Rainforest Crossword

 Write the Rabbit

Complete the puzzle using the clues shown below.  Puzzle

1. Animals that are awake at night.  
3. Ecotourism is a way to see the rainforest without _______ it.  
8. Many healing _________ come from rainforests.  
11. Logging, mining, and clearing trees destroy rainforest ________.  
12. A monkey uses it _________ tail to grab a tree branch, just as if it were an extra hand.  
13. A symbiotic plant or animal ______ the organism it lives on, and receives help in turn.  
14. Rainforests are home to over _______ the plant and animal species.  
16. The top layer of a rainforest where the tallest trees can be seen.  
18. A ______ rainforest receives about 100 inches of rain per year  
19. A ________ rainforest receives about 400 inches of rain per year  
20. The plants in the __________ layer grow larger leaves to reach the sunlight.  
2. In a temperate rainforest, the tallest trees are usually _______.  
4. A favorite ingredient in candy bars, originally comes from rainforests.  
5. The _______ layer of a rainforest is a maze of leaves and branches.  
6. A plant or animal harms that the organism it grows on.  
7. Bats find food by making a sound and then listening for the _____ to bounce back.  
9. A plant that lives on another plant without harming it.  
10. When rainforests are destroyed, animals, plants and indigenous _________ die.  
15. Almost no plants grow on the rainforest _____.  
17. A kind of plant or animal ceases to exist on Earth.  

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