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Nessie and the Living Stone

"Once I had started reading there was no turning back. I found myself diving into a world of magical creatures, musical flowers and old secrets. ...The illustrations are too beautiful to do them justice in words." 

--Christine Spindler  E-Books For Kids


"Your child will love this tale of mystical secrets and be swept away in a time of truth and honesty. Enjoy, Nessie and the Living Stone, I did."

--Kim Gaona

"This book has everything a children's book needs -- adventure, heroism, love, and imagination.  I believe that kids and adults will both enjoy this story immensely."

--Lillie Stinnett  Wordweaving

"Nessie and the Living Stone is a beautifully written story for children eight and older.  Complete with colorful illustrations, it is an old fashioned fantasy with a moral, a lesson children need to learn.  In my opinion, it is a must read for your kids!"

--Jo Rogers  Myshelf

"Anyone intrigued by the Loch Ness Monster will enjoy this unique telling of the mystery of Nessie and the loch in which she hides."

--Cindy Vallar  Simply Ebooks

"Winner of the Independent E-Book-Award for Children's Literature"

--Sunny Ross E-Book-Awards

"This is a charming children’s book with terrific illos as well. This is a prime example of the varied and wonderful things available on the net."

--Barry Hunter  Barryon

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Download the ebook in PDF, HTML, Rocketbook and many other formats from  Just search for Nessie in the Title search box. Each book is $1.79.

Nessie and the Viking Gold

This is an excellent tale for children of all ages. The writing is top notch, the illos adorable. I recommend this one highly.  -- Marge Robbins