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Hi everyone!  I told you that when I made the "Big Announcement" to my
e-newsletter subscribers, I would copy the message here so that you could
all see it for yourselves.  Normally, the newsletter goes out at the
beginning of each month.  I wanted to make mention of the announcement the
last 2 months, but the newsletter has been SO long each month with new
releases and lots going on with our authors, that I finally just decided to
send out a mid-month supplement.

If you'd be interested in signing up for the newsletter, just email me at and let me know (the formatting of what you see
below is different than what I mail out; what you'll see in your inbox is a
bit easier to read).

Here is the full body of newsletter:


Hi readers!

In the newsletter that was mailed out at the beginning of the month, I
hinted that there were big announcements on the way concerning next year's
pub schedule.  2003 is going to be a great year, with the resumption of the
MYTH ADVENTURES reprint editions, the birth of the new MYTH series by Robert
Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye, the print debut of a new Lee and Miller novel as
well as a short story collection they are editing, the third volume in the
George R. R. Martin limited edition series, and sequels to existing series
by Selina Rosen (Recycled, the sequel to Queen Of Denial), Mark Tiedemann
(Peace And Memory, the third volume in the Secantis Sequence), Lee Killough
(follow up to Wilding Nights) and others.  And as if that weren't all
exciting enough, here is the first major announcement (more will follow
soon!) of two new projects that will be happening in 2003:

In 1994, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America introduced the
position of honor, the Author Emeritus.  This distinction was a way of
recognizing living authors who were pioneers in the genre, and is announced
each year at the Nebula Awards.  This collection, entitled Architects of
Dreams: The SFWA Author Emeritus Anthology, includes short fiction by the
first five recipients of this position as well as a special introduction by
author Robin Wayne Bailey, who serves as editor of the collection (and who
created the Author Emeritus position).

Collected in Architects of Dreams are stories by Emil Petaja (inducted in
1995), Wilson Tucker (1996), Judith Merril (1997), Nelson Bond (1998), and
Phillip Klass (1999) who wrote under the name William Tenn.

In his introduction to the collection, Bailey writes: "Read these stories;
enjoy them; seek out other works, not just by these authors, but by other
Architects of Dreams - those men and women who laid the foundations and set
the cornerstones of modern science fiction and fantasy.
"And if you get the chance, tell them 'thank you.'"

Architects of Dreams will be released in May 2003 in both hard cover and
trade paperback.  To learn more about SFWA, the Nebulas, or the Author
Emeritus honor, go to

In July, we'll be releasing the first of six volumes of our Sime~Gen
Universe Novels.  This project will include the reprints of all eight
existing novels as well as brand new novels and short stories by authors
Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah.  The Sime~Gen Novels will be
released in both hard cover and trade paperback.  The first volume will be
The Unity Trilogy, an Omnibus reprint of The House of Zeor by Jacqueline
Lichtenberg (first published in 1974), Ambrov Keon by Jean Lorrah, and
Zelerod's Doom by Lichtenberg and Lorrah. Following that in 2004 will be To
Kiss or to Kill, a new novel by Jean Lorrah.  The schedule will alternate
between reprint editions and new novels, the omnibuses also containing new
short fiction.

Here's a short premise of the The House of Zeor:
"When Licensed Raiders kidnap the woman he loves, Hugh Valleroy confronts
his worst fear to go to her rescue. That fear is embodied in Klyd Farris, a
Sime-on the surface a man just like the Raiders who kidnap and sell Gens
like Valleroy for the Kill. But Klyd is a Channel, and head of the House of
Zeor, home of Simes who don't Kill Gens. Hugh slowly learns to trust Klyd,
then to admire him, then to share Klyd's idealistic vision of Unity between
Sime and Gen Territories. But when the Raiders trap them far from any Gen
who can serve Klyd's Need, Klyd turns helplessly to Hugh. Can Hugh give life
to Klyd without being Killed?"

The world of Sime~Gen is a fascinating one-a future history of Earth and the
human race:  Following a cataclysm, humanity has been divided into two
mutant forms: the Simes and the Gens.  Gens consider themselves to be the
true humans, with little outward change, but their bodies produce selyn, an
energy that Simes can't live without. The stronger and faster Simes develop
the means to extract selyn from the Gens, a method that kills the Gen in the
process.  Gen communities are raided by Simes, the Gens rounded up and held
in pens for Simes to use when needed. Can these two groups of humans find a
way to live in Unity?

To explore the Sime~Gen world and fan community more extensively, go to


More details about both of these projects will be released as 2003
approaches.  We hope that you find these announcements as exciting as we do.
Watch the website for more information and announcements.  If you have any
comments or questions, please feel free to email me at any time.

Happy reading!

Alan Siler
Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc.

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