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As powerful as the death agony of the channel whom Sergi had been escorting to Keon, the sensation of need roused Sergi instantly into his Companion's mode. He had never felt such a depth of need before.

A Sime entered the shrine--another weary traveler taking shelter from the storm, but this one sought more than a warm, dry place to spend the night. Sergi's overwhelming response meant that this newcomer was beyond thought, beyond stopping--a Sime more powerful than any Sergi had ever encountered, a killer stalking its prey, needing Sergi's life force to live!




Jean Lorrah is Professor of English at Murray State University in Kentucky. She met Jacqueline Lichtenberg through Star Trek fandom, and the two first combined their talents in First Channel and Channel's Destiny, which are also Sime~Gen novels.

With Jacqueline's encouragement, Jean created her own Savage Empire series, which grew to seven novels. Jean has published a number of short stories, and with Lois Wickstrom the award-winning children’s book, Nessie and the Living Stone. In March of 2002, Jean’s vampire novel, Blood WillTell, was named best vampire novel of the previous year by the Lord Ruthven Assembly.

Loving both teaching and writing, Jean occasionally has the opportunity to combine these disciplines by teaching creative writing. She remains as active in fandom as possible, attending several conventions every year. Like Jacqueline, she would like to know what readers think of her work, especially what they would like to see in later books. You can always find out Jean’s latest news at




A Sime~Gen Novel




Jean Lorrah


The Sime~Gen universe was originally

Created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.


This book was first published by




1613 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

Copyright © 1986 by Jean Lorrah

and Jacqueline Lichtenberg.


All Rights Reserved.


Cover art by Walter Velez.


DAW Collectors Book No. 662.


First Printing, February 1986


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Original Foreword




All my work in the Sime~Gen series must be dedicated to Jacqueline Lichtenberg, who is gracious enough to let me come and play in her universe. It is a most exciting and appealing universe, and has inspired three fanzines which publish readers' comments and suggestions, as well as stories, artwork, and poetry. If you enjoy the Sime~Gen universe and would like to comment or find out more, Jacqueline and I can be reached through our publishers or c/o Ambrov Zeor, [old P. O. Box deleted—see update] . You may be sure your comments are read with great interest. If your letter requires an answer, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Both Jacqueline and I have been active in science fiction fandom for many years, and are firm believers in the interaction between readers and authors. Your comments are welcome!




2001 Update




Over the years Jean has become so enmeshed in the Sime~Gen Universe that it would be impossible to extricate her influence. Now she and Jacqueline Lichtenberg, incorporated as Sime~Gen Inc., bring to the Internet free fiction, a free writing workshop, book reviews, e-zines, games, chats, newsletters, listservs--an entire virtual universe which you may find at

The new P. O. Box for reaching Jean and Jacqueline is Sime~Gen Inc., P. O. Box 1244, Murray, KY 42071-1244.

You can always find out about Jean’s latest work at


Copyright Ó 1986, 2002 Sime~Gen Inc.

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