Two Major Technical Positions

These are volunteer positions. Although we hope to build into a profit-making venture, we are currently in the build-out stage, and expect to be for a long time to come. What we can offer is experience for your resume, a chance to adventure with us, and, if you can help bring in some income, our revenue sharing plan. Please note that we share with you any revenue you help to bring in--click on the link for a full explanation of our program and why it is better than profit sharing. is a domain devoted to creativity in all its varied forms. We have a School of Creative Writing, a Fandom Area, free fiction, a Romance Area, personal sites of creative writers, and a huge Book Review Area that includes several columns as well as constantly updated individual reviews in a variety of genres. We have Electronic Greeting Cards, a Marketplace, Nessie's Grotto (a popular site for children, devoted to the Loch Ness Monster), Chats, Mailing Lists, and the Read a Good Story, Do a Good Deed program. We are constantly adding more--so please, go to and explore. Allow yourself some time--it's a big and varied domain. We hope when you see what we have, you'll want to join us in making it even better.

For either position you must have reliable access to a computer capable of handling the required functions, and a reliable Internet connection. A high-speed connection such as a DSL line is a definite plus.

An ideal person for either of these positions may be self-taught, may be a student in Computer Science looking for experience, or may be a retiree wanting to keep a hand in and not let all those skills go to waste. It's fine if you have a job, as long as you can give us a few hours a day on a regular basis. Even if you think you don't have enough qualifications or enough time, contact us--we may be able to train you, or we may be able to use you in another position.

Assistant Systems Administrator

The system administrator's assistant must be able to use Telnet/SSH to access the root level of a Debian Linux box--to create URLs and email accounts, to reboot the web server, and to manage the email server and forms processor. With the agreement of our systems administrator, we can accept someone who has some of these qualifications and is willing to learn the rest on the job. We prefer someone who can read and understand program code in perl and/or python--and the ability to code in either system is a big plus.


The webmaster must have a solid working knowledge of the latest versions of HTML, with the ability to make pages presentable in both Internet Explorer and Netscape 3.6 or higher. We are seeking someone who understands how to adapt pages for greatest accessibility, and has an enthusiasm for mastering javascript as it becomes a dominant web tool. The webmaster must have a good eye for corporate website design, and the ability to debug problems created by our page-builders who haven't mastered the craft. The webmaster may, but is not required to, teach HTML in our WorldCrafters Guild School.

To apply for either of these positions, please contact

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