton. is in proper vote? Can we give Patric a "Ruffian award" or some such? *G* Give him a feather brush. Should I include Theodore Ts'o of MIT in the list for Patric on that one? since vote was called before hand? Ruffian was a horse.... not a dragon. * Seanara grins. Ah. Got it. Thanks, JL. no, no, i was giving one of those award-recipient speeches thanking all the little guys. Ts'o didn't do anything for me directly, i just found some file system hacking SW he wrote to be very helpful in recovering the file system What is the software used for? *I* understood what you meant, Bae... :) Thanks you JL! getting at the raw structure of the file system so I could find and identify the 60,000+ deleted files more conveniently than with other tools. Well, that software being useful gets him a Tec-ton! That's logical to me...if it helped recover the lists. me too I have 8 votes -- any more? That's Tech-ton. Have to walk away for a moment. Sneezing fits, probably all those feathers. I don't even know the guy! He designed and implemented the linux ext2 and ext3 file systems, Yes Tech-ton. Then the writers of Apache, sed, vi and every other linux related anyting is likewise nominated. right! nominate linus whatsisname! and dmr and ken! Pretty much yes. Bill Gates since most of you use MS windows. NOOOOOOOOO Never in a thousand years... * Karen grumbles...though she does use windows, too. I assume the difference is that T'so's software fit a very specific task, rather than just being something everyone uses? Sounds like it to me. I was just wondering if we could award Bill Gates some kind of booby prize. Like a dead fish. :) * ECJB screams in agony at the thought of praising Billy Gates. it's a systems programmer's tool. Let's not, Seanara. * N`omi chuckles.. yuupers, since I am a Washingtonian who uses donated computers under a special license that Bill donates! lol Bill is very good to me, and my ilk here in Washington! i'd have to explain first what a file system is. but he did do some clever things in designing the linux ext2 and ext3 file systems, one of which makes it easier to recover deleted files. Back. Sorry. what about all the viruses that get through? Ted's out-t award will just be one of those embarrassing little secrets every domain has, so lets move on... onwards to a new award and then the stock awards. sheesh, this is as bad as sneezing at an auction! Awwww. I did walk away... No kidding, bae... didn't anyone left hanging so I seconded! * Karen smiles. "I'd swear someone's here messing with my fingers so I can't type. Maybe its the cat that crossed over last year." wanders afk... Patric? oops, forgot the exception on that vote -- vote for everyone but yourself please. votes? oh well, lost him! Congrats!!! * Seanara sends out a line of conga-rats to dance for the winners. Thanks, again. /dances with Seanara. * Karen is laughing at the conga-rats. ~~mirth~~ LOL!! This is where the dancing conga-rats come in handy. We can sell tickets as a fundraiser. :-) That's where everyone can 'talk up the domain' and try to promote it to bring in $$ Patric is back, didn't agree with the slate, so said nothing. Spelling of Neil/Neal's name, for the record, please, Patric? Neil...I think. Neil Katz Thanks. AKA Neil Kazwell ah, understood, thanks Patric! so, no new mat for my stock letter this year? Welcome... * N`omi sighs Thrilled at the report, actually! Looks like next year's book schedule may keep me busy in editing prior to MM getting the books. nice to see we are moving forward even without any of my sweat Why N'omi? Dont you sweat while we count on your support? :) I hate to break it to ya, N'omi, but fan support is the foundation of this domain. And you're a fan. I totally agree with Patric on that, N'omi. LOL Okay, That I am, dearest Patric! And I do spread the word! Without the fans, we wouldn't have much reason to be here. glad I did something!! Here come the stock awards! Yay Karen! YAY PATRIC...YOU WORKED HARD FOR YOURS....and yes I'm yelling. Yay RBW! Hear, hear! Same for RBW Laugh. Karen, THAT one I will agree with without equivocation. Congrats, Bev. Oh cool! Bev! Amy? that should be Linda in front of that front of which, Patric? in front of what, Patric? gmta, Karen! * Karen is laughing. I would have thought in front of "coordinator" but now I am not sure which she meant, unless Linda got two...? * N`omi grins JL says on IM that she's trying to reconnect. Looks like a cut and paste error. Thats what I thought... I'll fix it. Let me look--I've just been cutting and pasting from my list. Make sure of it first though. some are duplicated...same words, exactly. Thanks, Jean...check so I get it right. Where is the problem? Patric --do the stock awardees also go on the list I'm keeping for you? No. JL /Jean track those. Ok. I'll e-mail you jean, once I look at the intact log. Jean. where the line begins "coordinator" Is that Linda or not? I'll ask there. All I see is that if the line is too long mIRC inserts another . And of not, who is it supposed to be? Oh! Ok. So its for Laurraine.. Linda Nelson -- 1 share -- Assistant Reviews Coordinator, Laurraine Tutihasi -- 1 share -- domain newsletter editor Yeah. I got it now. Laurraine, and Linda each, Karen... * Karen nods...that's what I thought I saw. No, that's the end of Laurraine's series of tasks. The program broke the line. * Patric nods. I read "now reviews' as the end of the sentence. ok....I see where to fix it in the meeting log. Laurraine likes to switch jobs every few months. * Patric readies a VAT of glue for the next time JL pops in... * N`omi sends super glue to keep JL in channel over there! gmta, Patric! * Karen has the large paint brush to help apply the glue. Gods! Don't say that or I'll nominate MYSELF for the over and over award... Explaining the reviews coordinator position over and over!! * N`omi sends honey to make it sweet whats gmta? great minds think alike Laugh. Ok. when two people post the basically same thing at the same time oops, meant that in this channel Yes, congratulations, everyone. will you please delete it, Karen, when you are cleaning it up? pruuurity pluuuse? I'll try..... JL is gone again Jean. What's next? Before she disappeared entirely, she said it was time for the party next... Now everyone can just talk to one another, once Jean declares the meeting closed. We can stop logging then. k... * N`omi passes out the sparkling cider....chocolates.... and other goodie favours! Works for me, N'omi. Had sparkling cider and chocolates yesterday. Session Close: Thu Jan 01 2004 */ Both "" and "" often got disconnected; however,the logs provided are intact. Eric Berlin, Chris Jacobs and Seanara Coyote helped provide these complete logs. /* */ The logs were moderated and corrected by Seanara Coyote and Karen MacLeod. /* *2003 Sime~Gen Inc.* For questions or comments on the content of this page: contact the Historian . Send feedback about this domain to Sime~Gen Inc. For technical difficulties with this page, please contact the Webmaster . / Check out the Meeting that goes with this chat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Take a look at the Awards . ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Return to Main Chat Page /