Ambrov Zeor

Ambrov Zeor is a Sime-Gen fanzine that was published by Anne Pinzowand then, from 1982 - 1996 by Kerry Schaefer (later known as Kerry Lindemann Schaefer).

AZ # 1 - Male Chauvenism in the House of Zeor by Jean Lorrah - letter from Jean to the Halken Council # 17 April 1976

AZ # 2 - In Defense of Next Tuesday by Jean Lorrah - An article speculating on the age of chaos

AZ # 3 - Donation by Jean Lorrah - a short story starring Risa Tigue

AZ # 4 - Easy as Hop Skip and Jump by Jacqueline Lichtenberg - A story set in the space age when simes served as astrogators.

AZ # 4 - Channel's exemption by Jacqueline Lichtenberg - A delightful love story

AZ # 5 - Committment by Jean Lorrah - A short story starring Risa Tigue

AZ and CZ # 5 - Only Good Sime by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer - A compilation of all the Frevven storys. Frevven was the last disjunct channel the Tecton trained.

AZ # 6- First Transfer Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg - A lovely transfer poem

AZ # 7-12 - Sime Surgeon by Jacqueline Lichtenberg - an early draft of Unto House of Zeor

AZ # 11 - Summer Afternoon, America 1980 by Jean Lorrah - A speculative article on one possible cause of the Sime~Gen mutation

AZ; # 13 - My Life, My Trust by Kerry Lindemann_Schaefer - Opening story in a series about Frevven Aylmeer, one of the last disjunct channels to be trained by the Tecton. Frevven is sent on an out-t assignment where he encounters a particularly vicious offshoot of the Church of the Purity

AZ14 - A Time for Letting Go by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer - Frevven is summoned back in-T after breaking the Tecton's rule about keeping sex and transfer separate with V'lissa, a rather determined and unconventional young lady who ends up pregnant. Before leaving, he and V'lis have to clarify their relationship and deal with a berserker.

AZ # 15 - To Find a Place by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer - Frevvin comes to terms with the fact that he has certain talents for dealing with semi-juncts and youngsters attempting to disjunct, even though he wishes it wasn't so. V'lis gives birth to their daughter, Valthea

AZ # 17- Pagar el Precio Kier Neustaedter

AZ # 17 - The Way to Zeor by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer - After V'lissia runs away to the Distect, taking Valthea with her, Frevven must put his own hurt aside and deal with a young Sime who is not doing well in her efforts at disjunction.

AZ # 18 - Not into Temptationby Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer - When Frevven is taken prisoner by Distect terrorists some years later, he is once again reunited with his daughter. Together, they plot their escape.

AZ # 19 - A Change of Mind and Heartby Mary Lou Mendum - Precursor to A shift of Means

AZ # 19 - And My Children by Kerry Lindimann-Schaefer This is the last of the Frevven stories.

AZ # 19 - A Shift of Means by MaryLou Mendum - Full length professional quality novel set in an out-territory Sime Center in an area where the tecton is first making its presence felt

AZ # 21 - What must I do? by Cheryl Wolverton

AZ # 22- A Legacy of Trust by MaryLou Mendum

AZ # 24 - The Problem of the Pilfered Pen by MaryLou Mendum

AZ - Controller's Dilemma by Marge Robbins and Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer Sectuib Aran ambrov Chanel has to chose between obeying Tecton rules or honoring his oath to Chanel as he struggles to help Frevven the last disjunct channel.