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To Kiss Or To Kill 

To Kiss or To Kill Jean Lorrah ~100,000 words

Set in The Year 0 -- the year between the end of Zelerod's Doom and the real beginnings of Unity under a Territory Border spanning Law -- To Kiss Or To Kill is the story of a young Gen Choice Kill saved by the prohibition on Killing who falls in love with a junct Sime whose father owns the pleasure-house known as The Post -- where the well-to-do go to enjoy post-reaction.  We follow their story as laws change, society teeters on the brink of disintegration, and only love and compassion save the world.  

At The Post Zhag and Tonyo launch their careers as shiltpron player and Gen singer and start on their way to become the first cross-Territory stars in a newly born entertainment industry.   

Best of Fools Jean Lorrah ~10,000 words --  in Wildside Press Double titled Best of Fools

Set at the same time as the novel To Kiss Or To Kill, this short reveals events that could not be part of the novel.  

Zhag, a Channel, and Tonyo, a Natural Donor, will have their own novel to tell their story, but there are several short stories about them that have been read at conventions.  Best of Fools is the story of how they first confronted the health problems that a channel too old to disjunct must live with.  

Personal Recognizance Jacqueline
~40,000 words in Wildside Double with Best of Fools

Set at the First Year Camp for Channels at Rialite in the year 245, Personal Recognizance is the story of Vret McClintock, a Third Order Channel who has a tendency to take the law into his own hands.  He also has the wild-eyed ambition of becoming a Tecton Troubleshooter, a position of authority in the Tecton.  Unfortunately for his ambition, he allies himself with an --- ummm subversive -- element, people utterly fascinated with the time of Unity, the junct experience of life and the establishment of the Secret Pens.  

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