Print two copies of this contract. Fill it out, including how you want your copyright notice to read, and mail both copies to Sime~Gen Inc. Alternatively, you may fax a single copy of the form to (253) 541-5962. A representative of Sime~Gen Inc. will sign and return a copy to you. If you are not preparing a course for us at present, but just contributing essays on writing, put n/a in blanks asking about the course.
Teaching Agreement
WorldCrafters Guild

Between Sime~Gen Inc., P. O. Box 1244, Murray, KY 42071-0022, U.S.A.,, hereafter known as Guild, and



City                                               State/Province                Postal Code                              

Country                              E-mail                                                                                             


hereafter known as Teacher, concerning the course entitled                                                              , hereafter known

as Course, made this                                day of                                                            , year_____________.

1. Teacher hereby agrees to teach the Course, utilizing the resources of the WorldCrafter's Guild on the World Wide Web domain known as, commencing _____________________.

2. The course shall be limited to _________ participating students and an unlimited number of auditors.

3. Teacher will provide Lessons in the form of essays and assignments, with optional web-posted tests, as well as any files or study aids required by the subject matter to be posted in or linked from the WorldCrafters Guild on, as well as conducting the Course in the manner Teacher deems most appropriate to subject matter.

4. Teacher will participate in a minimum of two IRC chats with the students during the Course.

5. Teacher hereby grants to Guild a license to post the Course on the World Wide Web domain known as, for a term of three years, commencing __________________, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

6. Teacher warrants that the Lessons posted for the Course are his/her property, and that s/he has the right to license them to Guild. Teacher will provide permissions and appropriate copyright notices for material by others posted on for purposes of the Course.

7. Teacher shall retain all copyrights in and to the Lessons s/he writes for this Course. Guild shall identify the Teacher as creator of the Lessons, and shall reproduce thereon the following copyright notice:


8. Guild shall use its best efforts to promote the Course.

9. Guild shall provide to Teacher a noncommercial website on Promotion of Teacher, Course, and Teacher's own Work, along with said website, shall be Teacher's sole and complete compensation for teaching the Course.

10. All rights in this Course not specifically transferred by this Agreement are reserved to the Teacher. Teacher is free to teach Course anywhere else at any time, with the exception that the Lessons posted on for Course may not be duplicated on another website for the duration of this Agreement. Teacher is, however, free to direct students to said Lessons on, and link to them from another website.

11. Nothing herein shall be construed to constitute the parties hereto joint venturers, nor shall any similar relationship be deemed to exist between them. This Agreement shall not be assigned in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the Teacher.

15. In the event of legal action by a third party disputing Teacher's rights in the Lessons, Guild reserves the right to remove the Lessons from display until such dispute is resolved. If the dispute is resolved in favor of the Teacher, Guild will immediately restore the Lessons to display. If the dispute is resolved against the Teacher, Guild's sole responsibility shall be to cease display of the Lessons.


_________________________________ ________________________________
Teacher                                                              For Sime~Gen Inc.

_________________________________ ________________________________
Witness                                                              Witness
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