Sime~Gen Inc. Annual Meeting - 1999

This file containes a record of the first corporate meeting of Sime~Gen™, Inc.

The record of the meeting is divided into two parts: one for awards, and one for other new business.

This file contains the segment of the meeting where awards are given, to honor people who have been helpful to the organization in the previous year.

At the bottom of this file is a link to the log of the business meeting.

    - compiled by Karen

JL -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jean Lorrah -- Jean
Marge Robbins -- Marge R
Jenn Vesperman -- Jenn V
Karen (Litman) MacLeod -- KLitman
DonJarami -- Don Jaramillo
LadyEliza -- Eliza Leahy
kbaichtal -- Kaas Baichtal

Paulab -- Paula Burson
Margaret -- Margaret Carr
fishydu -- Wendy Fisher
bgray -- L. Bruce Gray
ECJB -- Eric Berlin
Leigh -- Leigh Kimmel
cowan -- John Cowan

(Some people ask us not to publish their names)

New Year Chat 1999 - Awards

* JennV nods re the Sime~Gen Inc.
JennV: Do we want to start logging now, or later?
KLitman: I started logging already
JennV: 'k
JL: It's only 1:30 -- official log starts at 2, but who KNOWS.
JennV: Karen, you'd know. Who has written fiction for Sime~Gen this year?
* JennV ooohs. "I Just thought up a nomination for fiction."
JL: Jenn - was there anything in that batch of email I must answer NOW before the CHAT. I may spend tomorrow writing a column that's past deadline for submission.
JennV: "Doubtful Document" and "Malachite Mouse."
JennV: Nope. Nothing you /need/ to know for the Chat.
KLitman: oh yes!! Document and Mouse
MargeR: Light of Zeor....
KLitman: That too.
JennV: I wrote Big Sister and Killroom, but Document and Mouse are REALLY good. Who else wrote stuff this year?
* JennV nods. Light of Zeor.
JL: The problem with fiction awards is that EVERYTHING is worthy and I don't want a popularity contest around our fiction.
KLitman: John Cowan "Alarms of Struggle and Flight"
JennV: No. Definately not.
JL: If it's gone through me and Jean, it's at least Hugo quality (not kidding or exaggerating there).
MargeR: Then give everyone who gets and "authorized" story on the web an award
KLitman: now that makes sense
JL: Marge - did that WONDROUS thing that I did a Klyd speech for.
KLitman: It took her a long time to finish it.
MargeR: Yea Sectuib, you have a wicked red pen
JL: I can't recall the title.
MargeR: Light of Zeor...
MargeR: Klyd's speech still makes me cry
JL: Oh, ok, yeah LIGHT OF ZEOR -- perfect title and I can't remember it. I just remember the EMOTIONAL IMPACT.
KLitman: it does the same thing to me.
KLitman: thank you..... I helped Marge with the title.
JL: Oh, I agree MARY LOU deserves a marylou award just for living through all that -- and now she's getting married!
JL: Maybe that's it -- our fiction award will be named The Mary Lou?
KLitman: yep, and she was sick through the holidays
KLitman: Mary Lou has been with us a LONG TIME
JennV: She and I. Our room was the Darkover Infirmary.
JennV: Mind you, so was JL's.
KLitman: ML was ill during New Years and Christmas too
JennV: Ewww. I was spared /that/
JL: Mary Lou comes accross as about 8 ft tall - and she's more like one of my Boxmaster characters, Yran, in stature.
JennV: Mary Lou is Sime build. I'm Gen build.
KLitman: yep
JL: Karen -- I found Katie's go-through of your chart yesterday, and put it in the computer this morning -- guess what -- Katie nailed every number to at least 3 decimal places (by hand -- not even a hand-held calculator!)
* JennV listens to the kookaburras waking up
KLitman: WHAT?????
KLitman: I can't believe it.
JL: Yep - that's Katie.
KLitman: Please send me a copy of the chart. I can't find my old one.
KLitman: Got lost in 20 years of moving about. Katie always was amazing with the astrological charts.
JennV: Is this transfer/selyn mechanics stuff? If so, and if someone can get it to someone with a scanner - or, you put it in the computer?
JennV: Oh. Astrological. :)
JL: Anyway, I still don't understand your chart (the CP part of it), but you are the only one I've done so far (ever) who has a PERFECT Grand Cross formation. Grand Cross does not equal CP. But I think that's the source of whateveritis that I admire so much about you -- that superb STRENGTH OF SPIRIT. Also you have the 12th House Sun and Mercury (the Mercury is the source of the CP problem but I don't understand it yet) and that is the source of that P
KLitman: then why is my life usually such a mess......
JL: So I wanted to ask your permission to use your chart to teach that Karmic Astrology seminar I have to do at Ecumenicon this year (yeah, THIS YEAR! '99 -- I already wrote the date correctly once.)
KLitman: of course. I'd love to be there, but it's unlikely
JL: I think it's the Pluto -- and I have more to say about your current and upcoming transits. We can e-talk another time -- people are arriving!
KLitman: fine....private e-mail or later will do nicely.
*** MargeR sets mode: +o Margaret
JL: Karen -- was that "of course" reply to my request for permission?
KLitman: Yes, you have permission.
JL: OK, but I'll take your name off. (not that anyone there would likely know you)
KLitman: that I appreciate
JL: The point is the way the Grand Cross sets up a pattern of events.
JL: T-Cross examples I have galore -- only one Grand Cross
JennV: Speaking of patterns of events - if I may -
* KLitman nods
JennV: WHY is it that events which occur within my family in late January are always ON the 23rd. not NEAR, but ON.
JL: Yeah, enough chatter. Jenn?
JennV: My grandmother's sister's birthday. Joanna's birthday (Joanna was Dancer's fiancee when I met him, later married my boyfriend of the time.)
JennV: And Ken & Rich's wedding was on my 15th birthday.
DonJarami: Starting early?
DonJarami: Greetings!
JennV: And two other events which I can't think of right now. The 23rd. My birthday. Not the days around it. Just always ON it.
KLitman: Just talking for now.
JennV: Heya Don.
JL: I didn't know that. Let's see if I have the capacity to pull up my astro program. This morning it wouldn't let go of memory so I had to reboot before coming here. If I crash off, I'll be back as soon as AOL will answer the phone (AOL is my fast connection).
Margaret: HI
DonJarami: Ahhhhhhh.......
DonJarami: Hiya!
* JennV smiles.
JennV: Doesn't have to be right now.
DonJarami: I rebooted before coming on, just to start with clean RAM.
JennV: It's just when it turned out that Ken and Rich's anniversary was the 23rd AGAIN, it became one too many and tripped my 'hey, this is NOT coincidence' alarm.
MargeR: utoh top page is broken again
JennV: Hi Don. We're talking mysticism briefly. :)
DonJarami: GREAT!
KLitman: Don, I can send that to you later in the log.
* JennV grumps and goes and looks. What kind of broken?
DonJarami: Thanks, Karen.
KLitman: any time.
DonJarami: I think most of the people in the house are going to go out. That way they leave me to my chat. :-)
MargeR: the entry moved giff is not there it's "box" is off to the left
MargeR: there is no background color. The only other thing on the page is the last updated bar
MargeR: it looks horrid
KLitman: The only "people" here are my 7 cats. I turned off AIM, and I'm putting on my answering machine.
* JennV nods. Looks like the image has broken. I'll check the page source.
MargeR: k Just thought I would mention it.
JL: JENN'S MYSTERY SOLVED -- her sun is at 3 deg AQ and on Jan 23 the sun goes from 2AQ to 3AQ -- 2AQ is her 8th House cusp (other people's resources/ inheretance / other people's VALUES -- i.e. family shit) -- I didn't think that would be so EASY.
DonJarami: But cats can be very disruptive to keyboarding.
* JennV chokes on the page source. Gah. I can't /read/ that! Microsloth strikes again.
MargeR: oh dear hugs
KLitman: the cats are all sleeping or in another room for now
* JennV blinks at JL. So other people around me get their significant events in late January pushed around to the 23rd?
JennV: Or whatever mystical way you want to put that? :)
*** MargeR sets mode: +o Seanara
Seanara: Hi, folks
MargeR: Hi Coyote
KLitman: Hello again. Haven't seen you in a while G:
DonJarami: Hi Coyote!
Seanara: About eight or nine hours, is it? g:
Margaret: hi
JL: top page has not been UPDATED OR UPLOADED recently -- how could it get broken?
Seanara: Hi, Don!
MargeR: Yawn! Anybody care if I go back to bed? Been up since 6 AM
DonJarami: We thought we'd better get to bed so we could be up by Chat.
KLitman: Hey Marge, I didn't hit the pillow until 4:30
MargeR: bad girl
Seanara: Ditto here
KLitman: naah. You know me by now.
JennV: I don't know, JL.
MargeR: I got up early to fight with Geocities....
KLitman: Talking to people....since we weren't gaming last night
JennV: I can look into it later.
MargeR: Sorry to spoil your night Jenn, but I thought you would want to know
DonJarami: The page looks ok to me.
JL: Jenn -- well, they are karmically related to you. But it's more that you NOTICE than that they HAPPEN TO THEM. But a family group is usually karmically interlinked -- I call it karmic velcro.
* JennV shrugs. "it's not strictly my problem, unless it /is/ a server fault.
* JennV nods to JL. "That makes sense."
JL: I woke UP at 4 AM.
KLitman: poor JL, I didn't go to sleep until 4:30
JL: Whoever had the problem with top page, go reload or refresh and tell me what happens.
JL: I doubt there's anything to look into - just a random problem. But I'll take care of it.
MargeR: If I had an ounce of brains I would go back to bed, since at 5 I have to go out our 22nd facility and start some tandem backups gag!
JennV: Ok. Refresh the page..
JL: "Karmic velcro" is what i call it when a series of mid-point trees are interlaced between two or more people.
KLitman: JL --You should realize by now that you're giving me a computer was one of the "worst" things you could have done
JL: I don't know any astrological researcher who is studying MIDPOINT RELATIONSHIPS between people, and I won't be that person -- trust me on that.
DonJarami: Uh oh...
JL: I'm getting that impression, Karen -- it changed your life. Do we know a DATE when that happened? I don't. Except it was before Katie's wedding.
MargeR: I did a reload its still broken
KLitman: Shore Leave con of 1996, that weekend of the hurricane.
KLitman: I think it was 96
JL: The image-icon is broken, Marge?
JL: Does the LINK under that image work?
* JennV sighs. "Ok Marge. We'll figure /something/ out."
MargeR: no the link doesn't work either
MargeR: I looked at the code. The link not working makes no sense. it looks coded right to me. But then I can look right at a massive typo and not see it. Sigh
JL: I see the entry-moved gif and it's "rightclick" shows it is ON itself.
JL: And the link-click takes you to Eliza's top page.
JL: Karen - '96 sounds right.
DonJarami: Which code isn't working?
KLitman: yes..... you can look up the date for Shore Leave then.
MargeR: hum wonder why it's not working for me
* JennV shakes her head. "The page isn't working for me, either."
DonJarami: By link under the image, do you mean the link when clicking the first image?
JennV: And I don't know Microsoft's style-sheet code well enough to figure out why it isn't working. But then, I haven't looked at this top page before.
KLitman: JL --- Mike Giroux brought this computer to me in August of 97
JL: Oh, Karen -- that was exactly when Saturn trined your Sun -- you were DUE for a boost. (and more responsibility)
* KLitman needs to go and hide.
JL: And URANUS (all things electrical) was exactly conj your Mars which rules your 4th -- Things Electrical brought HOME.
DonJarami: Why, Karen?
KLitman: Like you didn't give me enough to do BEFORE
JennV: So I'd say this page probably never worked for this browser. Another Microsoft success!!!!
MargeR: The code looks right to me as far as the link is concerned. The img has some stuff I don't understand but that shouldn't affect the link itself
JL: Yes, Don -- I meant what happens when you click the missing-image rectangle.
MargeR: It was working fine for me the other day
JL: I have the link fully operational. I just checked it on AOL's browser.
JennV: Oh well. I can't figure it out without sitting down and fighting it. The permissions are right on the server.
JennV: So it's not an easy problem. I can *either* be at the chat, *or* try and figure it out.
JennV: Ok. If it works for some browsers, it's not a server problem. It's got to be in the page. I think.
MargeR: If I left click to get the popup menu I can look at the image which makes no sense at all
KLitman: I'd say figure it out later....
JL: I bet Marge is just not fully loading the page somehow.
* JennV screams and leaves.
MargeR: I did a reload twice
JL: Marge, what happens when you right-click to look at the code under the page?
MargeR: You don't do that with netscape I have a menu option for viewing page source
JL: I think Jenn is real TIRED -- this is a ridiculous time for her, and she's spent three days making URLS for us.
MargeR: a right click normally brings up the link but I'm not seeing the link
JL: Well, what does the page-source view say to you? It should look okay.
MargeR: that's the puzzling part. The a href statement looks ok to me.
KLitman: The page loads fine in AOL's browser. I'm checking netscape now
JL: Hi Jenn - Marge is using Netscape.
Paulab: Hi Guys! Happy New Year!!
JL: Hi Paulab -- who are you? This is Jacqueline Lichtenberg
MargeR: Hi Liza
LadyEliza: good morning
Paulab: Why JL I'm a huge SG Fan! Wonderful to say HI!
JennV: Guys, I *cannot* fix it in five minutes. It looks like the sort of problem which would take step-by-step studying of the page to figure out. OR rewriting it without using one of the page editing programs that puts so much spurious code in.
Margaret: hi
KLitman: Netscape does have the broken link.... definately
JennV: So please, either drop the subject or reassure me that no one expects ME to do something about it NOW.
MargeR: I hate those
Paulab: Hi Margaret, How are you?
* JennV waves to Paulah.
MargeR: we don't want you to fix it now
JL: Jenn - Marge was seeing the image before and the link -- it just disappeared, but the page hasn't been altered since the 30th.
JennV: Thank you.
Margaret: fine Paulab
LadyEliza: we don't expect you to do anything about it now
LadyEliza: what are you talking about?
LadyEliza: lol
Paulab: Margaret, Still with WVU?
KLitman: It may have something to do with Netscape.... because it works right in AOL's browser.
MargeR: It was fine say 3 days ago...I think....unless it was at work I was looking at it I have IE there
JennV: Jacqueline, I heard you. I looked for the obvious causes - server problems - and found none. I have no earthly idea what is wrong.
Margaret: Yes
JL: Hi Eliza -- we were talking astrology and page design.
DonJarami: Hi Eliza! Hi Paulab! Hi Tarana!
MargeR: Forget about it for now Jenn. After a good sleep it will come to you
Seanara: I'm logging
KLitman: I've been logging....!!
JennV: Karen's been logging. :)
MargeR: Karen and I both are Relax Sectuib
JL: Jenn - we'll debug page-image another time.
Seanara: ~~soothing nager~~
* JennV waves to tarana
DonJarami: I'm logging too.
kayte: Hi!
LadyEliza: they are connected?
JL: Page-image is not Jenn's problem since it's not a server problem. Marge and I will fix it.
JennV: Ok. Thanks.
MargeR: We will???????? Shen Sectuib I have enough trouble with my own pages...
JL: GOOD - we need more than one person logging in case people lose the connection. A continuous log can be recreated somehow if we grab it all.
DonJarami: Hi logging, decided to finally leave the Headwaters Forest? ;-)
LadyEliza: I'd say that several people are JL
KLitman: I have two windows logging at one time Jacqueline.
* JennV relaxes, and settles down to listen. It's start-of-official-business-time, yes? Or do we wait to see if other people come on in?
JL: Jean isn't here yet.
KLitman: On two different drives, and two different servers
LadyEliza: I mean that several people are logging - not that several people are JL
* JennV thumps forehead with hand. Waits for Jean. :)
MargeR: its only 6 after and Tigues aren't noted for being on time WEG
LadyEliza: Don't worry about it jl :)
DonJarami: Several people are JL? It reminds me that my ex wife thought a certain SF author was actually a Wiccan coven writing as a group.
Logging: shusssh - I'm working
KLitman: Jean signed on last night to check her connections, because I talked with her.
JL: Hmmm -- that's a point. On the other hand, she's using heliographics instead of the net these days.
MargeR: Gee you mean this isn't a cult?
Seanara: Who was that author, Don?
Seanara: Not the Farrars?
LadyEliza: maybe she slept in? oh - it's day there isn't it
LadyEliza: there she is
JL: Ah Jean!!!!
DonJarami: Speak of the Tigue!
MargeR: Hi Jean
JL: Good now we can start the official MEETING.
Jean: Hi
JennV: SPeak of the TIGUE?
JL: Everyone finish saying hello and settle into your seats for the duration.
Jean: Took me a bit to get connected
* Paulab waves and settles down.
DonJarami: No, Seanara. I forget the author, but she's married to Robert Asprin, so unless RA is married to a Wiccan Coven, the author is actually a single person. :-)
* Seanara laughs
JL: I hereby call to order the THIRD OFFICIAL Chat of Sime~Gen ONLINE -- SILENCE EVERYONE.
* JennV marries a Wiccan Coven.
JL: Check your email -- I just posted to the List a copy of the list of NOMINATIONS for Awards. Our first order of business because it's the most important item is AWARDS for all these hard working folks.
* Jean Meeting comes to order
JL: We have at least 3 separate awards to Award (non-competitively) -- The Digen, The Nager, and The Techton
JL: Nominations are now in order for THE 1999 DIGEN AWARD FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE
Logging: Shane Miller
JL: Do I hear any nominations?
JL: (I can't see your hands go up unless you type something)
LadyEliza: errr - Shane Miller
* JennV raises a hand.
JL: Shane Miller is added to the nominations. (who is Shane Miller -- Eliza's brother?)
JL: Jenn?
MargeR: Is this in addition to the nominations in your message?
LadyEliza: Clarification needed = what's the nager award?
JL: And includes Nominations in my message -- which were mostly by me and Karen.
LadyEliza: yes - my brother
JennV: Dancer. I know he technically comes under 'techton', but he's also heroically put up with a lot for the RPG.
JL: Eliza -- see your Listmail. Ah, yes, OK, one of my additions to the nominations was "Eliza's brother" but I didn't know the name.
JennV: "he's STILL not reread the 'old' S~G books OR read the 'new' ones, specifically so that he faces his First Reader job for the RPG without knowing & understanding the world completely.
JL: OK, so far in nomination for the Digen we have Shane Miller and Dancer Vesperman
JennV: And somehow, despite that, manages to help solve technical hassles for the RPG & suchlike.
* KLitman suggests you also remember our original YoYo awards the zines gave out
Logging: John Cowan for a Yoyo for CZ
JL: Nominations still open for the Digen Award. There are two in Nomination -- are there any additions? The List of meritorious servants is quite long. Any further additions?
* JennV grins. "Mind you, he's VERY appreciative of his nice new copy of City of a Million Legends." :)
JL: Current nominations are for the Digen only.
* Seanara nominates Karen Litman for her help to beginning writers
JL: Karen Litman -- is there a second? (one assumed Shane and Dancer got seconded -- shouldn't have -- now we have three nominees, do we have 3 seconds?
Jean: Here is the list:
JennV: Do you need people from the email re-nominated?
Jean: Leigh Kimmel Larry Ulrey Donna Burns Capt. Button Ronnie Bob Whitaker Torun Almer Maureen Gibbens Kaas Baichtal Karen Litman Sandy Steiner Marge Robbins Cheryl Wolverton Eliza Leahy Dancer Vesperman Jenn Vesperman Gossamer Donna Halper
Margaret: second Karen L
JL: Jenn - that was the idea.
Logging: I'll second
KLitman: Ronnie Bob for service continuing above and beyond.....
* JennV oks.
Jean: It won't take the whole list at once.
Jean: John Cowan Susan Ross Moore Eliza Leahy's "brother" (whose name I've forgotten again) Robyn King-Nitschke Eric Berlin
JennV: RBW for scanning and such..
Jean: They are not assigned to any particular award.
* JennV laughs. "I'll second Karen's nomination of RBW, then."
* Seanara nominates Don for his work on Rathor
JennV: "I'll also nominate Torun. I'd rather not nominate any of the Worldcon folks, I wasn't there.
JL: Do I hear a second for Don?
Jean: second
Logging: I'll second Don
KLitman: second for Don
JL: Don's popular.
JL: OK, this is what I have nominated and seconded for the DIGEN (only -- more to come)
JL: Shane Miller (Eliza's brother) -- Dancer, Karen Litman, Ronnie Bob and Ddraig
JL: That's 5 Digen Awards -- anyone remember how many we had last year?
JL: OK, now the vote. All in favor of Shane Miller (who provided server space for the List during Transition).
Jean: aye
MargeR: aye
Seanara: aye
fishydu: aye
LadyEliza: aye
JennV: aye
Paulab: aye
KLitman: aye
DonJarami: aye
Margaret: aye
JL: We have 13 people here -- 7 would be a majority. Shane Miller GETS THE DIGEN AWARD!!!
Jean: Congratulations, Shane
JL: Dancer Vesperman has been nominated and seconded for the Digen. All in favor?
LadyEliza: 5 people in 1997
Jean: aye
Margaret: aye
KLitman: aye
Paulab: aye
JennV: Aye
MargeR: aye
Seanara: aye
LadyEliza: aye
fishydu: aye
DonJarami: Aye.
JL: That's it -- Dancer Vesperman wins the DIGEN AWARD for 1999.
Jean: ?
JennV: Whoohoo! :)
Jean: Congratulations, Dancer
JL: Karen Litman has been nominated and seconded for the 1999 Digen Award -- all in favor?
Jean: aye
Seanara: aye
JennV: Aye
Margaret: aye
Paulab: aye
MargeR: aye
LadyEliza: aye
fishydu: aye
JL: That's it -- Karen Litman wins the Digen Award for 1999!!!! applause:
Jean: Congratulations, Karen
KLitman: thank you, but I'm not deserving.....
Seanara: Oh, yeah???
JL: Ronnie Bob Whitaker has been nominated and seconded for the Digen Award -- all in favor?
KLitman: aye
Paulab: aye
DonJarami: AYE!
Seanara: aye
MargeR: aye
JennV: Aye
JL: (of course not - neither is Digen)
LadyEliza: aye
Jean: Karen, you are one of our hardest workers for many years
Margaret: aye
fishydu: aye with thanks
Jean: aye on Ronnie Bob
DonJarami: Oh, and Aye for Karen! I was away getting ice water.
Margaret: Karen, even as a lurker I caught how much you do!
JL: That's it: Ronnie Bob wins the Digen for 1999 (for incredible grandstand stunts as well as drudgery)
Jean: Congratulations, Ronnie Bob!
KLitman: YES!!! Ronnie Bob.
JL: Don Jaramillo has been nominated and seconded for the Digen for 1999 -- all in favor?
Seanara: aye
Jean: aye
KLitman: aye
DonJarami: RonnieBob is a major workhorse for Sime Gen.
LadyEliza: aye
Margaret: aye
MargeR: aye
Paulab: aye
* DonJarami shades his eyes.
fishydu: aye
JennV: Aye
JL: Sorry Don but you have our commiserations upon WINNING THE DIGEN AWARD - now even greater things will be expected of you in 2000. Don has been appointed gatesite webmaster for the School of Rathor on itself for his hard work.
Jean: Congratulations, Don
* Seanara applauds
Jean: Don't let Jacqueline fool you.
DonJarami: yep. No I've really got my work cut out for me!
JennV: Commiserations, Don.
Jean: We'd expect the work with or without awards!
JennV: AND you get to put up with me as the site manager. :)
DonJarami: :)
* KLitman smiles " You'll get used to the shoes I've worn for some time"
DonJarami: Thank you everyone.
* DonJarami tryes to type with a lump in his throat.
JL: Now on to the Nager Award -- you have my list of nominations via the Listserv. Is there anyone on that List or off it that anyone here would like to place in nomination for the FIRST ANNUAL NAGER AWARD (suggested and named by Jenn Vesperman).
tngirl: hello
tngirl: hi Jean
JennV: Don't type with your throat, Don. You're supposed to type with your fingers.
tngirl: i saw you're on apex
Jean: hi
DonJarami: What is the Nager Award again?
Margaret: Jenn herself, of course
KLitman: "Social Glue that makes Fandom Spin" is what's on the e-mail
* JennV blinks at Margaret. I'm not one of the social-glue people. I'm one of the technical-glue people.
JennV: I /think/..
JL: Do I hear nominations for the Nager Award for social-glue mixing.
DonJarami: Ah...
KLitman: Kaas Baichtal
Margaret: Now, Jenn, your trip reports were definitely social glue!
JennV: The IRC trio, Jacqueline.
* Seanara agrees with Margaret
Seanara: That digeriedoo (sp)?...
* JennV blushes.
Margaret: that a second, Seanara?
JL: Jenn has been nominated for the Nager Award despite herself.
KLitman: good....
JennV: Okay, okay. :) Didjeridoo.
JL: Seconded, too, I take it.
Seanara: Yes, Margaret, second.
KLitman: I'll second
JennV: Didj for short. And I second Kaas, and nominate Cheryl and Eliza.
kayte: second Eliza!
KLitman: Marge for her work on Rimon's library
JL: Kaas has been nominated for the Nager Award -- do I hear a second?
kayte: second
DonJarami: Second.
fishydu: second
Jean: Jacqueline, have we lost you?
JL: Cheryl and Eliza have been nominated for the '99 Nager award -- and seconded.
Paulab: second
JennV: Probably. She'll come back. Do you want to chair until she gets back, Jean?
* JennV guesses not. :)
DonJarami: I guess not.
LadyEliza: The Digen award is updated:
JL: I see a nomination of Marge Robbins -- do I see a second?
JL: I see a nomination and a second for Marge Robbins for the '99 Nager Award.
Jean: This is Kaas for the Nager?
JL: OK here are the nominees for the '99 Nager award
fishydu: second Kass
JL: Jenn, Kaas, Cheryl, Eliza and Marge.
Jean: second Marge
Paulab: second Cheryl
JL: Nominations will close now if I don't hear another nomination in (what was it 11 seconds lag?)
JL: Jenn has been nominated and seconded for the '99 Nager award. All in favor?
Margaret: aye
KLitman: aye
MargeR: aye
Seanara: Aye
DonJarami: Aye
* JennV abstains, obviously.
Jean: aye
fishydu: aye
Paulab: aye
MargeR: Aw vote for yourself Clinton would
Seanara: ROTFL!
JL: Jenn has a majority, and wins THE VERY FIRST Nager Award -- Jan 3, 1999. Commiserations Jenn!!!
Jean: Congratulations, Jenn
LadyEliza: May I request that you spell out their full name so that I get the spelling correct on the page please?
JennV: Am I to take the leader of another country for my moral role model? :)
Margaret: Yeah!!!
* JennV blushes. "Thanks Jacqueline, everyone. I think."
JL: Kaas has been nominated and seconded for the Nager Award '99 -- all in favor?
MargeR: Aye
Jean: aye
LadyEliza: aye
KLitman: aye
kayte: aye
JennV: Aye
Seanara: aye
JennV: Jenn Vesperman, Eliza.
fishydu: aye
Margaret: aye
DonJarami: Aye!
LadyEliza: thank you :)
JL: I have a write-in vote by an offliner to post. APinzow: This is my write-in vote:Digen Award: Jenn Vesperman Nager Award: Robin-King NitscheTecton Award: Dancer Silver Yo Yo: Eric Berlin By
JL: Kaas has the requisite majority and wins the second Nager Award ever voted!
Jean: congratulations, Kaas
JL: Cheryl Wolverton has been nominated and seconded for the Nager Award for 1999. All in favor?
MargeR: aye
KLitman: Kaas Baichtal
Jean: aye
KLitman: aye for Cheryl
Paulab: aye
DonJarami: aye
Margaret: aye
Seanara: aye. Give the lady a strawberry.
fishydu: aye
JennV: Aye
JL: Cheryl Wolverton (the poor, shy, retiring little thing) has WON THE THIRD NAGER AWARD (should we tell her?)
KLitman: ROFL
Jean: congratulations, Cheryl
JL: Eliza Leahy has been nominated and seconded for the Nager Award -- all in favor?
JennV: Nah. Keep it a secret.
JennV: Aye
Jean: aye
MargeR: Aye
kayte: aye
KLitman: aye
Paulab: aye
Seanara: aye
fishydu: aye
Margaret: aye
JL: Her, we'll tell.
* KLitman chuckles
Jean: congratulations, Eliza
LadyEliza: whats promulgating?
LadyEliza: thnk you
MargeR: perpertrating
JL: Marge Robbins (one of our problem children who doesn't think she deserves AWARD LEVEL RECOGNITION, but invented the Digen Award!) has been nominated and seconded for the 5th Nager Award. All in favor?
Jean: passing it around
Jean: aye
* MargeR runs and hides
KLitman: aye
JennV: Aye
Seanara: aye
LadyEliza: aye
Paulab: yep
JennV: Perpetrating, Eliza. :)
* KLitman drags Marge back...."You never let me run and hide."
MargeR: that's different
fishydu: aye
KLitman: Is not.
DonJarami: Aye on Eliza, I was away again!
bgray: HI all!
JL: Still accepting votes for Marge Robbins.
* JennV waves to Nemo/gray
Margaret: advocating/spreading the word
bgray: We thought this started at 3!
DonJarami: Aye for marge!
KLitman: welcome Bruce
JL: Still accepting votes for Marge Robbins for the '99 Nager Award.
JL: I've only got 7 votes and 14 people here (unless some are duplicates)
* JennV is pretty sure she voted. Aye.
MargeR: some are dups
Seanara: I think I voted: aye
Paulab: aye
LadyEliza: you have 8 JL
bgray: I'm not sure what you're talking about.
bgray: Sandra says Hi!
JL: Still accepting votes for Marge Robbins for the Nager Award. (we started at 2 and have finished the Digens -- log will be posted)
JennV: We're voting to see if Marge Robbins gets a Nager award for social glue. For being one of the people who keeps the Fandom together.
Jean: I count 8
bgray: hi
KLitman: I'm duplicated for logging purposes
Jean: count
Margaret: aye
bgray: aye
Jean: that's 10
JL: MARGE ROBBINS wins the 5th Nager Award for social glue promulgating for 1999 -- the first year the Nager was awarded.
bgray: (one from Sandra too, if that counts - she's here too)
Jean: Congratulations Marge
JL: Hi bgray -- just watch, you'll catch up. Anyone on another channel can bring bgray up to speed?
MargeR: blush thanks folks
JL: Winners of the Nager Award for 1999 are Jenn, Kaas, Cheryl, Eiza and Marge.
DonJarami: Hip
DonJarami: Hip
DonJarami: Huzzah!
KLitman: YES!!
* Jean applauds & cheers
kayte: Congratulations!
JL: Now to the TECH-TON Award for 1999 -- this, too, was named by Jenn and is for creation, configuring, enabling and promulgating our TECHTOYS AND TECHTOOLS -- especially for promoting techtoys into techtools.
bgray: What do they get?
* JennV blushes.
Margaret: I already voted aye
JennV: Recognition. A pat on the back.
MargeR: I nominate Jenn and Dancer
JL: Do I hear nominations for the TECH-TON AWARD --
Seanara: More work, Bruce
KLitman: Seconded Jenn and Dancer
* JennV shuts up on this one. :)
bgray: Second jenn
* MargeR pinches Jenn with her nager
JL: (Awards bring you ABSOLULTELY NOTHING but a place on our Awards Website which makes people expect even greater things from you in the future. Of course they get you a place in Sime~Gen History.
DonJarami: Welcome ECJB, Tecton award nominations in progress.
JL: ECJB -- is that Eric?
bgray: lol
Seanara: Hi, Eric
ECJB: Sorry I'm late...
Seanara: Glad you made it here.
KLitman: Yes, JL's it's Eric.
JL: Good, I'm glad you could get here. Just watch a while. You'll catch on, then you can vote.
* JennV is a Gen, Marge, and thus I don't feel it. :)
Jean: Hi, Eric
ECJB: Hi Jacqueline! Yes, 'tis me...
JL: Nominations are open for the TECHTON AWARD -- let's hear those names folks.
* Seanara nominates Jenn!
JL: (this is a semi-formal business meeting -- the faster we get through this the sooner we get to PLAY)
KLitman: We already nominated Jenn and Dancer
Seanara: Oh. Sorry.
Jean: Will one of the channels please affect Jenn?
* SectubA controls Jenn firmly
Margaret: I count 8 ayes
* DonJarami is just a Gen...
Margaret: now nine
JL: Seanara nominates Jenn for the TECHTON award -- (they already won another award, but they can win several you know. Our awards are NOT COMPETITIVE -- we give as many as it takes)
DonJarami: Margaret must be lagged big time.
bgray: aye
KLitman: aye
Jean: We're not voting yet
fishydu: Move to adopt by acclimation
bgray: second
* JennV considers. Eliza and .. who was it, Cheryl? .. for making the temporary listservs
LadyEliza: The nager award page has been created and uploaded (I'll link it to the rest later) at
JL: Nominations are now open for the TECHTON AWARDS and Jenn has been nominated and seconded. (no ayes yet, please)
Jean: second
JL: We haven't finished nominating.
DonJarami: Adopt what, fishydu?
Jean: Dancer, too
DonJarami: Are we bringing in the nominations from the email notice?
bgray: second dancer
DonJarami: Nominate Eliza
fishydu: the motion, but there are more nominees/withdraw
bgray: Nominate Eliza and Cheryl
JL: We have a nomination of Eliza and Cheryl for Listserv Emergency Service for the TECHTON AWARD. It looks like they've been seconded?
fishydu: second Eliza
Jean: Jenn, Dancer, Eliza, and Cheryl have been moved and seconded
DonJarami: Nominate Gossamer.
JennV: Thanks you, Eliza.
bgray: second gossamer
JL: Dancer has been nominated and seconded for the TECHTON AWARD.
Margaret: second Jenn and Dancer
JennV: Don, the email is advisory. Nominations from the email need to be brought into the meeting.
* JennV is staying out of nominations for this one.
JL: Right, thank you Jean.
JL: Gossamer has been nominated for the TECH-TON -- do I hear a second?
JL: Gossamer has been seconded.
SectubA: second
JL: Are there any more nominations for the TECH-TON Awards?
JL: Have we forgotten anyone while things have moved SO FAST.
JL: Now to the voting.
KLitman: well, we've got the tech-ton awards, or the yo-yo's
LadyEliza: What's Gossie's last name?
JL: Jenn has been etc -- all in favor?
KLitman: aye for Jenn
Jean: aye
Seanara: aye
bgray: aye
MargeR: aye
LadyEliza: Kaas created a search engine for the archives!
JennV: Rebekah Oberin
JennV: AKA Gossamer
Paulab: aye
Margaret: Dancer nom & seconded too
fishydu: aye
bgray: aye
JennV: "And thanks. I think.
JL: I'm taking votes on Jenn for the TECHTON AWARD --
fishydu: Is that a nomination LadyE, if so, I second
LadyEliza: aye
Margaret: second
LadyEliza: aye for Jenn
KLitman: aye for Jenn
JL: I've got 7 votes for Jenn which gives her the first TECH-TON AWARD too.
Jean: congratulation, Jenn
DonJarami: What did I miss?
JL: Eliza has been nominated and seconded for the TECH-TON AWARD. All in favor?
Jean: Jenn won--surprise, surprise
Seanara: We voted Jen a Tech-ton, Don
KLitman: Tecton Award went to Jenn.
Jean: aye
ECJB: I haven't had the opportunity to get to the SMOF boards, so I am not able to vote... I'm clueless, as usual.
MargeR: aye
Seanara: aye
fishydu: aye
JL: We'll get to that late nomination later. (please no commentary aside -- use another channel)
KLitman: Check your e-mail Eric, I sent you the list.
JL: This is being logged for posting to the web.
DonJarami: Jenn, you have just won a Tecton of your very own... what are you going to do with it?
JL: Accepting votes for Eliza for the TECH-TON AWARD.
Jean: aye
KLitman: aye for Eliza
DonJarami: Aye!
Paulab: aye
Margaret: aye
bgray: aye
JL: Eliza has the requisite votes and WINS THE SECOND TECHTON AWARD -- for the first year it is given, 1999.
LadyEliza: no I don't - that was only 7
Jean: congratulations, Eliza
bgray: aye
JL: Cheryl Wolverton has been nominated and seconded for the TECHTON AWARD of 1999 for keeping the List going. All in favor?
Jean: aye
LadyEliza: errr - now it's 7
LadyEliza: thank you
KLitman: aye for Cheryl
Paulab: aye
bgray: aye
Seanara: aye
LadyEliza: aye
fishydu: aye
JL: ECJB you count as part of the quorum so if you don't vote FOR you are voting AGAINST.
JL: Accepting votes for Cheryl.
JennV: Sorry. Had to go feed the cat and provide coffee for Dancer. 7am wakeups.
MargeR: aye
KLitman: aye for Cheryl
JL: Cheryl has the requisite votes and WINS THE TECHTON AWARD (considering she's a professional Romance Writer, that's some FEAT.)
KLitman: ECJB doesn't know our people yet, he may feel uncomfortable voting since he's not on the list.
JL: Dancer has been nominated and seconded for the TECHTON AWARD -- all in favor?
MargeR: aye
bgray: yes
KLitman: aye for Dancer
JennV: Don, I have no idea. Does that make me World Controller? :)
Jean: Congratulations, Cheryl
Jean: aye for Dancer
Seanara: aye
Paulab: aye
MargeR: No! JL is World Controller
* KLitman smiles at Jenn..... sounds good to me.
LadyEliza: JL - that isn't a real good idea - people might not be at their computers
* JennV abstains from voting for her husband.
JL: Accepting votes for Dancer for the TECHTON
KLitman: Jenn holds the power though
fishydu: aye
LadyEliza: aye
JL: Dancer is the hardware/server person who makes our List and websites HAPPEN.
KLitman: aye for Dancer
JennV: I would have voted for Eliza had I been at the keyboard, for the record.
Margaret: aye
JL: I have 7 votes for Dancer
LadyEliza: ECJB is also badly lagged
ECJB: JL, what is the TECHTON AWARD, in a nutshell? What am I conferring on Dancer?
* JennV nods. Dancer is essential for our connectivity at present. JL, I am neither voting for nor against for Dancer, ask to be out of the quorum for that vote as I am for votes for me.
LadyEliza: Of course Karen - not only is she the woman of the house - she is also the Gen
Seanara: Ouch!
Jean: Technical stuff
ECJB: Or Cheryl?
JL: Looks like Dancer has the requisite votes for the 4TH ever awarded TECHTON AWARD. Commiserations DANCER!!!
JennV: Recognition, ECJB, for his work on the technical aspect of Sime~Gen for the past year.
Jean: congratulations, Dancer
JennV: Eliza, I should take you out and shen you for that one.
JL: Gossamer has been nominated and seconded for the TECHTON AWARD (she built our boards and helps Jenn with assorted tech stuff)
bgray: lol
MargeR: aye
Jean: aye for Gossamer
DonJarami: Aye.
bgray: aye
Seanara: aye
Paulab: aye
* JennV listens to noises from the bedroom. I'd say he'd appreciate being given a mallet to use on his alarm clock, as the physical award.
ECJB: What are Cheryl's qualifications for this award?
KLitman: aye for Gossamer
Margaret: aye
JL: TECHTON AWARD is for service in creating and making available our technical tools (such as our server, the search engine, our private chatroom, the Bulletin Boards).
JennV: Cheryl created a list for us to use when Dancer and I shifted house & our computers were offline for an unexpectedly long length of time.
ECJB: I can't say who to vote for without having gone through all the material, so I must decline, as a loyal fan...
ECJB: I would be doing a DISservice to vote without knowing what I was doing.
* JennV understands, Eric.
KLitman: I already mentioned that Eric.
fishydu: aye
JL: Cheryl created single-handedly a working List for us when we lost our previous list server without much warning. Then Eliza found us a bigger and better server to house us until Dancer could get our own hardware set up again.
Margaret: aye on Cheryl
KLitman: aye for Cheryl
MargeR: aye
Paulab: aye
bgray: aye for Cheryl
LadyEliza: also as someone who is
JL: I think Gossamer has the requisite votes and WINS THE TECHTON AWARD (more than justifiedly) Congrats and commeriserations Gossie -- much more will be expected of you.
ECJB: How about a joint award?
LadyEliza: I've msg him the details of joining the list.
JL: Silver yo-yo award.
JennV: Congrats, Leigh
Margaret: those who join during a vote should not be counted toward quorum for that vote
JL: Karen - you had a nomination?
LadyEliza: aye for Gossie
Margaret: hi Leigh
KLitman: Who is responsible for my sitting here for the past week...... ECJB helped me get the monitor
JennV: Eric, awards are not mutually exclusive. Several people can get the same award for the one year.
JennV: Hi Ken. :)
LadyEliza: hold on
LadyEliza: there was another nomination JL
LadyEliza: Kaas for creating the serch engine
LadyEliza: Fishy seconded it
Jean: Jacqueline, Kaas was nominated for the Techton award for her search engine,
JennV: Eliza nominated Kaas for Techton for the archives search engine, I think.
KLitman: Second for Kaas
KLitman: OK....I'll say it one more time I also nominate Eric Berlin for an award for helping me replace my monitor so quickly
* Jean sends a nageric WAKE UP to JL
kayte: what is the Silver Yoyo for? (for those of us who are new to the SG fan community)
Jean: It's not crosstalk,
KLitman: I did that nomination more than once.
JL: Karen I'm waiting for you
Jean: You left out a Techton Award
KLitman: I DID THAT JL!!!! I did that a number of times.
Jean: Jacqueline, you left Kaas out.
Jean: JL, you left Kaas out.
Jean: Jacqueline, you left Kaas out of the Techton Awards.
JL: Karen -- have I lost you?
JennV: I suspect JL is lagged again.
LadyEliza: JL - is lagged
JL: Eric Berlin is nominated for the Silver Yo-Yo (a CZ award) for getting Karen's monitor.
JennV: Kayte: while we wait for JL to unlag. The Silver Yoyo is an award for service to .. I think to one of the fanzines. Karen?
JL: Do I hear a second?
JennV: Second.
JL: The Yo-Yo awards are for tasks that end up in a lot of backing and forthing.
LadyEliza: second
JL: Someone else want to chair this vote?
bgray: nominate JennV for YoYo award
KLitman: Just wait for the lag to clear
JennV: AH
JL: Jean - if you're not lagged go ahead and collect votes on Eric Berlin, then we'll go back and add to the TECHTON vote if necessary.
JL: It's out of order, but what-the-hey this is FANDOM.
* JennV blinks at Bruce.
JennV: I /was/ going to volunteer to chair this vote, but I'm not sure I should.
JennV: Not if I'm one of the nominees. Jean? Do you want to chair this one?
Jean: I'm back
Jean: Was trying to get through privately.
ECJB: Back...
Jean: Jacqueline seems to be out of it.
Margaret: Jean, JL wants you to chair this vote, then backtrack to Tech-ton
JennV: Jean: we're collecting nominations for Silver Yoyo. We have Eric, for Karen's monitor, and me - nominated, no second, by Bgray.
JennV: The intent is then to backtrack and pick up Kaas for the Techton for the Search engine.
Seanara: Second Jenn
JennV: Bgray, was I nominated for any specific task, or just general back-and-forthing?
Margaret: yes,after this vote
LadyEliza: I'll vote for ECJB
Jean: JL is more than 2 minutes lagged.
JennV: Thanks, Seanara.
JL: I'm back -- If Jean's taking the vote, I vote for Eric Berlin for the Silver Yo-Yo (or make that a second if necessary).
fishydu: aye
Jean: We're lost--the last I heard, I was supposed to collect votes for Eric
JennV: We're not voting yet, Eliza. I think we're still collecting nominations for the Yoyo.
bgray: overall yo-yo-ing (is that a word? :-)
Margaret: Aye for Eric
bgray: Nominations are still open I think.
JennV: Ok. MY understanding of status. Nominations not yet closed for yoyo, nominees so far: Eric (nom Karen, forgotten second.)
JennV: Second nominee: Me, nom Bgray, second Seanara.
Jean: Are we voting or nominating?
JennV: Any further nominations for Silver Yoyo?
JennV: Nominating.
Jean: quit
* JennV has been a secretary for a chaotic club or three. You can't tell, can you?
JennV: Ok. I'll (reluctantly) chair for the moment, though I'll get someone to chair when I'm being voted for.
JennV: Any further nominations for Silver Yoyos?
Margaret: move to close nominatioms
Jean: There--that should clear this channel for a moment.
bgray: second
JennV: Ok. Nominations closed.
fishydu: second
Jean: What are the nominations, Jenn?
JennV: Voting for Eric for a silver yoyo, for getting Karen's monitor.
Jean: aye
JennV: (What's the quorum count, Karen?)
JL: I'm here again -- am I in realtime?
bgray: aye
JL: Have we had the VOTE for the Silver Yo-Yo?
JennV: Nominations are Eric, for Karen's monitor. Me, for general back-and-forthing. Then we backtrack to vote for Kaas for the Techton for the search engine for the archives.
Seanara: aye
fishydu: Move to adopt the motion to award Silver Yoyo by acclimation to all nominated
Margaret: aye for Eric
KLitman: I think there are 14 people eligible to vote.
JennV: Voting now. Two votes so far.
JennV: Voting for Eric at the moment.
Paulab: aye
JL: Someone tell me how to CHANGE SERVERS and I'll try it.
KLitman: aye
JL: I'm InZeor on AIM
JennV: So we need eight votes?
Margaret: if person chairing votes need 8, otherwise 7
JennV: One more vote for Eric and he has his Yoyo. :) Fishy, do you want to convert your motion into a vote?
fishydu: sure, aye
JennV: Eric has a yoyo. :) Congratulations, Eric.
JennV: Karen or Margaret or someone, please take the vote for the nomination for me. Note that I refuse to vote for myself, so that's one down aside from the chairperson.
Jean: Congratulation, Eric. Very appropriate messy lagged vote for a YoYo!
DonJarami: Congratulations!
KLitman: fine.... voting now for Jenn Vesperman
Jean: aye
bgray: aye for jenn
Seanara: aye
KLitman: aye
Margaret: I'll chair it if I can vote aye
Paulab: aye
fishydu: aye
Margaret: with mine we have 7
KLitman: JL is changing servers I think
DonJarami: Aye for Jenn.
Margaret: somebody make it 8"
LadyEliza: aye for Jenn
Margaret: ok, Don that does it, and LadyE makes 9
* JennV blushes.
JennV: Thank you.
Margaret: Jenn gets General gopher YOYO
bgray: Congrats Jenn
Jean: Congratulations, Jenn--that's a sweep for you, right?
JennV: Shall I take over again for the vote for Kaas for Techton, for the list archives and archives search engine?
JennV: I think so. :)
LadyEliza: yes please
Jean: Go ahead
KLitman: Yes, Tecton vote for Kaas
Margaret: Now back to Techton vote
LadyEliza: I vote for Kaas
Jean: aye
Margaret: aye for Kaas
JennV: Ok. Calling for votes now.
KLitman: aye
fishydu: Move to reopen the nominations for the Techton Award, may I have a second
Paulab: aye
kayte: second reopen.
Margaret: out of order
JennV: Vote for Kaas first, Fishy.
JennV: Then I'll take that motion.
Margaret: wait until vote is finished
bgray: aye
kayte: (I mean second reopen voting!)
Seanara: aye for Kaas
fishydu: Got to reopen before we vote for Kaas that's why reopen
JL: I think I'm back --
kayte: aye for Kaas
LadyEliza: you are back :)
Margaret: 7 for Kaas
Margaret: 8
JL: I vote for Kaas since I'm not chairing now.
Margaret: 9
fishydu: aye
JennV: Kaas has the Tech-ton award!
JL: CONGRATULATIONS KAAS -- commiserations, too.
Margaret: 9 is definitely
KLitman: aye for Kaas
Margaret: 10
Margaret: 11
JennV: Fishy, I can take the motion now. (We're not strict by-the-book in our meetings, Fishy..)
JL: Mazal Tov everyone!
Jean: Congratulations, Kaas.
JennV: Welcome back, JL.
JennV: Fishy, do you still wish that motion?
fishydu: Don't need motion, now Kaas has the Award, hip hi
LadyEliza: Tech-ton site updated
* JennV grins at Fishy. :)
DonJarami: Aye for kaas.
JennV: Ok. Any more awards?
Leigh: aye
JL: Washington worked to get me back -- Baltimore wouldn't let me on.
* JennV is using
Paulab: I'm on NY and no problems
* DonJarami is on baltimore.
JL: OK, are we finished with the awards -- that was a LOT of people.
LadyEliza: I have one more that I forgot
JennV: Unless there's stuff other than the Digen, Nager, Techton and Yoyo.
LadyEliza: I would like to Nominate CptButton for sending books to people overseas
LadyEliza: like me and Goss
JennV: Yes, Eliza?
JL: Jean and I have some tidbits of OFFICIAL NEWS to drop into the log if anyone's interested. That comes under NEW BUSINESS -- is there any old business?
Jean: Anyone have any last-minute nominations?
JL: Oh, Eliza -- who did we forget
JennV: Oohs. "If I can hand the chair back to JL or Jean, I'll second that one."
JL: Captain Button !!!! Yes, I second that -- for the Nager Award, right?
Jean: JL--Eliza is right--Captain Button
LadyEliza: probibly a Nager award would fit that?
* JennV nodnodnods.
Jean: Captain Button for a Nager--second
JL: That's three for the Nager Award for Captain Button.
JL: It seems I have the gavel again -- so
Margaret: vote?
KLitman: aye
JL: Capt Button is nominated and seconded for the Nager Award. All in favor?
LadyEliza: what's his real name please?
Margaret: aye
JennV: Ok. Before I hand the chair back - Cap, nominated Eliza, Seconded JL, for a Nager award.
Jean: aye
LadyEliza: aye
Seanara: aye
JL: aye for Capt Button
KLitman: aye for Button (he doesn't use his real name, but I know it)
bgray: aye
* JennV looks at JL over the gavel. Shrugs, hands it over. Votes yes.
fishydu: aye
Netdancer: aye
Paulab: aye
Margaret: 10 ayes?
JennV: aye
LadyEliza: so we put CptButton on the form?
bgray: Congrats Capt. Button!
KLitman: I'll send it to you if you like Eliza
Jean: congratulations, Capt. Button
JennV: May as well.
Jean: Any more nominations?
DonJarami: Aye for Cpt button.
Leigh: aye for Kaas
JennV: No nominations from me.
JL: Do I have the gavel again? (virtual gavel that is?)
JennV: I'd say no more nominations from anyone..
JL: Then nominations are closed?
bgray: What other awards can we nominate for?
LadyEliza: JL - he has requested that it go on the page as Captain Button
JL: OK, if you have any more afterthoughts, put them on the BOARDS for next year's voting.
* JennV nods. "You have the gavel.
Margaret: definitely, JL
JL: So put him on as Capt Button.
JL: We have the Golden Yo-Yo but that's an AZ award, and AZ isn't operating at the moment.
JL: CZ's Yo-Yo is the Silver, which we just voted.
JL: I think that does it for this year's Awards.
Jean: Whew!
KLitman: I wouldn't use the golden yo-yo unless we invent another award catagory
JL: So, since Jenn just handed the V-Gavel back to me, let us go on to OLDE BUSSSSINNNEESS.
JL: Is there any old business.
LadyEliza: are we going to put AZ up on the net?
JL: AZ's stories are going up in a section of Rimon's Library -- Kerry's Freven stories are there, and my out-takes, etc.
JL: We have LOTS MORE to come if we can find the AUTHORS to get new permissions (which we technically don't actually need, but it wouldn't be RIGHT not to)
Leigh: I'm on one in Salt Lake City, according to the information my software is giving me (I put this together fast, and didn't have time to check configurations).
JL: So is there any more OLD BUSINESS -- pending business?
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