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The Teleology of Academe
by Harry Owen
Artworks: Walkers at Brittas Bay, 4pm; Rising Mist, 6am, Chateaulin, by Curtis Tappenden: 1

A Response to Terry Frost’s ‘Black and White Movement’, 1952
A Response to William Scott’s ‘Ochre Still Life’, 1958
A Response to Stuart Brisley’s ‘Untitled,’ 1960
A Response to William Scott’s ‘Black Painting’ 1958
Artworks: Sketch after Frost, Sketch after Scott, Sketch after Brisley, Sketch after Scott 2005, by Curtis Tappenden: 2

Christmas Eve
Monk’s House
As We Forgive Those...
by Nick Burbridge: 3

Cobra Verde
by Robert Francis
Exhibition by Candlelight
Artwork: Night Street Alfornon by Curtis Tappenden
The Beaver Pelt
by Christopher Mulrooney
Artwork: As Bright As Day, by Bob Nunn
Have a Wonderful Holiday
by Zohar Teshartok: 4

Open Door
Taste-no, Touch-no, Say-no
by Rebecca Rowe: 5

The Emigrants
Freedom to Speak
Behind the Screen
Sara Daniels: 6

Not Just a Vase of Flowers
Lullaby for Joseph
by Karen Freeman
by Mary Mahoney
The Smell of Fallen Leaves Evokes a Memory
by Tom Black: 7

Dolphin Sunday
by Gina Wisker: 8

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