I wish that someone would have told me back in 1972 that photo-stats, however carefully cared for, fade. I would have saved $90, this, the third edition of Kraith Collected volume one, would not exist, and fandom would still be walking around with terminal eye strain. Eleven per cent may not seem like much, but oh the difference on the eyes.

          Credit for this volume goes first of all to Detta Penna; without her I might have reprinted yet another set of copies on the faded masters. Hers were the fingers that retyped the whole thing from start to finish. Hers the time and hers the compliments. Praise her with great praise.

          To anyone who has never read any of Kraith before, welcome. You may find that you like Kraith. You may find that you hate it. But if the pattern of the last four years holds true, you won't be able to keep a pose of indifference. The people who read Kraith rarely agree on what they like or dislike about Jacqueline's universe, but it is the constant interchange of ideas that makes Kraith such a good ground for the serious Star Trek fan.

          Since November of 1972, when the first edition of this volume was published, fandom has changed almost beyond recognition. For the most part it has been a change for the better. In fact, most of Jacqueline's preface no longer holds true. The  Johnny-one-notes  of fandom, who were afraid to change any part of the aired Star Trek universe, afraid to let any of the cast grow or mature, have given way to today's serious Star Trek fan, who, unless they have access to the pre-1972 STrek zines, probably don't even understand that there was a time when the status quo was the preferred state of STrek writing. The fen of today, while they may not agree with the particulars of Jacqueline's changes, are not shocked by her willingness to change the Star Trek universe to suit her own ideas of an alien Vulcan. Before Kraith, hard as it may be to believe today, there were almost no series of Star Trek stories. If Kraith was the catalyst that provided the impetus to a whole new generation of Star Trek writers, I can only be grateful that I, who finds myself wholly unable to write fiction, have had a part in it.

          Ten volumes is, still, the tentative projection for a completed Kraith series. The last half of the series remains to be written, so even if you have just discovered Kraith you can look forward with me to many more years of new, original, main series Kraith.

          Now is the time to read on, and, this time, you won't even need a magnifying glass.

Signed - Carol Lynn
Carol Lynn
December 1976

P.S. Since I still claim that volume I could not be volume one without it, and since Detta was not obliging enough to leave my past mistakes in the public eye, here it is for all to see and snicker over


EDITING: C. Lynn & D. Goldstein

TYPING: Detta Penna

LAYOUT: Detta Penna, C. Lynn, Debbie Goldstein

1/2tppgtrrfomh: Linda Hunter

TITLES: John Benson

Robbie Brown: cover, 8, 94
Gordon Carlton: 30, 56, 118, 122
D. L. Collin: 5, 26
Tim Courtney: 135, 84
Connie Faddis: 70
Mike Kucharski: 45
Alice LaVelle: 130
G. Moaven: 12, 43, 65, 83, 87, 92, 94, 109
Cara Sherman: 24
Joni Wagner: 54, 61

Ruth Berman
Ray H. Block


Salomon Lichtenberg

may they live long and prosper

or Shariel
(as D. C. Fontana would have it)
Editor's Preface .... 1
Author's Preface .... 2
Spock's Affirmation . 5
Amanda's Mission ... 27
Hope to Be Spared .. 29
Zyeto .............. 31
Shealku ............ 35
A Matter of Priority 45
Spock, Guardian of
   the Tradition ... 61
Spock's Mission .... 65
Surak's Construct .. 85
T'Zorel ............ 87
The Disaffirmed .... 95
Won't You Walk a
   Little Faster? . 101
The Tanya Entry ... 103
Spock's Argument .. 109
Acknowledgements .. 136
KRAITH Chronology .. 44

          There are absolutely no typos in this zine, only lapses into Vulcanur.

          All rights reserved to the authors and artists. Not intended to infringe on copyrights held by Gene Roddenberry or Paramount Corp.



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